How to increase traffic to the blog, Organic traffic.

How to increase traffic to the blog

How to increase traffic to the blog

Hey guys, Once again welcome to Bloggerteck family, here you will get the knowledge about all the blogging related queries asked on google. Today we are discussing the query on how to increase traffic to blog. 

Here is the entire article to derive more and organic traffic to your blog. 

Whoever is reading this article has a blog and he is not able to bring traffic to his blog. That is why I thought of sharing my experience.

Due to this platform, I have brought more than 500 blog impressions to my blog this week.

This platform is very easy and the biggest thing is that it is Google’s platform.

With this, you will get the idea of writing blog articles and if you have already written a question-related blog post, then you will get a chance to bring traffic all over it.

The platform name is Question Hub. This platform is highly authorized and you can use it to bring traffic to your blog. 

I know many of you are using this platform but some don’t know the advantage of this google platform. Here we will discuss how to use this platform to bring traffic to your blog posts or blog.

How does it work?

Every day there are Millions of searches daily on Google and sometimes the searcher doesn’t receive the answer that they need. On this platform there are uncountable questions searched on google whose answer is not given by any website genuinely.

To answer these questions you have to make an entire article on them or related questions and then publish your blog on the search console. Add that blog on google search console and then add the blog post link on the Question Hub platform. 

From here you will get 1000 to 2000 daily visitors on your site if you answer the question properly.

You can answer uncountable questions and give links to related questions.


We generally follow these 2 steps to make this happen: How to increase traffic to the blog

So guys are you ready to bring traffic to your blog, let’s start.

How to create an account on Question Hub?

Here you can directly type Question Hub on google and also go with the link.  

After that, you reach this home page of the Question hub.

Here you see the signup button on the right-hand top of your screen, just click on that button and they ask you to login with the id that you have logged in in google search console.

There you will find all the blogs and email addresses of your google search console.  


Make sure to log in with that blog whose traffic you want to gain and whose blog posts you want to add in this platform.

After that, you will directly login if you have only one blog add on your google search console. 

Here is a very simple concept like quora but here you have to find the questions that are above 80 % related to your blog post.

How to use Question Hub to drive more traffic to your website?

Now you reached to this page, here you have to add your niche related question by clicking on the left-hand button on the top of your screen {Add Question} Click This button to add Questions 

By clicking on this button you reach the search option in which you can directly type your niche or topic on which you have prepared blog posts already. 

Then click on the search button and add 40 to 50 questions related to your niche. 

Here you have to find that question which is 80 % related to your blog post. If you find your blog related question just click on the answer button to give your blog post link.

Make sure to give those links who are ranked in those queries don’t make this for spamming. Google can block you permanently. 

That’s why i have told you to make sure that if your article is related to that question then you can add your blog post link, but if you do it as spam then you will get 0% traffic or 0% benefits of this platform. 

 Personal tips:

Hey guys, I hope you understand how to increase traffic to blogs by using the Question hub.

This platform is great and if your blog is new then you take the help of this platform to gain in traffic.

This is very easy to use and you can get 1000 to 2000 daily visitors if you prepare the article on those questions whose search volume is high.

Here if you find that question there is no need to do On-page or off-page SEO to rank. Google will help you to rank your website. If you do SEO Also then I hope your Site will rank faster than normal blogs or websites.

You can search the question on which you have already published articles and by finding the proper question you can link your post to that question.

Is Question Hub free?

Yes, this platform is free and you can link several blog posts on the platform. From here you can get a huge amount of traffic. This platform works under google and is a highly authorized platform. You can go to question Hub. This is how to increase traffic to the blog.

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