51+ Entertainment Niche Ideas 2023 For Blogging and Youtube

entertainment niche ideas

Entertainment niche ideas

Are you looking for Entertainment niche ideas for starting a blog or YouTube channel so that you can start your online career as a digital creator?

If yes! Then you are in the right place.

In this blog post, we will go over 50 entertainment niches you can choose for your entertainment blogs or YouTube channels. 

The best part?

I will help you start a blog or YouTube channel and what strategies you should follow for the particular niche listed in this post. 

To help you understand the post better, I have broken down 50 entertainment niche ideas into 10 famous categories so you can decide wisely while choosing a niche with less competition.

The Entertainment market worldwide is projected to grow by 10.50% (2022-2027), resulting in a market volume of US$48.76bn in 2027.

These stats make this industry one of the Profitable niches for blogging and YouTube. So, we will uncover all the stats, like entertainment niche CPM rates and how to monetize your blog and YouTube channels for extra revenue. 

In short, If your hobby is in the entertainment industry, then this article is best for you because I can promise you will find your potential niche and make an informed decision for choosing an entertainment niche for your digital journey. 

So let’s get started.

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Here are some popular Entertainment niche ideas

These are the most trending Entertainment blog niche ideas of 2023.

Now that you have the list of niches, let’s first go through some important fundamentals before exploring each niche within its category.

Later, we will explain all the niches and list 5 to 10 Entertainment sub-niches under each broad niche to get multiple options and help you focus on low-competition niches. 

What is the Entertainment niche?

The entertainment niche is the sub-set or specific segment in the entertainment industry that focuses on creating and producing entertaining content and distributing content designed to captivate, amuse, and engage audiences.

This means Working in the specialized entertainment field; it can be only Music, videos, books, or literature, focusing on only a small entertainment segment. 

Niching down our niche can help us to target specific audience leads in high conversion rates and also lower the competition, as entertainment niches are primarily saturated. 

Now that you know what entertainment niches are, it’s time to explore our niche list and know how to work in them. 

Profitable Intertainment Niche Ideas

Here are the best entertainment niche ideas for YouTube and blogging.  

#1. Movies and Film

In the Movies and Film niche, you can focus on solving queries related to cinematic artistry and storytelling, appealing to avid movie buffs and those passionate about the magic of the silver screen. 

Starting a blog or YouTube channel reviewing movies, listing start cast, and other insights on the blog would be a great idea. You can also go with a particular personality and all his movie career to niche down your competition. 

There are loads of sub-niches. You can also create a blog focusing on only one media or production house, movies, and work to lower your competition and build Authority in your area because search engines consider Authority regarding SERP rankings.

Some sub-niches of movies and films that you can choose for blogging.

1. Movie Reviews and Critiques

2. Behind-the-scenes insights

3. Film Analysis and Interpretation

4. Director and Actor Spotlight

5. Classic Movie Revisits

#2. Television Shows

In the Television Shows niche, you can focus on the viewers who are passionate about the world of television entertainment, encompassing a wide array of genres, series, and streaming platforms. 

You can provide news about what’s happening in the television show; you can interview these actors, cover stories about what they do and how they achieved this success, and also write about the star cast of a particular show.  

People love to watch these interviews of their favorite TV show characters, so use your creativity to get a more engaging audience for your YouTube and blogging career. 

Some TV show sub-niches are

6. TV Series Reviews and Recaps

7. Episode Analysis and Discussions

8. TV Show Recommendations

9. Streaming Platform Comparisons

10. Niche Genre Spotlights

#3. Music

Music is one of the most profitable blog niches in the industry, with loads of topics to cover. You can focus on viewers searching for Music info-based content like director, producer, singer & writer’s names, etc. 

You, too, must have used Google at some point in time to get this information. 

So you can start a blog where you can list all the information that people are searching for in the music industry, like the singer’s name, composition, etc searches. 

Mediavine and Ezoic are the best ways to monetize your blog with display ads. 

Some Music niche ideas are

11. Reviews and Recommendations

12. Artist Profiles and Interviews

13. Music Genre Deep Dives

14. Music History and Evolution

15. Music Production Tutorials

#4. Books and Literature

In the Books and Literature niche, you’ll cater to avid readers who find joy and insight within the pages of books. 

You can start a blog where you can share news about upcoming releases and literary events; you can also host podcasts or conduct interviews with the authors to uncover their inspirations and their writing processes. 

Crafting engaging content that can help people to learn something new can help you to cultivate a dedicated audience that is beneficial for your blogging business.

Some Books and Literature niche ideas 

16. Book Reviews and Recommendations

17. Author Interviews and Features

18. Literary Analysis and Discussions

19. Reading Challenges and Book Clubs

20. Niche Genre Explorations

If you love writing content and want to earn money from home then you can also try copywriting niches.

#5. Gaming

In the Gaming niche, you’ll dive into the dynamic world of interactive entertainment, catering to passionate gamers who thrive on virtual challenges and immersive experiences. 

A blog or YouTube channel covering all the latest news and updates to in-depth reviews of popular titles you can help your audience by providing the latest information about the industry. 

Podcasting and interviewing gamers and game developers to uncover the things that can excite the audience would be a great idea, and you can also focus on esports events, strategy games, and RPGs to niche down your competition.

Gaming niches come under the umbrella of Evergreen Niches, which means these are safe to choose and earn money for years. 

Some Gaming sub-niches for blogging and YouTube. 

21. Video Game Reviews and Gameplay

22. Gaming News and Updates

23. eSports and Competitive Gaming

24. Gaming Tips and Strategies

25. Gaming Hardware and Accessories

Here are 25 more gaming sub-niches that you can choose for your blog. 

#6. Humor and Comedy

In the Humor and Comedy niche, you’ll focus on the individuals who seek laughter and lightheartedness in the world of entertainment. 

A blog and YouTube channel sharing all stuff related to comedy, like the latest comedic trends, viral memes, and amusing anecdotes that resonate with your viewers’ sense of humor. 

You can invite and host podcasts or interviews with comedians and funny creators on any social media platform like TikTok, Instagram reels, and YouTube, and gain insights into their comedic styles and ask these creators how they master this art of making people laugh. 

If you also have the talent to laugh at people, then your blog and YouTube platform can help you to get good reach and make income from your talent. You can crack jokes and create funny story content to entertain people. 

Here are some Humor and comedy blog niche ideas to try:

26. Stand-up Comedy Analysis

27. Satirical News and Commentary

28. Funny Anecdotes and Personal Stories

29. Sketch Comedy Videos

30. Internet Memes and Trends

#7. Celebrity and Entertainment News

In the Celebrity and Entertainment News niche, your blog can become the source for all things related to the glitz and glamour of the entertainment world. 

You can cover all the trending news and other stuff related to stars’ lives. Some sub-niches that I can think of are delivering breaking news about celebrity events, movie premieres, red-carpet appearances, etc. 

Here are some more Entertainment news micro niches

31. Red Carpet Event Coverage

32. Celebrity Interviews and Gossip

33. Industry News and Updates

34. Award Show Predictions and Reactions

35. Pop Culture Trends

#8. Pop Culture Commentary

In the Pop Culture Commentary niche, a blog covering the ever-evolving landscape of trends, media, and societal phenomena would be a great idea because we can connect our audience to the latest cultural shifts. 

I recommend you to create a blog that provides insightful data perspectives on movies, fashion, music, memes, and other stuff related to the pop-up industry. 

We can also share thoughts on the influence of pop-up culture on our lives, including kids and teenagers. I can include loads of sub-niches under this niche. 

Yes, we can easily share analyses of viral moments, critiquing influential works, and exploring the impact of pop culture on our lives.

Here are some more Pop Culture niches

Here are some more Pop Culture niches

36. Cultural Trends and Phenomena

37. Social Commentary and Analysis

38. Impact of Pop Culture on Society

39. Nostalgia and Throwback Content

40. Fan Theories and Speculations

Fashion niches can also be a good option to start a blog if you have some fashion and styling expertise.

#9. Fan and Fandom Culture

In the Fan and Fandom Culture niche, you’ll immerse yourself in the passionate and vibrant world of dedicated fan communities, catering to individuals who find camaraderie and excitement in shared interests. 

We can explore topics that revolve around celebrating fandoms, whether they are centered on movies, books, YouTube videos, TV shows, games, and more. 

Here are some blog topics that You can write about: how celebrities live their daily lives, what impact they have after having stardom, the limitations of stardom, and other topics related to fandom culture.

Here are some Sub niches for blogging:

41. Fan Fiction and Creative Writing

42. Fan Art and Fan-Created Content

43. Fandom Community Spotlights

44. Cosplay and Convention Coverage

45. Geek Culture Exploration

I will also recommend you to choose Lifestyle niches if you can add some value to other living and lifestyle.

#10. Travel and Exploration

Travel is also one of the most popular niches for blogging, as well as for YouTube. Personally, I also love to travel to different places and spend time with my friends. So, if you also love doing the same, then travel niches are one of the profitable options for you.

You just have to book tickets to travel and record your journey with any phone you have, document your staying places in a blog post, and this is the best way of doing business in the travel niche. 

This means recording videos of places you visited and listing all these places in a blog will help you to get more engagement because the blog format is the one people prefer when researching for a trip to plan. 

So you can list hotels where you stayed during the trip, mentioning price rates and reviewing food provided by these hotels. 

These are some of the tips that I can suggest to you, and you can also go through blogs on travel and travel niches to better understand the business. 

Some Travel Blogging Niches you can try: 

46. Travel Vlogs and Adventures

47. Local and Global Exploration

48. Cultural Immersion and Experience

49. Food and Cuisine Exploration

50. Unconventional Travel Destinations

So these are some of the best and most profitable entertainment niche ideas for YouTube and blogging that you can pick for your digital journey. 

And I hope that this classification will undoubtedly make it easier for you to comprehend the blog article.

In order to make your study and decision-making for picking a niche for your blog easier, let’s go on and uncover some more entertainment niches with their static data. 

I suggest you use Semrush to research these niches and, based on your area of expertise, select 3 to 5 sub-niches from this list. 

Additional Entertainment niches ideas with stats 2023

So these are some of the best niches in the entertainment industry with their statical information for research. 

NicheSub-NicheMonthly VolumeCPCCPM
GamingVideo Game Streaming and Content Creation$10,000,000$0.50$10
Let’s Plays$3,000,000$0.30$6
Gameplay Commentaries$2,000,000$0.20$4
Challenge Runs$1,500,000$0.15$3
MusicMusic Production$300,000$0.20$4
Music Reviews$250,000$0.15$3
Band Interviews$200,000$0.10$2
Concert Vlogs$150,000$0.07$1.4
Music Theory$100,000$0.05$1
ComedySketch Comedy$500,000$0.30$6
Stand-Up Comedy$300,000$0.20$4
Vine Reels$200,000$0.10$2
Meme Videos$150,000$0.07$1.4
Art and DesignGraphic Design Tutorials$50,000$0.25$5
Illustration Tutorials$25,000$0.20$4
Painting Tutorials$20,000$0.15$3
Photography Tutorials$15,000$0.10$2
3D Modeling Tutorials$10,000$0.07$1.4
Travel and ExplorationTravel Vlogging$1,500,000$0.07$1.4
Adventure Travel$1,000,000$0.05$1
Budget Travel Tips$500,000$0.03$0.6
Solo Travel$300,000$0.02$0.4
Foodie Travel$250,000$0.01$0.2
Pet NichesPet Videos$100,000$0.005$0.1
Animal Rescue Stories$50,000$0.003$0.06
Animal Training Tips$25,000$0.002$0.04
Wildlife Documentaries$20,000$0.001$0.02
Entertainment niches stats 2023

The Figures & stats in the article are collected from Google TrendsGoogle adsGoogle Keyword Planner, and other advertisements Dashboards like Semrush, so you can also check on these platforms and start working on these niches.

Now that you have the information on each niche and the strategy to work in each niche let’s answer some queries on Google related to the entertainment niche. 

Is Entertainment Niche Profitable?

Yes, the Entertainment niche is one of the most profitable niches where you get good engagement rates, which leads to high revenue. 

In this niche, people have a strong desire for entertainment and are willing to spend money on various forms of content experiences and products that cater to their interests and preferences. 

People love to spend time and money to get entertained. OTT platforms are one of the best examples, where people love to pay to watch their favorite shows, movies, etc. 

They are purchasing monthly plans, and this means that people love to spend money for entertainment online, which makes the entertainment niche profitable.

Today, everyone has smartphones, and this means in the entertainment niche, traffic is also high. 

So, use high-engagement tools and software like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok for your online journey. 

Final thoughts on Entertainment niche ideas

Yes, the entertainment niche can be highly profitable. And people love to spend time and money on getting good, entertaining content. 

Sometimes, people want answers to their questions, and blogging and vlogging can help you showcase your problem-solving skills, and you can easily start your entertainment blog.

However, like any other field, success in the entertainment niche requires a combination of creativity, dedication, understanding your target audience, and staying up-to-date with industry trends.

But with the help of this post, I can guarantee that you will make a wise decision in choosing a niche for your blog because niche selection is a crucial part of blogging. 

So go through the list thoroughly if you skipped any part. Some of the Entertainment niches are best for Youtube automation, so you can also go through Youtube automation niches if you want to focus only on Youtube.

I hope this blog post helped you a lot in researching your entertainment niche, so I recommend you choose a niche with low competition. Also go read Google’s Helpful content guidelines before writing content for blogs.

My goal in writing this post is to help you make an informed decision so that you can succeed faster without facing much competition. 

Use Free Blogging Tools for Your research purpose, and Semrush provides you with a 14-day free trial; with this, you can conduct research for the upcoming six months of content in these 14 days. 

So, do proper research according to your expertise so that you don’t waste time doing the wrong things or creating content. I just want to help you with the best strategies I can provide you from my five years of SEO learning.

If you have any doubts, comment below or join my free newsletter, where I reveal profitable websites that are making money in these sub-niches to inspire you.

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