71+ Most Profitable Technology Niches For Tech blogs 2023

Are you eager to launch your own technology blog or YouTube channel but feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of technology niches and their level of competition? 

Fret no more! 

In this blog post, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive list of technology niches that offer low competition, helping you make a confident choice for your new business, blog or youtube channel.

But Before going to the list here are the stats & trends that you must know about the technology industry.

Technology market is always profitable and one of the evergreen niches that can help you to make some extra revenue. 

After doing some research on various platforms I came to the numbers and they might blow your mind. 

“With a 5-Year CAGR of 7.75%, global tech spending will increase from $8.51 trillion in 2022 to $11.47 trillion in 2026.”

According to these statistics, the tech industry is the most lucrative and long-lasting for anyone striving to establish a name for themselves here. 

So I am going to show you the best Technology niche ideas in which you can start a blog or other profitable business right now (in 2023).

In short, if you are searching for technology sub-niches for starting a blog and making money online, then you will love this guide. 

Let’s get started.

To help you with accurate information, I have broken down 50 tech niches into 10 main technology categories so that our you can easily relate and learn thoroughly about each niche. 

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Why to do niche research?

It’s important to grasp knowledge with researched data because choosing a niche might be risky; if you choose a niche without any research, you might face high competition and fail in your digital journey. 

So before choosing a niche for your business, please do proper research and analyze the stats to make a wise decision so that you can succeed faster than your competitors. 

After reading this post, I guarantee you will make an informed decision for your business because all the niches mentioned here are well-researched, high in demand, and are evergreen niches.

I always try to explain all the necessary points you need to know before diving into the digital world. 

I want you to retain your money and time for helpful information online.

Here are our top 10 Technology niches with their categories.

10 Most Profitable Technology Niche Categories

  • Software and App Development
  • Gadgets and Consumer Electronics
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy
  • Tech Industry News and Trends
  • Internet and Networking
  • Artificial Reality and Virtual Reality
  • Tech Reviews and Comparisons
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Tech Tips and Tutorials

So these are some tech niche categories that you can choose for your blog or youtube channel so that you can make money online.

What are niches in technology?

Niches in technology refer to specific, focused areas within the broader realm of technology that cater to particular interests, industries, or specialized expertise.

These niches or sub-niches can include a sub field of tech market like cybersecurity, either artificial intelligence or machine learning, virtual reality, software or app development. 

The niches above can be divided into further sub-niches and the aim of dividing niches into sub-niches in digital marketing is to lower their competition. 

In short: Niching down means, choosing a specific domain in the tech industry.

Embracing these niches allows technology enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses to explore, innovate, and excel within their chosen domain, contributing to the advancement and evolution of technology as a whole.

I hope this has solved your question of what are niches in tech or any other field.  

How do I choose a tech niche?

To choose a tech niche for your blog or business, I always recommend checking these 5 essential criteria. With these you can determine if a niche is good for you or not. 

Evaluate yourself for these criteria to know which niche is best for your personality. 

1. Expertise in Niche: Means how much experience or practice you have in a particular niche.

2. Revenue Potential of the Niche: Calculation the Revenue Potential of a niche.

3. Competition in the Niche: Analyze your competitors if you can rank well over them or not. 

4. Knowledge: How much knowledge you have to create content with consistency.

5. Identify your ideal customer category: Categorize your paying customers and work according to those paying customers. 

Check for these five criteria if you are confused which niche is good or bad according to your personality. 

Ask yourself these 5 questions before choosing any niche from this blog post, doing this will help you to make a wise decision.

Because i want you to make informed decisions so that you don’t regret in future and if you are still confused for determining and need some assistance then you can contact me, i helped many Bloggerteck users for making niche selection for their blog, along with that i also provide 1 year content roadmap for both blog and youtube channel. 

So let me know how I can help you.

I hope this helps now.

Let’s discuss some of our best Tech blog niches for starting Start-up Businesses, Blogs, Youtube Channels, etc. 

List of 51 Profitable Tech Blog Niches 

Let’s dissect the Technology niche into sub-niches for your convenience and exploration.

#1. Software and App Development:

Software and App Development niches
Software and App Development niches

As its name indicates, Software and App Development is a niche that focuses on various aspects of software and mobile app development in software engineering. 

Here you can focus on one particular sub-niche like if you choose mobile app development then cover all the topics related to mobile app development, and if you choose software development then go for all the topics and cover them on your blog. 

This niche caters to developers, tech experts, and businesses who are looking to stay informed about the latest tech advancements and best practices to involve those advancements into their business.

Here are some software and app development sub niches that you can choose for your blog.

1. Mobile App Development and Trends

2. Web Development Frameworks and Tools

3. Programming Languages and Best Practices

4. Software Testing and Quality Assurance

5. UI/UX Design and User-Centric Development

#2. Gadgets and Consumer Electronics:

Gadgets and Consumer Electronics
Gadgets and Consumer Electronics

Gadgets and Consumer Electronics is a niche that focuses on the latest technology gadgets and consumer electronics. 

Here, you can make how-to guides, listicles, or review content on YouTube as well as on your blog covering the latest tech gadgets, smart home devices and automation, wearable technology and health trackers, gaming consoles and accessories, and home entertainment systems and setup.

Here, you are focusing on the individuals who are tech enthusiasts, gadget lovers, and consumers seeking information and recommendations on the latest and most innovative electronic products.

Here are some sub niches of gadget niche that you can choose for your business.

6. Latest Tech Gadgets and Reviews

7. Smart Home Devices and Automation

8. Wearable Technology and Health Trackers

9. Gaming Consoles and Accessories

10. Home Entertainment Systems and Setup

#3.  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a niche that explores the vast world of AI and ML technologies. 

Here, you can focus on both AI and ML at once and want to divide them, then also do niche blogging, but you can cover aspects like AI applications in various industries, AI advancement, AI advantages, and disadvantages. 

‘DO you know that ML is the Part of AI where we teach computers by providing them with previous data, and they output results considering that previous data? ‘

Here in this niche, you can focus on tech enthusiasts, AI developers, and businesses seeking to understand and leverage the potential of AI and ML in their respective fields.

Here are some AI and ML sub niche ideas that you can carter.

11. AI Applications in Various Industries

12. Machine Learning Algorithms and Models

13. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Advancements

14. Robotics and Automation Technologies

15. AI Ethics and Responsible AI Development

#4. Cybersecurity and Privacy

Cybersecurity niches

Cybersecurity and Privacy is a niche that focuses on safeguarding digital assets and maintaining online privacy. 

Here you can focus and cover all the various aspects, including cyber threats and vulnerabilities, data privacy and protection measures, network security and firewall solutions, ethical hacking and penetration testing, and cybersecurity best practices for Students, working professionals to businesses. 

In this niche you can focus on Students who want to. learn about cybersecurity, individuals and businesses who want to enhance their knowledge and apply best practices of cybersecurity to their businesses, to safeguard sensitive information and prevent cyber threats.

So here are some Cybersecurity niches that can help you to niche down this broad market. 

16. Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities

17. Data Privacy and Protection Measures

18. Network Security and Firewall Solutions

19. Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

20. Cybersecurity Best Practices for Individuals and Businesses

Tech Industry News and Trends is a niche that revolves around keeping readers updated with the latest developments and trends in the technology industry. 

A blog that covers content like, Tech startup stories and their successes, industry events and conferences, emerging tech trends and predictions, tech company mergers and acquisitions, and tech policy and regulation updates; there are loads of topics to cover in tech trends and news sub-niche.

Your target audience for this business model would be tech enthusiasts, professionals, and business-seeking individuals who are always looking for tech news and trends. 

Below are some Tech news niches that you can choose for your businesses, blogs and youtube channels. 

21. Tech Startup Stories and Successes

22. Industry Events and Conferences

23. Emerging Tech Trends and Predictions

24. Tech Company Mergers and Acquisitions

25. Tech Policy and Regulation Updates

If you are confused between vlogger and yotube then check, Difference between Vlogger and Youtuber.

#6. Internet and Networking:

Internet and Networking is a niche that revolves around the world of internet services and network technologies. 

You can go for various topics in internet and Networking like a listing of internet service providers and plans, guides on wifi and network setups, cloud computing services and solutions, CDN, also known as content delivery networks, and the most important domain management and hosting platforms listing, reviews, etc. 

You can focus on individuals, business owners, and tech enthusiasts who are seeking information and guidance on optimizing internet connectivity and network setups.

Here are some Internet and networking sub-niches to focus on.

26. Internet Service Providers and Plans

27. Wi-Fi and Network Setup Guides

28. Cloud Computing Services and Solutions

29. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

30. Domain Management and Hosting Platforms

#7. Artificial Reality and Virtual Reality:

Artificial Reality tech niches
Artificial Reality

Artificial Reality and Virtual Reality is a niche that immerses readers into the fascinating world of AR and VR technologies. 

A blog covering topics like VR gaming and entertainment experiences, AR applications in education and training, VR for architectural visualization, immersive VR/AR content creation, and medical and therapeutic uses of VR/AR would be the best options. 

Here are some AR and VR sub niches that you cover.

31. VR Gaming and Entertainment Experiences

32. AR Applications in Education and Training

33. VR for Architectural Visualization

34. Immersive VR/AR Content Creation

35. Medical and Therapeutic Uses of VR/AR

#8. Tech Reviews and Comparisons:

Tech Reviews and Comparisons is a niche that helps readers make informed decisions when purchasing tech products. 

A blog where you can cover tech product reviews and rate them, you can do smartphone comparisons and buyer’s guide; other options are laptops and tablet comparisons, camera and photography gear reviews, and tech accessory recommendations. 

You will get a lot of attention if you focus on customers and tech enthusiasts seeking reliable information to find the best tech gadgets and accessories that suit their needs.

Here are some Tech review niches for blogging and vlogging. 

36. Tech Product Reviews and Ratings

37. Smartphone Comparisons and Buyer’s Guides

38. Laptop and Tablet Comparisons

39. Camera and Photography Gear Reviews

40. Tech Accessory Recommendations

#9. Emerging Technologies:

Emerging Technologies is a niche that explores cutting-edge innovations and breakthroughs in the tech world. 

You can cover a load of topics, including quantum computing and its potential, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, Internet of Things (IoT) innovations, 5G and next-generation connectivity, and biotechnology and health tech advancements on your blog to get future-proof web traffic.

Because these topics are going to be trending for the upcoming 15 to 20 years, with a lot of profit potential. 

This niche caters to tech enthusiasts, researchers, and businesses interested in staying ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Here are some Emerging technologies that you can focus on.

41. Quantum Computing and Its Potential

42. Blockchain Technology and Crypto niches

43. Internet of Things (IoT) Innovations

44. 5G and Next-Generation Connectivity

45. Biotechnology and Health Tech Advancements

#10. Tech Tips and Tutorials:

Tech Tips and Tutorials
Tech Tips and Tutorials

Tech Tips and Tutorials is a niche that empowers readers with practical knowledge and skills to navigate the tech world. 

In this niche, I recommend you cover topics including tech troubleshooting and fixes, software and app tutorials, tech life hacks, coding and development walkthroughs, and tech learning resources. 

These topics are getting millions of views on YouTube, and I saw that these are just randomly recorded voice overs and screen recordings. So in this niche focus mainly on youtube tutorials. 

Your focus audience here would be the enthusiasts, beginners, and professionals seeking step-by-step guidance to solve tech challenges and enhance their tech proficiency.

Here are some Tech tips niche best for youtube. 

46. Tech Troubleshooting and Fixes

47. Software and App Tutorials

48. Tech Life Hacks and Productivity Tips

49. Coding and Development Walkthroughs

50. Tech Learning Resources and Online Courses

So Here are some of the most searched and profitable tech blog niches that you can choose for your digital marketing journey. 

and I hope that this classification will undoubtedly make it easier for you to comprehend the blog article.

Now let’s move forward and get to know about some more Tech niche topics with their statical information so that you can make an informed decision before choosing a tech niche.

Here, we try to list all the sub-niches with their monthly search volume as reported by Google tools and SEO tools like Semrush

Additional Tech sub-niches

Here are additional tech niches to consider for tech blogs:

NicheSub-NicheMonthly VolumeCPCCPM
Web DevelopmentWordPress10,000,000$0.50$10
Software DevelopmentMobile App Development1,500,000$0.06$1.2
Desktop App Development1,000,000$0.04$0.8
Game Development750,000$0.03$0.6
Web App Development500,000$0.02$0.4
Hardware DevelopmentElectronics400,000$0.01$0.2
3D Printing250,000$0.006$0.12
IT ServicesCloud Computing200,000$0.004$0.08
IT Support100,000$0.002$0.04
Artificial IntelligenceMachine Learning1,000,000$0.05$1
Natural Language Processing750,000$0.04$0.8
Computer Vision500,000$0.03$0.6
Smart Contracts200,000$0.01$0.2
Decentralized Applications150,000$0.008$0.16
Virtual RealityAugmented Reality100,000$0.006$0.12
Mixed Reality75,000$0.004$0.08
Internet of ThingsSmart Home50,000$0.003$0.06
Wearable Technology25,000$0.002$0.04
Tech niches stats

The Figures & stats in the article are collected from Google TrendsGoogle ads, Google Keyword Planner, and other advertisements Dashboards like Semrush, so you can also check on these platforms and start working on these niches.

So this is the list of the best technology niches and with this we are now moving to our next step of starting a tech niche blog in 5 simple steps. 

How to start a Tech blog? 

To start a tech blog you first have to come up with the sub-niche idea for your blog, so i recommend doing research with blogging tools like Semrush where you can easily get all the data in one dashboard, no need for multiple tools. 

#Step1: Choose and Analyze tech sub-niche

Till now, you might have come up with 3 to 4 tech sub-niche ideas in your mind from the list, so our next step is to do proper research for those 4 to 5 niche ideas and find out the most profitable, less competitive niche. 

For research purposes, we will use Semrush, which provides us daily to hourly data about each niche or keyword; this means that the information we get from this tool is updated daily and hourly. 

Semrush’s 14-day free trial will help you to perform the essential research for at least six months of content.

Pro tip: You can sign up for Semrush for free for 14 days, and in these 14 days, you can collect data for the upcoming six months and more. So utilize their Free plan.

You can also use Google’s tools like Google Trends, Google News, and Google keyword planner for your research.

These blogging tools can save a lot of time because they provide you with all the necessary stats, but if you want these stats in one place, you can try Semrush

Now, checkmark these essential matrices to pass any niche for your blog or YouTube channel. 

In these SEO research tools, check for the following:

  • Traffic
  • Competition
  • Audience Size
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Monetization Opportunities
  • Evergreen Potential
  • Passion and Expertise: Most Important (Google’s EEAT guidelines)

If your selected niche meets all of these requirements, you may consider it profitable, and now we can look for the domain name and hosting, which is our second step of starting a tech blogs. 

If you are focusing on youtube then you don’t need further steps because for youtube you can go with a profitable niche and start producing video content. 

NOTE: It's good you are focusing on YouTube, but I recommend you to go with both the platforms, blogging and YouTube. This is because YouTube is not totally under your control. If you violate YouTube policies, they can suddenly ban or delete your channel. Utilizing both platforms can help you to succeed faster, and on your blog, you can make a database of your audience by capturing their emails. 

So make the backup of your audience from the 1st day. 

#Step2: Register for a Domain name and hosting


Now, let’s move to our second step. It’s time to host our blog on the internet, and for hosting, we need a domain name of our blog and one of the best hosting providers we will host online.

Let’s choose a domain name first, and for choosing a domain name, I always go for these rules. I analyzed that these rules can help us choose a well-branded domain name. 

Always look for the following: 

  1. Easy to remember domain names. 
  2. Easy to pronounce domain names. 
  3. It must have the main keyword in the domain name. (For example, I used “Blogger + tech” in my domain name, so my audience knows the blog is about blogging and Marketing stuff .) 
  4. Make your domain name under 15 characters; it’s a golden rule that under 15 characters, it is easy to remember and pronounce. 

This is the best example that can provide you for choosing a brand name for your blog or YouTube channel. 

I recommend spending a good time researching domain names because it will be your business’s identity for years, and if you book the wrong or bad domain name for your business, there is no option to change it later. 


Now, it’s time to look for hosting for our blog. In blogging, we need a CMS, which means a management system that will manage our files and folders and is known as CMS or content management system. 

For this tutorial, we are using WordPress as our CMS because about 43% of the total websites around the world are hosted on WordPress CMS. 

So for WordPress, we need good hosting providers, and I prefer Cloud Hostings Providers because of their advanced features.

So here are some well-known companies like Hostgator, Hostinger, or Bluehost since they provide affordable plans.

WordPress.org itself recommends three web hosts for hosting blogs and websites.

Always remember that Fast Success needs a great user experience with faster upload time in the blogging journey.

bluehost hosting

For Bloggerteck Family, You can book a free domain name with hosting at $2.75 per month with Bluehost

Bluehost offers customers free CDN, free SSL certificates, and free domain names. So you can check and host your website today.

This means you can now start a blog at $2.75 a month with our discounted price. 

TIP: You can use Nvme Hosting providers to make your website fast.

#Step3: WordPress installation on your host

Now, our domain name and hosting are booked, and we can move to our next step of installing CMS on our host.

As I told you, CMS is the platform that manages and organizes all the content, from blog content to images and other files and folders on our website. 

For CMS, I always recommend our users to go with WordPress because it is free, open source, and easy to use because of its UI. If you can manage a Facebook or Twitter account, then you can manage WordPress because it is very easy to use.

The other two I can recommend are 

Some features of WordPress are its trustworthiness and SEO-friendly Content management system, so I suggest adopting it for your site. 

In fact, my blog is also hosted on WordPress CMS.

#Step4: Select a good theme for your blog

Now, 80% of the work is done, and it’s time to provide a frontend to our blog or install a new theme that matches your niche category. In short, we are going to install a WordPress theme.

With the help of WordPress CMS, you can install any theme on your blog with only one click, like installing themes for your smartphones.

I recommend you select any of these three blog themes for the Technology blog because they are fast, responsive, and provide monthly and weekly updates, which helps our blog stay safe from viruses. 

  •     Astra: Free/Begins at $49
  •     Neve: Free/Begins at $69
  •     Kadence: Free / $129 to start

These three themes are best for tech blogs because they offer plenty of pre-built templates with customization features, and anyone can customize these themes because they come with drag-and-drop features. 

Thrive suit is also one of the best alternatives to these but is expensive for new bloggers, so I recommend you to use any one of these three because they provide value for money features. 

Technically, they are quick to load, responsive, and simple to customize. 

Now, after installing the theme on our blog, it’s time to install essential plugins for our blog.

#Step5: Install Essential Plugins

Plugins! Wait, what exactly are plugins? That’s the question that pops into your mind when you hear the word ‘plugin,’ isn’t it?

Similar to how extensions for Google Chrome add functions to our browsers, WordPress plugins provide the functionality to our WordPress websites. 

That’s why we must install these five crucial plugins on our WordPress website to improve our website’s speed, security, and SEO.

  • Security Plugin: To secure your WordPress site.
  • Cache Plugin: To speed up your site.
  • Contact form: Include contact forms on your site. 
  • SEO Plugin: Yoast must be included.

If you are following this tutorial, then I recommend you must install these plugins because these plugins will help you to make your website more responsive, provide security, and add SEO visibility to your blog so that Search engines can crawl your website. 

Your blog is now ready, and you can start writing blog content and Publishing consistently to your audience. Because consistency is a key component in both blogging and video vlogging. 

To learn more about the wordpress and blogger platforms; check out Blogger vs. WordPress Which Is Better (Pros & Cons) 2023

Types of Tech Blogs

Here are different types of tech blogs based on their content and focus:

1. -Tutorial Blogs: Focuses on Providing step-by-step guides and instructions to help readers to learn how to use a specific tool or technology. 

2. -Informational Blogs: Info blogs share current news, new technologies, and information about technology. 

3. -Review Blogs: Provide software reviews and rate them accordingly.

4. -Opinion/Editorial Blogs: blogs that feature personal opinions, valuable insights, and blogger analysis. 

5. -How-To Blogs: These are similar to tutorial blogs, offering how to do specific tasks and mainly focusing on solving tech problems. 

6. -News Blogs:  focuses on providing the latest news and updates from the tech world.

7. -Product Comparison Blogs: Compare two products of the same industry.

8. -Troubleshooting Blogs: Focuses on how to troubleshoot computer issues and other software problems. 

9. -Trend Analysis Blogs: These blogs delve into current and future tech trends, providing insights into where technology is heading.

10. -Resource/Tool Lists: Provides an organized list of valuable tools and other resources. 

11. -DIY Tech Projects Blogs: These types of blogs feature tech enthusiasts sharing their DIY projects, such as building robots, gadgets, or other tech-related items.

12. -Guest Post Blogs: Blogs that accept and publish guest posts from various tech experts, covering a wide range of topics.

13. -Podcast Blogs: Providing a variety of podcast episodes in the tech niche

14. -Event Coverage Blogs: A blog that focuses on upcoming events and conferences in the tech industry.

You can choose These types of blogs for your tech blog. You can pick any of these types and start working on your blogging journey. 

This also implies tech YouTube channels; you can start a YouTube channel in any type. 

Examples of best tech blogs

There are many types of tech blogs but the most popular with high authority in the market are: 

  1. TechCrunch
  2. The Verge
  3. Engadget
  4. Wired
  5. Gizmodo
  6. Mashable
  7. Ars Technica
  8. ZDNet
  9. CNET
  10. TechRadar

These blogs are top-rated and have authority in the tech market, so you can copy their style of making money and employ that strategy in your niche blog. 

That is why I created this list so that you can ignore this type of competition and focus on only one profitable niche to build topical authority and stand out from your competitors. 

Final thoughts on technology niches

If you are reading till now, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I congratulate you on your upcoming success because I guarantee you will make an informed decision in selecting a technology niche for your blogging career. 

In addition to this guild for tech blogging, I also recommend you to go through Google’s guidelines for publishing content so that you can format your blog posts according to Google’s guidelines. 

Google also published how to review specific product guidelines, so go through those to make Google helpful content algorithms happy.

Choose your CMS wisely that offers you complete access to SEO optimization because SEO matters greatly in this journey.

For CMS, I always recommend WordPress because it is free to use and allows you to install various free plugins to help you make your initial profits from blogging. (up to $1000+ per month without any paid plugin or tool).

To make your blog fast and responsive, I always recommend you host your blog on Fast hosting providers and use Responsive themes.

For Hosting, you can go with WordPress recommendations like BlueHost, DreamHost, and InMotion Hosting for tech websites.

All Three provide Free services like Free domain names, Official or work emails, etc.

Pro tip: Connect your website to CloudFlare CDN, as it hosts your website on different servers to provide speed and acts as a firewall that blocks fake requests from your main server to help us protect our blog.

These are the remaining essential tips you should follow to make your blogging and vlogging journey successful, and now I can say you are well-informed on this topic on Technology niches and tech blogs. 

If you love this post and want to show your love to this post, then the comment section is open for all. You can add your thoughts on this post, and this will motivate me to do more research and bring that researched data to you.

My goal is that you can make a wise decision when choosing a niche and make money online through blogging and YouTube because you can save 2 to 3 years if you choose the right niche and succeed faster than your competitors.

So ask me your doubts. I will reply within 24 hours and subscribe to my newsletter, where I reveal profitable websites that are making money in these sub-niches to inspire you.

We partner with awesome companies that offer products that help our readers achieve their goals! If you purchase through our partner links, we get paid for the referral at no additional cost to you! For more information, visit my disclaimer page.

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