Himachal Blogs- Top 10 Bloggers from Himachal Pradesh.

Hey, guys, welcome back to Blogger Teck family once again. Guys Do you know who are the top 10 bloggers from Himachal Pradesh?

  Today we are here because of a question mostly asked on the google search engine. People mostly ask about the Top 10 Bloggers From Himachal Pradesh. 

There are many bloggers in Himachal Pradesh but the least number of bloggers are getting success in this field. Here I make the list of bloggers with their blogs on their popularity and by their SEO analysis. By their blog traffic. Domain Authority, page authority, etc. 

Here you will find all types of bloggers with their blogs like travel blogs, news blogs, tech blogs, Digital marketing blogs, etc. you will find all the bloggers who are becoming successful in the blogging field and have their names in this field. 

Many of you have heard about some of them but some will be new for you and you must have to follow these blogs if you like them.  

So guys let’s get started.  

Here is the list of the Top 10 Bloggers from Himachal Pradesh   

  1. Mukesh Bhardwaj:   iTech Hacks -Tech Hacks
  2. Jeevan Joshi:  Rainbow Stamp Club
  3. Mohit Sharma: Bloggerteck
  4. Suman Kapoor:  बावरा मन 
  5. Subham Thakur: Latest Tech News 
  6. Rohit Sharma: The Revolution Hour
  7. Robin Singh: PeepalFarm.org 
  8. Rahul Sharma: Walking wanderer
  9. Sanjay Kumar:  Geotechnical engineering and underground structures. 
  10.  Sanjay Kumar: Travels Around the Globe

Guys this is the list of Himachal best blogs that are currently active and have good stats.

Articles you can read to make your blogging profitable.

 Here we will discuss these blogs in detail. On what niches they are working, their appearance on google and what the do? 

 1. Mukesh Bhardwaj:   iTech Hacks -Tech Hacks

Mukesh Bhardwaj runs a blog or website iTeck Hacks in which you will find all the technological practices. In this blog, you can solve or get answers related to the technology industry. 

Maximum of us don’t know that what can our computers and smartphones can do. So he is running a particular blog to teach you some tips and tricks to get skilled in these technical fields. He is from Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh

His blog has been running since late 2015. And the blog is awesome if you are interested in the technical field. 

You can visit: https://itechhacks.com/

2. Jeevan Joshi:  Rainbow Stamp Club

As its name indicate that this blog is covering stamp related queries. And this blog has also a good follower. 

If you are also interested in stamps, covers, and Maxicards.then this blog can b very helpful for you. 

The interest of this blog is to collect stamps and other philatelic tourism items. 

Jeevan Joshi is Philatelic Journalist. And she is running the blog. 

You can visit: http://rainbowstampclub.blogspot.com/

3. Mohit Sharma: Bloggerteck

As you all know that I am running the website Bloggerteck. Here you will find answers to all the blogging queries searched on google. 

This blog is for those bloggers who are new to the blogging field and don’t know how to get success in this field.

So in my blog Bloggerteck you can get tips and tricks related to the blogging world.

Here you will find all the answers asked by bloggers on google briefly and easily.  

I am from Sarkaghat, Himachal Pradesh. And graduated from HPU Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.  

You can visit: Bloggerteck.   

4. Suman Kapoor: [बावरा मन]  Bavra man. 

Suman Kapoor is the blogger from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. She is running this blog since 2009.  This is a Hindi blog where there are general stories to read. 

She is a Hindi Poet and interested in Hindi poetry, Pencil sketching, mathematics, etc. 

You will get to read many poems and stories in this blog, you will find awesome Hindi poems you will love to read these poems. 

If you are interested in poems and stories then you can go for this blog. 

You can visit: https://sumanmeet.blogspot.com/

5. Subham Thakur: Latest Tech News.

Subham Thakur also runs a tech blog where he provides you all the technical tips and tricks related to your smartphones and computers. 

He is from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. And his blog name is the latest tech news. 

Subham Thakur is a civil engineer by a profession.  He is running this blog since 2016. 

His blog provides technical news, tips, and tricks for your smartphone and computers, smartphone reviews, etc. 

You can visit: https://latestechnews.com/

6. Rohit Sharma: The Revolution Hour.

Rohit Sharma is from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, and the man who runs the blog rHour.com. He writes blogs for his hobby and keeps himself up to date with the changing world. 

In this blog, you will find all the tips and tricks that you can implement in your life. This blog is a multiniche blog where you will find various types of blogs. 

Mr. Rohit Sharma is the blogger and he is professionally a Web consultant who has experience of 20+ years in this field. 

Rohit Sharma is an expert in web development and web design.

7. Robin Singh: PeepalFarm.org

This blog is my personal favorite blog. Here you will find those people who are helping selflessly for the injured animals. This blog is awesome to read their articles and videos are amazing. 

They are working hard to save injured animals who got injured in Himachal Pradesh.

Mr. Robin Singh is the founder of Peepalfarm and he is successfully running this farm in Himachal Pradesh.  

In this blog, you can help them by donating money, and if you are interested in adopting small to big animals then you can contact their team. 

There are more than 150+ animals getting treatment on this farm currently. 

You can visit: https://peepalfarm.org/

8. Rahul Sharma: Walking wanderer

Rahul Sharma is the blogger that also comes from Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. He is the founder of Walking Wonder and has been running his blog successfully for almost 4 years.

Rahul Sharma is an undergraduate student who loves to travel and visit new places in the world. He also loves to write blogs and articles on those places he visited in the past and share al his experience about those places. 

 This blog is the place where you can get a demo that how to trek those places where you want to go to Himachal Pradesh. 

How to live in a low budget. In this blog, you can get ideas to travel to those places which are amazing to visit. 

If you wanna become a travel blogger or wants to visit those place then you can follow this blog.

You can visit: https://walkingwanderer.com/

9. Sanjay Kumar:  Geotechnical engineering and underground structures. 

Sanjay Kumar is a blogger from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. This is an educational blog where you can solve your civil engineering queries easily. 

This blog covers these topics. Soil, mechanics, geotechnical, engineering, shear, and strength. 

If you are interested in this field then you can join this blog. 

10. Sanjay Kumar: Travels Around the Globe

Sanjay Kumar Sharma is also from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, and he started blogging in 2010.  He is a good writer and had covered a maximum of all places in his blog. He is also a member of Himachal blogs.

In his blog, you can see get traveling ideas. There is proper guidance for each place in his blog.

If you want to travel around Mandi, Manali then this blog can be very helpful to you.

You can visit: http://mytravelaroundglobe.blogspot.com/

So guys hope you like these blogs. These are the top 10 Bloggers from Himachal Pradesh. While writing this article, I realized that few bloggers in Himachal Pradesh are working smoothly in the field of blogging. You must have read the list of some of them.

Some of these have stopped blogging, but I have made this list to check their good status and traffic.

So you can follow these blogs.

Hope you liked this article Top 10 Bloggers from Himachal Pradesh.

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