Amateur blogs; 15 Big mistakes Amateur bloggers do.

Blogging Mistakes

Hey Guys Thanks for coming back to your own blogger family [bloggerteck] , I hope that this blog also removes some of your dilemma. Here we will discuss about mistakes that Amateur blogs have and amateur bloggers do. In today’s date, the most commonly asked question on Google is what bloggers do wrong, which they have to suffer in blogging.

If you want your blog to be out of the category of Amateur blog then follow these steps

 Amateure bloggers are doing which mistakes by which They are quitting this field or not able to earn money by blogging.

Guys We will discuss maximum of 14 those mistakes which new or amateure bloggers do  in their blogging career. Amateur blogs contain these 14 mistake.

Whenever you start a blog, you have to be ready to learn from your mistakes because you last a long time. You just don’t get started and expect to be a professional in a day. You need to learn a lot of things and mistakes provide the best way to learn and achieve your blogging goals.

However, this does not mean that one is naive or ignorant, making amateur mistakes that can be avoided. For some of us, blogging is a talent and comes naturally without conflict. Others come on board to make money, which is not a bad thing. Whatever inspires you, I am sure you have the intuition that guides you when writing an amateur blog. The main goal is to become a professional blogger, and the sooner you notice your mistakes and rectify them, the less successful your journey will be.

You can know about some of these mistakes and improve yourself for the future. I will try to find out what are those 15 to 20 mistakes that Amateure bloggers make that they lose confidence in the blogging field. If you too are making these mistakes, then this article is Written only and only for you. Here you can find solutions to all the mistakes related to your blogging. If you have made some mistakes in blogging, then there is no reason to panic, because according to me, unless you make a mistake, you do not get to learn. Therefore, there is no big difference due to making a mistake, but correcting the mistakes has improved your blogging life.

Note:[You are requested to read this list, if you feel that you are committing some of these mistakes, then please read the blog completely

If you are doing any one of these, then you got all the improvements in this article.]

15 Mistakes that Amateur Bloggers makes all about amateur blogs.

  1. Using free sites to host our blog.
  2. Uncomfortable blog name.
  3. Cheap and insecure Domain name.
  4. No social media activity.
  5. Poorly Designed site:- Without proper Navigation.
  6. Failure to diversify income streams
  7. Using unformatted articles:  SEO, your article’s readability
  8. Not mentioning the source of copied content: Copy paste or modified content 
  9. Topic Inconsistencies
  10. Failure to optimize your blog for Google
  11. No Headshot of the Blogger
  12. Posting Posts with No Author
  13. Build your Email List
  14. Giving Up Early.

These are the most done mistakes in blogging by beginners or by Amateur Bloggers.

In this blog article, we will go through all these mistakes in detail and try to solve them.

1.Using free sites to host our blog. This is the most common mistake done in Amateur blogs

Whenever we start a blog or website, we first think of a blog for a low price or for free. Having created a blog, we always choose free platforms and free hosting companies, which is the first big mistake in our blogging career. If you want to stay in this field for a long time then this mistake can be very big. If you are hosting your sites from free sites or are using their subdomain name then it is not good for you. You must have your own domain name. Your own domain name gives us complete control of what we are publishing.Which is an important factor to make you become an expert in the blogging industry.

  1. Web Promotions 

Most well-known brands and websites have reliability issues with a BlogSpot domain and will refuse to link back to it. If you are using a free site to host your blog then promoting your website or blog will be very difficult.

  1. Seriousness about blogging: 

If you want to become a professional blogger, then creating informative and engaging content on BlogSpot is not enough. You must have a custom domain name that comes with a beautiful layout and a beautiful template that readers can recognize and take your work seriously. If you want to succeed then you should be willing to spend a few bucks on your blog.

  1. Google Apps:  

If you get a custom domain name, you get a custom domain-based email address too. This email address helps you a lot like if your visitors have any feedback or some details, then they can know through this email. From this we can also say business email addresses.

They can contact you through this business email which is free when you purchase the best hosting from top hosting companies.

[One of the best Hosting Site is Bluehost.]

2. Use of Difficult blog or Website name: Amateur blogs website names are generally difficult to remember.

This is the second most common mistake done by Amateur bloggers or new bloggers. When we decide to choose a blog name our first priority is to make our blog name unique, that is the big mistake done by new bloggers or Amateur bloggers. Amateur blogs contain these types of mistakes. You have to choose a blog name that is easy to remember or visitors can type it fast to visit your site. Don’t make your blog name too long. Make it simple and memorable. In 2020 make micro niche blogs so they are more capable to rank on google easily. Google also Advises making micro niche blogs. 

3. Cheap and insecure Domain name.

You must have read a lot of your blogs and have gained a lot of knowledge from them, but maximum all the blogs forget to say that blog security is very important. Your blog needs to be secure. Most bloggers forget to tell you that it is very important to get a SSl certificate for your blog. Which stands for Secure socket layer. If your blog has got this certificate, then your blog is considered absolutely secure. This certificate assures your visitors that your site and blog are secure. amateur blogs generally don’t have this important SSL certificate.

To know whether the website is secure or not, you must have seen the lock icon in front of the URL of your website, any site which has this lock icon with the URL is considered to be secure.

This certificate is required for sites that take personal details from their visitors; Such as some online store site.

These types of sites have to take their personal details as well as payment details from the visitors, then this certificate is used to assure their visitors. 

If your blog is not an online store, but this certificate is still right for you, it makes your blog secure. You need to make your blog reliable for your readers. This made your visitors a secure feel that this site is secure. 

For a Free SSL Certificate you can Go with Cloudflare. They provide you with a free SSL certificate and also help to improve your site speed. Make an account in Cloudflare and Add your site. It helps you to improve your site speed, and you can get a free SSL Certificate from them.  

4. No social media activity: Amateur blogs do not work with Social media platforms. 

If you run a blog, then you must create an account on every social media

social media amateur blogs
social media

We get two benefits from this. But I have rarely seen the new bloggers of today doing this, and they make that mistake which makes their blog in the category of amateur blogs.

We get 2 benefits of social media that these new bloggers do not know

You can get millions of traffic from social media and you can talk to your audience personally with the help of these platforms.

If you remain active on social media, then your visitors will also feel that this guy is more friendly than blogs as well. The visitors who come to your blog will take your blog Seriously. 

If you are Searching that which of the Social media platforms are best you can Go with Facebook then pinterest then after you can go with other social media platforms. 

5.Poorly Designed site:- Without proper Navigation: Amateur blogs do not provide proper navigation,

If you run a blog, then you must know how important SEO is in blogging. Along with SUS, the design and navigation bar of your site is also a very important thing that Amateur bloggers do not know. They do not know how to design their blog and how to do better navigation. Google even asks you to customize your blog in such a way that its speed is good and you must use the navigation bar on your blog. If you apply for Google Adsense they will reject your application if your site does not contain a proper navigation bar.

Navigation bar helps your visitors to visit your article fast and in the proper way, without searching in your blog site. You Have to use a responsive theme who works fast in Desktop as well as in smartphones. Then you have to customise your site properly. Most of the Amateur bloggers use those themes Who are nor responsive. And they work fast on the desktop but cant work well on smartphones. 

So, make sure guys you have to make your site well designed and properly navigated.

6. Failure to diversify income streams: Most common mistake by amateur blogs.

If making money is the main purpose of your blog, then you should identify ways to monetize your blog. There are a lot of ways to generate revenue with your website or blog, you can make money by Google Adsense, ad networks, affiliate marketing, and even selling your products. One of the many mistakes made by amateur bloggers is only one way to steam up passive income in their blogs. For example, you might decide to use an ad network to monetize your blog, but what happens when traffic to your site suddenly drops? This means that your income will also decrease. You can choose affiliate marketing, but what happens when the program changes its terms or the shop you are closing? We will also lack money. You should diversify your income streams so that you are not hanged if other methods fail. 

Friends, we have to keep in mind that we not only earn money from one medium, but we have to earn money through all the mediums so that our revenue also gets better and we also get good backup. 

We have to apply to make money from all these resources

  1. Google adsense:  You have to run your adsense code at least 10 blogs or sites. By this trick you can make upto 25 to 35 dollars per day. If your blog is new then thistrick is best for you guys. Please add your adsense codes to 10 or more then 10 blogging sites to make this revenue.    
  1. Affiliate marketing: In Affiliate marketing you have to apply for at least 50 sites To make a huge amount of money by your new blog. Make the list of all top affiliate programs and go and sell their offers you will get commission from them.
  1. Ad networks: By ad networks you can get a huge number of traffic by which you can earn money by your adsense and affiliate program. These networks bring millions of traffic to your blog and help you to make money. 

7. Using unformatted articles:  SEO, your article’s readability: 

As we all know that the articles have to be written in a good format so that its SEO is good and its reliability is also excellent. 

But Amateur bloggers make these mistakes that they do not use H1 and H2 headings.

Sometimes their articles contain paragraphs of  500 to 400 words. Which decreases their readability score. 

Sometimes they make mistakes in the grammar, sometimes these anateur boggers donr do proper EO or their blog.

Make sure to use H1 and H2 heading tags and your articles must contain 100 to 200 words in one paragraph. This will make your blog more beautiful and visitors can read it easily. How to write a blog is the main step of blogging. Blog writing makes your blog rank on Google first page. Yoast plugin is the best plugin for how to blog writing.  Please guys use yoast plugin for making your article. 

8. Not mentioning the source of copied content: Copy paste or modified content:

Guys, I am telling you the original thing. Maximum Bloggers make the mistake that they copy articles from big bloggers’ blog and publish them on their blog.

This copied article also detects Google and instead of ranking your site, it degrades your site further. This plagiarized article is dangerous for your blog or website, so guys dont make these mistakes. Always make your own original content or article, and check your article on free plagiarism checker tools. 

My personal tip. Amateur blogs do not works on these ponts.

  1. Go to Google and SEarch plagiarism checker tool for free. 
  2. Then open a minimum 6 free tools.
  3. And then check your article in all of these 6 tools. 

This will help you to find whether your article is a unique article or not. 

Guys, I also check my article with the help of 6 to 7 free tools to check whether it is plugged or not. 

And when you use an image from Google you have to give credit to the site from where you have downloaded that picture. Some of us download pictures from google and forget to give credit to the site which  will make your blog or site spammer. If you use that picture which is downloaded from another site without credit then they can take action against your blog. 

So guys always use your own pictures and if you ant to use images from google then search will provide you with pics that you can use freely.

9. Topic Inconsistencies: 

This is one of the biggest mistakes, we make a blog but do not regularly publish blog articles so that our visitors and audience start to unfollow us. 

This mistake is made by all of us and Amateur boggers which makes it difficult to rank your blog.

We randomly choose the topic of the blog and then post a maximum of 10 regular posts, which is wrong.

We should choose our interesting topic as a blogging career and take it forward

Choose your favorite topics and get many benefits.

For example;

These are some of the advantages if you work in consistency on your blog. But in Some Cases You can se Amteur blos where there is no consistency in blog publishing which basically leads to loss of visitors. 

So we have to maintain Consistency.

If you publish 2 Articles per week then you have to publish 2 articles per week please don’t skip your table.

10. Failure to optimize your blog for Google:

 This is the Main step to rank your blog on Google. But some of the amateur blogs do Not contain these main optimizations.

If you Follow All these steps properly and do proper optimization of these steps. Then I guarantee that your blog will rank in the future in a very short period. These steps are the main steps in a blogging career. So guys in personal opinion is to make sure to optimize your blog well by which it can rank easily.

11. No Headshot of the Blogger:

Bloggers are required to be a major top, whether you are beginner or experienced in the blogging industry. This is another mistake done by amateur bloggers. He feels that being the head of a blogger on a blog is only for experienced writers who have been in the industry for a long time. but it’s not like that. Publishing your headshot as a blogger with a simple ‘hello’ helps your readers connect with your work in how you look. It also helps to establish a strong first impression.

Headshots are commonly used about your page, social media profile icons, and when they use your guest posts, they are also sent to brands. A good headshot should be of high quality, represents your brand, and consistently. This is the first thing you need to invest in any of your work, whether it is a blog or any kind of online business.

How to get a good headshot.

Use natural light in focus

If you don’t know what this means, you should hire a professional photographer to help him. Do not add any bright lights when taking a headshot and always keep in mind.

Take true headshot

A correct headshot should be made in the top half of your body. Photographers should be enough for people to see your face.

Do not wear sunglasses

People usually use sunglasses when they are not feeling their prettiest while taking photos. However, for headshots, it is not advisable to have sunglasses as it does not show your true facial recognition. Do everything to look your best without sunglasses. Keep your chin up and look confident.

Use your latest or updated photos

Your headshot should always be up to date and your exact presentation and what you represent in your blog content. If you want to be taken seriously then avoid paying attention to seasonal or holiday outfits as they do not show professionalism.

12. Posting Posts with No Author.

From this you can understand that without the author’s name and their bio, the blog articles do not look so attractive. If you give a little bio of your lines in the starting and ending of a blog post, then your visitor will be interested in reading the article.

This is a panacea of ​​attracting visitors, and this also gives confidence to the visitors that the author of the blog is actually; What are you saying, what do you do, etc.

This way too many bloggers do not know due to which they lose so many visors everyday.

So my advice is that you also start giving your introduction or bio before publishing the blog.

13. Build your Email List:

This is very important to grow your email list. This is only the way you can reach your regular visitor by a click. To grow your email list is that mistake which is done by new or amateur bloggers because they don’t know how to grow your email subscriptions or how to catch your visitors emails. Here i will suggest you 2 free tools i am using too. 

Convertful provides you free access lifetime. 

And mailchimp provides 500 subscribers for free then you have to pay for its upgraded version.

I am also using these tools to capture emails and they are great tools to capture emails. Here you can also analyse your site traffic on a daily basis and also monitor your email list. Please guys make sure to capture emails from th day 1 of your blog. 

14. Giving up early:

Blogging is not so much for the cowards, if you want to do blogging, then you have to be very strict, whether you become successful or not, but you have to work because blogging is such a platform.

 Where you have to work very hard to reach success, but if you reach there, then you cannot think how much success you can achieve.

Blogging is a platform where you have to make your articles so attractive that people search their articles by themselves.

On blogging platforms, you will find bloggers in millions. So to leave them behind, your content and your writing skills should be very good.

So guys if you are new to blogging then you have to maintain consistency in your blogging career. And my personal tip is that you should always go with evergreen blogging niches. they are hard to stand up to but are very high conversing.

If you have gone to society for all these things and are certifying them on your blogs then no one can stop you from becoming a successful person.

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