Home depot affiliate program comprehensive review.

Hey bloggerteck family, Today we are going to talk about a very cool affiliate program here, which gives you a good chance to earn money. The name of the affiliate program is the Home depot affiliate program or home depot affiliates. 

The Affiliate Program gives you reliable and wonderful opportunities where you can earn a good Affiliate Commission by promoting your products through your blog or affiliate blog. 

Home Depot is a company with over 2300 stores throughout the world and a maximum of their stores are in the USA. Where you can earn commissions from the Affiliate Program by promoting their home products.

Most of their stores are located in the USA, but some stores are located in many more places. Like they have stores in Canada and Mexico, you will also see Home Depot stores.

The reason behind creating this Home depot review article is that before joining its affiliate program, you can find out what are the requirements of the affiliate program and how much commission it pays. 

Means are you eligible to promote their products or what commission you get to promote their product. 

I promise you that after reading this review you will not need to read any more reviews, to get complete information about Home Depot affiliates.

What is the Home Depot Affiliate Program? 

The Home Depot Affiliate Program is an affiliate program, where you as an affiliate have to promote and sell products used at home, and here you get a commission according to the sales of each product. The commission varies in different categories.

You can join this program through Impact Radius, if you already have an account on Impact Radius, then you can also join this affiliate program by searching from there. 

You can join this program through Impact Radius, if you already have an account on Impact Radius, then you can also join this affiliate program by searching from there.

We need to register for the depot affiliate program. You must have a website. This affiliate program approves your website only if your website is based on a home improvement niche. Yes, it also approves other websites but you have to fulfill certain requirements before applying. 

We will discuss some of the requirements below that help you to not get disapproved by home depot affiliate. 

Cookies last only 24 hours and operate on the principle of the last-click attribution model. You can also understand this that if a buyer accesses a product through your affiliate link, but if he buys the product through another affiliate link, you will not get a commission here. 

Home Depot’s perspective is that you promote mechanical tools and other tools that are useful at home.

You can also promote the products of this affiliate program through links and banners.

What does it demand to promote in the home depot affiliate program?

This affiliate program is not limited to any particular category. Here you can promote and sell every product available in your online store.

You get a fixed commission for each product you sell. Here at its store, each product is divided into 17 different categories.

And for every category, you get to see a lot of sub-categories here, from which you can guess that you get a chance to sell a lot of home improvement products in the Home Depot online store.

Home Depot claims that in each of their in-stores, you get to see around 40,000 products, but if you become an affiliate marketer from their online store, you have a chance to sell around 200,000 products.

Are you shocked to hear these numbers? Yes, this is a very big number that gives you a good chance to earn a good commission.

But here you don’t get that much commission from every product, if you work with some good strategies to get that profitable commission, you can earn good revenue.

Now we will discuss some of its commission rates according to their products and categories. 

Commission rates of the Home Depot Affiliate Program. 

Home Depot has the smallest commission at 2% and the highest commission rate at 8%, only for some Home Decor products.

Hence from here, we can assume that most of their regular home improvement excise commissions are not high. Some selected products you sell can make you 8% of the commission.

But do not worry, because currently there is a lot of demand for these domestic products in the market, so you can earn well from low commissioned products.

If you are working as an affiliate marketer, then you should notice some drawbacks. Know which benefits you have to stay away from.

Members are not qualified to earn payments on all Home Depot gift cards, custom-made goods, and in-store shopping.

  • In-store shopping:

In this case, if someone reaches the online store from your affiliate link and takes the product from in-store instead of the online store, you will not get any commission here.

This is very common because if a product is purchased offline, it is impossible to track, so you are not paid a commission. 

  • Custom-built goods. 

In this case, if you promote a product that is not on the Home Depot online store, you are not paid a commission.

  • Gift card. 

When a buyer buys something from a voucher, you do not get any commission from it.

As you all know this Affiliate Program is hosted on Impact Radius. So you can withdraw your payments with multiple payloads.

Such as checks, PayPal, wire transfer, and direct deposit.

Are you eligible to join the home depot affiliate program? 

Home depot bloggers should have these qualifications on their blog or website. 

  • Promotion Type:

If your blog is based on home improvement products, then only they allowed you to promote your products. If your bog is not on this niche then there are very few chances that they will give you approval.

  • Site traffic: 

If you want to join this affiliate program then your blog or site must have a lot of traffic, they check your site and check the traffic and if your site has low traffic then they can reject you.

Strategies that help to make money from the affiliate program. 

By now you will have learned a lot about this affiliate program and would like to join this affiliate program.

But it is very important to know which products you can make good money by promoting. You have to choose the perfect product.

A perfect product means that will help you to generate more sales which helps you to get more commission. 

You had to devise some strategies that help people buy products from the Home Depot online store through your affiliate link.

Meaning that you provide people with information that people like to buy that particular product online.

Strategies: If you work with these strategies I promise you you will make more than 1000 dollars a month. 

  1. Search volume. 
  2. Products with high conversion
  3. Products with medium and high commission.
  4. Monitor your competitor.
  5. Blog with SEO optimized. 

Let us know how to follow these strategies

1. Search Volume.

You should check monthly searches of any product before choosing it. Meaning that with the help of any free tool you have to filter the keywords related to that product and make a list.

From here you get an estimate of their monthly searches. Always keep in mind that if you are new in this field, choose only those products which have less competition.

Proper keyword research will rank you high on google.

This will help you earn your initial dollar.

2. Products with high conversion. 

Always keep an eye on products that have good conversion rates.

In this affiliate program, you get to see conversion rates with the product and if you can find high conversion products with the flame competition, you can earn in dollars very easily.

3. Products with high commission.

You should search for products whose commission is good and the demand for those products is in the market.

High commissioned products are only available for your home decor products. Home decoration products are products that you get a good commission on selling.

Home decoration products are not a bad option, but here you have to convince people to buy these products through your articles or landing pages.

4. Monitor your competitor. 

If you run a blog, then you should know that you need to keep an eye on your blog, along with your competitors.

 So if you keep an eye on another affiliate market of Home Depot, from here you also get to know which keywords and which products are bringing maximum traffic.

And if you understand this formula, you can recreate those articles and bring all that traffic to your page.

5. SEO optimized blog.

If you want to join this affiliate program then you must have a blog, if you create a blog on home improvement, it is very easy to get approval.

And by ranking a blog on Google, it is very difficult to get traffic for it, so you have to do a very good search engine optimization of your blog.

If your blog is SEO optimized, you can rank on Google and easily send a lot of traffic to your affiliate page. Which produces a good conversion.

These are some strategies if you implement in your digital marketing career then you can become more successful. Always work with smart strategies. To make more sales for any affiliate program.

Is it possible to make $1000 a month from the home depot affiliate program?

Yes, if you work with some good strategies, nothing can stop you from earning $ 1000, but

The biggest question is whether it is easy or difficult to wish for $ 1000.

So to understand this, we choose its high commission category, home decor category.

This category has the highest commission rate of 8%.

Home Depot products in this category are mostly cheap products. Products such as mats, pillows, watches, wall clocks, wall decorations, etc.

But if you try to find more products by its subcategories, then you will be able to see expensive products here. And if you promote these expensive products then they will give you a higher commission.

Wall self is the best example of expensive products, which help you to generate a good commission. 

But keep in mind that you can earn a good commission by selling these expensive products, but these products are very difficult to sell. So the sales of these products are not so good.

You may all know that expensive products have a very high commission rate, but their conversion rate is always low.

So if you want to earn 1000 dollars per month then go for those products by which you can make a lot of conversions per month. This strategy will help you to achieve that target. 

Rules and commission rates of the affiliate program. 

They pay you on their category based pay scale. And this scale is as given below. 

  • 0% on gift cards, and other services.
  • 2% on appliances.
  • 3% on other qualified stocks. 
  • 8% on various home decor products. 

What is the best alternative for the Home depot affiliate program?

This affiliate program is a big platform in itself, but its low commission rate is one of its major drawbacks, so it brings a question to the minds of some, which is its best alternative affiliate program.

If you want to ask me, the best option as an alternative to this affiliate program is Amazon affiliate.

Amazon Associates. 

This is a very excellent alternative to this affiliate program.

Amazon Affiliate offers a commission of 8% to sell products in the ‘Home Improvement Category’ which is much more than 2% of Home Depot.

While Home Depot only gives you a commission of 8% for the ‘Home Decor’ category, you can earn up to 10% commission on a lot of categories in Amazon Affiliate.

Both programs only accept cookies for up to 24 hours.

Where you get an opportunity to promote every category of products on Amazon, but apart from that you only have the opportunity to sell home improvement items at Home Depot.

And if you want to sell the same product on both platforms, you can go with Amazon.


Home Depot is a very large and respected brand for their good products and services, but only and only from their stores.

If you want to join their affiliate program, you don’t get much profit by working hard because Americans like to buy Home Depot products from their in-stores.

Yes, some products are not available in their in-store, but as I said earlier, their Home Depot referral time is only 24 hours, which is not at all helpful in getting good conversions.

If you are looking at Depot affiliate programs as the primary earning source, then this would be a bad option for you. Because if you have other energetic options that can provide you more benefits then why should you make it a primary income resource.

I suggest you take Home Depot as a secondary earning source, which can help double your income, but you will have to work very hard.

If you are a gamer then you can look at these gaming affiliate programs too. Because the future will be about esports and e-gaming. So if you are fond of gaming, you can also check out these gaming affiliate programs.

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