35+ Best wordpress plugins (Premium and free)

Today I will tell you the list of best wordpress plugins that you should have in 2021, so let’s go ahead.

Today, through this article, I am going to tell you about the Best wordpress plugins that successful bloggers secretly use in the blogging field and which you always ask about.

As of today, more than 55,000+ plugins of WordPress are available, and looking at this number makes it very difficult to pick some of the best wordpress plugins if you are new to the blogging arena.

And our visitors asked us, is there a list of such magical WordPress plugins that pro bloggers use?

And the answer is a big Yes.

If you use a set of best wordpress plugins on your blog or website, you can get great results, maybe you can see a huge difference in many factors.

In short, we will discuss here the best wordpress plugins which are used by successful bloggers like Neil Patel and many others.

In this article, we have listed the WordPress plugins that big and successful bloggers have mentioned in some videos or blogs.

They use these WordPress plugins themselves and also tell how to use them in their courses.

The intention of creating this article is that you do not need to search for plugins here and there, but you can also learn about the best plugins from here and use them easily.

The best part?

In this article, you will find out which are the best wordpress plugins that are used by successful bloggers, their pricing, which plugin is used for what purpose, and their pros and cons.

So you must have wordpress plugins to rank your site on google. Or if you are a blogger who is working on WordPress then these pluginsSome widgets do are the best plugins for wordpress. 

Without any delay, let’s take a look at our list.

Table of Contents

35+ Best wordpress plugins for bloggers best for 2021.

Here is the list of best wordpress plugins which is going to be best for beginners blogger for 2021 helps you to improve your ranking on google.

  1. Yoast SEO– Best WordPress Plugin for SEO  
  2. W3 Total Cache – Top Caching Plugin
  3. Better Search Replace – Best Replacing Tool
  4. WPML – Best WordPress Translation Plugin
  5. Insert Headers and Footers – Top Snippet Plugin
  6. WPForms – Best WordPress Form Plugin
  7. SeedProd – Best Landing Page Builder Plugin
  8. MonsterInsights – Best Analytics Plugin for WordPress
  9. OptinMonster – Best Lead Generation Plugin
  10. RafflePress – Best WordPress Contest Plugin
  11. Smash Balloon – Best WordPress Social Feed Plugin
  12. Sucuri – Best WordPress Plugin for Site Security
  13. Uncanny Automator – Best WordPress Admin Automation Plugin
  14. WP Mail SMTP – Best SMTP plugin
  15. PushEngage – Best Web Push Notification Plugin
  16. TrustPulse – Best Social Proof Notification App
  17. UpdraftPlus – Top WordPress Plugin for Backup
  18. Constant Contact – Top Email Marketing Tool
  19. Beaver Builder – Best WordPress Plugins for Page Building
  20. MemberPress – Most Popular Membership Plugin
  21. LearnDash – Best LMS plugin
  22. WooCommerce – Best WordPress eCommerce plugin
  23. Shared Counts – Best Social Sharing Plugin
  24. CSS Hero – Best WordPress Theme Editor Plugin
  25. WP Rocket – Best WordPress Cache Plugin
  26. Live Chat – Best Live Chat Plugin
  27. Pretty Links – Top Affiliate Marketing Plugin
  28. Envira Gallery – Top WordPress Gallery Plugin
  29. Revive Old Post – Best Post Scheduling Plugin
  30. Smart Slider 3 – Best Slider plugin
  31. User Role Editor – Best User Role Editor Tool
  32. Better Search Replace – Best Replacing Tool
  33. Jetpack by WordPress
  34. Akismet Anti-Spam
  35. Google XML Sitemaps
  36. Smush- Image Compression and Optimization.

So here is the list of the best wp plugins that the most successful bloggers personally use in their WordPress blogs, these plugins are mentioned in their official YouTube channel or their blog posts.

So now we will get to know these wp plugins deeply. 

Let’s start with Yoast SEO

1. Yoast SEO- Best WordPress Plugin for SEO  

Yoast SEO plugin
Best wordpress plugins

All of you must want to get your site or blog to a higher ranking of Google and it is the first task of every blogger to rank their blog on the first page of Google.

So the simple answer to all these queries is Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, this plugin does the search engine optimization of your blog post so that you start to rank on flame competition keywords very easily.

This is all in one SEO tool now which can provide you synonyms of your focus keywords at the same time. 

Pros and cons of Yoast SEO wordpress plugin


  • User-friendly SEO plugin
  • This tool also works based on an SEO proofreader.
  • Gives you a piece of good information to do on-page SEO for your blog post. 
  • The tool helps you to remove SEO mistakes from your blog post.


  • Yoast is not able to understand your intention.

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2. W3 Total Cache – Top Caching Plugin

The W3 Total Cache plugin has been installed in millions.

This plugin is the best or most recommended to improve your blog server which makes your blog faster to load.

This improves the performance of your server and checks every aspect so that the speed of your blog is maintained or we can say it maintains page load speed.

This plugin reduces the page loading time of your blog by checking the server performance of all types of hosting whether your host is shared or dedicated.

It also supports AMPs and SSL.

Pros and Cons of W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin


  • Performance is pretty good.
  • In this plugin, you get all the features that help in the good performance of your site or blog.


If you are configuring this plugin for the first time then you may face some problems.

3. Better Search Replace – Best Replacing Tool

As the name of the Better search replace plugin indicates, if you are looking for something on your site or if you want to replicate a file with another file, then this tool can help you a lot.

You can use this plugin for a short period which means that whenever you need or find something on your website you can take help and uninstall it after using it.

Pros and Cons of Better search replace WordPress plugin


  • The best tool for replacing links or any other thing on your wordpress website.
  • This plugin can save your precious hours.
  • Its free version also gives you good services as needed.


  • According to user reviews, this tool works great easy to find shortcodes on your site but some users complain about its some version that is not working properly. 

4. WPML – Best WordPress Translation Plugin

This is a translation tool or plugin that is available to you in 3 premia plans. WPML is a plugin that provides a good experience to your visitors by easily translating your blog pages, posts, etc.

Before using it, you are advised to take a complete backup of your site. It is capable of working with other tools and themes and plugins, so you will not need to uninstall any of your themes or plugins to make it work properly.

Here you will get 3 plans according to their features and if you buy their most premium plan then you can use this plugin on many of your sites or unlimited sites. 

This plugin can be one of the most reliable and well-known plugins for you to add a translation feature to your site.

Pros and Cons of WPML WordPress plugin.


  • You can easily understand how this plugin works.
  • Regular updates that fix the bug
  • In this, you get to see a collection of good premium themes.


  • This is the premium plugin you have to pay for it
  • It works a little slow, whose software version is old.

5. Insert Headers and Footers – Top Snippet Plugin

Insert Headers and Footers is also a very useful WordPress plugin with the help of which we can easily place codes in header, body, and footer parts without any coding knowledge.

This plugin can be very beneficial if you are not from a computer background.

For example

 Whenever you apply for Google Adsense, Google Adsense gives you the code which you have to paste on the header part of your site so that Google can verify the site.

You can apply these codes on your site without having to climb your theme code a bit.

Insert header and footers plugin is completely free and with the help of this, you can put the codes on the header and footer in your site without doing anything wrong.

It is simple to use, anyone can easily understand its functioning so if you are not from a computer background then you can use this plugin there. 

Pros and Cons of Insert Headers and Footers WordPress plugin


  • Easy and fast, you can easily use it
  • Without any coding, you can insert codes into your theme without any mistake
  • This is free to use. 


There are no such cons of this wordpress plugin. 

6. WPForms – Best WordPress Form Plugin

wpforms wordpress plugin
Best wordpress plugins

To date, every website requires contact forms to compete, so Wpforms is the best plugin that is a beginner-friendly plugin where you can create all types of forms.

For example:

Email subscription form, survey form, order form etc.

In this plugin, you get nice and attractive templates that make your work even easier. Here you get the option of drag and drop builder, which is very good for template designers.

If you are looking for a contact form that works very well, then WPForms is going to be a very good option for you.

Over 1 million websites are using this plugin. You can get this plugin in both free and premium plans, but you will find many limitations in its free plan.

The plugin that gives you the free feature is named WPForm Lite.

Pros and Cons of WPForms WordPress plugin


  • Its drag and drop feature makes it a user-friendly plugin.
  • In its free version, you also get to see very good features, such as a basic form field, a captcha for spam protection, a thank you page for email notifications, and form confirmation.
  • In this plugin, you get to see 150+ inbuilt templates that make your work easier.


  • You have to buy its premium plans to use its powerful features.

7.SeedProd – Best Landing Page Builder Plugin

Seedprod wordpress plugin
Best wordpress plugins

Seedprod is one of the best landing page builders for newbies or pros also because of its drag and drops feature. If your website is new and you want a quick or attractive landing page, this tool will be the best option for you to make your landing page attractive.

Today, these website plugins are used by millions of businesses or bloggers and which is making good revenue for them.

In SeedProd, you get to see inbuilt templates for making very good landing pages, how to sales pages, maintenance pages, webinar pages, etc.

In this seedpod plugin, you will get some of these features which will help you to make your landing pages so attractive and lead generating pages. 

  • User-friendly interface: here a person who is new to this field can also design lead generating landing pages by its drag and drop builder.
  • It integrates you with third-party WordPress plugins, which will double your user experience.
  • In this tool, you get to see many templates that you can make a good landing page with a single click.

They also have a free version of their plugin called seedprod lite.

Pros and Cons of SeedProd WordPress plugin


  • In this plugin, you will get a drag and drop feature.
  • Great Email Marketing Integration
  • Spam protection features.


  • In this plugin, blocks and elements are limited compared to other premium tools in the market such as Thrive Architect, Elementor.

8. MonsterInsights – Best Analytics Plugin for WordPress

Best wordpress plugins
Best wordpress plugins

If you want to know what is the behavior of visitors visiting your site and want to know for which queries are people visiting your site by searching and which pages in your site are getting more visitors.


MonsterInsights is one of the best analytical wp plugins in WordPress where you can monitor your blog in detail. 

Monstensites is a plugin by Google Analytics that is more popular in the market today. This WordPress plugin has over 2 million downloads by high-end business websites.

You can connect this plugin with Google Analytics very easily and evaluate your blog in a detailed way.

This plugin, by tracking your site in a very brief way, where you can know the behavior of every user of your site.

Some of you must be thinking that Google Analytics gives us good tracking.

So why should we install this plugin, but here you are thinking wrong because with the help of this tool you can experience those tracking features as well which we do not see in the Google Analytics tool.

Like here, we can also easily analyze the statistics of presenting the landing page on our blog. 

You just have to add some event tracking codes to your site or blog and with the help of this tool, you can also set up Google Analytics goals.

We can do all this process with only a couple of clicks.

You can also use MonsterInsights lite which is a free plugin where some of the features are restricted.  

Pros and Cons of MonsterInsights WordPress plugin


  • Easy to connect with Google analytics, and get instant stats by both the tools.
  • You can track affiliate links and link clicks with the help of this plugin.
  • User friendly or easy to use.
  • You can install it easily.


  • In its free version, you do not get to see any special features, here you will find a simple analytical dashboard.

9. OptinMonster – Best Lead Generation Plugin

OptinMonster is a great plugin for those who are interested in affiliate marketing as it is the best plugin for lead generation. You can use this plugin to generate qualified leads or double your revenue.

This tool is very successful with its inbuilt template, through which a person can convert their visitor into leads and customers.

Here you can very easily choose a campaign according to your blog, which can easily grab your Visitor’s Attention.

Here you can generate leads in different ways like popup, floating bar, mat, lightbox, full-screen welcome, and more.

With the help of this great WordPress plugin, you can show messages to your visitors based on their geographical area.

For websites that want to target a particular audience then this plugin will help them.

Pros and Cons of OptinMonster WordPress plugin


  • Their customer service is good.
  • You can put Attractive Forms on your website.
  • You can display the forms on your site in many ways.
  • Inbuilt templates.
  • Regular updates make this plugin the best.


  • You are not able to customize their templates to that extent, you can change the color of the buttons here and the background itself.
  • You do not get to see any free version of it

10. RafflePress – Best WordPress Contest Plugin 

This plugin is used to create online competition. And this plugin gives you the best performance in today’s market. RafflePress – Best WordPress Contest Plugin The best plugin on the market due to its easy to use interface.

  If you run a giveaway or contest on your blog, then this plugin very easily gives you these things by itself with some clicks.

Compared to any other dispute plugins, this plugin comes with excellent features, and here you get to see the viral sharing option, which allows your visitors to share your contest on any social media platform to get a bonus. And this is a great way to get traffic to your site.

Here are some of the amazing features of this plugin.

  • Here you also get drag and drop builder, with the help of which we can create any design very easily without disturbing any code.
  • You will get some amazing inbuilt templates by which you only have to add the guideline of your contest.
  • With the help of its advanced features, you can make your contest viral easily and bring traffic to your website.
  • The free version is also available. 

You can also use its free version, which you can find at WordPress.org.

Pros and Cons of RafflePress WordPress plugin


  • With its help, you can create viral giveaways.
  • You can set it up easily and is easy to use.
  • Mobile Responsive.
  • Giveaways are displayed to your visitors in the form of a landing page.
  • This plugin protects you from fraudulent actions.


  • You can do a limited amount of email integration using this platform.

11. Smash Balloon – Best WordPress Social Feed Plugin

Smash Balloon is a social display or social feed plugin that displays these social feeds on your site the way you set it up.

This plugin does your work within 20 to 30 seconds and shows the feeds you have set up on your site.

If you want to use it in a good way, then you just have to authorize it and paste its shortcode on your site and you will start to see social feeds on the site as soon as you do this.

This plugin can help you to display feeds of social media like 

  • Facebook feeds: If you want to make the look of your website completely attractive, with the help of this plugin, you can integrate Facebook photos, videos, events on the site very easily.
  • Instagram feeds: The best option in Instagram feeds, we display our Instagram stories very correctly on our site via the pop sub lightbox
  • Youtube: You can also integrate live events into YouTube feeds, which is a great option.
  • Twitter 

Now, let’s move to our next plugin. 

Pros and Cons of Smash Balloon WordPress plugin


  • Very easy to implement.
  • Their support is great and any new blogger can easily customize it.
  • Good looking social media icons.


  • The plugin works well for a year without any compliance, but if you do not have a license, then it stops after one year.

12. Sucuri – Best WordPress Plugin for Site Security

Sucuri is a famous security plugin that guards your site very well, it blocks threats to your site such as malware, brute force attack, apart from this and other potential vulnerabilities.

Once you have added your site to this security plugin, this plugin scans every request that comes to your site with the help of CloudProxy Server.

With the help of which it prevents malicious requests from coming to your site.

Due to this process, this security plugin further improves your site’s page load speed and your site’s performance.

It can do this because when it checks incoming requests to your site, this tool blocks all malicious requests, which improves the page loading spread of your site.

This protects your site from all these types of attacks.

  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • Man-in-the-middle attack
  • Denial-of-service attack
  • SQL injection

This plugin does a lot more than preventing attacks. Like 

  1. The antivirus system of this plugin regularly checks your registered website every 4 hours to see if there are any malware or vulnerabilities.
  2. The ‘Sukri’ Security Plugin monitors every activity happening on your website, even if you have uploaded a new file.

These are some benefits that I found in this plugin which is amazing to secure your site from attackers. 

Pros and Cons of Sucuri WordPress plugin


  • You can easily set up your account.
  • This plugin protects your site from malware.
  • In this, you get to see the best firewall security protection.
  • Security Backup is cloudly. 
  • It prevents you from hacking. 


  • This plugin is a security plugin and works well to protect your site from malware and hacking attacks, but sometimes this plugin takes more time to scan your site.
  • To use some of its features, you may have to pay more.

13. Uncanny Automator – Best WordPress Admin Automation Plugin

Uncanny Automator is an automation plugin where you get a chance to automate multiple plugins simultaneously. 

This gives you a chance to connect with more plugins so that automating routine tasks makes your job easier.

You can use the features of multiple WordPress plugins at the same time with the help of Uncanny Automator.

This plugin also works like zapier, where zapier automatically creates Trello cards for mail, in Gmail. This plugin comes with a trigger that supports the Dozen of WordPress plugins and apps.

You can easily generate a trigger by which you can create an action to perform and then allow this plugin to work automatically.

This plugin makes your work easier if you have a shortage of time.

Pros and Cons of Uncanny Automator WordPress plugin


  • It also integrates with many other WordPress plugins for automating admin tasks.
  • It takes you to a lot of triggers and actions recipes.


There are no such cons in this plugin. But

In this, you get to see limited integration of cloud email marketing apps.

14. WP Mail SMTP – Best SMTP plugin 

The WP Mail SMTP plugin provides you with a smooth mail delivery system.

This fixes all the distribution problems that most WordPress websites face when using a hosting server so that SMTP can make it work properly.

Email clients such as Yahoo, Gmail are making their services even better so that they can completely stop email spam.

To crosscheck email spamming, it is seen that the email is sent from where it is claimed to have been sent.

If somehow the authentication is not done properly then the mail goes directly to the spam folder.

WP Mail SMTP can solve these errors or issues.

This is the most recommended tool if your email list is good enough.

Pros and Cons of WP Mail SMTP WordPress plugin


  • This is to fix your wordpress email problems.
  • Prevents your WordPress emails from going into the spam folder
  • You can send your emails even more safely through this plugin.


There are no such cons of this plugin. 

15. PushEngage – Best Web Push Notification Plugin

 PushEngage is a plugin that helps you send a notification to your subscribed user by which you can bring that subscribed user back to your site. 

Whenever you publish a new post, the notification of that post reaches your subscribed user in seconds, and your user also gets to know your new subsets through that notification.

 PushEngage is the tool where you can build your subscriber list and easily notify them with the help of this plugin.

Some other benefits of PushEngage wordpress plugin:-

  • If your customer is interested in your product, then with the help of these plugins, he can get this notification, as if the offer is coming on your product and nowadays the price is down.
  • Inventory alerts help in informing your customers that the stock of the product has now available.
  • This gives you another good feature that you can send a notification to your user according to their local time.

This is all about the PushEngage WordPress plugin. 

Pros and Cons of PushEngage WordPress plugin


  • This tool helps get your traffic.
  • Great customer support.
  • You can send notifications according to the target audience’s means geographically.
  • This has great software.


  • You cannot find the traffic source in it which has been converted into sales.
  • You don’t get to see regular updates in this.

16. TrustPulse – Best Social Proof Notification App

TrustPulse is a social proof notification plugin that takes the benefit of the strength of social proof that you can win the trust of your customers, and it helps in increasing your sales and conversions.

With the help of this TrustPulse WordPress plugin, you can track all the activities on your site which users have come to interrogate about which product on your site.

Along with that, there are some other features of the TrustPulse WordPress plugin.

  • Live tracking: here you can track all the activities live on your site like purchases, signups, etc. 
  • With the help of this plugin, you can show products related to your customers at the same time.
  • This plugin is platform independent which gives you the same services on all platforms like Blogger, Shopify, etc.

Pros and Cons of TrustPulse WordPress plugin


  • Real-time tracking is done by this plugin.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Offers a free version.
  • Attractive Popup Designer.
  • You can use this tool on other platforms as well.
  • The smart tracking feature is there in this plugin. 


  • In its free version, you can avail of its services only up to 500 sessions.

17. UpdraftPlus – Top WordPress Plugin for Backup

UpdraftPlus is one of the best plugins available in the market today.

This is one of the best backup plugins rated by the maximum WordPress bloggers. We have also used this plugin.

So with the UpdraftPlus plugin, you can backup your site properly.

To use this plugin, you do not need to purchase any plan because here you can take advantage of its great features even in the free version.

You can back up every file on your website including database files, themes, and plugins.

Saving your files is very easy and you will don’t need high technical knowledge to do this work. 

You will get many features in its free version, so there is no need to buy its premium plan but if you want to enroll in all the features of this plugin then you can buy it. Updraftplus wordpress plugin is a value for money plugin.

Pros and Cons of UpdraftPlus  WordPress plugin


  • These plugins come with a user-friendly interface that is easy to use.
  • You can also use its free version.
  • Its plans are not so expensive.
  • This plugin supports multi-cloud storage to back up your content or site.
  • There are some additional features to secure your site.
  • A cloning tool is available with the migration tool.


  • You don’t get lifetime updates. 
  • You must renew your license annually. 

18. Constant Contact – Top Email Marketing Tool

Constant Contact is a great plugin that provides a great email marketing service. This tool is a great tool for small businesses, where you can easily increase your email list.

In the Constant Contact WordPress plugin, you already get inbuilt email capturing templates using which you can make your email capturing form even more attractive.

When you use this plugin, you will be asked about your industry and your experience in email marketing. 

 Here you will get the help of customized content and promotional ideas by the plugin to promote your email marketing list.

The plugin also comes with other features such as live chat, email, and discussion forums.

Here you can take advantage of many other resources, and you can integrate this plugin with many more lead generation tools, which makes this tool special for bloggers who want to build their email list.

While many email marketing tools and plugins give you a free trial of 14 to 30 days to fully access their tool, on the other hand, this tool offers you a full 60 days free trial, and after that, you can use their plan to continue their services at a rate of $ 20 per month. 

Constant Contact is the plugin through which any new business owner can easily develop their email list.

Pros and Cons of Constant Contact WordPress plugin


  • Their support team is friendly
  • This plugin’s UI  is user-friendly and powerful.
  • You get to see inbuilt templates here, which makes your work easier.
  • This plugin can update current subscribers and unsubscribers.
  • Templates are highly customizable.
  • Contact database can be managed easily.


  •  Sometimes you feel confused about the reporting system.
  • You get this tool in a much higher price range
  • Automation is limited. 

19. Beaver Builder – Best WordPress Plugins for Page Building

Beaver Builder is a user-friendly and powerful page builder WordPress plugin that also comes with a drag and drop feature.

This wordpress plugin allows you to create a website where you can create your website page only with no coding skills by the drag and drop method.

Here you also find inbuilt page templates that help you a lot in creating an attractive and engaging page.

Beaver Builder plugin performs well with any theme of your WordPress site.

The best thing about this plugin is that even if you stop using this plugin, you can still easily port your content to the WordPress editor.

If you are interested in purchasing their high or premium plans then you will find beautiful Beaver Builder compatible themes that help you work with WordPress customizers both at a time.

Pros and Cons of Beaver Builder WordPress plugin


  • Drag and drop interface to customize.
  • Inbuilt template or design
  • This plugin is quick and responsive.
  • Code delivery is well optimized.


  • Not a large number of templates are there. 
  • Modules are also limited.

Membership is one of the most popular membership plugins which provides you almost all the features to make your website a good membership site.

While other plugins are unable to provide you with such features, this plugin turns your existing website into a good membership site, without any problem. 

After installing MemberPress plugin on your WordPress site you can select your payment gateway details, set up your products and you can start acquiring customers on your site.

With the help of this plugin, you can hide your page posts and other files from your regular visitors, which you do not want to show to your visitors.

This plugin also integrates with very high-level email marketing plugins which is another good feature of this plugin.

This plugin can be a good choice if you want to make your site the best membership site.

Here you will get various pricing templates by which you can create a unique look. This plugin supports many payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc. 

Pros and Cons of MemberPress WordPress plugin


  • You can set up the plugin easily.
  • You can easily customize membership levels here.
  • With this plugin, you can create as many membership levels as you want.
  • It integrates with many email marketing services.


  • Customization of the login form does not have many options.
  • In this plugin, you see a lack of built-in forum technology.

21. LearnDash – Best LMS plugin

LearnDash is the best learning management system today, it means by the help of this plugin you can easily sell your courses on your site, provide some educational documents for your users, etc.

You can ask your users for quiz competitions, or for completing any course you can provide them a certificate also. 

It provides your visitors with a good learning experience and also supports advanced features such as gamification, social learning, and micro-content trends.

With the help of this plugin, you can sell your courses in these ways.

  • Memberships, one-time price, subscription, course license. 

With the help of this plugin, we can unlock the new syllabus on the number of course points earned by the students involved in our course.

This is a very effective way for your online courses, and with the help of this plugin, you can give your user a front end user profile so that your user can track their learning progress.

Pros and Cons of LearnDash WordPress plugin


  • Easy translation by region.
  • This plugin comes at a cheaper price than the SaaS option.
  • The plugin provides a lot of official or third-party add-ons for you to make your work easier.
  • This plugin has lots of triggers for automation.
  • The video progress feature of this plugin is the main point.


  • If you are accepting payments then you have to get help from third-party plugins.
  • In some cases, a normal user may be tempted to use this plugin.

22. WooCommerce – A best WordPress eCommerce plugin

If you belong to the blogging industry then you must have heard about the WooCommerce WordPress plugin. 

If you want to convert your WordPress site into a good and engaging eCommerce website then you can go with the WooCommerce WordPress plugin where you can easily sell your physical and non-physical products.

On this platform, you get to see many extensions that are free and paid as well. 

Working on this platform is extremely easy and you can easily turn your WordPress site into a good online store.

And if you have any problem using this plugin then you can take the help of any woo-commerce developer to further improve your site.

Woocommerce vs Shopify are both the same platform which can easily convert your wordpress site into a good online store. 

In this plugin, you get to see the PayPal payment gateway which helps you to accept payments.

If you want to add any more payment gateway then you can do this very easily to your woo-commerce store. 

To create a good online store, you also get easy documents that you will find with every feature of woo-commerce. If you are confused about any post then they also have their official forum to impart proper knowledge to you.

I also received some assistance on their official forum.

Pros and Cons of WooCommerce WordPress plugin


  • The list of products is very simple.
  • There are a lot of payment gateways for accepting payments.
  • Simple interface that is easy to use.
  • You can email or bulk email.
  • It works with all WordPress themes.
  • User Experience: Fast
  • Good customization.


  • Its GUI can be improved easily
  • Image handling is not good
  • There are some widgets that do not perform well
  • There should be a little technical knowledge for the Template customization.

23. Shared Counts – Best Social Sharing Plugin

Every blogger uses these social share plugins as it is the best way by which you can easily get blog shares on various social media platforms from your organic visitors 

This is a plugin that gives you good services, and a special feature is that it regains the caches instantly, with the help of which social sharing count is updated on your display.

More WordPress social sharing plugins slow down your site, but this tool will not affect your site speed in any case.

Shared Counts is a plugin coded by the best developers, which makes this plugin super friendly and you can easily customize it according to your theme.

It places Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Stumbleupon, and email sharing buttons or keys on your site.

These buttons can also share their count instantly.

Pros and Cons of Shared Counts WordPress plugin


  • Social Share Icons are Attractive.
  • Live count.
  • Good support 
  • Various social icons support.


  • Some users complain about this plugin that it is not working properly.

24. CSS Hero – Best WordPress Theme Editor Plugin

CSS Hero is a WordPress customization plugin where you can easily customize your theme without coding anything in your site’s theme.

Meaning if you have no knowledge of coding but still with the help of this tool you can do customization in your WordPress site.

If you know a WordPress theme, control your visuals with the help of CSS code, so this plugin helps you to make it easier for bloggers who are not related to the computer science field.

This is the best video for those bloggers who are beginners in blogging.

Pros and Cons of CSS Hero WordPress plugin


  • You can change the appearance of your site without any problems.
  • Undo and redo are best among its options.
  • This plugin is there integrated device mode.
  • You also get to see good features in its basic plan.


  • You can take advantage of the features of this plugin for a one-time fee, lifetime, but if you want to get the updates along with it, then you have to purchase its license.

25. WP Rocket – Best WordPress Cache Plugin

WP Rocket is the WordPress Cache Plugin which is competing with W3 Total Cache in terms of caching plugin. 

This plugin is also the best cache plugin for those who don’t know how to set these plugins for their high performance. 

It integrates the latest features on your site such as boosting site performance, reducing page loading speed. And it is very easy to set up the WP Rocket plugin.

Pros and Cons of WP Rocket WordPress plugin


  • This plugin is increasingly easy to install and use.
  •   This plugin gives you a good experience by increasing your site’s performance and loading speed.
  • 718,000 + websites use this plugin
  • You can install this plugin within 3 minutes.
  • They have good customer support
  • It can work with multisite


  • It charges you 49 dollars for one site

26. Live Chat – Best Live Chat Plugin

This Live Chat Plugin is more beneficial for those bloggers who sell some products through the middle of their blog, so with the help of this plugin, your visitors can communicate with you.

If there is a lot of traffic on your site, with the help of this plugin, you can also answer the questions asked by your visitors.

And the best feature of this plugin is that you can also increase the email list with the help of it.

This plugin also provides you free services, but some restrictions are found in its free version.

Another feature of this is that whatever your visitor is typing, you can see that message just before your user sends it.

You should go with the Live Chat plugin. 

Pros and Cons of Live Chat WordPress plugin


  • You can set and configure this plugin very easily.
  • Their app is beautifully designed and attractive.
  • Responsive chat feature.
  • Fast loading.


  • There are no such cons to this plugin

Pretty Links is the first choice when it comes to the Top Affiliate Marketing Plugin. the main feature of this pretty link plugin is that it organizes all the affiliate links reliably placed by you.

With the help of this tool, you can easily find out affiliate links placed on your blog or website.

For example

Whenever you want to replace the link placed on your blog with another link, you did not have to search for word-to-word, instead you can replace the links directly with the help of the Pretty Links plugin.

Pretty Links also have a feature to shorten your blog URLs. 


  • With the help of this plugin, you can shorten the links of your site
  • It can track your unique clicks.
  • You can buy it at an affordable price.
  • In this plugin, you get to see a powerful auto keyword replacement tool.


  • This tool does not clearly show the target links on its dashboard, the clocked links on this plugin are shown properly.

Envira Gallery is one of the best WordPress gallery plugins which is best for making your gallery look great.

In this plugin also you get in-built templates, with the help of which you can design a good gallery with a little effort.

You get to see many more cool gallery plugins in the market, but this is a lightweight non-blotted plugin that can work more effectively when you work with a dozen different addons.

In this plugin you get many features and here are some of those features.

  • Drag and drop feature of the Envira Gallery plugin can help you to customize your site unless time with low effort. 
  • This makes the photo gallery or your site mobile responsive. All the galleries you create on this plugin are mobile responsive, meaning that your gallery will be responsive according to the device of your visitors.
  • This plugin supports several addons that may provide support from time to time

These are some features of the Envira Gallery wordpress plugin. 


  • Lightbox effect in this plugin
  • You can full control at an image size
  • The interface of this plugin is simple and fast that anyone can use this plugin.
  • This plugin is very responsive and fast.


  • In its free version, you do not get a chance to use its best features.
  • You do not get to see any template in its basic plan, you have to buy its higher plans.

29. Revive Old Post – Best Post Scheduling Plugin

If you are new to blogging, let me tell you that along with blogging, you have to develop your social media accounts as you get a good amount of traffic from social media as well.

So if you are growing your social media accounts and you have good followers in your social media, then the Revive Old Post tool schedules your old blog posts to new blog posts and shares them on the social media platforms you have selected.

With the help of this plugin, you can track clicks on your blog very easily. You can select the number of blog posts and post them on your selected social media platforms.

Pros and Cons of Revive Old Post WordPress plugin


  • This plugin works smoothly.
  • Works very easily according to your schedule.
  • Easily posts your older articles on all social media platforms.
  • Customer support is good.


  • People complain that sometimes this tool does not work properly.

30. Smart Slider 3 – Best Slider plugin

Are you looking for a good slider plugin? Smart Slider 3 is a good plugin that lets you create sliders for your WordPress site.

 With the help of this tool, you can build a slider on your blog very easily. You can easily use this plugin for free. And there are 4,00,000+ active installations of this tool because of its premium features in the free version. 

The main benefit of its pro version is that you can get regular updates on this plugin for a lifetime along with 100+ sliders for easy work. 

This plugin has an easy to use interface. If you are a beginner in making sliders or you are having difficulty in making sliders, you can easily make a good slider with the help of this plugin.

Pros and Cons of Smart Slider 3 WordPress plugin


  • Here we will get 180+ slider samples
  • We can add animation very easily with the help of this plugin, on every layer
  • You can easily know how this tool works and it is easy to use.
  • You can build sliders for any of your purposes.


  • No such cons of this plugin.

31. User Role Editor – Best User Role Editor Tool

User Role Editor gives you control to create custom authorities and roles on your site. With the help of this plugin, you can add new roles and at the same time customize the capabilities according to your need.

This plugin is very beneficial for these types of sites.

  • Membership sites
  • eCommerce sites
  • Corporate sites,
  • Any  type of multi-author
  • Multi-user website.

This plugin is best for these types of sites only so if you have a normal blog then you don’t need to install this.

Pros and Cons of User Role Editor WordPress plugin


  • Easy to work with.
  • Value for money
  • Good customer support
  • User-friendly interface.
  • You can display and hide menu items for some visitors.
  • You can create custom roles manually which is a great feature of this plugin.


  • Complaints such as this tool are not working properly.

32. Better Search Replace – Best Replacing Tool

Better Search Replace is a plugin that must be on every blogger’s site. With the help of this plugin, you can easily find any item on your site and also replace it. 

To understand the work of this plugin, you can take the replacement feature of Microsoft Word for example.

So now you must know how to use this plugin, then you can easily uninstall this plugin after using it according to your need.

Whenever you want to make any changes to your WordPress website, this plugin makes it easy for you to time your work, it discovers what you find and replaces it with what you set.

Pros and Cons of Better Search Replace WordPress plugin


  • 1-year regular update
  • easy to use
  • This plugin lets you see exactly what has changed during the search / replace.


  • Support is not good 

33. Jetpack by WordPress 

As you all know what causes WordPress ORG over WordPress.com.  

You all will know that there are 50,000+ WordPress plugins in the market today, but if you try to use all these best plugins, the loading speed of your site will be very slow, giving your visitors a bad experience.

So what do you think if you get all these features in the same plugin? There are millions of installations of this plugin to date, but still, some users do not know the value of this plugin.

Jetpack is the ultimate plugin that can be a great toolkit for your WordPress website. In this, you get to see all the tools that are used to track your site, consider improving sharing, and many avoidance tools.

You get to use all these tools for free and you can take good work from them. 

If you also take their cheap plans, then you can also use advanced tools such as spam protection, daily backups, and some good SEO tools.

Another feature of this toolkit is that it hosts all its features on WordPress.com.

So if you are thinking of making a perfect that makes money in the future then you can go with these wordpress plugins. 

Pros and Cons of Jetpack by WordPress WordPress plugin


  • Conveniently, this plugin adds the necessary features to your dashboard or site.
  •   It also has a free version
  • Regular subsidies


  • There is a free version too but you have to take its premium plan to take advantage of the features of this tool like daily backups and templates.
  • It makes your site slow.

34. Akismet Anti-Spam

This plugin is one of the best plugins to prevent spam on our site.

Every blogger wants to avoid spam but it is a part of life.

Whether your WordPress website is new or old, it will start getting spam comments on your comment section as soon as it is live.

And the worst thing is that these spam comments sometimes appear to be Genuine comments.

Spam comments are extremely harmful to your site because these comments make your site’s user experience bad.

But today with the help of a tool, you can get rid of these spam comments without any hard work.

Akismet is one of the most popular plugins in WordPress, with over 35 million installations.

The Akismet WordPress plugin protects your site from these harmful spam comments and gives you a good experience as this plugin puts spam comments directly into the Trash folder.

This tool is free and every wordpress user can install it. And in my opinion, this tool should be on your WordPress site.

Pros and Cons of Akismet Anti-Spam WordPress plugin


  • It has its own filtering algorithm which does a great job at its level.
  • It helps your website to run smoothly.
  • This is a cheap and effective tool to keep your website from spammers.
  • If your site has high traffic then they charge 5dollar per month.


This plugin is used by pro bloggers and there are no cons of this plugin.

35. Google XML Sitemaps

If you are a new blogger and search engines have to help you to get your site indexed.

If you want your ranking to be good, then you want search engines to index your site so that they can crawl your site.

But to do this process properly, you need a sitemap.

A sitemap file helps your site be crawled and indexed by all these search engines.

Without this, you may not be able to get your ranking, or you may not be able to generate your sitemap to date, due to which your website ranking is suffering.

And if you want to do it manually, then it can be a time-consuming process.

But with the help of this plugin, you can create a dynamic sitemap of your website that supports every search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Google XML helps sitemap search engines crawl and index your site’s content.

You just have to submit your XML sitemap to all these search engines only once, then with the help of this tool all the search engines also crawl the new content that has been added to your site and helps in indexing.

So if you are new then the first thing you have to do is to generate your site XML sitemap and submit it to all the search engines. 

This plugin works like this as soon as you update your site or add some new content to your site, this tool automatically notifies all the search engines.

I hope you have discovered the importance of this plugin.

Pros and Cons of Google XML Sitemaps WordPress plugin


  • Free to use. 
  • Easy to generate sitemap through this plugin.
  • The installation of this plugin is the most in this category.
  • Light weight
  • Multilanguage support


  • Shows Vulnerabilities

36. Smush- Image Compression and Optimization

Smush plugin
Best wordpress plugins

Do you know that you can bring traffic to blogging not only through content but also through images?

Every blogger must have told you to use images, but images are important as well as they affect the loading speed of your site, which is not good.

Using these high-quality images on your site can slow the speed of your site, which deteriorates your visitor experience.

So now there must be a question coming to your mind. For example, if the speed of our site slows down using images, then how do we use the images?

The answer is image compression. If you have much time to compress all your images then you can compress easily but if you don’t have that much time then the Smush wordpress plugin is a good option for those boggers. 

With the help of this plugin, you can use many images in your same post, because this plugin gives you compress images in bulk.

With the help of this plugin, you compress images in bulk in one click very easily which does not affect your page loading speed at all.

So this plugin is also important for your site to make your site fast. 

Pros and Cons of Smush- Image WordPress plugin


  • Here you will find a clean and user-friendly interface.
  • Powerful in compression of images.
  • In this plugin, you can compress unlimited images with its free version.
  • This plugin has been recommended by every blogger, and very popular in the market
  • If you want some pro features of the smush plugin then you can buy its premium plan.


  • They are expensive if you go with its premium plan.
  • Its premium version activation is a slightly longer process.



You need to pay attention to the maintenance and performance of your website.

These plugins are important if you want your website to be ranked on all search engines, and if you want more engagement in your content by improving your user experience.

You can use all these plugins according to the need of your website.

You can use the Yoast SEO plugin to do on-page search engine optimization of your website’s blog pages.

Jetpack is used to track your site and you can use Google’s XML sitemap to rank your site.

You also have to protect your website from spammers because these spam comments slow down the performance of your site, spammy comments on your site will force your visitors to dislike your site.

So to prevent spammy comments, you can use the Akismet Anti-Spam plugin.

For optimizing your site, use optimization WordPress plugins like W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, and smush.

To increase the social sharing of your site, you can use a wp plugin like Shared Counts which helps to rank your site and I also tell you that Google considers social sharing to be a ranking factor.

Sometimes you have to find some links and components on your site by using a plugin like Better Search Replace that can make your work easier, you can also uninstall after finishing the work later.

 And if you install these plugins, your site speed, ranking, and overall performance will be great, and these plugins are also used by successful bloggers like Neil Patel and Brian Dean.

So go use these plugins on your site and get good results.

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