Bloggerteck is One of the most excellent and free WordPress resource sites for beginners. We assist bloggers and company owners, from choosing their evergreen niches to launching marketing strategies that will be successful for their businesses.

Why do you offer everything for free is a frequent query we hear from our visitors. And then, the typical follow-up question is, “How do you make money?”

Therefore, we have created this page to explain how Bloggerteck is supported and why it is essential to you.

Why is Bloggerteck Free?

You frequently don’t have a large budget as a beginner or small business owner to spend on various tools and training. However, we would like to highlight that these two factors are crucial to your company’s success.

We founded Bloggerteck in 2020 with the sole intention of assisting bloggers and business owners by developing WordPress instructions that are simple to follow and, most importantly, are completely free for everyone.

Small businesses find it challenging to compete with giant corporations; for this reason, we created “Bloggerteck- The Digital Marketing Blog” to help entrepreneurs overcome this obstacle and achieve success.

To put it simply, we developed Bloggerteck to provide consumers with the features we didn’t have when we initially started.

How Is Bloggerteck Funded?

Our sole and primary objective is to give accurate information to our audience by being open and honest with them. That, in our opinion, is the only strategy to foster positive interactions with our users.

Running a helpful and informative website like Bloggerteck that helps thousands of users every month requires significant investment. Most on the content creation and server infrastructure components.

We produce and update a large number of free WordPress tutorials. Therefore, we need to generate income to update the content regularly; otherwise, we would have to shut down the website.

Some of the funding sources for Bloggereck.com are shown below.

Our Products

We have produced a variety of Infographics, pdfs, and lessons throughout time to assist you in enhancing your website and expanding your company.

You can use any of the products and instructions we provide for free on blogs or websites as long as you give us credit.

We sincerely thank everyone who uses and supports our resources in the Bloggerteck community. I’m grateful.

Referral Fees

Our second source of earning is referral fees when our visitors buy services from companies we recommend on our blog.

We give our readers the greatest suggestions and tools to help them succeed in their new online businesses, whether they want to establish a blog or Youtube channel. To give our readers accurate information, we test and utilize each product ourselves before recommending it.

We do not accept money for positive ratings; all opinions are our own.

This way of monetization is known as affiliate marketing. Several companies provide affiliate programs, including Amazon, eBay, Google, and others.

You visit many websites that use affiliate marketing daily, but not all of them disclose their revenue streams to their visitors. So affiliate referrals are one of our earning sources. 

These kinds of banner advertisements will appear when you visit our website:

Sometimes you will see special links with unique referral IDs to each website that tracks referrals, such as:

You are tagged with a unique cookie when you click these links to track the referral.   They will provide us with a referral fee if you purchase the item.

For a given product, several affiliate networks offer multiple referral fees. For instance, Amazon will pay us 1-2 dollars if you purchase a book through our link, and we may receive $10-20 if you purchase a WordPress Plugins through our recommendation.

This is how we get paid for referrals.

This may raise some questions in your mind.

#Question.1 Will this cost you more money? 

No, without a doubt. However, you usually receive great offers that help you save money.

This is due to Bloggerteck’s partnerships with these websites and tools, which allow them to provide exclusive savings to Bloggerteck visitors.

For instance, if you wish to establish a blog on Strikingly for no cost, you can do so. Later, if your site brings in money, you can upgrade to a more expensive plan.

However, if you buy it through our referral link, you’ll receive free hosting, a free domain name, and a few other perks.

So go and start your blog on Strikingly today for free. 

 And the second and most obvious question is,

#Question.2 Do You See My Personal Details?

Also, a Big NO in this case. We don’t access our visitors’ personal data, like (email, name, address, credit cards, etc.)

We merely track user behavior on our website to deliver more relevant content on subsequent visits, like how long visitors interact on the page, On Page time, etc. 

How can our visitors help us?

Sites like Bloggerteck require a significant financial investment to run. We deliver truthful information to your visitors, which our writers and editors manage.

That’s why we need your help, and below are a few ways you can help us:

  • You can get our high-quality products, which are reasonably priced.
  • Please use our referral links to receive better offers if you come to our website looking for tools or products. This will help us out as well.
  • If you enjoy our content and want to see more like it, kindly share it on social media and let us know your thoughts in the comment area below.

Why Should You Help Us?

Many alleged “experts” will charge you high prices for their SEO training and WordPress tutorials, yet everything you need can be found here for free.

We assist our visitors with everything from choosing the ideal niche for their blogs to finding the best hosting companies.

We put the needs of our customers first at Bloggerteck. We treat visitors as members of our family who can make repeated use of our tutorials.

At Bloggerteck, we strive to level the playing field for small businesses so they may develop and compete with large corporations. Everything related to blogging, from blog niche selection to WordPress setup guides, is free.

If Bloggerteck has been helpful to you, please consider supporting us so that we can carry with our mission.

I’m grateful for your help.

Mohit Sharma,

Founder of Bloggerteck.