10 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs 2024

Best gaming Affiliate programs in 2020.

This Gaming affiliate programs list can help you to double your monthly revenue in 2024. It took me two weeks to curate this list, but I can promise you that you will get statical knowledge about each affiliate program listed here.

Here is the list of best gaming affiliate networks where you get their full details like their

Along with that, you get to know how you can make your gaming blog or Youtube channel monetized with these networks which can pay you high commission rates.

The best part?

In this list, you will find the best and popular networks to monetize your blog or channel where there is no requirement of massive traffic to get approval.

In short: If you are searching for affiliate networks that can approve you easily and you can make passive revenue with low and targeted traffic, then this article is going to be best for you 

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So without any ado let’s get started. 

Many of you may not know what affiliate program means?

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What are Affiliate Programs?

The Affiliate Program is a program where you do not create a product nor sell your product. An affiliate program means that if you sell someone else’s product to your audience, you will get a commission to sell it. 

You can join any company’s affiliate program and sell products to your audience through your blog or YouTube channel.

If you are a YouTuber or blogger and you are looking for affiliate programs that will generate maximum revenue to date, then you have come to the right blog. 

As you all know that gaming has become very popular to date and people like to play different types of games.

 And people are getting more inclined towards these games, and at least in the future, gaming and esports are going to be very approachable in 5 to 10 years.

This is a big reason that if you work on a gaming blog or YouTube channel, then you should know these gaming affiliate programs and by knowing everything about them, you can earn good revenue by recommending it to your audience.

There are several categories of affiliate programs and among those categories, the gaming affiliate program is going to be the most running in the coming future. 

As you know how far gaming and esports niche have reached in 2020 and it continues to grow at the same pace. 

So, friends, I recommend that by joining all these affiliate programs, you have secured your future, because these programs are going to run a lot in the future. 

You will be surprised to know that today the value of the gaming industry has reached at least 113 billion dollars and it is also estimated that in the coming 5 years it will reach 300 billion US dollars.

So in this article, you will learn about the best gaming affiliate programs and if you like these programs, then you too can join these gaming affiliate programs. 

10 Best most profitable gaming Affiliate Programs. 

So let’s start with the gaming affiliate program that you have heard about somewhere.

  1. Twitch gaming affiliate program.
  2. Microsoft affiliate program. 
  3. Razer affiliate program.
  4. Bose Affiliate program.
  5. ModdedZone Affiliate Program. 
  6. Leprestore Gaming Affiliate Program.
  7. Alienware Gaming Affiliate Program. 
  8. affiliate program. 
  9. Logitech Affiliate Program
  10. Turtle Beach gaming Affiliate Program 

So here is the list of the best gaming affiliate programs and now we are going to know about them in detail. I hope at least some of you know about them, if not, then you got all the information about them in this article. 

1. Twitch gaming affiliate program.

You must be aware of this program that it is a broadcasting platform where there is live streaming of games. On this platform, we can watch the streaming of games and digital videos. 

Maximum of gaming streamers use the Twitch platform to stream their gaming videos live.

Here are these points you should know about this program:

Pros and cons:

There are many things which are best of this gaming affiliate program but in some fields, there are cons too. If you want to earn a good commission per buyer then this gaming affiliate program offers you 5% of the commission.


  1. The cookie’s duration is good.
  2. Many options for payments.
  3. Here you get a chance to earn good revenue by twitch build-in tools.


  1. The commission is somewhat less.
  2. You can withdraw your earned revenue only when you have 100 dollars.

2. Microsoft affiliate program. 

Microsoft also runs a gaming affiliate program where you get a chance to sell your products. These are software and hardware that you can share in your blog or YouTube and turn it into sales.

Microsoft affiliate program.
Microsoft affiliate program.

They introduce Xbox Gaming Consoles, Applications, Games, Songs, Laptops, Tablets, Some Softwares, and more. Which you have to sell by your affiliate link. 

Here are these points you should know about this program:

Pros & cons


  1. About 7 to 10% of the commission you get from here.
  2. 50 dollars of payout threshold. 


  1. Only 14 days cookies 
  2. Payment options limited: bank account. 

3. Razer affiliate program.

Razor Blade is a brand that manufactures hardware for regular gaming laptops. The razor maker brings out a product that every gamer loves. 

Razor affiliate program.

Razor makes the kinds of products every gamer has and it involves everything like PC games to console professional gamers and mobile gamers. 

They even made energy drinks for gamers. 

The rule of this program is that if you bring a visitor from your razor affiliate link or banner and if that visitor buys a razor product by your affiliate link, then you will get Some commission. 

Here are these points you should know about this program:

What does it cost to join?

If you want to join the Razor Gaming Affiliate Program then you do not need to pay any fee here, here you can create an account for free.

4. Bose Affiliate program. 

Many companies in the world make good headphones and speakers but one of them is  Bose which is a very good company. Professional level gamers and normal people also use good and voice canceling headphones to enjoy games and music. 

You all must have heard the name of this company and you all must know that it manufactures products of very premium quality. 

Here, if you want to get a good wireless Bluetooth headphone, you have to pay 300 dollars and if this product is purchased by your affiliate, then you will get 10 dollars commission.

Here are these points you should know about this program:

Pros & Cons


  1. There are many payment options
  2. 30 days cookies duration
  3. Easy to sell because the product’s price is low. 


The low commission is the main con of this gaming affiliate program if you can sell many products per day then it doesn’t affect your earning but if you can’t sell many products from your affiliate link then it is wasteful. 

5. ModdedZone Affiliate Program.

Modded zone This is a very big company that gives you the gaming controllers you set by your manufacturer.

Here you can design your gaming controller according to yourself and this company will give you a customized controller by their courier service.

So if you can sell their products by your affiliate link then this website is going to be best for you because today gaming controllers are the key for all the professional gamers. 

So make your affiliate on ModdedZone and start selling their products. 

Here are these points you should know about this program:

There are some pros and cons of this affiliate program. So let’s take a look.

Pros & cons


  1. ModdedZone is a very big established brand.
  2. They provide you more discounts and promotions.
  3. Best video game accessory store on market.


There are not any significant con in this affiliate program. The commission rate is also good and they provide a discount to your customer so this affiliate program is good to join. 

6. Leprestore Gaming Affiliate Program.

As you all will know that in MMORPG style games you get only one character and you have to spend hours in the game to upgrade it.

But there is also another option to upgrade those characters and levels, that you pay someone and they do it for you.

 Leprestore is a game boosting service that helps you to boost your character or levels if you are tired of that. You can pay some amount according to the game and they will upgrade your character or level for you. 

Leprestore is the company that helps you to boost your character in games like WOW, Apex legends, Destiny 2, and many other MMORPG games. 

Here are these points you should know about this program:

Reason for promoting their services. 

This company is very upfront in its field and works properly, so if you can promote their services, you can go with this affiliate program. This company is a sub-niche in itself and you will get a good CTR by promoting it because the searcher of this service on Google came to your page intending to buy this service.

Services you can promote. 

You can promote character booster for the above-mentioned games. WOW, apex, etc.

Pros and cons.

This Gaming affiliate program is good because they pay you 9 dollars per sale and if you make 10sale per day then you can make up to 90 dollars every day.


  1. Good commission rate.
  2. Leprestore is a very famous brand in its field.
  3. Best for those who are gamer or have game blogs. 


You will have to talk to a lot of gamers to sell them, yet there is little chance that you can sell their service. This is the major con I experience in this affiliate marketing program. 

But if you have a high audience on your blog then you can earn 200 dollars to 500 dollars per week. I earned a maximum of 450 dollars a week by this affiliate program.

7. Alienware Gaming Affiliate Program. 

Alienware is a company that makes perfect machines for gamers. Every gamer wants to buy these computers and laptops for gaming.

This is a company that produced portable gaming with very good cutting-edge gaming laptops. Alienware’s desktops and laptops are a dream for every gamer and these laptops are more expensive. This is why people are not able to buy them as fast.

These machines start from 900 dollars to 8500 dollars. And here you can guess what kind of powerful machines they are. 

Some points you should know about this program. 

Pros and cons:


Their base variant products are easy to sell. They are in the budget of every gaming dreamer so their requirement is so high. 


They are giving you a very low commission as per the product cost. 6 % commission is low but if you can sell products then you get a chance to earn more.

Cookie’s duration is very low. 3 days are not so good for any of the affiliate marketers. 

8. affiliate program. 

Most of you must have seen their ads on TV or the Internet. You must have seen the advertisement of the world of tanks and world of warships. To date, this company has produced games like warships and a world of war.

This company has given many gamers good MMO games. Which is played by every gamer today. The games like Pagan Online, Gods and Glory, World of Warplanes, Masters of Orion.

Every gamer loves to play these games and there is a huge amount of gamers who play these games. Millions of people play and enjoy the games made by them all over the world. 

Today you can play these games free too but if you want a premium version to play then you have to pay for it. And if you bring these offers to your audience, then you will get a very good conversion from every sale. 

You get a valid sign-up commission here and this commission varies the country to country.

All about the Gaming Affiliate program.

Pros & Cons


  1. Easy to sell their games. 
  2. You can make money easily for valid signup.
  3. You get a huge amount of traffic on these games. 


There is no major con in this affiliate marketing program. Ya, you get less commission but there is a huge demand for these games in the market that you can make many sign up in a day. 

9. Logitech Affiliate Program.

The name of Logitech is huge in the gaming world. Because they make very innovative products. Like it produces very good keyboards and mouse.


It is a producer company of many more products. This makes very good products that are used for computing, gaming, and other home applications. 

There are these products they manufacture. 

Speaker, headset, flight yoke, joystick, webcam, gaming mouse pad, controller, and steering wheel. 

And these are the products whose demand has become very high in the market. And every gamer likes to have good devices like these.

The Gaming affiliate program offers.

Pros & Cons


In this affiliate program, you get a chance to sell their products, and the demand is also very high in the market for these products. 

Because of this, you are very helpful in selling these products.


In this, you get a lot of work commission due to which you should keep this affiliate program as a secondary earning source.

Tip: Logitech is best affiliate program for Tech niche blogging. 

10. Turtle Beach gaming Affiliate Program.

If you have a gaming website and want to earn money on that website or YouTube, where you can make money by promoting the products of this company.

They are the manufacturer of the best gaming headset at affordable prices. They also manufacture keyboards, mice, etc. 

Affiliate program. 

Pros & Cons


  1. You can generate additional revenue by joining this affiliate program. 
  2. They approved your application faster.


No major con after low commission here. 

If you run your blog outside the US then you have to join their international turtle beach affiliate program. 


I hope that you have got the answer to all the questions related to the gaming affiliate program from this article. All these affiliate programs are brand companies in their own fields, which are also giving you a chance to earn money.

If you like all of these affiliate programs, then do not hesitate to join them, because they are a good secondary source to earn money.

My only suggestion is that if you have a gaming blog or a gaming YouTube channel, then you can double your revenue by making these affiliate programs.

Yes, I know that the affiliate commission of most of these affiliate programs is very low, but still, I give you the opinion that you join these affiliate programs and earn some commission.

Something is far better than nothing. And if there is a lot of traffic on your channel or blog, then you can earn very good revenue from these gaming affiliate programs.

Hope you like this article if you like then please make sure to share and comment below your further queries. 

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