How to do Blog writing in 2022[Beginning to Advance]

How to blog Writing in 5 simple steps

Hey guys, here you can learn how to write a blog perfectly and we say it is blog writing. Blog writing is hard for beginners but moderates for pros. Here you will find all the steps to make your Blog writing perfect.

 How to Blog writing [beginning to advance]

Before writing a blog, we should understand that it is our own decision in which topic we are interested and master so that in the blogging career, there is no need to think of a new topic/niche. Blog writing can be done easily if you have an interest in your selected niche.

We have to keep continuous work on the blog, we have to keep it up to date and in this work, we do not regret that we have chosen this topic but we are not able to find keywords related to your niches or topic.

 Make sure you have to choose the niche in which you have an interest or make a maximum of 80+ articles in 2 to 3 months.

Blog writing is a very easy task, if we do it wholeheartedly, then our post will also become extraordinary and rank on Google. Blog writing is an art that has got to work well, it can achieve great success in this field.

 How to start Blog in just 6 steps:

Follow all these 6 steps to make your own blog {Free/Paid} Blogger v/s WordPress.

  1. Choose your blog name.
  2. Choose blog templates: must be responsive templates or themes.
  3. Start writing the post.
  4. Must have domain/ buy .com, .in domains for ranking your post.
  5. Publish posts regularly.
  6. Share your posts.

I hope that by now you have prepared a blog of your own.

How do blog writing?

If you want to be successful in blogging, you must do keyword research.

Blog writing in just 5 steps: Please follow the steps gently.

  1. Keyword research.
  2. Article writing {Also blog writing}
  4. Suitable alt. Text images{Use compressed images}
  5. Article readability.

If you follow these 5 steps, then you do not have to look at any other post. Whatever you see here, has written from experience, so friends, follow these ways.


Keyboard research is a process that can bring your posts.

It takes longer to find keywords than to write articles.

If you are new to the world of blogging, then you can use Google’s Keyword Planner, or you can use Neil Patel Sir’s tool Ubersuggest, to find keywords. Then, Choose topics, by designing, researching, and creating your blog post plans by checking the facts. 

After keyword research, we have to choose a topic, we will have to draw a rough cleaner outline, and start my work as soon as possible.

Because article writing/blog writing is a time-consuming process. No matter how fast you are in typing, it takes a lot of time for the brain to do this task.


Before writing the article, we have to make a complete study of our selected topic on Google, start working on the article only after taking full brief Knowledge on at least 5 to 9 sites. Now you have to start writing an article on Microsoft Office according to our rough outline. 

[Why Microsoft office: Because it provides you word count, help in correcting of spellings, it helps to correct your grammar mistakes, provides various other helpful tools]

You will find it easy to write the article here and you will have to write at least 1000 articles above.

Pay attention, the article should be done in your own words, if you have some more knowledge then include it in your article. Your article should not even be copied from other articles. Provide new and interesting information to your visitors.


Now, after this, we have to do ON-PAGE-SEO or our written article.  We can do this with the help of many plugins Like one of the most famous plugins for proper SEO is the Yoast plugin.

 But Some of us can’t afford WordPress, they work on Blogger as we know it is a free platform for blogging. But here I want to tell you some of the steps of the Yoast plugin which help us in proper search engine optimization.

WordPress vs Blogger both the platforms are best but you can choose if you want to go with paid or free CMS.

Some steps.

The first step in SEO of BLOG WRITING is not to choose its title. We also have to put a long tail keyword so that our title is at least 5 to 6 words long.

The next step of SEO is to use heading and sub-headings where required. In WordPress main heading is the title itself then you have to make only subheadings. But in blogger, there are no these advantages so we must know where to use heading and sub-headings.

Bloggers make only one main heading and many subheadings. Subheadings may contain many of their parts in numeric form or alphabetic form.

Make sure your blog article must have a heading or sub-headings.

Now, we have to use internal as well as external links in our posts. Make 2 to 3 posts on the same niche and interlink them with each other. Make sure interlinking is only between the same niche topics.

If you are creating an article of 1000 up words, then make sure that your focused keywords appear at least 20 to 30 times in your blog article for proper blog writing.

You must add many synonyms of your focus keyword in your blog post.

Now, the most important part of SEO is to make 150-word attractive meta description that directly appears on the page Google by meta description we can attract people to click on our link to read our article.

So we have to give more information in fewer words in this meta description.


We have to use images in our posts because images can describe well than words. So, use as many images as you can. At least one post must have 7 to 9 images. Use these images gently because you can rank on Google also by images. Sometimes posts don’t rank on Google but images can rank easily on Google.

We have to use images with their Alt. text, Image Captions, descriptions, etc to make it rank fast on Google.


You should write your article in such simple words that your visitors have to come again and again to receive knowledge from you.

Your article should be fully knowledgeable. Do thorough research on whatever keywords you have created and write them down in your easiest way.

Your article should be point-to-point. There should not be any useless thing. The grammar of the article must be correct, and active and passive voices should also be balanced.

These are 5 steps by which we can write a good blog.

These tips are also known as ON PAGE SEO tips but also help in the writing of a good blog or improve your blog writing.

 My Personal tip:

One of the best ways to write a blog is Microsoft Office / It helps you to write articles so that your spelling is correct and underline the mistakes so that we can correct the mistakes. It helps in grammar and corrects your mistakes automatically.

If you are not good at blog writing then you can go for content writing services. They can make amazing content according to your requirements.


Blog writing is easy to listen to but it takes so much time and mind to write a blog that your article becomes unique to others I can swear that blog writing can only rank you, so Guys please follow these steps for making your post on the top page of Google

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