13+ Best Home Decor Affiliate Programs of 2024

best home decor affilite porgrams

Today I will tell you the list of home decor affiliate programs best to start in 2024, so let’s go ahead.

This post aims to provide genuine information to Decor bloggers about the best Home Decor or furniture affiliate programs with their key features, Pros, and Cons.

Is your blog based on the home decor or interior designing niche, and are you looking for some Home Decor Affiliate Programs that you can earn a good commission on? 


Do you want to monetize your blog or website through some great home decor affiliate marketing networks? 

If this is the case, this article will be very informative for you, and I congratulate you on having chosen an Evergreen niche for your career.

Here you get a list of the best home decor and furniture affiliate Networks with which you will get detailed information on their affiliate sales commission, key features, as well as their pros and cons.

But the most surprising thing is that even today, bloggers ignore these amazing platforms and monetize their blogs with Google Adsense and other ad networks, reducing their site speed and affecting their ranking.

So don’t make this mistake, if you want good earnings, then join these home decor and furniture affiliate platforms for your site and take advantage of good commission rates.

The best part?

Here you will get detailed information about these Home Goods Affiliate Networks

I am going to show you some affiliate networks through which you can make a 10-20% sales commission if there is less traffic on your site.

In short, if you want a high commission and good conversion rates to double your revenue, then these affiliate platforms are going to be best for decor and interior design sites. 

These Affiliate Programs are best for lifestyle niche bloggers, so you can also join if you are in such a niche.

Here is the list of the best furniture affiliate networks

Table of 11+ Best Home Decor Affiliate programs

Affiliate PlatformCommission/InfoYou can join
1. WayfairEPC: $49.48
Payment: Paypal
Cookie duration: 7 days
Commission: 7%
2. Joybird7 days EPC: $113.90
Payment: NO PAYPAL 
Cookie duration: 60 days
Commission: 15%
3. Blue sky environmentsCookie duration: 60 days
Commission: 10%
4. Designer LivingCookie duration: 30 days
Commission: 10%
5. Rug SourceEPC: $798
Cookie duration: 180 days
Commission: 10%
6. Belle and JuneCookie duration: 30 days
Commission: 12%
7. One King LaneEPC: $32
Cookie duration: 14 days
Commission: 5%
8. Baloo BlanketsCommission: 15%
Average sale: $ 170
Cookie duration: 30 days
9. Canvas VowsCommission: 25%
Average sales: $130 for $400 
Cookie duration: 120 days 
10. Pier 1 ImportsCommission: 4%
EPC: $39.17
Cookie duration: 7 days
11. White TerryCommission: 15%
EPC:  $ 307.50
Cookie duration: 60 Days
12. HayneedleCommission: 8%
Cookie duration: 30 days
13. Blank Canvas BookstoreCommission: 8%
Cookie duration: 30 days

These are the best high-paying furniture affiliate programs that offer you good earning opportunities. 

So let’s go and help people decorate their homes and apartments, and you, too, can make a good profit from it.

1. Wayfair: Wayfair Affiliate Program

Home Decor Affiliate Programs

Wayfair believes that every person should live in their dream home.

The only mission of Wayfair is to provide some awesome facilities to their customer who is searching for home decor products online.

They partner with Joss & Main, All Modern, Birch Lane, and Perigold and provide good services through their online as well as online stores. 

For anyone interested in home decoration, this store provides everything that is needed to decorate the house.

Here you get to see a wide range of products and we can estimate the range of their products, here you can find all the products that help in the renovation, as well as in building a furnished brand new home.

All your home-use products come in the Wayfair online store, such as towels to blankets as well as all types of kitchen products.

Okay, The EPC of the Wayfair affiliate Network is not so good, but you will see a good conversion rate as their products are popular and have the highest demand.

The payment you get is from PayPal or ACH. When it comes to home decor affiliate networks then Wayfair is the first option for every affiliate marketer.

Now let’s discuss some features

Features of Wayfair  

  1. Official URL: Wayfair affiliate
  2. EPC: $49.48
  3. Payment: Paypal 
  4. Cookie duration: 7 days
  5. Commission: 7%

Pros and cons of Wayfair  



Why should you promote Wayfair products?

You should promote its products because this affiliate network offers good EPC as well as high conversion rates.

The demand for the products of this platform is more due to which they are sold more.

2. Joybird

Joybird is recognized for its high-quality furniture and other products. They are known for its mid-century customizable products and furniture.

Their durable kids and pet-friendly fabric comes with a lifetime warranty and can handle anything.

This company gives you a 1-year free trial that turns your house into a showroom. Along with this, customers also get a lifetime warranty and free shipment.

Their average sales are up to $ 2000 and they have partnered with the Flexoffers company to manage their affiliate program.

If you join them as an affiliate, then they provide you with all the affiliate management tools from which you can earn a good affiliate commission.

It is a US-based production company that makes custom furniture well and a well-known brand like Wayfair for its services.

Here you get to see products according to categories which helps the customers to find one of their desired products, due to this your conversion rate also remains good.

Their products get you the best quality and their track record is also good.

Features of the Joybird Affiliate program

  1. Official URL: Joybird affiliates
  2. 7 days EPC: $113.90
  3. Payment: Paypal is not accepted 
  4. Cookie duration: 60 days
  5. Commission: 15%

Pros and cons of the Joybird affiliate program



Why should you join their affiliate network? 

You should join this affiliate because here you get to earn a very good commission, and here you get to see good average sales, which is very helpful in doubling your earnings. 

Its specialty is that you can promote mid-century furniture here which are very demanding products. 

3. Blue sky environments interior decor

Blue sky environments interior decor right in a modern and unique home furnishing website that is owned by a mother and daughter designer. 

They are an interior designer marketplace, offering full-service home decorations as well as gifts.

Despite this, they give you good services as well as free decor advice.

Blue sky environments interior decor affiliate programs are hosted on ShareASale and if you are already registered on this platform, you can get approval fast.

Their typical order is priced at around $ 160 with big-ticket items trading unusually well. 

If you join them as an affiliate, you get a chance to access marketing materials, tracking tools, and their product data feed here to get good sales.

Their cookie duration is also fine and they also give you a 10% affiliate commission which is quite good. 

Here you can also sell your products with the help of exclusive offers, sales, and coupon codes. This helps most of the affiliates to earn a good commission at the end of the festive season. 

They also have a dedicated affiliate team that helps you in getting maximum sales.

Here, if you have quality and good sales for this platform, you can also request that your commission rates increase.

Some features of  Blue sky environments interior decor 

  1. Official URL: Blue sky environments interior decor
  2. Cookie duration: 60 days
  3. Commission: 10%

Pros and cons of Blue sky



There is no problem working on an affiliate basis here, even if they have a good support system that helps you when you need help from them. 

Why should you join their affiliate?

These are his home decor which helps you a lot and also gives free advice. Great average order value.

Top-performing affiliate marketers can approach their commission rates to increase.

4. Designer Living

Designer Living runs a home decor affiliate network where you get a chance to earn money by promoting more than 10,000+ home decoration and lifestyle products.

In the designer living platform, you get to see products from the top brands of home decoration such as Bombay, Natori, INK + IVY, and Madison Park.

Here you get to see more than 10000+ products and you also get a lot of variety in lifestyle products or home decoration products.

Their specialty is that they offer good value deals to their customers according to the product.

The Designer Living Affiliate Program is free and gives you a 10% sales commission.

Its cookie duration is not that good, here you only get to see 30 days of cookie duration.

This affiliate is hosted on Impact Radius and here you get to see an average order value of 120 dollars which is a good point.

Their affiliates also get good tools for tracking and managing their sales or orders so that their affiliates can track their sales and get good sales.

Here you get to see special coupons and offers that help you convert good sales and along with this you also get the help of a good affiliate team that is taken to support your account.

They are very popular with their products, as their customers are satisfied with the products they provide. And because of this their sales are in good numbers.

Before joining any affiliate platform, each affiliate marketer must think about how much demand is there in the market for the products of a particular affiliate

So this affiliate program can also be very beneficial for bloggers with a niche in home decoration.

Features of Designer Living Affiliate network

  1. Official URL: Designer Living affiliates
  2. Cookie duration: 30 days
  3. Commission: 10%

Pros and cons of the Designer living affiliate program



Why should you join their affiliate?

Here you get to see more than 10000 products with a Value for Money Guarantee.

Along with high commission rates, you also get to see an average order value of 120 dollars here.

The best affiliate Networks like designer living are in the list below which can provide you about 20% of commission per sale.

5. Rug Source

Rug Source

As you may have come to know from its name, Rug Source Company offers you all types of rugs at good price rates.

It is a company that provides you with rugs according to your home and you can find more than 100 types of rugs here.

As we all know, people spend a lot on buying rugs, because rugs make your home more beautiful and people fond of home decor also spend a lot on it.

And these home decoration people also give a good amount to buy their favorite product without any hesitation.

Rug source is a company where you get all kinds of rugs, from their basic reproductive pieces to their genuine generic rugs, there is a lot of demand in the market and these rugs are very well sold.

So after this short introduction, you will be curious to know what benefits you get as an affiliate marketer.

The rug source claims their average order value is $ 784.42

And if you also get an eligible sale, you can earn a commission of $ 235-240 from one sale.

We can make an inference from here that affiliate marketers joining this affiliate platform are earning a lot of cash.

Promoting this affiliate network can be beneficial for anyone who runs a home decoration or home improvement blog.

Here you get 180 days of cookie duration which is the best point. 10% commission is also there. 

The rug source affiliate network is hosted on the ShareASale platform. Their products are high converting and the average sale starts from 400 dollars, which you can earn good commission. 

Their support system is also excellent, all the tools are provided to you, with the help of which you can do good marketing.

You are also guided by their professionals to make good sales. 

Features of Rug source

  1. Official URL: Rug source affiliates
  2. EPC: $798
  3. Cookie duration: 180 days
  4. Commission: 10%

Pros and cons of Rug source



There are no such cons to this affiliate and is the best for those bloggers running a blog in the home decoration niche and getting low visitors to their sites.

Why join the Rug source affiliate?

This is best for bloggers who have fewer visitors but want to earn a good commission per sale. 180 days cookie duration is the best feature of Rug source. 

6. Belle and June:

Regarding home decor boutiques, Belle and June also run an affiliate program where you can see a supportive home decor and furniture affiliate program at good commission rates.

Here you will find 7000+ home decor products in their collection, designed by top designers and artisans.

They have been featured on HGTV, the Wall Street Journal, and The Huffington Post for their work of perfection in designing products. 

You get an average order size of 250 dollars to 500 dollars. 

You can also join their affiliate on commission junction, the pepper jam network platform. Bloggers can join their affiliate network from the middle of any platform and can easily monetize their blogs.

Features of Belle and June

  1. Official URL: Belle and June affiliates
  2. Cookie duration: 30 days
  3. Commission: 12%

Pros and cons of Belle and June



Why join their affiliate?

They offer their affiliate good services and high order the average size that allows affiliate marketers to earn good commissions from their products. 

Some of their products are only on their website so an affiliate can make good earnings by promoting their special and demanding products.

7. One King Lane

One Kings lane

One King Lane has the same motto as your home decor to reflect your lifestyle and is perfect too. Today every person wants to have a great house, with great living. 

And with this, One King Lane company not only provides you with furniture, rugs, mirrors, and wall art to fulfill your every wish, but at the same time provides you products with home decor according to your design.

They have a Palette feature with the help of which you can design custom furniture for your home as per your wish.

You can find all these products here vintage and name-brand furniture, lighting, rugs, tabletop, bedding, and decor.

As I have already informed you, you can design products for your home with the help of this platform, you also get the option of in-house design building, which you do not see anywhere else in the market.

Their average order size is also good at $ 200 / customer. And you can make up to 10 to 15 dollars per customer which is pretty good for a new blogger. 

They are also hosted on the commission junction affiliate platform and if you are already an affiliate of commission junction then it’s easy to get approved by them.

You can track your order clicks because they offer their affiliate good services to make more sales by analyzing their work. 

Features of One King Lane affiliate Network

  1. Official URL: One King Lane Affiliates
  2. EPC: $32
  3. Cookie duration: 14 days
  4. Commission: 5%

Pros and cons of One King Lane



Why join their affiliate network?

Premium Home Decor product destination where you get regular newsletters, and monthly exclusive products, and your customers can design the product according to their own. 

8. Baloo Blankets

Baloo Blankets is a company that provides you with weighted blankets as well as sleeping accessories.

This is a very well-known company in the market for weighted blankets made of 100% pure cotton.

They do not use any kind of synthetic material in their products.

Without using any type of synthetic or polyester material, they give you very good quality blankets that support you in every climate for years.

Their blankets are well designed and hold themselves on the bed, ordinary blankets found in the market fall down from your bed as they use polyester and synthetic materials. But Baloo makes their blankets with cotton which does not fall from your bed.

Baloo provides you products with 100% satisfaction and if you find any flaw in their products, then you can also replace that product under their replacement policy.

It gives you better products than its competitors, which come with a lifetime warranty.

Features of Baloo blanket affiliate Network

  1. URL: Baloo blanket affiliates
  2. Commission: 15%
  3. Average sale: $170
  4. Cookie duration: 30 days 

Pros and cons of Baloo blankets 



There is no specific con of Baloo Blankets because they offer you balance features which can be a good option for home decor affiliate marketers. 

Why join their affiliate?

The best point of Baloo Blankets is that you can make good earnings because their products are made up of natural materials whose demand is more in the market. 

9. Canvas Vows

Canvas Vows is also a brand company that makes luxurious canvases for all social functions and events.

This company offers you the very best, unforgettable, personalized canvases, so that if their customers can find all types of gifts easily for any event, then on their online platform, you get to see great gifts for every function.

They help you a lot in designing or finding your favorite gifts.

Here you can find gifts for all types of special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, and more

Vows affiliates offer their affiliates a good commission of 20% per sale.

You will also find their products featured on big websites such as, Wayfair, and ALLMODERN.

Their products are in demand in the market and their high commission rates can give a home decor affiliate marketer a good commission.

Along with the high commission, you get to see 120 days cookie duration which makes their affiliate network the best.

Canvas Vows affiliate is hosted on the ShareASale platform which makes it easier for those marketers who are already approved by them. 

And the bloggers who are already members of the ShareASale platform may know their tracking system but the bloggers who are new to this platform should know that the tracking system is excellent for tracking sales, impressions, etc.

Now take a look at its features.

Features of Canvas Vows

  1. Url: Canvas Vows  
  2. Commission: 25%
  3. Average sales: $130 for $400 products 
  4. Cookie duration: 120 days 

Pros and cons of Canvas Vows



10. Pier 1 Imports 

Pier 1 imports

Pier 1 is a very big brand in that you get to see great imported products such as decorative home furnishings and other gifts.

Their products are imported by the best artisans worldwide to provide their customers with all types of designs.

If you are a home decor affiliate marketer, you can promote these products to your visitors through your link here, and here you can find outdoor and indoor furniture, carpets, cushions, pillows, bedcovers, ornaments, wall design and even a full range of lamps and candles are available in all these products.

You can consider pier 1 a good store for interior design where you get to see the best-imported products.

Here you get a 4% commission on a qualified cell, which comes in one of the drawbacks of this affiliate network.

But we have included it in our list because you get good EPC on their products, which is right to put this affiliate platform on this list.

You can earn good commissions here and their programs are hosted on the Commission Junction platform which provides you with your earnings, sales, clicks, and other affiliate marketing tools.

Pier 1 is a well-known name in the US, an advantage that you won’t have to try to explain to your audience.

Their products are also in demand in addition to low commissions. If you make a good conversion, this affiliate program can be a good option for affiliate marketers in this niche.

Features of Pier imports

  1. Url: Pier imports affiliate program
  2. Commission: 4%
  3. EPC: $39.17
  4. Cookie duration: 7 days 

Pros and cons of Pier Imports



11. White Terry: Best Home Goods Affiliate Program

White terry

White Terry is a platform that offers you soft and comfortable bed sheets at good prices.

A woman starts this platform and poor products in the market are a big reason for starting this platform. 

When the lady found that the expensive sheet she bought was neither comfortable nor of good quality, she thought of starting this platform.

You will get 100% cotton products here for every item you use in your home like blankets, pillow covers, etc, and all types of home improvement furniture products. 

Here you have the opportunity to earn good commission rates per sale in good cookie duration.

Their EPC is also more than 300 dollars. 

There are a lot of opportunities to make money from this platform as they provide 100% cotton products to your customer who has high market demand.

Apart from this let’s discuss some features of White Terry.

Features of White terry

  1. Url: White terry affiliate program 
  2. Commission: 15%
  3. EPC:  $ 307.50
  4. Cookie duration: 60 Days

Pros and cons of a White terry



There are no specific cons to this affiliate program. 

12. Hayneedle

At Hayneedle, you see more than 1 million products, ranging from home decorations to gifts.

Hayneedle is going to be a good future home decor and furnishing retailer platform where you will get very good services.

Their platform was established in 2002 as a hammock but due to time and expanding the range of their products, they named their platform Hayneedle.

Your visitors get to see these types of products on this platform like decor, furniture, and more for every budget, space, and style.

Their affiliate program is also hosted on the Commission Junction affiliate platform and if you are already a member of their program, you will get approval very easily.

You can promote Hayneedle platform products in many different ways such as banners, text links, tracking tools, and product data feed.

Their affiliate management team is always ready to answer every one of your queries, so you do not see any big problems in this program.

Features of the Hayneedle affiliate program 

  1. URL: Hayneedle affiliate program 
  2. Commission: 8%
  3. Cookie duration: 30 days 

Pros and cons of Hayneedle



Cookie duration is somehow low for this affiliate program.

Why join this affiliate?

They have highly conversational products and a huge range of over 1 million products to promote.

These are some best home decor affiliate programs or furniture affiliate programs by which any affiliate marketer can make a good commission by promoting their products. 

13. Blank Canvas Bookstore

Blank Canvas Bookstore is an online collection of trending and unique coffee table books. Coffee table books are a prevalent choice for home decor, and Blank Canvas Bookstore makes it easy to find the best selections. With a variety of subjects and colors available, anyone can find a book to fit their style.

Coffee table books are something home decorators are very passionate about. Unfortunately, other retailers only cater to outdated styles. Blank Canvas Bookstore aims to make coffee table books exciting and interesting again by offering books that align with a modern and artistic approach.

Features of Blank Canvas Bookstore

  1. Official URL: Blank Canvas Bookstore Affiliate Program 
  2. Affiliate Payout: PayPal 
  3. Cookie duration: 30 days
  4. Commission: 8%

Pros and cons of Blank Canvas Bookstore 



Why should you promote Blank Canvas Bookstore products?

Blank Canvas Bookstore’s products are in high demand, which makes it easy to get conversions. The program’s 30-day cookie means you will have a higher chance of getting a commission. You will earn a commission when your referrals purchase on the site up to a month after they first click your link.

The Blank Canvas Bookstore affiliate program features the ability to generate affiliate links to any of its products. This means you can send your referrals to a product’s page directly, leading to higher conversions and the ability to get creative with your marketing.

We recommend upgrading to Blank Canvas Bookstore’s affiliate program if you are already promoting books through other programs. Blank Canvas Bookstore pays out higher commissions than competing programs such as Amazon.

Faq’s asked google for Furniture Affiliate Programs

Can you make money from interior design products?

Yes, you may earn a lot of money if you join these affiliate programs since there is a lot of demand for home design and interior items all around the world. Every home requires certain home décor items, which is why there is a greater need for decorative items to make our homes more pleasant.
And if you advertise these things, they will be in a win-win position because selling home décor items as an affiliate is simple.

How do interior designers make money online?

If an interior designer runs an online business, joining an affiliate of the above-mentioned interior design affiliate programs is the primary source of income. Along with their innovative ideas, they advise you to purchase the items in order to earn money.

Wayfair Affiliate Company is one of the top affiliate programs to join because of its trustworthiness, and you can also find affiliate programs based on your interests.

How do I Start an Online Interior Design business?

Selling others’ products through your online business (website or blog) or another promotional medium can help you make a good commission if you have a dedicated plan and want to start an online business. If you don’t have a plan and want to start an online business, selling others’ products through your online business (website or blog) or other promotional media can help you make a good commission.
To put it another way, if you have a product to sell, you don’t need to join an affiliate program; but, if you don’t have a product and yet want to be an entrepreneur, affiliate marketing is the ideal choice for you.

How to sell home decor & interior design products?

You have two options for selling home décor and interior design products: physical marketing and digital marketing. To sell your items using a physical approach, you must contact and create a client base, but, if you use digital marketing, you can quickly sell your products using a variety of digital marketing mediums such as a blog, social media, and so on.

When compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing makes it easier to sell things. Yes, if you have a product, you may sell it through physical marketing, but first, you must establish a brand. Then it can be sold in both mediums.

How much do interior design and home decor affiliate programs pay on average?

According to the report, the majority of affiliate networks with digital products may pay you between 50 and 65 percent commission on each transaction. However, because the items in home decor and interior design affiliate programs are tangible and need processing, the typical commission per sale falls between 30 and 40%. That’s incredible for a new affiliate.

Conclusion for Home Decor Affiliate Programs

These 13 home decor affiliate programs are just the beginning to do online earning. If you have that concentration, you will see thousands of such affiliate programs online that you can promote and do good earnings.

You must be thinking about how much money can be made by promoting these furniture affiliate programs.

So tell me about your information; if you join any of these affiliate programs and promote through your blog, you can earn from $5000 to $$10,000 US dollars in a month.

It also depends on your blog traffic, but here you get to see a targeted audience who come to find information on your blog.

So if your blog writing converts those targeted customers, you can earn a good commission.

Here you also get a good cookie duration which helps in converting sales.

So if you are working on these niches or are thinking, then you can go with these homes and furniture affiliate programs.

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