Evergreen Blogging Niches Perfectly works 2020 to 2025

Hey guys. Hope you all are well. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, I request you to stay safe and be at home. Are you seeking the best evergreen blogging niches for generating money? If you wish to start a blog, then this post will be extremely helpful. Here are the 11 Best Evergreen Blogging Topics you should be aware of.

On the date, we all are confused that what can we do to make money in this pandemic.

So here are some of the best evergreen working blogging niches from that you can start your blog or website and make a huge amount of money. 

Many of the audience asked this question on google that what are the most profitable blogging ideas from which they can easily make money and those niches must be in evergreen blogging niches. 

These 11+ blogging niches have been popular in the past and continue to be effective in the future. Blogging is an art, and if you want to perfect it, you must work hard.

If you are ready, then you have to be creative towards your topic or blogging niche, only then you will be able to become successful in the future. Choosing a perfect niche is more important than working on that topic.

And nowadays, it is really tough to find the right topic or evergreen niche to work in order to achieve success. Your hard effort will be in vain if you select the incorrect niche.

But there is no need to worry, in this article you will find Evergreen blogging topics that can change your life.

Blogging is the way to express your thoughts in the form of articles on any topic in which you are comfortable, and publish these articles on the web or the internet and your blog is the medium for that.

To become a blogger or to start your blog, you need to buy hosting and a perfect domain name for your blog. 

Before diving into the article let’s know some important aspects around evergreen niches.

What is an evergreen niche?

Evergreen blogging niches are ones that have a long track record of success and can be relied on. They have the potential to make you successful if you work on them with solid techniques.

This refers to blogging ideas on which you can work for years and years without having any effect on search volume. Topics that are relevant to human existence and are searched for by millions of Google users every day.

These are examples of evergreen blogging niches.

Best topics to blog about

If you want to start a blog or a youtube channel, then the first thing you should do is that ask yourself that what niche topics are there in which you are more interested. List those topics and then choose the one niche(topic) in which you can generate more and more content with interest. 

Now stick to that topics and generate content around that with consistency. Along with that, you need good wordpress hosting, a fast and responsive theme, with some wordpress plugins to make your website fast. 

Along with website speed, your blog post should be properly formated without having any errors. Proofreading and summarizing your content is a must in this process.

Now let’s take a look at the top profitable topics to blog about.

  • Personal blogs.
  • Business blogs
  • Niche blogs
  • Affiliate blogs
  • News blogs
  • Gaming blogs.

Do’s and don’t of blogging

If you enjoy writing in your free time, blogging is one of the finest job alternatives for you because it may also earn a high income if you work in profitable niches.

It takes a lot of effort and time at first to be consistent, learning about SEO, on-page, and off-page. However, you will be comfortable with these concepts in 4 to 5 months, and you may also improve your writing abilities during this time.

But, you will need proper guidance on how to work accurately for that 5 to 10 month time. So, without further ado, let’s go through some blogging do’s and don’ts.

DO’s of blogging:

  1. Use strong headlines.
  2. Generate new content. 
  3. Master keyword research.
  4. Use keywords strategically.
  5. Learn blog formatting.
  6. Use compressed images on your blogs. 
  7. Add visuals in between your blog posts.
  8. Upgrade your analytical skills.

Dont’s of blogging

  1. Inconsistent posting.
  2. Don’t change the topics of your blog post. 
  3. Keyword stuffing. 
  4. Bad formatting.

These are some blogging dos and don’ts that you should be aware of if you are new to the blogging world.

And now, bloggerteck family members, are you ready to get the list of the top 11 best evergreen blogging niches?

Here is the list of the top 11 evergreen Blogging niches:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Education
  3. Food
  4. Travel 
  5. Personality development
  6. Fashion 
  7. News 
  8. Finance
  9. Technology.
  10. Health
  11. Gaming niches

If you want to become a blogger, these are some evergreen niches on which you may work and succeed. These subjects will assist you in making a large amount of money on a daily basis. By blogging, you have the opportunity to make money in millions of dollars. 

Here we discuss these topics in brief. So guys make sure to read these topics in brief to get the basic knowledge about these blogging niches. 

1. Entertainment: Evergreen blogging niches

Entertainment is a blogging niche that has grown in popularity over this corona period.

Today, due to the coronavirus, people are locked in their homes and nowadays they keep looking for new shows and movies for entertainment.

Nowadays, every person entertains himself in some way. Whether it’s in the form of a film or a television show. Today, we engage ourselves to these channels by paying for services.
If you provide free movies and shows to people on your site, you will gain immensely from this as well.
Start posting movies and TV series on your site, and after a few months, all of your blog visitors will help you to earn money. 
People use Google to find entertainment, and if you have a link to good movies and shows on your blog, people will have visited your blog and downloaded the movie. And you may profit from this.

There is no need to be worried about these blogging niches. In a few months, you will have a lot of traffic, and with that traffic, you will be able to make a lot of money.

You can also provide your visitors with entertainment-related news. Here are some sub-niches. you can go with these evergreen niches.

  • Hollywood news
  • Blooywood news
  • Movies download sites
  • Movies list
  • Music lyrics 

2. Education: Evergreen blogging niches

Education is a topic that has a lot of scopes. Here you can choose your favorite topic and make a separate sub-niche blog on it.

As you all know, there is a regular update in the education line. And this is a topic that will never stop, so we are adding it to the list of our Evergreen Blogging niches. 

On your blog, you can write about anything related to education. You may contribute your notes or knowledge of the subject in this niche, which will aid in the administration of tests to students.
You may publish anything you want here, and it will help your audience study more in preparation for any test.
In the education sector, you may also use your articles to give online courses and deliver the greatest notes to your audience.

Here are some sub-niches in the education niche that can help you.

  • Educational notes
  • Exams tips
  • Study tip
  • Job tips
  • Exam syllabus
  • Mcq’s

These are some niche ideas from which you can start your blog. 

3.  Food: Evergreen blogging niches

food topic is One of my personal favorite evergreen blogging niches in blogging. In these niches, you must post all of the delicious food products that your site can cover. You may educate your audience on how to create various foods here.
You may find several sub-niches in food niches to work on and post content on your site. Food is everything to someone who enjoys trying new foods. And for this, they use Google to find the greatest culinary items.
You may attract a lot of traffic to your blog if you give accurate content and your audience enjoys getting information from your blog.
Create a blog on anything related to food on this topic. You may create articles ranging from meal preparation to the top restaurants.

Today, street food is more popular in different countries, therefore if you cover it on your site, it may receive a lot of visitors.
People are curious about the best street meals at a minimal cost. If you cover all of the street cuisines on your blog, it will be more popular than any YouTube channel.
Here are some of the most popular niches for a food blog.

  • Street food
  • Reviews
  • Food recipes
  • Restaurants 
  • Food challenges

4. Travel: Evergreen blogging niches

Is it possible to find someone who does not enjoy traveling?
This is a challenging task because no one ever refuses to travel. And they utilize Google to find their favorite destinations. For years, it has been a blogging niche that has been in circulation.

In a travel niche, you can recommend the greatest spots to visit your audience.

If you wish to manage our travel blog, you may add articles based on your location. You may recommend the top sites in your area to your audience.

Travel bloggers also share their experiences while traveling; if you are able to do so, this will be more beneficial to you.

The travel niche is one of the most successful evergreen blogging niches to date. There is no need to travel if you are innovative in order to write content in this sector. You may also publish an article based on your imagination.

Many changes in the tourist business might have an impact on your blog. As a result, you must stay current in the tourist industry and present your audience with accurate information.

If you enjoy traveling, you will be aware of the topics that may be covered in travel blogs.

Here you can get some travel blog Sub niches. 

  • Travel places 
  • Planning
  • Travel list
  • Road trips
  • Cycling stations
  • Mountain cycling
  • Budget trips

5. Personality Development:

We are all living beings, and we change with time. Whatever you are today, you will definitely change tomorrow.

And all of this happens over time, and everyone desires to improve, develop some skills with the passage of time.

So, why don’t you start writing about these topics and publishing them on your blog? This is the ideal chance, and you may obtain a lot of visitors from the Blogging topic.
In today’s world, every guy wants to know how he shapes himself in accordance with these civilizations.

As a result, you may provide personality-related advice and tactics for a successful blog launch. You must share your expertise in order to motivate individuals to improve their lifestyles and personalities.

Your job here is simply to assist those folks whose personalities are less than ideal and to present them with frequent articles.

Your article should provide suggestions to assist your readers to interact with you in the future. People prefer to acquire suggestions from your site because of these informed articles, which assist you to develop a real following.

You may also obtain their email addresses. So, gentlemen, you may go with this evergreen blogging field as well.

The following is a list of the top blogging niches in the subject of Personal Development.

  • Grooming
  • Communication skills body language
  • Self-confidence
  • Health care
  • Personal care
  • Social life

If you are perfect in this topic and if you can run your blog on daily basis then guys go for it. This blogging niche is the best in all evergreen blogging niches. 

6. Fashion:

So Guys now come to the fashion evergreen niches. Here you do not have to work daily like everyone else, because fashion is such a topic that due to a trending fashion, traffic will be brought to your blog.

You can also publish articles here by taking a break of 2 to 3 days.

If you have covered any new fashion style or concept in your article first, compare to your competitors then there has been no shortage of traffic on your blog.

We all know that fashion is changing along with the changing world and if you cover these changing fashion styles first on your blog, then Google will promote itself to help you earn a lot of money.

 Fashion is such a topic that always stays on-trend. Its trend is never-ending or diminishing which is a good thing for you.

If you also want to work on this, then you should not only have fashion knowledge but also your mind should be creative.

You can work on a lot of sub-niches in the fashion niche, here you get many topics on which you can succeed by starting a separate blog.

 Here is the list is given below the top evergreen blogging topics in the field of Fashion.

  • Beauty
  • Cosmetics
  • Clothing
  • Hairstyle
  • Personal care 
  • Lifestyle

If you are perfect in this topic and if you can run your blog on daily basis then guys go for it. This blogging niche is the best in all evergreen blogging niches. 

7. News:

News niche is one of the best evergreen niches that can be counted on to be top of any other niches.

As you all know, everyone watches the news, and watching the news daily is also a good habit. So if you want to start your blog, then you can earn a lot of money by working on the news website.

 Here you have to publish an article of 400 to 500 words, covering a piece of particular news.

 And also get ranked very quickly compared to news blogs and websites. In this blogging niche, you get a lot of traffic which helps you to generate great revenue.

 In today’s modern world, people prefer to search for news on Google more than watching on TV.

 So if you are thinking of starting a news website, then you have to pay more attention to creating articles, because in this niche, the news article which will be put on Google will get more traffic.

 And here your heart should also be big because your article is completely gone after 2 to 3 days. After all, people like to watch current news.

 So if you want to work on this niche, then you have to publish the article daily first.

First of all, we have to cover the news and at least 3 to 4 articles have to be published in a day.


If you are starting a new blog, then you start with local news, from this you also got traffic and you also easily ranked on Google.

8. Finance: One of my personal favourite evergreen niche

 So Guys, let’s have some discussion on the relevant topic of money & Finance.

Finance! Yes, Finance is also an Evergreen niche on which you can earn money by creating a blog yourself.

If you have good knowledge of finance-related topics, then you can easily rank your blog and make a unique audience every month.

You can cover many topics here

This blogging topic also has many subtopics.

Here you can work from money management to banking advisor with the help of your blog articles.

Many advisors are highly paid per month. The only works of these communities are to provide proper direction to the normal people about money management and financial advice. 

So why don’t you cover this topic and fulfill the demands of the people? In this niche too, you can get very successful jobs.

With the help of these topics, you can become a successful blogger as well as a good advisor.

People ask for the advice of a good consultant on these topics and if this advice reaches your audience through your articles, then you too can be called a successful blogger.

Here below you can find your relative topic on finance;

 These are those evergreen blogging niches on which you can start your blog and make money in a huge amount. 

9. Technology:

Technology is a topic about which we are all aware that it has become a vital aspect of our lives.
Today’s world revolves solely around technology.

The technology that we have now is incredible, from the switch of the fan to your cellphones.
Can we survive a day without technology? No right!

There will be no response from any of you. Because, nowadays era, technology has become an indispensable element of our lives.

You are all aware that technology will continue to progress in the future, but that technology will never cease to exist.

So you, too, can start a technological blog. There are several subtopics in technology.

In this, you will not have any shortage of subtopics. If you have good knowledge about any topic, you can earn money by starting a blog on that topic.

 So we can say that this Niche is one of the most recommended blogging Niches from that you can become successful. 

 Here you can choose various sub-topics according to your interest. You can choose your topics on which you have great knowledge to provide your audience with great and useful articles. 

In technology, you can cover the topics like the Internet, computers, smartphones, applications, gadgets, etc.

Some evergreen blogging niches in technology

  • Tech 
  • Technical news
  • Tips and tricks
  • Computers
  • Smartphones and gadgets
  • Tutorials

These are some evergreen blogging niches by which you can start your blog.

10 Health: 

Health is such a topic on which every blogger thinks about working. Today, health concerns have become more among the people, due to which this blogging topic is searched more and more.

Today, due to their health concerns from children to old people keep asking health-related queries on Google, only then this blogging niche gets a lot of traffic if you are connected with a medical line or you have knowledge of giving health tips. You can also start a blog on health topics.

This is such a topic that has been in circulation for years and will continue to be practiced even further.

In this topic, you can get all the traffic outside, if you pay special attention to search engine optimization strategies.

In health topics, you get many subtopics. Here you have to choose your favorite topic and start working on it. But in this field, you do not have to promote any wrong medicine or wrong things.

If you do this, you will be blocked by Google.

So here you have to keep in mind that your health care tips are natural and Genuine.

Here you can choose your favorite sub-niches and start working on them today. List of some sub-niches:

  • Overall health
  • Yoga
  • Muscle building
  • Health equipment for affiliate marketing
  • Weight loss blogs
  • Personal care
  • Nutrition

11.  Gaming evergreen niches 

Gaming is one of the best topics to blog about right now. I investigated and visited numerous websites and discovered that gaming is the most popular blogging topic worldwide. Thousands of gamers are taking advantage of these blogging niches, from Discord to YouTube, and if your interest is also in gaming, you may try these evergreen niches since, according to statistics, the gaming sector will undoubtedly gain a safe place for roughly 10 to 20 years, even more.

Gaming styles may change in the future, but gaming traffic will not change. In fact, the gaming business is developing at a rapid pace, and by 2030, it is expected to be three to four times larger than it is today.

So starting a blog or a YouTube channel in this secure area is the ideal alternative for you.

These are those sub-niches on which you can start your blog and make money in a huge amount. 

 These are the top 11 Evergreen blogging niches that you should start your blog now.

FAQ’s Asked on google.

What kind of niches comes in Evergreen blogging niches?

We can say those niches which can make you successful for your life and are in trend consistently for years and years, these types of blogging niches are evergreen. Here we count the niches that have been making the success of people for years and it will continue for years. 

Can we rank our Evergreen blogging niches blog?

Yes, you can rank your Evergreen niches blog if you utilize some hard work in your blogging skills. Some ON-page SEO and OFF page SEO strategies can make your blog rank on google.  

How can we choose the ideal blogging niche?

You can go with your interest because it depends on you. Your interest can only find your blogging niche on which you can make up to 100 articles consistently. 

What are Common Types of blog?

Blogs are of many types but in general, there are 5 types of blogs that are more popular and profitable at the current time.

  • Personal blogs
  • Business Blogs/websites.
  • Niche blogs.
  • Affilate marketing blogs.
  • News

Some more evergreen blogging niches that you can try. 

Make money Online [MMO]: Today everyone wants to earn money online and by taking this you can guide them to earn money online by starting a blog of their own.

Today every person wants to earn money online, and in this corona period, its demand has increased. And if you know to earn money online, then you can start your blog and share your knowledge in the world.

Help others in blogging: Today, every person has come to know about blogging and affiliate marketing, and all the blogs are thinking about getting started and if you provide blogging tips to those new bloggers then you can also get success at this below.

Gaming and streaming:  The trend of gaming has become more in a few years, and due to this you should also start a micro-niche gaming blog. You can select your favorite gaming micro-niche and start publishing something interesting on it. This helps you to get traffic. In the upcoming world, gaming is going to be the most beneficial platform for those who want to earn money while enjoying their work. 

So, guys may this list helps you to choose your favorite or comfortable niche. You can choose your niche where you feel that you can publish 100 to 200 articles non-stop. This is also one of the best tips to rank your blog ‘Consistency’. Your regular updates help you to make your blog appear on the 1 page of google. I hope you understand. 


I hope you like this list of evergreen niches and according to my research and experience these are the top blogger first choice and they are also making thousands of dollars on working on these niches.

I am sure now that you have all the basic knowledge that what are the evergreen niches and how to work on them. So my opinion is to don’t waste your time and start your blog right now. 

There are no technical skills required today to start a blog. Just follow the youtube course and build your own blog within seconds.

Choose a domain name and best hosting for your blog and start your new journey without going to a 9 to 5 job. 

Be your boss!

And if you think there can be more added to this list of niches then please comment below your suggestion. 

Please comment with your thoughts and start your blogging journey today.

Happy blogging 🙂

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