.com vs .net- Which one is better for 2022[March]

We often ask our users about .com vs .net domain name extensions. Choosing a domain name is extremely important for your business goals as it can affect your branding and search ranking. In this article, we will tell the complete difference between .com and .net and will also tell which extension should be correct for your website.

What is .com vs .net name extension?

The domain name is the address of your site on the Internet. This is what your visitors and users put in the Google search engine to search your site. .com vs .net vs .org can be some surnames of your site For example.  www.bloggerteck.com

We can also call them domain names. A domain name is your website’s permanent name.

Domain names are of many types. Some of the famous or popular domain names on Google and other search engines are :

  • Example.com
  • Example.net
  • Example.org
  • Example.in

These domain names are some popular domain names in the current internet world as of 2022.

We have to choose a domain name that fits our site perfectly.

Choose a domain name so that our business becomes a good brand in a particular industry.

So let’s start with today’s first topic of the comparison of .com vs .net

Difference between .com vs .net extensions

com vs net
Difference b/w com and net

The “com” in a.com domain name denotes a “commercial” site, but the “net” in a.net domain extension denotes a “network,” which is mostly used by the internet, networking, and email service providers. Where.com may be used to create any form of a website.

As I previously stated, there is a third option to these two extensions, which is “.org,” which stands for “organization” and is mostly used by nonprofit organizations.

.com vs .net both are the most famous or popular domain name extensions. In many cases .com is the most preferred domain name. But sometimes if we don’t get that extension the .net is the best alternative to the .com extension.

These extensions work worldwide. A big reason for being popular.

Why is .com more expensive?

Premium domain names are more expensive than other domain names because of what they bring to a website. Quality baggage

We can also say that in 2022 most of the websites have the domain name .com. About 46% of websites are registered with the domain name .com, Dot com domain names became so popular because of their easy-to-remember name extension.

Because of its polarity, you can increase your site brand and business very easily and very quickly.

If you have to build a business website or have to expand that business very quickly, then use the dot com extension, your website will look good and happy by listening to it.

To understand this let’s take an example,

 If we are working on a website belonging to business strategies then dot com is the perfect domain name for these types of sites. Today dot com is itself a brand if we join .com with our website then it makes our website professional as well as branded. Dot com extension provides us that plus point useful for our branding.

When should you choose a .com extension

  • Your domain name should be representative of your business, such as your domain name telling your business best, what your business is about. It is beneficial for your visitors to come to your website. For example,

If we make a television service website then our website name should be like startelevisionservice.com instead of star service.com I hope you can understand this example.

  • Do not panic if your domain name is already taken

Just add some new words before and after your main name to make it unique because we have to make our website name notable that no one has the same name before. Just understand it with an example,

If our domain name is starTVservise.com but if this name is already taken then modify this name to startelevisionservice.com they will provide you a .com extension if you modify your main name.

My website is also an example of this trick. I want to buy a website named bloggertech.com but it is already taken then I decided to make my website bloggerteck.com and this trick works. This is live example friends.

  • We have to make sure that our domain name can be easily pronounced or can be memorable.

Our domain name should be simple or unique because our visitors can remember our site easily by which they can come back when they need our blog or article guidance.

  • Always take the help of the online domain name generator, it tells you the very best domain name for free, where you have to tell the category of your website and these tools tell you the best domain names for free. So Guys must take domain name only with their help.

When should you choose .net domain extension

If you have to use dot net extension, then keep in mind that the dot net is used for these businesses. If you are going to offer internet, networking, database hosting, email hosting, or similar services.

You should only use it when it suits your brand. To do this properly you may also need marketing talent. Companies using dot net choose their domain name for example

Like Slideshare.net is a very big .net website based on a theme that is [Discover. Share. Learn. ] Dot net extension matches with websites such as these because these websites are also popular.

Nearly 4 percent of extensions run on dot net extension as of date. This domain name is a popular domain extension that we see from it that it seems that its value is less.

But in fact, its market has a lot of value

Yes, we just know that dot com extension is the top popular extension by while we talk about dot net it is the best alternative of dot com till now.

If you are not able to buy .com extension for your new website then you can also go with dot net extension.

Internet or networking service providers use this domain extension more often. Many real and well-known companies still use the .com extension primary. For example.

When visiting comcast.net will take you to their new .com website. I hope you can understand by these examples

At least 13 million websites are using dot net extension, as per date. By this number, we can make a guess that how important is this extension also.  Maximum of companies, register the .net extension also so that nobody infringes on their brand.

Some companies started using it because they got their preferred .com domain name.

Most of the companies started with dot-net. Later, after registering for a dot-com extension, they did not leave their dot-net extension, because of some technical and legal reasons.

Which one is best for SEO:- .com vs .net?

This is a question asked on Google, which extension helps us to rank quickly on the top. But the reality is that both the domain names can help you to improve your ranking there is no difference between them in the case of SEO.

 Both the extensions have the capability to rank your post or website on Google or any search engine.

Both of the extensions are treated similarly by search engines. You only have to do that write the post which can cover a maximum of queries of visitors and do your best SEO in your post to rank it higher in search engines.

The main part of your website is your website name, not the extension. For example, your website name matters not its surname [Extension= surname of your website] all matters that your website name to rank your website.

How to buy a domain name?

If you are making the plan to create your own website then you must need web hosting as well as a website domain name.

You can buy domain names from various online platforms like Godaddy, Bigrock, Hostinger, and Bluehost also. These websites provide you with hosting as well as a free domain name with some of the offers.

Blue host is one of the best hosting provider companies. If you are new then choose shared hosting

For hosting here are the 4 best hosting companies which provide you hosting with a domain names at cheap price.

Pros, and cons of .com Domain Name

So now you must have known a lot about dot com extension. So let’s take a good and quick overview

.Com Pros:

Whenever we think about creating a website, the first extension in our mind is dot com itself. Dot com is one of the best extensions to remember. Dot com more closely matches with any type of website, due to which it is called Top Extension.  

This extension is commonly utilized across all types and sizes of organizations. This is International Recognized Domain Extension. Most visitors and users search anything or any website, they do it with the dot com extension.

Maximum people give the first preference to .com extension. So you can also go with dot com extension.

.Com Cons:

Due to the popularity of dot com extensions, if you ask to buy the domain name of your choice, then there may be a problem, you may not get your preferred domain name.

 Why it is difficult to add your domain name with dot com extension, the only reason is that 60 percent of the dot com domains have been registered by the user.

Comparison table of .com vs .net

ReachWorld wideWorldwide
Number of users/registrationAbout 40 % of allAbout 4% approx. 13 million
Used For websites.Blog/ Commercial websites Networking, Database hosting, Email hosting, or similar services
CostVery costlyCheaper than Dot com
You can buy fromBluehost  HostGator Bigrock, Hostinger A2hosting, Godaddy, etcBluehost, HostGator Bigrock, Hostinger A2hosting, Godaddy, etc  
.com vs .net

Also, visit:

Pros and cons of .net

Net Pros:

If your company offers internet, networking, database hosting, email hosting, or similar services. Then dot net extension is the best. This extension also runs worldwide and search is also in very huge number.  Dot net extension is 2nd most popular extension to date.

.net extension: On hearing the name of Dot Net, your visitors can find out that your website is offering these internet, networking, database hosting, email hosting, or similar services, from which you will get a separate and targeted visitor.

Dot net extension is easily available and also very cheaper than dot com extension.

Net cons:

Dot Net Extension As I told you, this is an extension of a web hosting service. If you are not running these services on your site, then the Dot Net extension can create problems for your visitors to visit your website.

Do you know that there are many other types of domain extensions in the market? 

Top-level domains or TLDs

 If you are associated with the blogging field or digital marketing field then you must know that domain extensions are also known as TLDs.

 If you start a business, you definitely need TLDs to grab a targeted audience. But when it comes to the question of choosing one of the .com vs .net, we should always go with the .com as it is the best generic top-level domain extension that is the first choice of every business owner or website owner.

 Apart from this let’s discuss some types of top-level domains. 

Here are some types of TLDs or top-level domains

There are 3 types of top-level domains or TLDs 

1. Generic top-level domain (gTLDs)

2. Sponsored top-level domain (sTLDs)

3. Country code domain extensions (ccTLDs)

 Let’s discuss these TLDs so that they make more sense for you.

 1. Generic top-level domains

Generic top-level domains come with com vs net which is the most demanded domain extension. These domain extensions globally represent your blog or website. .com vs .net both are the best examples of gTLDs. 

2. Sponsored top-level domain

 These types are domains are for specific authorized groups and organizations. For example, if you want to start any organization or education website, then .edu and .org are the best sponsored top-level domains for you. 

3. Country code domain extensions 

Country-code top-level domain extensions represent your site for a specific country. if you are making a blog to target a country-specific audience then you can go with these top-level domains extensions Example for this is .uk .in .us 

So these are the domain types that are generally used by bloggers and business owners for their websites.

How do we create a better domain name?

Once you have decided to take .com vs .net, take care of these things.


You can run any type of website with dot com extension. A good website will do work on all of these three things:

  • First you state your business.
  • State what your business dose.
  • Incite intrigue

The first two are major things to do on. And the last one is for backup. Because in many cases dot com or dot net extensions are already taken so roundabout domains will become the best solution.

A good domain name consists of these important characteristics. Make sure to follow these

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Unmistakable
  • Short

Branding a unique term [.net vs .com]

Another idea by which we can get a good and attractive domain name is to create a unique domain name according to your branding as I gave you my own website example to create a unique name that no one had registered in the past. Then we can use the term within our brand site.

This can help you to create a good identity for your website, and it also made your website unique from normal.

Domain names are more important than their extensions: .com vs .net

The extension is necessary but making the plan to make the domain name good is more effective to rank your website. The extension is only like the surname of your website. So you only have to focus on the domain name. your domain name should be memorable, SEO friendly, short, typable.

.com vs .net

Some important queries of Google. Which one is better? .com vs .net :

What does .com stands for?

.Com stands for commercial. Any type of website which wants to work on commercial topics or blogs can use the dot com extension. Most commercials do use this domain. This domain name is available for all and works worldwide.

What does . net stands for?

Dot net stands for networking. Maximum of all the networking websites register for .net as well as .com extension. Dot net offers internet, networking, database hosting, email hosting, or similar services. If you are making that type of website you can definitely go with the .net extension.

How much does a domain extension cost?

No one can guess the price of a domain extension, that each hosting website has its own different plan, in which we often get a domain name offered for free. In many cases .com extension is more costly than .net

In order to run a website, hosting is required along with the domain name, so most of the companies give some free things with hosting, including the domain name.

Here are some hosting provider companies:

  • Bluehost
  • HostGator
  • Bigrock
  • Hostinger
  • A2hosting 
  • Godaddy

How do I permanently buy a domain name?

We can’t buy a domain name permanently there is a particular period for which we can buy a domain name. The plan varies from 1-year plan to 5 years after 5 years we will have to buy our old domain name to work on it if you don’t buy your old domain name you can’t work on it sometimes your website may be blocked also.

How can we get a free dot com Domain name?

Ans. .com domain name is so popular and I must say if you are going with dot com domain then buy it from the Bluehost hosting provider website.

Alternatives of .com vs .net 

  1. .io-  This is for commercial business. 
  2. .us- These types of extensions are location-based. us extension is for the United States. 
  3. .org- Considered as a nonprofit organization. 
  4. .gov- Government intitution. 
  5. .edu- Any type of institutes or academic organization. 

Conclusion for .com vs .net

.com vs .net is the best domain name on market today and if you are thinking of making your own website then you can go with these domain extensions. .com vs .net Which one is better is a question that has no specific answer. These extensions are best for their work.

The only way to choose a domain extension between .com vs .net is to do proper research about your future website. These extensions depend on your blog or website.

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Both .com vs .net are reliable. You can go with anyone.

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