Best 35+ Lifestyle Sub Niches That Makes Money in 2023

Lifestyle Niches for blogging

Since Lifestyle blogging has grown so popular after COVID-19, we’ll explore various Lifestyle Niches so you may launch your business or begin your lifestyle blogging career there.

If you want to dive into the lifestyle niches, this blog article is for you. 

The Best Part is that?

You can do Blogging and vlogging both at the same time in Lifestyle micro niches.

We will cover every sub-niche in the lifestyle niche, so you don’t have to do further research to establish your own business, blog, or YouTube channel to make money online.

LifeStyle Niches are one of the safe and popular categories of evergreen blogging niches, so you can read this article to learn why lifestyle blogging is so popular among bloggers. 

But before going to the list of Best Lifestyle niches, you must know that lifestyle niche is so competitive. That’s why we break down that competition into small ones so you can thrive in the Lifestyle niche.

In short: We will break down the Lifestyle category into lifestyle sub-niches so that you can easily create blogs and rank them on all the search engines. 

Lifestyle Sub Niches + Monetization Methods for your blogs + Bonus for Lifestyle Bloggers.

I will tell you my experience, Some Personal tips to thrive in these Profitable niches because I have covered Finance niches,  Crypto Niches and Real estate niches in detail to help new entrepreneurs to succeed in their online journey.

So you will get amazing knowledge from this article.

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What are Lifestyle Blogs or Lifestyle Blogging?

A lifestyle blog, also known as lifestyle blogging, is a website or blog that covers every subject linked to the lifestyle industry.

So the websites that cover topics asked on search engines like google are known as Lifestyle blogs. 

What is a Lifestyle Niche?

A niche is a constrained but lucrative subgroup of your targeted users with whom you share information on a particular topic. 

People in the Lifestyle niche share Lifestyle-related information online or offline using any means to reach a specific audience and assist them.

Now I hope you have a basic knowledge of lifestyle niches and blogs. 

So let’s move to the list of best Lifestyle micro niches; we will also cover these niches category-wise so that you can understand them better for your online business. 

Best Lifestyle Blog Niches for starting a new business.

These are some of the most popular Sub-niches in the lifestyle sector where you can start an online business or a blog.  

So let’s cover these topics briefly so you can get insightful knowledge of each niche mentioned in the list. 

1. Health & Nutrition Niche

One of the best niches to start a blog is Health and nutrition. We have covered some health sub-niches to help new entrepreneurs to start their online businesses in the health niche. 

There are many lifestyle blogs helping people to maintain their Health and nutrition, so you can also have the opportunity to start your online business here. 

Building a website in the health niche is a lucrative business idea if you are a specialist in the health industry. Top Blogs in these niches receive over 1M organic visitors from search engines.

How do Health and Nutrition bloggers make money?

2. Fashion Niche

Fashion is one of the best lifestyle blog niches where you can start a blog or an online business. It can be a dropshipping business or an online affiliate marketing business. 

In the Fashion DropShipping business, you can create your Dropshipping model and start an online store where you can sell and dropship your products. 

In Affiliate Marketing Business, you can start a blog or website where you can list and review the products available on other marketplaces. 

I recommend starting your career as an affiliate marketer, and after some experience, you can convert your business into dropshipping business.

How do Fashion Bloggers make money?

3. Travel Niche

Travel blogging is Another one of the best examples of lifestyle blog niches where people travel and produce content about their traveling experiences. 

The travel niches are ideal if you enjoy traveling and making memories. You can live the life of your dreams and make money simultaneously.

You can review the top restaurants in certain cities, list essential travel gear, or blog about the best places you’ve been.

Since there is no cap to how far you can travel, the travel niche is broad or, in some cases, endless. The following are some opportunities for earning money through travel blogging.

How do Travel Blogs make money?

4 Beauty Niche

Beauty blogging is another option for girls who want to start their own businesses. This is one of the small business ideas for women to start and make money from home. 

You can start a blog and write product reviews you used with affiliate links to them. In the Beauty niche, you can also start Dropshipping business, but as I mentioned earlier, for beginners, Affiliate and ad revenue are the best-earning options. 

How do Beauty Blogs make money?

5. Special events (i.e., wedding, party planning, etc.)

If you are interested in interior designing and wedding planning, you can start a business in this niche. 

Here you can list your business on Google so that people can find your business through Google. 

Event planners can do Blogging and provide services; in Blogging, you can promote other’s products, and for clients, you can plan their weddings and functions, or you can also design the interior of their homes.

How do Event planners make money?

6. Hobbies  (i.e., photography, bullet journalling, etc.)

If you’re thinking of Starting a blog, one of the finest niches to choose covers all of your passions. For instance, you may establish a blog on photography or any other hobby in which you’re interested and knowledgeable enough to create written and visual content.

Working on Your hobby can help you create unique content for Google because Google always wants to deliver unique and informational content to their visitors. They are also rolling out a helpful content update so visitors can read informational content. 

How do Hobbie bloggers make money?

7. Parenting / Mom or Dad

Parenting or moms’ blogs are so popular nowadays that you can create informational content around them. According to my knowledge in the SEO and blogging industry, I saw that, on average, Mom’s blogs make $15,000 to $20,000 per month. 

This data shows that the average of successful moms’ blogs on the market is doing great in the blogging industry by starting their blogs and working from home. 

That’s why we listed this niche; if you have parenting knowledge, then compile that knowledge into an article and deliver it to google and other search engines to make money in mom’s blogging niche. 

How do mom bloggers make money?

8. Health Fitness & Bodybuilding Niches

As we know, Health is one of the most lucrative niches in Blogging because it has high competition, and you may face ranking issues at the beginning of your blogging journey.

Health niche is one of the Best lifestyle niche ideas to work in.

That’s why we have compiled the list of Health Sub-Niches for our readers so they can start a blog in the health niche with limited competition.

Going with the Health Sub niche can lower the competition and help you to rank on search engines. You can get $37 CPC in the healthcare niche, which is impressive for ads revenue. 

How do Health Blogs make money?

9. Personal Development Niche

You can start a blog or youtube channel where you can teach your audience all areas that lead to self-improvement.

Your goal should be to teach your audience about self-awareness, self-esteem, improving communication skills, and realizing their ambitions as a guide.

There are millions of monthly searches for tips to improve personal development, so you can start a blog in this niche to earn extra revenue. 

How does the Personal Development blog make money?

10. Professional Development Niche

The professional development niche is as same as the Personal development niche. Here, as its name indicates, you can create guides on improving your professional skills to perform well in your company or freelancing career. 

Here, you can educate your audience on how to maintain a social life, develop your skill set, and widen your professional network. Here are a few suggestions I can make for your professional development blog.

These blogs are beneficial for students and job candidates who want to succeed in the interview stages at their desired companies. So use your development expertise to educate these people.

How does the Professional Development blog make money?

11. Life Hacks Niches

Life Hacks is one of the best blogging niches because of its demand in public. 

In the life hack niche, you can provide content that teaches readers how to complete everyday tasks more quickly and easily using tips or tricks that are typically basic or creative. 

It’s all about finding easy, wonderfully creative solutions to many difficulties in life.

If you are creative and have the problem-solving abilities in daily tasks, this blogging niche is good for you. 

How do Life Hacks blogs make money?

12. Culture Blogging Niche

Yaa, this might confuse you, but yes, you can make money in this niche. In the culture niche, you can cover all the various questions searched on google. 

People ask these types of questions on google, so this is a good chance for you if you are interested in covering cultural content.

Culture Lifestyle niches

How do cultural blogs make money?

13. Dating & Relationship Advice

This topic is ideal for you if you want to write about a subject that is close and important to your heart and if you want to teach people how to live a good relationship life. 

Creating a blog offering relationship advice can assist many struggling people and allow them to have happy lives.

As its name indicates, Dating and relationship blogs cover all the tips and advice so that a couple can live happily in their relationship. 

How does Relationship Blog make money?

14. Gift Guides Niches

Gift guides and gift suggestions for specific occasions are excellent lifestyle niches that are highly commercially focused and in which you may make a nice living through affiliate marketing.

Many lifestyle bloggers were writing about this lifestyle sub-niche and earning well by producing gift guides.

Gift guide genres have an infinite number of subjects to cover. Search “Best gifts for” and hit the space button to get some ideas.

Google suggestion will suggest you many ideas for your blog. Here you can see there are various search queries that you can cover.

How do Gift Guides blogs make money?

15. Home Decor Blogging Niches

Home decor blogging is one of the best options if you want to dive into Lifestyle blog niches. Here you can cover all the decor products, their reviews, your recommendation to add decor products to a specific part of the house, etc. 

Basically, you can help people with home decoration by guiding them properly, mentioning unique decor products, and providing them with good information about these products. 

The home decor niche is one of the most profitable Lifestyle niches because you can make good revenue with affiliate marketing and ads here.

How do Home Decor Blogs make money?

16. Books & Quotes Niches

Anywhere around the globe, self-publishing offers a genuine potential to make passive income online.

Because of this, if you want to start a blog in the lifestyle niche, books or ebooks can help you succeed.

We are all aware that books will always exist.

People enjoy reading and watching summaries of these novels on YouTube. This gives you the impression that the global eBook market is constantly expanding.

People can benefit from having a blog or YouTube channel with a book niche where you can discuss important aspects of a specific book, such as summaries, key takeaways, reviews, etc.

How does a Book niche blog make money?

These are some of the best Lifestyle Niches that you can choose if you are thinking of starting a lifestyle blog. These Niches are popular and evergreen and help you thrive in Blogging. 

I’m confident that you now have a fundamental concept of the lifestyle niche ideas you wish to work in.

Some other lifestyle niche ideas

If you are unsure what niche is best from the above section, I recommend you go through the list of niches, and I am sure you will find your desired sub-niche in the lifestyle niche.

  1. Food and cooking niches
  2. Sustainable living
  3. Minimalism
  4. Money Management
  5. Green living
  6. Mental health and self-care
  7. Productivity and organization
  8. Entrepreneurship and freelancing
  9. Digital lifestyle and Tech niches
  10. Career and work-life balance
  11. Personal finance and budgeting
  12. Spirituality and mindfulness
  13. Art and design
  14. Outdoor recreation and adventure
  15. Real estate and home ownership
  16. Automotive and Transportation
  17. Pet care and animal welfare niches
  18. Lifestyle and home-based businesses
  19. Leisure and hobbies
  20. Personal branding and image management

If you are still reading this post, here is a bonus: I promised to help you succeed in the lifestyle industry. So here is five steps process to start a profitable lifestyle blog at a low cost. 

How to start a Lifestyle niche Blog 

Once you’ve chosen your lifestyle blogging niche from this list, it’s time to build a home for all your written content by taking the following steps. 

Step1: Hosting and Domain Name for your blog

Website hostings and domain names are very crucial for your blogging journey. Fast hosting helps you rank on all search engines, so choose a fast web hosting for your blog and consider a simple and memorable domain name. 

Here are the Best hosting recommended by itself.

WordPress recommends all these three hostings, and Bluehost is the hosting that offers you a Free Domain Name with a free SSL certificate for your blog. 

Bluehost is the best that we can recommend. 

Step2: Content Management System (CMS)

Choose an SEO-friendly CMS for your blog that can manage your written content. 

These three are the most famous ones, and WordPress is the most popular among them; over 43% of the total website are hosted on WordPress because of its Easy to use functionalities. 

Step3: Select a theme for your Lifestyle blog

There are several solutions for themes; some themes are free, and some need payment. The best themes are paid ones since they offer the finest functionality for your blog, are responsive, and load pages quickly.

Here are some themes that most lifestyle bloggers choose for their blogs.

  1. Norway—Responsive WordPress Lifestyle, Travel Blog and Magazine Theme
  2. The Lifestyle—Vintage and Simple WordPress Blog Theme
  3. Tripster— Lifestyle WordPress Blog Theme

These three are the best themes for lifestyle blogs.

Step4: Install Essential WordPress Plugins

There are several WordPress plugins in the market for your blog, but you need to install a few of them to make your site more responsive and provide more functionality. 

You can select,

And more.

Related Post: 35+ best WordPress Plugins with their description, pros, and cons.  

Step5: Produce content on Your selected niche from this list

Now that you have set up your blog, your duty is to start creating content around your Lifestyle Sub-niche. Before writing content, you must create a topical map of at least 100 articles if you want success in a short time. 

Upload that content contiguously so that google can understand your publishing pattern and helps google understand your activity. 

 Create topical authority so that google can figure out in what niche you are specialized, which helps google to understand your content better for good rankings.

Hint: Do proper keyword research before creating content or blog post. Semrush is a tool that can help you in Advanced keyword research. 

Update your content continually! & Happy Blogging. 

Is Lifestyle a good niche?

Yes, lifestyle niches are successful and wealthy. Publications have successfully covered these topics for over a century. The fact that lifestyle bloggers receive millions of visitors from search engines indicates they are competent enough to earn six figures.

What is a lifestyle YouTube niche?

Lifestyle Youtube niches are the topics or sub-categories in the lifestyle category that can be created in video format and published on youtube. 
Those who fall within a specific lifestyle specialty are lifestyle Vloggers or YouTubers. Lifestyle vlogs tend to be quite involved in the YouTube community, revealing intimate details about themselves and their hobbies to their viewers.

Final Thoughts on Lifestyle Niche Blogs

Yes, Lifestyle blogging is very popular with profits, and you can dive into these niches if you are willing to start a blog. 

Please don’t go with the Lifestyle Niche; instead, go with its sub-niches to lower the competition, which helps you to succeed faster, and fast ranking motivates you to create more content, as per my personal experience.

Choose a Domain name that is memorable and simple to type and host your website on a good hosting provider like BlueHost.

BlueHost offers you a Good loading time, Free Domain Name, with a Free SSL certificate. Best for beginners with low traffic.

In the future, you can use advanced NVMe hosting providers like DigitalOcean and its alternatives if your site needs more speed for high traffic. (Only if you have high traffic and need 99.99% Uptime for that traffic)

For Starting a blog, BlueHost is the best for the offers it provides you.

I hope this list of Lifestyle sub-niches help you and guide you on how to get success in these types of niches.

So if congratulate you on your new journey, and if you started this journey, then subscribe to our newsletter for excellent tips like this.

Please comment with your thought on this blog post. You liked it or not? Add your suggestions to the comment so I can add those points to the content ASAP.

Once again, Congralutaion on your lifestyle blog and Happy Blogging from My side.

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