5 Best DigitalOcean Alternatives 2023 [99.99% Uptime]

DigitalOcean Alternatives

The Top 5 Best DigitalOcean Alternatives list is Out and we go over all of the important points to consider before hosting your app or website on one of these hosting platforms.

These companies provide the services you require, so you don’t have to worry about high costs or little memory.

You will learn about every point and be able to compare various cloud Infrastructure providers in this list, allowing you to make an informed selection.

Here’s what we’ll find (for each service provider)

If you want to see the best DigitalOcean competitors in one place then this list is one of the best resources for you. 

After reading, there is no need to go out and look for any of these providers separately. As a result, go through the list carefully to ensure you don’t overlook anything vital.

Short on Time? These Are the Best DigitalOcean Alternatives in 2023:

  1. Kamatera – Cloud VPS that can be fully customised and has fantastic uptime.
  2. Vultr – Fast loading times and managed hosting with a 100% uptime guarantee.
  3. InMotionHosting – Excellent cloud VPS hosting support.

See 2 More Great Options | Comparison Table | FAQ

But before going to our list, first understand why DigitalOcean Alternatives are different from regular web hosting.

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How are DigitalOcean Alternatives different from regular web hostings?

If you Google “best DigitalOcean Alternatives,” you’ll get a lot of non-equivalent hosting recommendations.

For example, several articles recommend purchasing shared hosting and other services as an alternative to DigitalOcean. However, before choosing one of these hosting providers, I recommend that you gain proper knowledge.

You must analyze what you are paying for; yes, you can host your app and website on these servers as well, but when compared to DigitalOcean and its alternatives, they provide nothing unique.

The following are some of the most significant distinctions between cloud hosting and traditional web hosting.

Cloud Hosting Regular Web Hosting
  • It works on scalable virtual hosting
  • Here you will get dedicated hosting or shared hosting.
  • Cloud hosting helps your app or website to distribute workload (traffic load) over the network of servers.
  • Not much more secure than cloud hosting. 
  • It provides more security than any shared or dedicated hosting server.
  • Uptime can be down if your server is down sometimes. 
  • Your site’s uptime will remain high.
  • Here you have to pay for storage, ram, etc
  • You only pay for what you use on the server.
  • Not for high-performing apps or websites.
  • Cloud vs Regular hosting

    As a result, if you are a small business or want to start a new blog or application, shared and dedicated hosting are both viable options.

    However, if you want to grow your business or if it has a lot of traffic, cloud hosting servers are the way to go.

    As you are aware now, these servers distribute traffic load across many servers to improve site performance. So better to go with DigitalOcean and its alternatives. 

    Now, let’s get into the body of the article.

    List of Best DigitalOcean Alternatives 

    These are some of the greatest cloud service providers that are capable of competing with DigitalOcean cloud servers.

    These DigitalOcean alternatives were hand-selected and presented based on consumer feedback and features.

    #1. Kamatera Review: High-Performance Alternative of DigitalOcean

    Kamatera Review: High-Performance Alternative of DigitalOcean

    Kamatera is one of the top DigitalOcean alternatives since it offers all of the features that DigitalOcean is renowned for.

    It gives your web app private networks, cloud servers, infinite scalability, unequaled availability, and incredible speed at a low cost.

    The best part is that you’ll have access to a superb support system here. When I first arrived at the website, I was pleasantly surprised to see that their chat support is so quick to respond that you may ask any question even before purchasing their services.

    And if you purchase any of their plans, you won’t have to do anything; if you don’t know how to set up your app or website, don’t worry; they provide 24/7 customer service and will handle all of the work when you host your app or website with them.

    They will set up your cloud hosting website/app and send you a congratulations email.

    Features That Make This A Top DigitalOcean Alternative

    In fact, they will assist you with consulting and instructional training.

    This program includes database backup, data replication, and one-click restoration, to name a few features.


    As with many cloud hosting services, Kamatera charges based on the amount of RAM, SSD storage, and CPUs used. You are the only one who can determine which plan is best for you based on your consumption.

    If you are confused about what setup and what pricing will be best to serve your website or app on Kamatera as the alternative to DigitalOcean then you must visit their pricing calculator page.

    Here are some commonly used setups along with their pricing:

    So my recommendation is to go with a pricing calculator if you are not sure what plan would be the best fit. 

    Pros and cons of Kamatera 



    Now, let’s move to our next DigitalOcean alternative which is Vultr.

    #2. Vultr Review: Cheap DigitalOcean competitor 

    Vultr Review: Cheap DigitalOcean competitor 

    Vultr is a top-rated DigitalOcean alternative because, in addition to excellent services, it also has unique features such as the ability to develop projects locally and deploy them globally. 

    Their cloud hosting service serves your website or app from 17 different locations across the world, and cloud computing starts at just $2.50 per month, which is a great deal in this pricing range.

    They launched their platform in 2014, backed by a team of experienced engineers with decades of experience managing complex hosting components.

    Their sole purpose is to deliver a simple, trustworthy, and quick cloud to their customers, and this is why they currently have over 100,000 customers, which is a large figure.

    During my study, I discovered that they have over 50+ experienced developers and engineers on hand to assist you if you have any issues while using their services.

    Along with that let’s discuss what features you will get in the Vultr cloud. 

    Features That Position This as a top DigitalOcean Alternative

    These are some of the best features you get in Vultr and if you want to know more about Vultr you can visit their official page by clicking the button below. 

    Pricing of Vultr Plans

    Vultr is a high-performing platform that offers a variety of plans. The following are some of the most popular plans they provide, and they are also well-known for these plans and services. As a result, you should give them a try.

    As we discussed above, plan pricing depends on what services you want from them. It differs from RAM to SSDs and many more components. 

    So my suggestion is to check their pricing calculator to get your required plan. 

    You can check more plans by clicking the below button. And now take a look at what pros and cons are there on Vultr as its comparison to DigitalOcean. 

    Pros and cons of Vultr VPS servers



    #3.  InMotionHosting Review: Superior to DigitalOcean, but more expensive

    If you’re looking for the finest services and don’t care about paying premium plans for services, InMotionHosting is the best and most powerful option for Digital Ocean.

    InMotion is a well-known service provider that offers high-performance cloud hosting, SSD-powered cloud hosting, unlocked CPU cores, unbeatable uptime, and a free cPanel/WHM panel.

    As I previously stated, inMotion Hosting is more expensive than DigitalOcean, but we cannot compare their services. inMotionHositng’s services are excellent value for money. They also provide cPanel and WHM control panels, two of the most popular control panels, all of which are included in the hosting package.

    For similar tools, some of its competitors charge $10 per month.

    You’ll also receive unlimited storage, a comprehensive security suite, domain emails, one-click backups, a free SSL certificate, virus protection, and a 90-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like their services (which is an extremely uncommon event). 

    Guaranteed, if you wish to host your website or app on InMotion Hosting, you’ll get one of these offers. SSD-equipped servers will allow your website to load 20 times faster than standard drives, allowing you to convert more visitors into leads.

    Their plans are created with cutting-edge technology and top-class hardware to provide excellent UPTIME for your website or app.

    Features that make InMotion Hosting The competitors to DigitalOcean.

    Now take a look at its pricing plans.

    Pricing of InMotion Hosting  

    Its plans vary from different types of hosting and also depend on what type of hosting you are looking for. 

    For VPS hosting (MONTHLY)

    Best DigitalOcean Alternatives.

    Now take a look at its pros and cons

    Pros and Cons of InMotion Hosting



    #4. Google Cloud Review: For Managed Cloud Servers, The Best DigitalOcean competitor

    Google also provides the greatest cloud hosting for your website or app, allowing you to host it on world-class infrastructure. 

    Many managed-to-host providers employ Google Cloud because of its amazing cloud infrastructure and repackage or resell it to thousands of additional clients all over the world.

    Because this service is provided by Google, you may expect high-performance packages if you host your website on Google Cloud.

    They provide high-performance solutions as well as assistance with migration and large workloads. Their anti-malware, multi-layered security effectively safeguard your data, and these technologies also assist in threat detection continuously.

    Features of Google Cloud 

    These are some of the best features that you must be aware of while choosing your host. Now let’s know about its pricing. 

    Pricing of Google cloud 

    I discovered that among the DigitalOcean alternatives, Google is undoubtedly the greatest challenger for the lowest cost, because it offers periodic discounts and a large price list, allowing Google to deliver the finest services at the cheapest prices.

    You may join up for a free trial and then pay when your site is completely hosted on their servers. You may also terminate the contract at any moment if you don’t like their services.

    The thing that perplexed me was that they provide a variety of plans, in fact, a plethora of plans, so I couldn’t possibly describe them all in one single post. For further information, I recommend looking at the Google Cloud Pricing List.

    This will assist you in selecting your chosen services.

    Pros and cons of Google Cloud



    Now let’s talk about our final competitor to DigitalOcean that offers you with amazing services that you are looking for. 

    Now let’s discuss DigitalOcean’s last competitor, which provides you with the excellent services you’re seeking for.

    #5. Amazon web services (AWS) review: A secured alternative to DigitalOcean

    AWS, or Amazon Web Service, is a prominent platform for offering cloud computing solutions that are dependable, scalable, simple to use, and cost-effective.

    AWS is also known for its safe and efficient Amazon server farms. You may find a wide range of items and services here, each with its unique name.

    For developers, this is a powerhouse of storage, database, analytics, networking, and deployment/delivery options. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud is offered in 16 distinct geographic locations.

    Amazon’s cloud hosting service is known as Amazon EC2, and its cloud storage service is known as Amazon S3 (Amazon simple storage services). Yes, their names are a little odd, but the services they offer are excellent.

    With these services, let’s discuss what type of features you got if you host your site or app on their servers. 

    Features you will get on Amazon Web services (AWS)

    These are some features that I liked most about AWS and now let’s discuss some plans provided by AWS.

    Pricing Of AWS 

    Amazon offers a variety of models that are tailored to your needs. On-demand, savings plans, reserved instances, spot instances, and dedicated hosts are the five options offered by Amazon EC2.

    I strongly advise you to read through each plan on their list and select the one that best meets your needs.

    Aside from that, I can list a few plans below, but make sure you know what you need.

    Now let’s discuss some pros and cons I faced and some reviews of Amazon web services.

    Pros and cons of Amazon Web Services. 


    Elasticity, scalability, reliability, security, and others are some of the advantages of cloud computing.


    When using optimized products such as DynamoDB, SWS, SQS, s3, and others, there is vendor lock-in. Networking prices have risen.

    These are some of the best DigitalOcean alternatives for wordpress and other website creation platforms. 

    Now let’s discuss some generally asked questions searched on google. 

    Comparison Table of DigitalOcean compititors

    FeaturesFree TrialManagedStarting Price
    1. KamateraCloud VPS options that are fully scalable and customizable.30 days Available$4.00See Plans
    2. VultrMaintaining backups, ordering servers, altering access control, etc.Get $100 Free For 30 DaysAvailable$2.35See Plans
    3. InMotion
    Flexible and scalable Cloud Hosting solutions.90 daysAvailable$2.99-$13.99See Plans
    4. Google CloudCloud Storage stores data on Google’s servers in a cost-effective way.90-day, $300 Free Trial: Available$5-6See Plans
    5. Amazon Web ServerWith free trials, quick hosting is available.3-month and 12-month free trials, plus always free plans for selected servicesAvailable$3.50See Plans
    DigitalOcean Comparison table

    What is the best Alternative to DigitalOcean?

    Kamatera: Kamatera is one of the best DigitalOcean alternatives because it has all of the same features as DigitalOcean. I would advise you to choose Google Cloud as your second option. And if you want some great features at a low price, VULTR is the way to go.

    They all provide fantastic benefits, and if you want to move from traditional hosting to cloud hosting, these are the greatest options available.

    In this post, you can learn about their qualities as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

    Is Vultr Better than DigitalOcean?

    It all depends on your needs Vultr is the best option if you are seeking the best CPU power in the $40 to $320 range, and DigitalOcean is the best option if you are looking for the best packages because they provide larger packages. Vultr Storage instances,’ unlike DigitalOcean’s, cannot be mounted on existing servers.

    Does DigitalOcean Have a free trial?

    Yes, DigitalOcean offers a free trial period. DigitalOcean will give you a $100 credit in exchange for a 60-day free trial. You may host your websites, construct web applications, build container-based applications, and run open-source applications with this free trial.

    Best DigitalOcean Alternatives.

    Free services include 99.99 percent uptime SLA, cloud firewalls, monitoring & alerting, DNS, global data centers, 40GbE hypervisor connections, Enterprise SSDs, and an easy-to-use API, among others.

    You can directly get your free trial from the below button if you think DigitalOcean is the best cloud provider for your website or app. 

    Is DigialOcean Safe?

    Yes, DigitalOcean is more well-known for its services, and it guarantees your website’s uptime at 99.99 percent. Although it is one of the most trustworthy resources accessible, its cost is somewhat more than its competitors. Yes, some of the alternatives on the list provide greater functionality, but most users like DigitalOcean services.

    What do you think of Kamatera Vs DigitalOcean?

    Yes, DigitalOcean is close, but Kamatera has an edge if we compare them according to their features at a particular price point. 

    Both service providers have a variety of offerings and plans, but for me, Kamatera’s dependability and support quality made the difference in this competition. I know a few team members who assisted me in setting up my niche blogs on their servers and supported me whenever an issue appeared on these blogs.

    The one issue that every DigitalOcean user has is downtime. Aside from that issue, DigitalOcean is superior to Kamatera, although the assistance offered by DigitalOcean is not as prompt as that of Kamatera.

    I recommend Kamatera if you are thinking of shifting to cloud hosting for the first time (or if you want the security that comes with a responsive support team).

    FAQ’s About DigitalOcean Alternatives

    Why DigitalOcean is the best?

    The simplicity of DigitalOceans is one of the factors that makes them the finest. They provide high-performance virtual machines that are simple to use and come at a reasonable price. DigitalOcean is said to have the best price of any cloud service. Even with tiny development setups, their pricing is relatively reasonable.

    Who are DigitalOcean Competitors?

    These are the top competitors of DigitaOcean and the best for their services.
    1. Kamatera
    2. Vultr
    3. InMotionHosting
    4. Google Cloud
    5. Amazon Web Server

    What is an affordable and secure alternative to DigitalOcean alternatives?

    Kamatera, Vultr, and InMotionHosting are the best if you are seeking Affordable and secure server providers. These providers offer a consistent, reliable, high-performance environment with 14 data centers worldwide. Whether you’re looking for affordability or top-notch features, you’ll find it with Kamatera and Vultr, the best options for hosting your website, app, or mobile app.

    Is DigitalOcean Cheaper?

    Yes, DigitalOcean is cheaper and provides you with Linux and Windows servers at an affordable price. They offer various plans that come with various features, and their starting plans start from $5/month. You get Access to a vast array of management tools and applications with these cloud servers.

    Should I use AWS or DigitalOcean?

    It depends on you. Many select AWS because of its popularity. However, if you are seeking a cost-effective cloud computing solution, Digital ocean, and its competitors are the best low-price options. Kamatera and Vultr, and AWS are digitalOcean’s cheaper alternatives. The only difference is their features per plan.

    Conclusion to DigitalOcean Alternatives

    The characteristics provided in this article are an excellent resource for learning about cloud hosting, and I encourage you should compare more by visiting their pricing and plans page to choose which service is the best fit for your company.

    I propose that you go to each website and compare plans to see whether they are necessary for your business. This is the most effective method for determining which strategy is the best.

    Yaa! These are the best DigitalOcean alternatives you should check out and give a go at least once.

    I worked with a variety of clients and housed their websites on Kamatera and DigitalOcean, and the first thing I observed was that they were ranked because of cloud hosting, which provides 99.99 percent uptime for your website.

    This leads to a Good User experience.

    Google’s one of the ranking factors. So go and check Kamatera and DigitalOcean Plans here.

    And if you feel you don’t need that level of cloud hosting for now then you can check the list of its alternatives.

    If I forgot some then please comment your thoughts below, I will definitely add your thoughts into the article. 

    We partner with awesome companies that offer products that help our readers achieve their goals! If you purchase through our partner links, we get paid for the referral at no additional cost to you! For more information, visit my disclaimer page.

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