3 SEO mistakes can directly impact your ranking.

Hey bloggerteck family. I welcome you to read this article because this article can improve your ranking on the search engines. Many new bloggers do those mistakes which impact their blog and takes more time to rank on search engines. Here we will discuss 3 SEO mistakes commonly done by amateur bloggers.  

All of you bloggers must be learning blogging from YouTube today, but sometimes YouTubers don’t tell you the real thing.

Now, like they will tell you about the backlinks for blogging, but they will not tell which websites are right for your blog backlinking.

Today with my experience I am posting this article for those my friend which are making these SEO mistakes.

Here is the list of those common 3 SEO mistakes done by Amateur bloggers. 

  1. Keyword research.
  2. Title tags or meta descriptions.
  3. Many 404 errors on the blog. 

These are the SEO mistakes done by new bloggers.and are doing regularly. So new bloggers must improve their SEO strategies. 

These 3 SEO mistakes are just a part of them. 

SEO Mistake #1: Proper keyword research. 

Today, every business and businessman wants to rank his blog and website on Google and other search engines. 

And to rank your blogs quickly on these search engines is not too difficult, just you have to find out on which keywords your blog can rank quickly.

This is why keyword research is given so much importance because it helps to rank your blog.

This is the reason why keyword research is the main part of SEO strategies. 

By doing proper keyword research you can get all the data of a particular keyword. By the proper research of any niche related keyword, you can get new readers or get huge traffic only by search engines. 

Google itself says that if you do proper keyword research, then Google will help you in ranking your blog and article.

If you have followed these strategies, then your article will start ranking on the first page in a few months. 

TIP: Guys please use long-tail keywords or niche related keywords. These are those keywords that help to bring your blog related audience in very little time.  

You can also visit:

SEO Mistake #2: Tags And Mata descriptions. 

The first objective of proper search engine optimization is to bring all the traffic to your blog and website only. We are waiting for ranking our article on google by which we can get a huge amount of traffic tour blog which makes our earning double. 

Sometimes new bloggers or amateur bloggers forgot to add a tag or meta tags and most importantly they forget to add a description.  

A meta description is a small block where you can add the specific keyword on which you made an article and provide small information about the article. We can also say an overview of the entire article in 150 characters only. 

Google has written all this in its policies that blogs and blog articles should not be ranked quickly without tags and meta tags. Tags and meta descriptions provide your viewer or audience with little idea on which topic or lines you are covering in the article. 

We can also say a quick summary of whole the article.

An attractive meta description can boost your traffic and bring new readers to your blog. This is very clear and direct description is given about yourself and your business, because here you do not get more than 160 characters.

If you do not use the meta description, then you are wasting thousands of readers to your blog.

Tip: Provide more and detailed information in the meta description. The meta description should be more attractive. 

SEO Mistake #3: The excess of 404 errors on the blog.  

404 errors are very common errors that can impact your blog ranking on search engines. So we have to remove all the 404 errors of our blogs. 

We can detect 404 errors by various tools available on google to help us to remove 404 errors. 

We understand this by an example;

If you are a normal user and you have searched this on Google, the best tools for blogging.

And a blog and website have come in front of you and as soon as you visit it, you get an error of 404.

So how bad would you feel as a user

Only if there are 404 errors on your site, then it is necessary to remove them.

Many of the users face these types of problems which leads to ignorance of your blog. This is a bad experience for your user. 

If you are a professional blogger and runs different blogs or have many articles on a single blog. Then it’s difficult to find these 404 errors.

404 error pages or posts can impact your SEO strategy.

These are various tools on google some are paid some are free by which you can check your blog’s 404 errors. And that helps you to make your blog perfect.  

Conclusion: SEO mistakes

Guys make sure to resolve all these issues or SEO mistakes on your blog. This can directly impact your ranking in all the search engines. These are many of factors working to rank your site on google if you don’t take them seriously then this may lead to loss of traffic to your site.

I hope you guys like this article. If you like then please make sure to share this article with your new blogger friends. 

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