101+ Profitable Garden Niches for Blogging & Youtube 2023 [stats]

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Do you want to start your own Garden blog or youtube channel, but feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of Garden niches and their level of competition? 

Fear not.

In this blog post, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive list of Gardening niches that offer low competition, helping you make a confident choice for your new business, blog or youtube channel.

But before going to the list here are some gardening niche trends and stats that you must know for your gardening digital career. 

Gardening niche is one of those evergreen niches that can help you to make some extra revenue along with your job or other work. 

After researching on various platforms I came up with some mind blowing numbers that can blow your mind for Garden niches

In 2023, the Lawn & Garden market will generate US$129.30 billion in revenue. The market is projected to expand by 2.64% yearly (CAGR 2023-2028).

According to these statistics, the garden industry is going to be the most lucrative and long-lasting income option for business owners, bloggers and Youtubers. 

So I am going to show you the best garden niche ideas in which you can start a blog or other profitable business right now (in 2023).

In short: If you are searching for Gardening micro niches for starting a blog, business or youtube for making money online, then you will love this guide. 

Let’s get started. 

Here we will break down 60 garden niches into their main category so that you can know which sub-niche comes under which category, this can help you to relate and learn thoroughly about each niche.

Here are our top 10 Garden niches with their categories.

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10 Most Profitable Garden Niche Categories

  1. Basics of Gardening and Tips
  2. Plant Types and Care
  3. Organic and Sustainable Gardening
  4. Garden Design and Landscaping
  5. Growing Specific Plants
  6. Garden DIY and Projects
  7. Seasonal Gardening Tasks
  8. Indoor and Urban Gardening
  9. Garden Landscaping Features
  10. Garden Events and Community

So these are some of the best and most profitable Garden niche categories that can be a good choice for your garden blogs or YouTube channels. 

Now before going to comprehensively explain each garden niche let’s first know why you should do proper research for finding a good niche and why it’s important. 

Why to do niche research?

Niche research is important because it’s risky if you choose a niche without any research for your digital journey; the reason is that without niche research, you can face competition and waste your most precious time. 

So before choosing a niche, it’s essential to consider 1 or 2 days to research and analyze the stats, compare it with your competitors, and know how your competitors are making money in the same niche. 

After reading this post, I guarantee you will make an informed decision for your business because all the niches mentioned here are well-researched, high in demand, and evergreen Gardening niches.

I always try to explain all the necessary points that a business owner, blogger, or YouTuber must know for their successful digital journey.

I want you to retain your money and time for helpful information online.

List of 51 Profitable Garden Blog Niches

Let’s Divide the Garden niche into sub-niches for your Better understanding.

#1.Gardening Basics and Tips

gardening basics
Gardening Basics

Gardening Basics and Tips is a niche that nurtures readers’ passion for gardening while equipping them with essential knowledge and techniques. 

You can start a blog covering beginner’s guide to gardening, seasonal gardening tips, soil preparation, composting, water techniques, pet control, container gardening, garden security, and square foot gardening to vertical gardening. 

I can come up with loads of ideas in this niche because I am also from a farming background, but apart from my personal, let’s discuss this niche, which is your target audience. 

You will target gardening enthusiasts, whether they are novices or seasoned green thumbs, who want to cultivate beautiful and thriving gardens.

Here are some Garden niche ideas that you can choose for your blog.

1. Beginner’s Guide to Gardening

2. Seasonal Gardening Tips

3. Soil Preparation and Composting

4. Watering Techniques and Irrigation

5. Pest Control and Natural Remedies

6. Square Foot Gardening

7. Container Gardening

8. Vertical Garden

9. Garden Security

#2. Plant Types and Care

Plant Types and Care

Plant Types and Care is a niche that celebrates the diversity of plants while providing valuable insights into their proper care and maintenance. 

You can start a blog or a YouTube channel covering topics like flower gardening and planning tips, vegetable and herb gardening, indoor plant care, tree and shrub pruning, and caring for succulents and cacti, as well as fruit gardening.

Your focus audience here would be those looking for knowledge to nurture a thriving and vibrant plant collection.

Below are some of the best plant types and care niche that you can go with.

10. Flower Gardening and Planting Tips

11. Vegetable and Herb Gardening

12. Indoor Plant Care and Maintenance

13. Tree and Shrub Pruning Guide

14. Caring for Succulents and Cacti

14. Fruit Gardening

#3. Organic and Sustainable Gardening

Organic and Sustainable Gardening is a niche that promotes environmentally friendly and eco-conscious gardening practices. 

A good option would be a blog covering organic gardening practices, permaculture, companion planting for pest control, rainwater harvesting, and creating wildlife-friendly gardens. 

As its name indicates in this gardening micro-niche, we have to focus on 100% organic gardening, and organic food is also gaining popularity, which means you can earn a lot if you choose organic gardening as your garden niche. 

Your target audience in this niche would be gardeners or individuals who are looking to cultivate healthy and harmonious gardens that nurture both the environment and the plants they grow.

Here are some micro niches that you can choose for your blog or youtube channel.

15. Organic Gardening Practices

16. Permaculture and Regenerative Gardening

17. Companion Planting for Pest Control

18. Rainwater Harvesting and Conservation

19. Creating Wildlife-Friendly Gardens

If you want to dive in health and fitness category then these Health Niches can help you to start a blog.

#4. Garden Design and Landscaping

Garden Design and Landscaping is a niche that celebrates the art of creating captivating and functional gardens. 

In this niche, you can start a blog covering landscape design ideas, garden layouts, and themes, as well as container gardening and vertical gardening ideas, and provide guides and tutorials on achieving good landscapes. 

The target audience for this niche would be those individuals who are seeking inspiration and practical tips to transform their outdoor spaces into stunning and harmonious landscapes.

Here are some Garden blog niche ideas.

20. Landscape Design Ideas and Inspiration

21. Garden Layouts and Themes

22. Container Gardening and Vertical Gardens

23. Edible Landscaping and Food Forests

24. Xeriscaping for Water-Efficient Gardens

25. Garden Art

26. Garden Lighting

You can also try Food Blogging Niches if you want to start a blog in Food category.

#5. Growing Specific Plants

Growing Specific Plants is a niche that focuses on in-depth knowledge and tips for cultivating various types of plants. 

In simple words, you can guide people on growing specific plants in their gardens like rose gardening and varieties, growing tomatoes and other vegetables, herb gardening and culinary uses, ornamental trees and shrubs, etc. 

You can also target climbing plants and trellis-design plants. 

You can focus on the audiences seeking specialized expertise to nurture specific plant species and varieties.

There are thousands of plant species in which you can focus on but below are the major ones. 

Here are some sub-niches for growing specific plants.

27. Rose Gardening and Varieties

28. Growing Tomatoes and Other Vegetables

29. Herb Gardening and Culinary Uses

30. Ornamental Trees and Shrubs

31. Climbing Plants and Trellis Design

32. Flower Garden

33. Fruit Gardening

34. Vegetable Garden

35. Herb Gardening

#6. Garden DIY and Projects

Garden DIY

Garden DIY and Projects is a niche that empowers gardeners to unleash their creativity and craftsmanship.

You can start a blog covering topics like DIY(do it yourself) garden decor and crafts, Building garden structures like pergolas and raised beds, creating backyard wildlife habitats, upcycling in the garden, and crafting DIY compost bins and garden tools. 

This niche is one of the profitable because you can also focus on affiliate marketing and sell your DIY products.

For Affiliate marketing, you can choose home decor affiliate programs for finding products.

Here are some of the best Garden DIY niches for your blog.

36. DIY Garden Decor and Crafts

37. Building Garden Structures (e.g., Pergolas, Raised Beds)

38. Creating a Backyard Wildlife Habitat

39. Upcycling in the Garden

40. DIY Compost Bins and Garden Tools

#7. Seasonal Gardening Tasks

Seasonal Gardening Tasks is a niche that guides gardeners through the various tasks and activities needed throughout the year to maintain healthy and thriving gardens.

Here, you can cover topics like spring garden preparation, summer garden maintenance, fall planting and harvesting, winter garden care and protection, and other topics like creating seasonal flower displays and arrangements. 

These are some niche ideas you can choose, and here, your focus audience will be the individuals seeking guidance on optimizing their garden’s potential in every season.

Here are some Seasonal Gardening niches that you can choose for your blog.

41. Spring Garden Preparation

42. Summer Garden Maintenance

43. Fall Planting and Harvesting

44. Winter Garden Care and Protection

45. Seasonal Flower Displays and Arrangements

#8. Indoor and Urban Gardening

Indoor and Urban Gardening is a niche that caters to plant lovers with limited outdoor space or those seeking greenery within urban environments. 

Here, you can create a blog and YouTube channel covering indoor plant selection; you can review them, display them, and provide information on how to care for these plants. 

Some other topics can also be covered, like small space and balcony gardening, hydroponics and aeroponics, terrariums and miniature gardens, air-purifying plants for indoor spaces, and house plants.

Here are some of the best Urban gardening niches for your blogging and vlogging journey.

46. Indoor Plant Selection and Care

47. Small Space and Balcony Gardening

49. 48. Hydroponics and Aeroponics

50. Terrariums and Miniature Gardens

51. Air Purifying Plants for Indoor Spaces

52. House Plants

#9. Garden Landscaping Features

Garden Landscaping Features is a niche that focuses on enhancing outdoor spaces with captivating elements and designs. 

You can think of some creative ideas and list them on your blog. Some some of the best examples would be covering water features and pond design, garden lighting ideas and techniques, garden seating and outdoor living spaces, garden pathways, and walkway designs.

You can also provide tutorials on creating butterfly and pollinator gardens. 

Here are some micro niche ideas for garden landscaping designing niche.

53. Water Features and Pond Design

54. Garden Lighting Ideas and Techniques

55. Garden Seating and Outdoor Living Spaces

56. Garden Pathways and Walkway Designs

57. Butterfly and Pollinator Gardens

58. Garden Art

59. Garden Lighting

60. Watering Equipment

#10. Garden Events and Community:

Garden Events and Community

Garden Events and Community is a niche where you have to cover Events and functions based on gardening themes. 

Another good idea is to start a blog covering all the garden tours and events in a particular area, listing these events’ dates and related stuff. And you can also focus on community gardening initiatives, gardening clubs and meetups, and garden-based educational workshops.

This means you can create a blog listing these events, their dates and themes, and related content for which people might search on search engines. 

Build a community in social media where you can share these events news so that those interested in such events can follow you and get daily updates, etc. 

You can focus on the audience who celebrates the beauty of nature and inspire positive change within the communities. 

Here are some Garden events sub niches that you can try.

61. Garden Tours and Events

62. Community Gardening Initiatives

63. Gardening Clubs and Meetups

64. Garden-Based Educational Workshops

65. Gardening for Social and Mental Well-being

So these are some of the best and most profitable gardening niches that you can research on and start your digital journey in any one of them.

And I hope that this classification will undoubtedly make it easier for you to comprehend the blog article.

Now let’s move forward and learn about some more Gardening niches with their statical information so that you can research them and make an informed decision for choosing a niche for your blog. 

You can also use blogging tools like Semrush to analyze these niches and shortlist any 3 to 4 sub-niches from this list according to your expertise. 

Additional Garden sub niches

Here are additional Garden niches to consider for gardening blogs:

Sub-NicheMonthly VolumeCPCCPM
Vegetable Gardening10,000,000$0.50$10
Herb Gardening7,500,000$0.40$8
Fruit Gardening5,000,000$0.30$6
Flower Gardening4,000,000$0.25$5
Container Gardening3,500,000$0.20$4
Hydroponic Gardening3,000,000$0.15$3
Organic Gardening2,500,000$0.10$2
Indoor Gardening2,000,000$0.08$1.6
Gardening for Beginners1,500,000$0.06$1.2
Gardening Tips1,000,000$0.04$0.8
Gardening Tricks750,000$0.03$0.6
Gardening Tools500,000$0.02$0.4
Gardening Books400,000$0.01$0.2
Gardening Websites300,000$0.008$0.16
Gardening YouTubers250,000$0.006$0.12
Gardening Instagrammers200,000$0.004$0.08
Edible Landscape1,500,000$0.06$1.2
Pollinator Gardening1,000,000$0.04$0.8
Water Conservation Gardening750,000$0.03$0.6
Sustainable Gardening500,000$0.02$0.4
Zero Waste Gardening400,000$0.01$0.2
Vertical Gardening250,000$0.006$0.12
Rooftop Gardening200,000$0.004$0.08
Indoor Vertical Gardening150,000$0.003$0.06
Garden Niches Stats 2023 (Aug.)

The Figures & stats in the article are collected from Google TrendsGoogle adsGoogle Keyword Planner, and other advertisements Dashboards like Semrush, so you can also check on these platforms and start working on these niches.

These are some more options that you can choose for your Garden blog and now let’s move forward to our next section of our blog where we will start a garden blog in just 5 steps.

How to start a Garden Blog?

To start a garden blog we just need to come up with 4 to 5 garden niche ideas in our mind and if we have then we can follow these 5 steps to start garden blogs.

#Step1: Choose and Analyze Garden sub-niche

If you have gone through the article carefully till now you definitely have around 4 to 5 niche ideas in your mind. So our first step is to evaluate these 4 to 5 niche ideas and select one profitable with less competition niche from them.

For researching the niche, you can use Semrush, which provides us daily to hourly data about keywords and niches; using Semrush can help us to get up-to-date information about your selected niche. 

Semrush’s 14-day free trial will help you to perform the essential research for at least six months of content.

Pro tip: You can sign up for Semrush for free for 14 days, and in these 14 days, you can collect data for the upcoming six months and more. So utilize their Free plan.

Google’s tools like Google Trends, Google News, and Google Keyword Planner can also help you with niche research because Google has a good database of these niches and keywords. 

So, use these blogging tools for your niche research because niche selection is one of the important parts of blogging, and many of us fail in that part. 

In these SEO research tools, check for the following:

After doing the research check for all these points and if your selected niche meets all of these requirements, then you can consider that niche profitable. 

Now let’s move to our next step that is choosing a domain name and hosting for your blog. 

#Step2: Register for a Domain name and hosting

Our next step is to choose a Brand name or domain name for your blog and for this you can experiment choosing a domain name on Namecheap for finding and registering your domain name. 

Let’s choose a domain name first, and for choosing a domain name, I always go for these rules. I analyzed that these rules can help us choose a well-branded domain name. 

Always look for the following: 

  1. Easy to remember domain names. 
  2. Easy to pronounce domain names. 
  3. It must have the main keyword in the domain name. (For example, I used “Blogger + teck” in my domain name, so my audience knows the blog is about blogging and Marketing stuff .) 
  4. Make your domain name under 15 characters; it’s a golden rule that under 15 characters, it is easy to remember and pronounce. 

This is the best example that can provide you for choosing a brand name for your blog or YouTube channel. 

Yes, choosing a domain name is something that needs good research and time because if you have selected the one and get registered then there is no other option to change its name. 

So please give this process 1 to 2 hours and book a domain name that represents your niche.

Now let’s book hosting for our blog that will help us to host our blog on the internet. For this tutorial I am focusing on WordPress As CMS(content management system) for our blog, and this is because WordPress hosts over 43% of the total website around the world. 

So for hosting WordPress itself recommends to use Hostgator, Hostinger, or Bluehost since they provide affordable plans. itself recommends three web hosts for hosting blogs and websites.

Always remember that Fast Success needs a great user experience with faster upload time in the blogging journey.


For the Bloggerteck Family, Bluehost is offering a free domain name with hosting for $2.75 per month

Customers can get free CDN, SSL certificates, and domain names, and most importantly, you will get a personal support service to host your blog from Bluehost. So you can check and host your website today.

It is very surprising that today, anyone can start their own website and blog with only $2.75 a month of investment. 

This means you can start a blog and host it for the whole year for under $25/year. Amazing Right!

Now that we have successfully booked domain name and hosting for your blog it’s time for installing WordPress CMS on our host.

#Step3: WordPress installation on your host

To install CMS on our host, we first need to log in to the Cpanel of our host. Then, after logging in, we can see various CMS for our blog there. But for now, we are going to install WordPress. 

For those who don’t know what CMS is, CMS is the platform that manages and organizes all the content, from blog content to images and other files and folders on our website. 

So you will see WordPress in your cpanel, and from there, we can easily install WordPress with one click. 

There are many other options, too, but I recommend WordPress, and my blog is also hosted on WordPress because of its easy-to-use UI and SEO-friendly features.

The other two I can recommend are 

I hope you have successfully installed CMS on your host, and now it is time to provide a face to our website or blog. 

#Step4: Select a good theme for your blog

We have completed most of the technical work over 80%, and it’s time to provide a frontend to our blog or install a new theme that matches your niche category. In short, we are going to install a WordPress theme.

WordPress is straightforward to use as you use Facebook or other social media platforms and can change themes as you do on your smartphones and computer desktops.

For the blog theme, we consider a Fast, responsive, and lightweight theme so that it can load as fast as possible so that our visitors can get quick answers without waiting to load the site.

Top themes provide you full support with a fast and responsive website.

Any of these three themes is enough for your blog because they are wisely designed by the developers and provide you with pre-built templates, with which we can choose our niche-related template for your blog, and it will get installed within a few seconds. 

Thrive suit is also one of the best alternatives to these but is expensive for new bloggers, so I recommend you use any of these three because they provide value-for-money features. You can go with Thrive Suit if you have started earning a good income from your blog. 

After installing the theme now it’s time for installing essential plugins for our blog. 

#Step5: Install Essential Plugins

Plugins! Wait, what exactly are WordPress Plugins? That’s the question that pops into your mind when you hear the word ‘plugin,’ isn’t it?

Plugins are extensions for WordPress websites; we have Google Chrome extensions for our browsers that add more functionality to our browsers. In the same way, plugins add more functionality to our WordPress website. 

That’s why we must install these five crucial plugins on our WordPress website to improve our website’s speed, security, and SEO.

If you are following this tutorial, then I recommend you install these must-to-have plugins on your WordPress dashboard because these plugins can provide security and add SEO visibility to your blog so that Search engines can crawl your website. 

Your blog is now ready, and you can start writing blog content and Publishing consistently to your audience. Because consistency is a key component in both blogging and video vlogging. 

To learn more about the wordpress and blogger platforms; check out Blogger vs. WordPress Which Is Better (Pros & Cons) 2023.

Final thoughts on garden niches

Thank you from the bottom of my heart if you are reading this post now. 


I congratulate you on your successful blogging journey because I am 100% confident that after reading this post, you will decide to choose a garden niche for your blog.

In addition to building your garden blog, I consider also going through Google’s guidelines for publishing content so that you can format your blog posts according to Google’s guidelines. 

With these guidelines, you will create content for your blog and YouTube channel that your audience will love, and Google will also promote if you apply all the strategies that Google provides. 

To make your blog fast and responsive, I always recommend hosting your blog on Fast hosting providers and using Responsive themes.

For Hosting, you can go with WordPress recommendations like BlueHost, DreamHost, and InMotion Hosting for garden blogs.

All Three provide Free services like Free domain names, Official or work emails, etc.

Pro tip: Connect your website to CloudFlare CDN, as it hosts your website on different servers to provide speed and acts as a firewall that blocks fake requests from your main server to help us protect our blog.

These are the remaining but essential tips you should follow to make your blogging and vlogging journey successful, and following these approaches can help you to stand out from your competition and help you to make good revenue from your blog.

My goal in writing this content is to help you choose a good niche and good SEO tools and hosting for your blog so that our Bloggerteck family can make wise decisions when choosing any of them for their business.

I don’t want you to waste your time and efforts in the wrong niche, and I want to help you with the best strategies I can provide you from my 5 years of SEO learnings.

So ask me your doubts. I will reply within 24 hours and subscribe to my newsletter, revealing profitable websites that are making money in these sub-niches to inspire you.

We partner with awesome companies that offer products that help our readers achieve their goals! If you purchase through our partner links, we get paid for the referral at no additional cost to you! For more information, visit my disclaimer page.

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