Best affiliate programs for bloggers:

List of 15 best affiliate programs that you should try in 2020. 

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Today, with the help of this article, we will make a list of the best affiliate programs and also study them in depth to see which affiliate programs are right for our beginner’s bloggers.

 In this article, we will discuss all the affiliate programs which are beneficial for our new blogger friends. 

A lot has changed since the advent of digital media. In today’s era of digital media, how the user interacts with your brand, and how it transacts has changed everything. In today’s date, before purchasing any material and any goods, the customer checks all the details on every website he knows, and then he thinks of taking that material.

Here we will discuss all the affiliate marketing strategies with best affiliate programs by which you can make money easily, and these programs are highly trusted platforms on affiliate marketing. 

What is an Affiliate program or affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is the branch of digital marketing where you have to sell the products of other highly authorized compony and if you sell that product or service to your audience then you will get high commission by the company for each subscription. 

Here you can sell anything there are several companies whose affiliate programs are best for our new bloggers’ friends  

I affiliate marketing you have to provide your affiliate link to the customer and if that customer buys any plan of that affiliate program then you can get a high commission from the affiliate program company.

You can earn profit by selling products/plans of other companies. 

How is the Affiliate program is beneficial?

Affiliate marketing is beneficial for all 4 types of people. The merchant, the affiliate, and the customer and the huge network between merchants to customers.   

The main and profitable margin goes to the product manufacturer, seller, an affiliate marketer. 

Manufacturer: The work of manufacturer work is to make a good product from the raw material and sell it to the company if the product is in demand then the manufacturer takes a good profit margin from the companies. 

Seller/ Companies: The job of sellers is to sell the product that they buy from the manufacturer and make a profit from selling. Their profit margin in this program is also high and good.

Affiliate marketer: An affiliate marketer is that guy that can sell the product or a plan by their affiliate skills and strategies. they work under companies and agencies. if an affiliate marketer sells a plan they got a commission per plan from the company. 

In the affiliate program, there is one best advantage. If you are not able to get benefits from affiliate programs, then you do not have to worry too much, this does not harm anyone.  

In affiliate programs or affiliate marketing, you have nothing to lose so guys in my opinion please always go with affiliate programs if you are a new blogger. 

Affiliate programs
Affiliate programs

The affiliate program best for bloggers:

  1. Amazon Affiliates.
  2. Flipkart Affiliate Program.
  3. V Commission.
  4. Optimise.
  5. eBay affiliates.
  6. Hostgator Affiliate Program.
  7. Godaddy Affiliate program.
  8. DGM India.
  9. Bigrock affiliate.
  10.  Planet express.
  11. Cuelinks. 
  12. Nearbuy affiliates.
  13.  Blue host
  14. Grammarly 
  15. Shopify. 

Here we will get the detailed knowledge of these affiliate program companies and their plans. If you are interested in these affiliate programs then you can go with your decision. These are the list of those affiliate programs which are best for both beginners to advanced bloggers. 

1. Amazon affiliate program:

The affiliate program is widely spread in the world. There will be few people who do not know about this, but this affiliate program is the best working affiliate program in the world.  

Any blogger and anyone can apply to join this program and they can easily get approval from which you can earn money in millions.

In this affiliate program, you have to create an affiliate account in Amazon. After joining the Amazon affiliate program you get an amazon affiliate strip on the top of your desktop or screen. From here you can get your affiliate link and by sharing this link on your social media handles or your blog, if someone order the Amazon product by your affiliate link you will get a commission from one purchase. This is how the amazon affiliate program provide benefits to everyone.

You can visit here: 

2. Flipkart Affiliate Program. 

Flipkart affiliate program also works like amazon here you have to convert your normal Flipkart account to its affiliate account, and then you can share any product link on social media and anywhere you want to publish it. 

Many of us have an account on Flipkart you only have to convert that account into an affiliate account then you can able to get all the product links on your dashboard or desktop. 

You can visit here: 

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3. V Commission affiliate programs

V commission is the one o the top Indian Affiliate program company. Their growing network is up to 17, 500 affiliates which help the program becoming on the top of the Indian affiliate network. 

It is the affiliate network of India which is capable of fulfilling multiple marketing objectives. Here you can earn money by Lead generations, driving apps install, and generating e-commerce sales. 

If you can able to make money or derive traffic to your lead generation then this program may be best for you. Here you can withdraw a minimum of 100 dollars if you have earned 100 dollars then the amount automatically transfers to your bank account.  

You can visit here: 

4. Optimise.

This affiliate program is also one of the best affiliate programs in India. This affiliate program network is spread out over 30+ countries around the world. Optimise is also known as OMG in many of other countries including India. 

They provide you awesome client services and performance. They have their deep roots in categories like retail, telecom, finance, automotive, and travel.

Her is the list of Few Indian advertisers of The company Optimise

  • Paytm
  • Redbus
  •  Yatra
  • Citibank
  • Vivo
  • Airtel

To date, they are advertising for more than 1400 premium advertisers in 30+ countries.  Today their URL age is becoming approx 9 years and this affiliate program is free to join. 

You can visit here: 

 5. eBay affiliates.  

The eBay affiliates program is also one of the most popular affiliate programs like Amazon. This platform is also the best way to earn money fast. 

Here you have to make more and more sales for eBay affiliates and they provide you with a beneficial commission by which you can earn money easily. 

The main work for you is to Find, Share, and earn.

The affiliate program supports both the individual worker or the business organization. The payment you receive is high and quick. Here you can earn commission up to 12% that is concerned high commission in any affiliates. 

6. Hostgator Affiliate Program.

 Hostgator is one of the best hosting companies that give us the opportunity to earn money. And their affiliate program is considered one of the best hosting affiliate programs. 

Here you have to join the HostGator affiliate program. Then they provide you a link that you can paste in that link on your blog or any social media handle. You will get money when someone purchase the plan from your link.

Hostgator provides you Rs 1250 commission per sale and if you can convert your sale up to 10 per month then you can earn about 12,000 a month by only placing your link. 

You can visit here: 

7. Godaddy Affiliate program.

Godaddy Affiliate program is one of the platforms to make money. This program is free, and you can earn money by sending the banners to your customer and placing the GoDaddy banner on their websites.

You have to send your audience to GoDaddy’s site from your link and then if your audience places the GoDaddy’s banner on their blog or site you will get a high commission for GoDaddy. 

You can visit here: 

8. DGM India.

We can say his also one of the best affiliate programs in India. Here you get a chance to earn a profitable commission. You only have to promote the products from Indian websites. 

They provide you attractive commission rates for all their programs. And they also provide Offers prizes and bonuses to its top performers and this is also free to join. So guys just go for these programs. 

9. Bigrock affiliate.

Bigrock affiliates also the best program to make a high commission from the company. 

They are the best domain name or hosting providers across Asia. they also provide you a job and from this job, you can make a high commission for you. 

From this platform, you can make money by only 2 steps. Firstly you have to sign on the Bigrock website and start sharing the affiliate link. 

Here you can earn money by selling the hosting plans and domain names to your audience. 

From this affiliate program, you can make money only bt sending links to bloggers or website owners.  

You can visit here: 

10.  Planet express.

Planet Express is a premier courier company that provides services across the world and they also run a successful affiliate program. 

The Plane express affiliate company s featured with many special features like they provide 5 dollars for all who use their services, their unique affiliate links, you can get your omission by payment gateway like Paypal, etc. 

You can visit here: 

This is the site where you can monetize our content easily. This affiliate program helps for those who want to monetize their content of blogs or websites but they can’t.

This program provides you a javascript code with which you can monetize your content easily. 

When we publish an article or blog on a specific keyword this site ink our blog to the amazon product page and by this practice uses use easily buy that product and you can get a commission form it.  

There is a separate plugin for WordPress sites. They are working for 400+ advertisers. 

You can visit here:  

12. Nearbuy affiliates.

This is one of the best affiliate programs in India. This program is popular for its services. This is famous for its feature of discovering Indians.  

Here you have to promote their links and more you promote more clicks you get and it converts into your high commission. 

You can visit here: 

13.  Blue host.

Blue host is the hosting company that is popular in all over the world. Maximum all the blogging companies or loggers prefer for blue host hosting providers. Their hosting is awesome. 

They also have their affiliate program that if you create new signup for them then you can 65 dollars per connection. 

If someone buys any hosting plan from your link then you can earn 65 USD to your wallet and then you can transfer it by PayPal to your account. 

14. Grammarly.

Here is also the same offer. Grammarly is one of the best websites or tools for your grammar check and many other services.  They provide you different services in blog writing or other writing.

They also run an affiliate program and if you create a new connection for them by your link they give you a commission. 

You have already seen many websites advertising the logo of Grammarly. This is because o it’s high commission. 


If you are a new blogger then please use a free plan of Grammarly and if you can afford their premium plan then you can go for it. They provide various services in a premium plan.  

15. Shopify. 

Shopify is for those bloggers who run a website like Amazon and Flipkart. This website serves for those websites which are in the field of shopping. 

They also run an affiliate program in which if you can provide them new subscribers or signups then they provide your high commission per plan.


So guys these are the top affiliate programs on google where you can sign up for free. If you re a new to blogging field or a new blogger then please make a list of these affiliate programs and in my opinion just go for them. 

These affiliate programs are best for new to advanced bloggers. 

I hope you guys like this article. If you like then share and subscribe to our blog to your friends. 

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