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Here is a comprehensive list of SEO statistics to be aware of in 2022.

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Top SEO Statistics

If you want to thrive in the SEO market, you need to know and work on the following factors. All of the information shown here comes from industry studies, surveys, and publications, with the majority of the information coming from Google.

1. Search engines are the starting point for 68 percent of Internet experiences. 

2. Google uses 200+ algorithms to determine a website’s ranking.

3. Google will be the finest and most popular search engine in 2022.

4. Only 0.78 percent of organic clicks are directed to Google’s second pages.

5. Google’s top-ranked page receives around 32% of all clicks.

6. In 2022, Google controls approximately 86.86 percent of the search engine market.

7. Today, 49% of marketers believe that Google’s ROI is superior to that of other marketing channels.

8. For 53% of websites, search engines are the primary source of traffic.

9. SEO may generate 1000x more traffic than the social media sector.

10. More than 60% of search queries or search keywords comprise four to five words or more.

11. On Google’s top-rated pages, there are around 1400+ words.

12. The closure rate for SEO leads is 14.6 percent.

13. An SEO professional’s average annual compensation is roughly $60.5k.

14. The top source of leads, according to 67 percent of marketers, is SEO and blog content.

15. Google search traffic accounts for 59.2 percent of all global online traffic.

16. Sixty-six percent of online pages are indexed by search engines but lack backlinks.

17. When you have a growing number of backlinks, you will receive more organic traffic from search engines.

18. You will automatically receive more backlinks if your post is long.

19. If you’re looking to purchase backlinks, the average price is $361.44.

20. The average cost of publishing a sponsored guest post is $ 77.80.

21. Backlinks to companies and websites associated with the blogging business increase by 97 percent.

22. The web pages that rank first in search engines receive around 5 to 15% more do-follow backlinks from new domains.

23. Reciprocal backlinks are seen on 43% of the top-ranked websites.

Top keyword Statistics

Keyword research is the place to start for most SEO strategies. Here are some stats you should know in 2022. Apart from keywords, you have to choose the best evergreen niches to succeed in SEO.

24. 92.42 % of keywords have fewer than 10 monthly visits.

25. More than 70% of keywords are one or two words long, with a search volume of more than 10,000.

26. Around 9% of the searches are questions-related keywords. 

27. 60.67 percent of all searches are driven by 0.16 percent of the most popular keywords.

28. The majority of keywords with monthly traffic of 10,000 or more consist of two to three words.

29. Long-tail keywords are used by new websites since they are easier to rank on search engines.

30. Medium tail keywords account for 60 percent of overall search traffic.

Search engine statistics

31. A featured snippet appears for more than 12% of Google search queries.

32. The first position of the search result has a 31 percent CTR.

33. Every day, Google receives over 3.5 billion searches.

34. More than one search result is selected by 21% of searchers.

35. About 93 percent of SERP’s result clicks go to organic search.

40. Every second, Google receives around 86,000 queries.

41. When a person comes to your website via a search engine, he usually visits 3 to 4 pages.

42. There are no clicks in 61.5 percent of desktop searches and 34.4 percent of mobile searches.

Video SEO statistics

43. This survey found that the quantity of comments, views, shares, and likes significantly impact your ranking after analyzing 1.3 million YouTube videos.

44. The average length of the first page videos on YouTube is 14 minutes and 50 seconds.

45. Instead of blogs and infographics, videos are the most popular medium for content strategy.

46. HD videos appear in 68 percent of YouTube search results.

Mobile optimization

47. Only mobile devices account for 52 percent of global website traffic.

48. On the internet, almost 30% of queries are tied to location.

49. The CTR in mobiles is less than desktop, about 50% less. 

50. Search engines are used by more than 87 percent of mobile users on a daily basis.

51. Voice search currently accounts for 20% of all mobile queries.

Local SEO

52. Only local companies are the subject of 46% of Google searches.

53. Only around a quarter of corporate websites contain an h1 element.

54. A purchase is made in 28% of local searches.

55. From 2017 to 2019, mobile searches for “shop open near me” (e.g., “grocery shop open near me”) increased by more than 250 percent. (Think with Google)

56. A purchase is made in 28% of searches for something nearby. (Consider Google)


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