Social media, To initiate your blog traffic

Guys, if you are also having problems in bringing traffic to your new blog and website, then this whole article is going to be very expensive for you. guys Social media is the best way to get massive traffic. By the help of social media we can share our blog to millions of people and by these social media platforms we can get initial traffic for our blog.

Social media
Social media

We often make blogs and websites easily or by giving money, but forget that blogs and websites depend only and only on traffic.

If our blog or website has good or quality traffic then there is no need to worry, but if  your blog has low traffic then this is a big reason to worry. 

Blogs are directly dependent on traffic, especially organic traffic. That is why I have suggested you make your blog SEO-friendly. In this article, we came to know how we try to bring all the traffic to our article, and how we used our best to bring the initial traffic to our blog using the best social media platforms.

There are millions of blogs and websites in the world and it’s difficult to rank your website to the first page of google. As we all know, ranking of blog posts is the major factor for huge traffic.

But in the case your article or blog if it doesn’t rank on google then we have two options to rank our blog or website

Social media traffic

Powerful backlinking.  

Here we will only discuss Social media traffic, and top 12 social media platforms by which we can generate huge traffic. Even  I am using these all the platforms for initial traffic. All these social media platforms can help you to bring a huge amount of traffic to your blog. 

So, guys let’s Start this topic.

Social media platforms: [With example]

Social media platforms are the best way to get traffic. If your post is not ranking on google then you can post your blog on these platforms to get huge traffic.

With social media platforms, we get so much traffic because nowadays people spend more time on these platforms, so if you share your posts on each of  these platforms, then it is sure that out of 100 minimum 40 people , Must have gone to your blog.

And this example is for one social media platform. 

If you are bringing 40 people on your blog daily, then you can bring about 1200 visitors monthly. Which is the good number of visitors for an initial blog.

And 40 people is just an example, it must be 50, 60, 70, or upto 80 people per day, and guess guys you can make what number by these platforms. 

Top 12 Social media platforms for initial traffic for your blog or website. 

1. Quora

2. Facebook

3. Linkedin

4. Medium

5. Twitter

6. Pinterest

7. Product hunt

8. Reddit

9. Instagram

10. Telegram

11. Listly

12. Bloglovin

These are the top 12 social  media platforms by which you can make you blog popular or famous.There platforms are my favourite too. I am only making this article for those of my friends who are new to this field and are worried to get traffic to their blogs. 

Here i will shortly explain to you how to publish your st on these platforms by not getting banned by these platforms. 

1. Quora; is the best social media platform.

quora Social media

 Quora is that platform in which approx 5 to 10 Million visitors who visit Quora monthly. If you are able to answer top Questions of Quora then you can gain visitors to your site also and guys just think of that huge number.

If you can turn 1% or that traffic to your site then you can earn lots of money.

By Answering;

Quora is a question-and-answer website in which people can ask questions, answer them, and even make changes. Here we  get a chance to solve other peoples queries on what they want to know.

You can answer many of queries per day and by this your answer gets views by other people who are using quora too.

In Quora, you just have to give the answer and if you put a link to your blog or article in that answer at the time of answering, then from this, your site got the link and if you or anyone  clicked on that link then it will redirect that visitor to your blog post. 

This is the genuine way to add a link in quora.

By Questioning:

We can also add Questions in Quora and you can also add a link to your blog while adding questions.

While adding questions in Quora, we have to give a link in such a way that no policy of Quora can be broken.

For example;

I have seen many of peoples who add there  link like this:

                -How to make a website like this? 

This is the best way which does not break the moderation policy of quora.

      I hope you understand how to use Quora for website Traffic.

2. FacebookSocial media platform

Facebook is the kind of social media platform about which every person is more aware.. There is no need to tell its features too, but tell you about this social media platform that it can bring a lot of traffic to your site.

Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups

On Facebook, we now know that there is a feature called Facebook Groups by which you can bring Facebook traffic to your blog by giving a link to your blog.

All you have to do is follow these steps and share the link of your blog on Facebook groups daily.

  • First, you create a Facebook account.
  •  Then, by creating an account, you have to add Facebook groups related to your blog topic on your account.
  • Have to follow at least 20 to 30 groups, and at least share your 3 blog links on all these groups in a day.
  • You can use simple copy paste technique
  • But you have to keep consistency.

Facebook is that platform by which you can gain upto 100 visitors daily if you follow these steps.

On facebook there is around billions of traffic. And there are millions of members in such groups, If you can search your blog niche on facebook groups then you will find thousands of groups in which there are millions of members which are active daily.

3. LinkedinSocial media platform 

Linkedin is a platform that most people will not know about, but believe me, I have not even seen a blog sharing platform like this. On this platform, you can share your blog with hashtags.


Linkedin is very easy to Share like Facebook and Quora, similarly you can use it to share your blog link.

You only have to follow these steps:

  • You have to create your linkedin account.
  • Then, you get the option of adding a post in its home page itself.
  • You have to click on the simple add post and write a script of 50 to 60 words related to your post and also give a link to your blog.
  • Remember that the script you are writing should be interesting and attractive so that people will wish to visit your site.
  • In this social media platform you get the option to add signatures automatically.

So get it, start using this platform from today also.

4. Medium: Social media platform

Medium is a social media platform where you can share a lot of posts on a daily basis.On the medium, you will see an interface with a blogging platform. Actually medium is a blogging platform but it is being used more for social media, so it has also come in our list.

medium Social media
medium Social media

  Visitors arrive in Millions on this platform in the month, who read the articles delisted on it, so this platform is going to prove to be helpful.

In medium you have to create an account.  Then you have to follow these steps.

  • After making a new account it will take time to publish your article, My personal tip is to post your articles after 24 hours.
  • Now on the right hand side of your screen you will see your profile icon, you have to click on it. You will see noe a option [ New Stories] click on that option 
  • Here you have to write your article top 100 words or 20 to30 lines of your article
  • The most important step is to link your article with any word of your blog post on medium. 
  • You can also use [read more] signs to visit people on your site.

This is the full process, How you can use Medium for blog link sharing.

5. Twitter: Social media platform 

Twitter again is the best social media platform for informing people about your blog post. Here you can add people or attract people to follow you on twitter and when you post your blog link on twitter then you can easily get visitors from twitter. 

twitter Social media
twitter Social media

On twitter you can directly give your link and tweet it. If people like that blog post then they will follow you and can become regular visitors. 

So guys Twitter is also a good Social media sharing blog platform. 

Use of Twitter is very good for promotion of your blog, because nowadays more people are following Twitter and if you are able to attract these people, then your site will get more traffic easily.

6. PinterestSocial media platform

Pinterest is the image sharing platform by which you can add your blog post link in that picture, and by clicking on that picture people will redirect to your targeted blog post.  Here you can also directly share  your affiliate link with the product image and you can post a pin in your related board. 


In pinterest there is an odd format of posting a post.

I will try to explain you in these following steps;

  • In this, you get two options after creating an account.

  1. Create board

   2. Add pin

  • First we have to make a board related to our blog, on which later we can pin the image of your blog, we can understand this platform by taking an example of the school board.
  • Just after making the board, we have to keep adding continuous images and keep giving links to our blog in the images. 

Pinterest is a platform on which you can also share your affiliate product directly, and for this you did not even have to write any blog. This is an image sending platform, just in this we can link the image to our blog.

And you will not believe that even on this platform there are millions of visitors monthly who Visit this platform. 

7. Product Hunt:  Social media platform

This is also a blog sharing or Product sharing platform. This Platform is best for affiliate marketing blogs. It will Provide All the features to sell your product You Have to give all the details of what product you want to sell and where.

Product hunt
Product hunt

This platform demands you to provide a product blog link, then its total details , its name, it’s Description, with Images. 

If your blog is related to affiliates then this platform is best for you. This platform works on ranking your article.  Here you can add your blog link directly then sell your product easily. 

8. Reddit: Social media platform

Reddit is also a social media platform in which we get the option to share your blog post on it. Here we can share at least 3 to 4 posts a day.

reddit Social media

Here you can also join other groups related to your niche and post your  blog link directly or by image or by text.

But you can share only 3 to 4 posts at a time. you can join other groups and post articles if you follow their terms and conditions. We can post articles with their permission.

Here we can also find an option to add a new post. We have to click on that post and link our blog post link on it then click on the post button your post will be posted immediately.

Reddit is also an excellent platform in which there are millions of monthly visitors and are regular also.

To use reddit we firstly have to make an account.  Then we can add posts daily.  

Guys please select that community that accepts you to post your blog without any issue. 

This is all about reddit. 

9. Instagram

You all know a lot about Instagram. We have also included Instagram in this list, because I had done this experiment with my site, so the link to my site was also given below the image of Instagram.


Last found out that 100 out of 30 people are visiting my blog through those links. Then I started writing attractive posts and stories on Instagram with attractive pictures that many people come to see on my blog only and only from Instagram.

To bring the followers of your Instagram to your blog site, you need to write an attractive article and must upload awesome images that people like. 

You have to make a separate page on instagram related to your blog niche. In instagram you can also upload videos and provide your blog link in description below by which people can watch or visit your blog. 

For Example; If you are working on a travel blog then make a instagram page on travelling. And you have to post pictures of your traveling and pictures of nature that will definitely attract people to visit your blog too.

This is my Formulae for Making more page views or gaining more visitors.  

So guys transform your instagram into a traffic machine to your blog site. 

10. Telegram:

You all must know about Telegram, what kind of social media platform it is. This is a social media platform on which we can create many Groups and add upto 3 lakh members in a group.

telegram social media platform

You can join up to 3 lakh members in Telegram. So you too can use it on your blog to get massive traffic.

Telegram is the platform in which you have to add more and more people with the help of other social media platforms by sharing your telegram group’s link.

You can share telegram links in all the social media platforms to add peoples to your telegram group and then if your group becomes massive in numbers of peoples then you can give your blog post link daily. 

That’s why guys you should build your gentle audience who like to visit your blog, your posts and also your telegram channel.   

With the help of telegram you can directly join various blog promotion groups as i told you in the Facebook topic and you can directly add your blog or website link on those promotion groups. These are the steps where you can use telegram for your initial traffic to your blog.

11. Listly: 

This is another social media platform that helps you a lot if you talk about traffic. With this, you can bring all the traffic to your blog.

Listly social media

You just have to follow the steps with a few simple steps.

First of all, you have to create an account on it from your email or Google account.

Then you will find here the option of [Make a list] on the right hand side top.

Then after clicking on that option, you have to keep the list in the name of your blog, here you have to write in detail about your blog below.

Now you get to see the option of items. Now from here you can continuously  link your blog in this list. You will also get traffic from outside.

 Listly is one of my Favourite blogging platforms in which we directly add our link and it finds the whole article automatically with your blog’s featured image. On this platform we don’t need to write a paragraph to link our blog. You can directly add your blog link. 

And our Last Social Media platform which can help us to gain initial traffic is 

12. Bloglovin

This platform is also like a Medium blogging platform in which you have to write your article intro. Part and you have to give your blog website link by hyper linking  like read more…


I hope you understand. You have to write your blog post introduction and add some of your blg images after you can hyperlink this post with any of the words in that introduction section. 

From here you can get massive traffic also. 

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