15 Most Popular Influencer niches For 2024

Are you searching for Influencer niches to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey in 2024?

Look no further – I’ve got you covered and can say your search ends here.

Today, we will cover some of the most popular influencer niches that will be very profitable to work on as an individual in 2024. 


I have researched some statistical platforms like Stastica or other social media advertising platforms and saw that the search for these niche influencers is increasing with time.

Brands are now using influencer marketing to promote their products because the influence of these creators has higher buying intent than other marketing strategies. 

That’s why I came up with this idea Because this is the future of marketing.

But before going to the list of best influencer niche ideas, let’s first know the market size of influencer marketing as of the current date and how much it is increasing, so that we can make an informed decision for our career. 

The global influencer market was estimated at USD 10.39 billion in 2021 and is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33.4% from USD 13.86 billion in 2022 to USD 139 billion by 2030.

Just think about this number, $139 Billion, and you can be part of that. 

After conducting a comprehensive analysis of the market size and its corresponding demands, I have curated a list of 15 niche ideas tailored for influencers, aiming to facilitate sustainable income generation.

The best Part? 

I’m going to show you some strategies for choosing the niche that matches your interest, how to work as an influencer and uncover some untapped micro niche ideas with Market Analysis Tools for better understanding.

In short, if you want a step-by-step guide to becoming a successful influencer in a particular niche, you’ll love this guide.

Let’s get started and know some of the most profitable niches. 

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15 Best Influencer niches 2024

  1. Travel 
  2. Fashion 
  3. Finance
  4. Health & fitness
  5. Food 
  6. Gaming 
  7. Lifestyle
  8. Business 
  9. Decor 
  10. Pet 
  11. Personal Development 
  12. Garden
  13. Technology
  14. Photography
  15. Music & Entertainment

So these are the most popular influencer marketing niches with growing graphs on maximum of the market analysis tools and we will discuss these niches in detail in the further section of this post. 

Now we have the list of Top niches but some of us might not know better about influencer marketing or niches. 

To help you, here is a simple explanation that will help you to understand it better. 

What are influencer Niches?

In influencer marketing, a niche refers to a specific, specialized segment of the market that a content creator or influencer focuses on. 

Influencers can choose any niche(field/sector of the market) based on their interest, expertise, and the preferences of their target audience. 

Focusing on a specific niche can help influencers to build a more dedicated and engaged targeted audience for marketing their services and products. 

What is Influencer Marketing? 

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing(promotion of products and services) that involves collaborating with individuals who have a significant and dedicated following/audience on any social media platform, blog, or media channel. 

These highly followed individuals are known as influences and have established credibility and influence within a particular industry(niche/sector). 

Brands partner with these influencers to market their products and services to a broader audience through these influences so that they can get good sales and subscriptions for their businesses. 

This is the whole process of influencer marketing and I hope you are now well aware of the concept and why this is one of the best marketing strategies out there in 2024.

Allow me to present an overview of some of the most promising influencer niches for 2024, accompanied by relevant statistical data that I have compiled. This information aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of current trends within the industry.

15 Profitable Social Media Influencer Niches

Here are some of the most lucrative influencer micro-niches that you may explore and select the most suitable one for your online endeavours. 

Commencing our exploration with the Travel niche, given its prominent association with influencers, let’s delve into potential ideas within this category.

#1. Travel 

travel niche stats

The travel influencer niche offers a diverse landscape for carving your adventure. Travel influencers are the ones who travel to different places, share destination insights, and provide travel tips, fostering a community of enthusiasts.

Yes, travel influencers influence other travelers to start something like they are doing, but don’t fall into the trap. First, understand the fundamentals of influence and marketing, then decide to choose a travel niche for your career. 

I researched all the popular social media platforms and saw that the popularity of travel content is increasing, and you can choose this niche for your marketing journey. 

The skill required to become a travel influencer are.

  • High Quality Photography & videography
  • Professional Storytelling skills (writing and communication)
  • Market analysis 
  • Self-motivation and organizational skills.
  • Business acumen.
  • Adaptability, and good awareness.
  • A strong constitution.

Some travel micro niches you can choose.

  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Culture and Heritage
  • Luxury Travel
  • Budget Travel
  • Family Travel

#2. Fashion 

Fashion is also the most popular on all the social media platforms, yes people consume a lot of fashion related content on these media platforms making this niche the most profitable one out of others. 

As a Fashion Influencer, your canvas is a digital runway showcasing trends, personal style, and brand collaborations. To become a successful fashion influencer, you have to elevate your profile by curating visually stunning content -providing fashion guides to your audience like outfit fashion ideas, fashion hauls, etc. 

To make money, you can connect to famous brands and collaborate or pay for promotions of their products. 

Fashion is also one of those evergreen niches, providing you with profits for years. Now, the runway is all yours; walk it confidently and effectively.

The skill required to become a Fashion influencer are.

  • Passion for Fashion
  • Strong visual sense
  • Good Communication with the audience
  • Photography and videography
  • Product reviews

Some Fashion niche you can choose.

  • Women’s Fashion
  • Men’s Fashion
  • Accessories
  • Beauty and Makeup
  • Sustainable Fashion

#3. Finance 

Finance niches come under the YMYL category by Google, and if you want to start your influencing journey in this niche, then you need some professional experience or certification to guide others about finances. 

What is YMYL content? 

Ymyl means your money and your life content, which has a direct influence on someone’s life and livelihood, and your content can impact their life. That’s why Google and other social media platforms consider this type of content seriously, so you have to be a professional to produce it. 

In simple words, in Health and wealth, wrong information or content can directly impact your audience’s life and livelihood; that’s why I always recommend content creators have the professional expertise to produce content for your social media account in these niches.

Yes, Finance is one of the most profitable niches in the market, but as I said, you have to be professional and need some expertise to start creating content in this niche. 

As a finance influencer, your expertise becomes a guide for others navigating the complex world of money. You can educate your audience on smart investment strategies, some life-changing budgeting hacks, and how to build wealth smartly. 

In Finance, you can cover a wide range of topics, but I recommend you consider one finance micro niche so that you can build authority in that niche fast. 

You can choose stock market trends to demystify cryptocurrency or anything in which you have some expertise. 

Better engagement with the audience can help you grow fast by providing solutions to their money matters with your tips and strategies.

The skills required to become a Finance influencer are:

  • Financial Knowledge: Professional certification or past expertise
  • Communication Skills
  • Community Building
  • Authenticity and Trust

For finance influencers, I have one personal tip.

TIP: Be tech-savvy! You can learn and leverage social media platforms and financial apps and master data visualization tools so that you can effectively deliver your message and engage with your audience. 

#4. Health & fitness

Health and fitness is one of the best niches to start your journey as an influencer. As a health and fitness influencer, you’ll be a guiding force on journeys to healthier lifestyles. You can share your workout routines, nutrition tips, and some mental well-being strategies to inspire your audience on any social media platform.

Some content ideas that I can think of are yoga practices, nutrition guides, exercise, gym workout practices, and some mental health discussions to shape a community focused on holistic wellness.

Instagram, YouTube, and Podcasts are the best platforms to engage with your audience, so I recommend you do all of these simultaneously. 

From product endorsements to personalized fitness plans, your influence has the power to transform lives. 

I recommend you do live demos or tutorials of exercises because visual content can help you gain followers fast. 

The skills required to become a health and fitness influencer are:

  • Certified medical practitioner or nurse 
  • Nutritionist
  • Dietician 
  • Communication skills
  • videography skills

#5. Food 

Food niches are one of those popular niches out there with a lot of engagements. In the food niche, you will get a lot of traffic to your influencer pages on any social media platform. 

I have seen loads of Instagram pages, Facebook pages, and Pinterest pins going viral within a few weeks or days, so this is the reason I included the food niche in this list. 

Yes, People are searching for the best fast food places for homemade recipes, and a social media influencer demonstrating all these can be a good career option if you want to be an influencer.

The food niche also comes under the umbrella of evergreen niches, which means you can make enough money for years without worrying about market ups and downs. 

You get a chance to provide different flavors to your audience with your influencer page in this niche, so if you are a food guy, then this niche is perfect for you. 

I have researched this niche on popular social media platforms, and I found that the searches are increasing with time, so you can go with the food niche to start your journey. 

The skills required to become a Food influencer are:

  • Communication skills
  • Good videography and photography 
  • Market Research: Going with trends
  • Cooking Knowledge

#6. Gaming

If you enjoy playing video games or competing in esports, this niche will be highly lucrative for you. Have you heard of Twitch? The gaming streaming platforms have millions of users watching gameplay, listening to gaming commentary, and tournaments. 

gaming niche stats

To know more about this niche, I have given Google Trends a query about the “twitch” keyword, and here are the results. The searches for these platforms have constant results on graphs, making the gaming niche one of the best options to choose from. 

So, if you love playing games and participating in tournaments, then the Gaming niche is the best option for you. 

The skills required to become a Gaming influencer are:

  • Commentary/communication skills.
  • Gaming passion

#7. Lifestyle

Lifestyle influencers are individuals who share their personal experiences and preferences across various aspects of life, influencing their audience’s choices and lifestyles.

In the lifestyle niche, we can cover a wide range of topics. In fact, we can cover all the topics related to lifestyle. Here are some popular topics/niche: beauty, travel, wellness, fashion, home decor, and many more. 

I suggest you connect with your followers on a personal level, providing recommendations and inspiration according to their needs.This way, you can gain followers fast, and this would be the best approach for this niche. 

Some lifestyle niches you can try. 

  • Fashion and Style Inspiration
  • Beauty and Makeup Tutorials
  • Travel and Adventure
  • Home Decor and Interior Design
  • Wellness and Healthy Living
  • Parenting and Family Life
  • Food and Cooking
  • Book and Product Reviews
  • Career and Entrepreneurship
  • Event Coverage and Sponsorships

#8. Business

As a business influencer our goal is to share insights, expertise, and experiences related to the business world. 

Today on social media platforms this niche is booming as we can see most of the individuals are making content about business, how to start and scale business.  

Business influencers provide Valuable advice, industry analysis and give motivational talks to their audience. 

Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Career development and business strategies are some of the important aspects of the Business niche.

Here are few niches that you can try as an influencer.

  • Entrepreneurship and Startup Insights
  • Leadership and Management
  • Career Development and Professional Growth
  • Finance and Investment
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability
  • Legal and Regulatory Insights
  • Innovation and Disruption

#9. Decor

The Decor Influencer niche is dedicated to individuals who have a passion for interior design, home decor, and creating aesthetically pleasing living spaces. 

As a home decor influencer you can share inspiration, tips and product recommendations to help your audience with demos and tutorials for better engagements. 

There are various sub-niches in this niche from interior to DIY hacks, you can do any of them according to your interests and expertise. 

Here are some of the most profitable Decor niche ideas.

  • Interior Design Styles
  • DIY Home Decor
  • Room-Specific Decor
  • Seasonal Decor
  • Luxury Home Decor
  • Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Decor
  • Vintage and Retro Decor
  • Outdoor and Garden Decor
  • Nursery and Kids’ Room Decor
  • Furniture and Decor Reviews

These are some examples you can go with and if you need some more ideas with strategy to follow then you can go through Home decor niches list where i explained each niche in detail and how to work in these niches. 

#10. Pet 

If you love animals then this niche is going to be very comfortable for you. As a pet influencer you can share your experience with your audience about pet keeping and inspire other pet enthusiasts.

These individuals share their love for animals, providing entertainment, education and can also offer insights into pet care, training, and the joys of pet ownership. 

I personally love watching those cats and dogs funny compilation videos and these videos get high engagement. So here are some of the best sub-niches you can choose for your influencing journey.

Here are some best pet niches that you can choose.

  • Pet Lifestyle and Daily Routines
  • Pet Training and Tricks
  • Pet Nutrition and Health
  • Pet Fashion and Accessories
  • Pet Travel and Adventures
  • Pet DIY and Crafts
  • Pet Adoption and Rescue Advocacy
  • Specific Pet Breeds
  • Pet Photography and Art

#11. Personal Development 

In personal development, an individual inspires and guides others on their journey of self-improvement, growth, and achieving personal and professional success.

As we all know, Self-improvement and growth are crucial parts of living, and you can help people out there who are struggling to self-improve and want some growth in their lives. It can be personal or professional. The individuals who help others improve in their lives are personal development coaches. 

These influencers share tips, or, I can say, growth plans and strategies to help their audience enhance various aspects of their lives. 

Here are some of the best sub-niche under the personal development niche.

  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Health and Fitness
  • Personal Finance
  • Career Development
  • Relationships and Social Skills

#12. Garden

The garden influencer shares their tips about gardening, landscaping, DIY hacks for gardens, and helps his/her audience in creating beautiful outdoor spaces. They show you their work in gardens and landscaping to inspire you to do the same for your gardens. 

Yes, their work is also very creative and needs some expertise because you are here to guide others with plants and decor products. So to guide you should have some expertise before starting producing the content. 

This niche is very popular on social media platforms and people have high retention among these types of informational videos. So you can definitely choose this for your digital career. 

Here are some garden niches that you can choose.

  • Vegetable and Herb Gardening
  • Flower Garden Design
  • Indoor Plants and Urban Gardening
  • Landscaping and Garden Design
  • Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Gardening
  • DIY Garden Projects

#13. Technology

Technology niche is one of those evergreen niches that promises you good returns because technology is getting advanced with time and providing new opportunities to entrepreneurs. 

A tech influencer can share their insights, reviews of specific products, and their suggestions to their audience. it’s not just reviews in the tech niche here you can also become a teacher and teach your audience technical concepts from simple product working explanations to coding and programming.

You can cover all sorts of tech related topics according to your expertise and market demand. Yes Tech niche is promising because it will never die because of new innovation with time. 

Here are some other options to choose.

  • Mobile App Development and Trends
  • Web Development Frameworks and Tools
  • Programming Languages and Best Practices
  • UI/UX Design and User-Centric Development
  • Latest Tech Gadgets and Reviews
  • AI & Robotics

#14. Photography

Photography niche influencers have the good opportunity to showcase their talent as a photographer on these social media platforms. These influences show their skills of photography in these platforms along with some tutorials and life experiences to engage with their audience. 

Photography is the art of capturing emotions in a single picture that’s why people love watching these pictures. So if you are a photographer then this niche is also evergreen and provides you futureproof earning solutions. 

Yes, today ai is replacing visual art but trust me i can’t add the emotion that a photographer can capture into their pictures, so i suggest you to not be afraid of ai just use ai for better results. 

I have a profound passion for photography, actively managing a mobile photography Instagram page. Engaging in this creative pursuit not only serves as a source of relaxation but also imbues my lifestyle with a tranquility sought after by many.

So you can also grow your pages and I am sure you will definitely get collaboration opportunities. 

Here are some sub-niches of photography that you can choose.

  • Photography Gear and Reviews
  • Photography Techniques and Tutorials
  • Portrait Photography
  • Landscape and Nature Photography
  • Street Photography
  • Food Photography

#15. Music & Entertainment

Music and Entertainment Niche is dynamic and vibrant; here, individuals share their passion for music, movies, and TV shows. Additionally, they conduct thorough reviews of songs and movies, adeptly sharing their experiences with a discerning audience.

These influencers post content that entertains and informs their audience about new movies, songs, and other entertainment news. That is why people love to follow these influences for trending entertainment news. 

They also love to create songs and videos and shoot films to enter their audiences. 

Here are some other Music sub-niches.

  • Music Reviews and Recommendations
  • Concert and Festival Experiences
  • Artist Interviews and Behind the Scenes
  • Movie and TV Show Reviews
  • Pop Culture and Celebrity News

These represent some of the most impactful niches available for cultivating a successful digital career. I can assure you that each listed niche possesses enduring relevance, ensuring consistent and favorable returns for years to come.

Now that we have completed our list we can move to our next section of this post where we will learn about how to choose a niche for your career.

How to find your Influencer Niche?

To find your niche you have to do some basic research on yourself like finding expertise, interests in any of these niches listed here so that you can produce content without having to learn something new. 

Because I have seen that with your expertise and Interest you can produce Engaging Content and your knowledge helps you to be confident whatever you are saying or demonstrating.

I have observed that your focused expertise provides a distinct advantage compared to venturing into an entirely new niche where your knowledge may be limited. This strategic approach proves highly beneficial for expediting success, as it effectively eliminates the challenges associated with establishing oneself as an influencer.

This is the only analysis that you need to focus on to check your abilities, expertise, and interest, and for market analysis, you can go through these matrices to confirm your decision.

To research use Google trends and Instagram and Pinterest Ad platform to check for these stats.

In these research tools, check for the following:

-Traffic: Checkr for traffic trends for latest keywords and topics to choose.

-Competition: Go through your competitors to know what they are doing and copy their topic ideas in your initial day. 

-Audience Size: also go through your competitor profile and see the audience of them. 

-Monetization Opportunities: Before Choosing a niche you have to research how you can efficiently monetize your social account for better earnings. 

-Evergreen Potential: All the niches listed here are evergreen. If you have gone through the post thoroughly then you must know the importance of evergreen niches

-Passion and Expertise: Most Important (Google’s EEAT guidelines)

So these are some key metrics to consider before selecting a niche for your journey. I have outlined these metrics based on my personal conviction that successfully passing through each checkpoint is indicative of the suitability of the chosen niche for your endeavors.

Final Thoughts on Influencer niches

So I hope this guide helped you to get new ideas for your content creation journey, yes all the niches listed here are well researched and I can guarantee you that these evergreen niches will return good profits if you work smart in your entrepreneurial journey.

I have gone through all the advertisement dashboards like google ads, facebook ads, pinterest and instagram to collect the data and trends in these niches that’s why i listed these in this post. 

Consider this post as your first source to finalize your niche then as i said do some research to know your audience.

Make your content creation + Monetization strategy based on your research to get good profits from day one. 

If you want to learn the best monetization strategy then you can join my newsletter where you can watch my premium content for free straight in your inbox. 

So if you want to know how to monetize your Social media account even if you are under 1000 followers then you can join my newsletter. 

And if you like this post then share it with yourself in your social media so that you can visit this post again and again directly from your phone. This will make a note on your smartphone so that you can visit the page when you need it. 

Please leave a comment if you have any suggestion to add in this post i will add your thought in this post ASAP. 

Thanks for Reading, and Happy Entrepreneurship.

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