Blogger vs. WordPress Which Is Better (Pros & Cons) 2023

Are you searching for the best blogging platform to start your blogging journey in 2023?


Are you confused between blogger vs WordPress? Which one would be the best choice to get your blogging more successful?

If you are searching for these queries then in this article we will cover all the Aspects with some Secrets that a new blogger should know before diving into the blogging world. 

COVID-19 has a significant impact on the lives of all human beings today, and as a result, we now have to work digitally to meet our demands. 

Because of COVID, today everyone is looking for online earning opportunities, and after doing some study, everyone wants to start their blogging journey.

If you relate yourself to the same Story then don’t worry I have also gone through the same process.

And my goal in writing this piece is to present accurate information so that you don’t waste your time, because, in the world of blogging, time is the only factor that determines success.

No one on the internet is providing you the truth about how to have a successful blog, but there are certain methods you can use to make a good living from blogging. 

And choosing between Blogspot and WordPress is the first step toward blogging success. So, in this post, I’ll answer all of your questions and disclose some secrets that can help you in your blogging endeavors.

So without any ado let’s dive into the article. 

First of all, let me tell you what you should prefer while choosing a blogging platform between Blogspot vs WordPress. 

What Should You Look for in a Blogging Platform?

You should be aware of these factors before deciding on a blog platform for your blogs, such as Blogspot or WordPress. So, before we get started, let’s have a look at the factors to consider before deciding on a blog platform for your blogging adventure.

  • Support: As a new blogger or newbie, we want help or support so that we can start our blog without trouble; thus, when selecting a blog platform, we must choose one that offers good support when we get stuck.
  • Easy to use: Because not everyone has coding skills, the first thing you should look for when picking a blog platform is easy to use. 
  • Versatility: When your blog starts to grow, always choose platforms that allow you to utilize or add new features.
  • Monetization option: When your blog starts to expand, you’ll need to monetize it to generate money, so choose the platform that gives you the most monetization possibilities.

(For those who don’t know what monetization means: To generate money from your blog or YouTube channel, you must monetize it by linking income resources to it. Ads, affiliate links, and sponsored links can all be placed on your blogs.)

Apart from this, you should consider a variety of other factors, such as the platform’s pricing, design or theme possibilities, SEO capabilities for organic traffic, and so on.

For more precise knowledge, I’ve broken down each element in detail so you don’t have to go searching for these phrases independently on Google.

Factors we will cover in this Guide – BlogSpot vs WordPress

  • Overview 
  • Easy to use
  • Controls
  • Ownership
  • Design options 
  • Support
  • Future
  • Security
  • Pricing
  • Portability
  • Best Platform for Beginners 
  • Best for Monetization 

I have short-listed these factors that you must have experienced before starting your blog. 

So now the only thing you have to do is to sit back, relax and note every point because it’s very important to understand these factors between Blogger or WordPress for beginners. 

Overview –  Blogger vs WordPress

As I previously stated, the only major blogging platforms that spring to mind when we think of establishing a blog are WordPress and Blogspot.

WordPress is the most popular and extensively used blog platform, according to BuiltWith’s blog technology use statistics. The WordPress platform is used by more than 38% of all top websites.

After WordPress, Blogspot/Blogger is the second most popular blogging platform, with 1% of the top 1 million websites using it.

I compared these two platforms as well, and as of 2023, both are highly popular and are primarily used by bloggers to operate their blogs or websites.

This screenshot from Google Trends, which shows us current trends all across the world, might give you an idea.

Google trends Reports
Google trends Reports

As you can see, WordPress has been consistently growing since 2005, and it will continue to be the most popular platform in 2023.

I also saw that Blogger and WordPress will be the most popular blogging platforms for decades to come.

Now, let’s discuss them in brief.

What is Blogger?

Type of siteBlog host
Available in {languages}Maximum in all
Alexa rank2310 [August 2023]
RegistrationOptional, free
LaunchedAugust 23, 1999; 20 years ago 
Current statusActive
Written inPython
Quick Introduction to Blogger

Blogger is a blogging platform that allows multiple users to create blogs with time-stamped entries. Pyra Labs created it, and Google acquired it in 1999. 

It is hosted by Google and is usually accessed through the subdomain. We may also buy a new domain, such as [], by utilizing DNS to point a domain to Google’s services. 

Blogger is well-known for its free blog hosting services, which allow you to create a blog without spending any money. 

I, too, began my blogging career on Blogger, and it was a fantastic learning experience for me as a rookie blogger.

They also provide you a free domain extension which is Let me give you an example of how your blog URL looks like on blogger.


However, if you want your blog URL to be more professional, you should use third-party domain registrars to get good domain extensions like .com or .net.

Then you may connect your blogger account to your .com or net extension, which will make your blog appear more professional.

Visit Blogger by clicking here: Visit

Features of Blogger

  1. Responsive: Blogger is extremely responsive to mobile, tabs, and desktop, therefore if you want a responsive website or blog, you should use it.
  2. Easy to use: I noticed that blogger is too easy to use even non-tech individuals can create a blog within minutes on Blogger. 
  3. Free for its services: There is no need for hosting or domain name if you want to go with  Blogger because Google hosts your website for free. 
  4. Theme Gallery: When you make a blog on Blogspot you notice that there are various options to import any theme you want to your Blogger platform. 
  5. Stable service: I noted that your blog does not experience downtime on Blogger, which is the worst-case scenario for WordPress bloggers in the future.
  6. Reliable System: Have you heard that Google’s site has been hacked? never.

So, if you wish to go with a safe blog, you may host your blog on Blogger.

Now let’s move to WordPress, and know more about it.

What is WordPress?

DEVELOPER’SWordPress Foundation
INITIAL RELEASEMay27,2003; 16 years ago
STABLE RELEASE5.8  // 2023-July-20
OPERATION SYSTEMUnix-like, Windows, Linux
TYPEBlog software, content management system, content management framework
Quick Introduction to WordPress

WordPress is free open-source software that allows you to create a website, blog, or online company fast and effortlessly. WordPress was first released in 2003, and since then, it has hosted 38 percent of the world’s top websites and blogs.

This software is available for free download, and you may use it to host as many websites as you want.

On WordPress, you need a hosting plan and a domain name, before creating a blog then after you can install WordPress for your blog. 

For a newbie blogger, this process takes time, but there is no truth at that point. Because there are several guides on how to set up a WordPress blog, you can simply set up your blog in a matter of hours.

I can help you to set up your blog and if you want help then you can contact me for setting up your WordPress blog.

You can also visit WordPress Website from here.

Feature of WordPress 

  1. Simplicity: WordPress is very simple to use, make content, upload, and simply publish it. Its user interface is as simple as any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  2. Flexibility: You may make any type of website using WordPress. It might be a blog, a website, an e-commerce site, a government site, a photoblog, a community blog or website, a news site, or a network of sites. Various plugins/tools and themes might help in the professionalization of your website.
  3. Publish with ease: It was a brilliant experience for me to first transfer my blog from Blogger to WordPress since WordPress allows you to effortlessly publish pages, posts, media, and other stuff with a single click.
  4. Plugins/tools: WordPress offers you a variety of free tools and plugins that help you in your blogging journey. 
  5. User Management: On WordPress, you may work in a team with several job types. The administrator has to manage the whole website, editors are responsible for the content, author and contributor’s work is to provide regular content for the website. and to manage all this work WordPress helps us to work as a community.

Now let’s cover these factors in detail for each.

Stats of blogger vs wordpress


Ownership is the most important thing to consider when picking a blogging platform, even before considering other criteria.

Ownership is crucial because if you own a blog, you can do whatever you want with it, from putting adverts on it to shutting it down.

Do you own your Blogger blog?

My Simple answer to this question is NO. You don’t own your Blogger Blog. 

Yes, it is a free, quick, and dependable service from Google, but there is no guarantee that your blog will not be terminated by Google if you do something wrong that violates Google policies. 


If you disobey the policies of Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms, your account may be terminated. Google offers this service, and they have the authority to suspend or terminate your blog’s access.

Now, let’s know about WordPress.

Do you Own your WordPress Blog?

Yes, you have full access to your WordPress blog, there is no restriction to a blog that is hosted on WordPress.

You need to purchase a domain name or hosting to host our website online, and you must pay that hosting company on a monthly basis. However, you have complete control over your blog and no one can prevent you from accessing it.

Don’t worry friends, you can start with cheap hosting at your initial stage of blogging Because cheap hosting can easily hold your traffic without any problem, and if you get more traffic in the future then you can shift to other Hosting providers with fast hosting at any time. 

On WordPress, you are free to do anything with your blog.

Who is the winner?


Easy to use between Blogger vs WordPress

As I previously stated, most individuals are looking for online opportunities as a result of COVID-19, and blogging is seen as a simple method to generate money.

However, the majority of individuals are neither programmers nor web developers, and they use blogging to share their ideas and businesses with the rest of the world.

To do so, they’ll need a blogging platform where they may post their ideas and share them with the rest of the globe.

Blogger – Easy to use

When I first started my blog using Blogger, I discovered that there is no complicated setup process. In a matter of minutes, you can easily establish a blog based on your niche ideas.

The most important need is a Google account. If you have, the next step is straightforward.

Steps to create a Blogger Blog

Step 1:  Simply go to the website and sign up for an account. If you have a Gmail account then you can click on the “Create Your Blog” button. 

Step 2: Now they ask for your Gmail account after clicking on Create your blog Button. After signing in through your mail address you see the option of “Choose A Name For your blog”. 

Here you can enter the name you’ve chosen for your blog, which essentially represents the niche of your blog.

Step 3: Now you can choose your blog name, then after that, they ask you for your blog address where you can add your blog’s unique name and may upgrade the name if it shows the URL is already taken. 

To make your blog URL appear more professional, you may add extra letters, numbers, or change it.

Step 4:  Is to provide the name of your blog, which will appear when someone visits your site. After that, type in the name of your blog. 

That’s it. 

Congratulations, your blog is now online, and you can start writing blog posts by logging into your blogger account.

This is how to make a website from scratch on Google for free, and I hope you understand the whole process. 

If not!

You may use this short video to help you create your blog in under two minutes.

Setting up your blogger blog is too easy but if you want to make changes in your theme then you need good skills in coding. 

If you are a master in HTML language then there are no worries but if you are not from Coding background then stay for WordPress because in bloggers you have proper knowledge of HTML.

I tried Blogger for almost a year, and I know that when it comes to changing your theme, a non-computer science individual can’t accomplish anything, resulting in aggravation.

Now let’s move to WordPress. 

WordPress – Easy to use

A WordPress blog isn’t as difficult as you would think. Within a few hours, you can simply set up your WordPress blog. Working with WordPress does not need any coding skills. 

Anyone can easily manage a WordPress blog since, in my opinion, it is similar to a social media platform in that adding content is as simple as it is on Facebook or Instagram.

To run a successful WordPress site, you simply need a basic understanding of computers to click and set up many useful tools and plugins.

You can follow the step-by-step guide of starting a blog on WordPress and set up your blog easily.

After you’ve set up your WordPress blog, you’ll need to modify your blog theme, which is what your visitors will see when they visit your site. The theme you choose must be mobile-friendly and ad-friendly in the future.

So, while picking a blog theme, do your research. My recommendation is to use the Generatepress theme, which is a light WordPress theme that is also responsive.

If you’re a newbie blogger, Generate Press is a good option because it’s affordable.

The next step is to add the Best WordPress plugins to your blog that help your blog to perform well in every aspect like speed, SEO, etc. 

Adding plugins to your site is similar to adding more advanced features to your blog that benefit it in all areas.

It’s simple to add content to WordPress using the Post and Pages options. You can use the “Media option” in your WordPress Dashboard to upload media.

With the help of its simple block editor, you can see additional choices to personalize your content while editing it. You may insert paragraphs, pictures, videos, and other elements into your existing text with this editor.

I noticed that if you get used to it you can also benefit from its drag-and-drop editor for faster work.

Blogger can help you set up your blog faster than WordPress, but WordPress wins our comparison in terms of functionality and user experience. Because, while Blogger may help you save time in the setup process, if you are not a developer, you may fall into a variety of issues.

Because WordPress is highly user-friendly and has an outstanding interface, a WordPress user may simply operate his site without any coding expertise.

Who is our winner?

Our Winner is:- WordPress!

Controls and Flexibility between Blogger and WordPress 

Other aspects to consider while deciding between these platforms include controls and flexibility.

You must understand what level of customization you will have on each platform if they provide your customization and whether you will be able to add plugins or tools to your blog platforms.

Do you have complete control over your blog’s appearance? If you’re asking yourself these questions, have a look at our comparison to get a better grasp of the two platforms.

Controls and Flexibility in Blogger

When I initially started using Blogger, I thought that it provided us with adequate tools for running a successful blog. But I was wrong; Blogger, unlike WordPress, is a platform with limited functionalities.

Blogger is a simple blogging platform that is built for ease of use; as a result, if you want to run your blog on Blogger, you will have to work within its constraints.

You’ll notice that you have a set of gadgets with certain functions like set ads, contact forms, subscription links, and so on, but you won’t be able to use them to their full potential to generate money because there are no alternatives to these tools when working on blogger.

Because Google only offers these Gadgets, you won’t be able to add pop-ups or e-commerce features to your blogger blog. As a result, you’ll be limited in how you customize it.

Now, let’s know more about WordPress!

Controls and Flexibility in WordPress

As you may be aware, WordPress can be customized to include as many features as you desire on your website. This is a completely open-source platform that allows you to meet all of your blog’s requirements.

Here, you can customize your blog to fit your niche, business, or startup.

You wouldn’t believe how many features you can add to your WordPress blog with the help of plugins and third-party software.

Thousands of “free and premium WordPress Plugins” are available to help you expand the functionality of your WordPress blog.

For example, if you want:

  • Your site to be an online store?
  • Want to create a portfolio?
  • Want to gather email addresses with the help of popups?
  • Want to add social sharing buttons to your blog?

If you wish to add sophisticated features to your blog, you can easily do so with the help of plugins.

Let me tell you something interesting: there are over 56,000+ WordPress plugins that can help your site load faster, customize options, and add ample opportunities, among other stuff.

So, let me respond to your query. In this comparison of Blogger and WordPress Controls and Flexibility, WordPress comes out on top, giving us more options to make our journey easier than utilizing the Blogger platform.

Who is our Winner?

Our Winner is WordPress!

WordPress is the long-term solution for serious bloggers because to succeed in blogging is not too easy without these features. 

Now let’s cover our next factors which are the Security of your blog. Your blog’s security is also an important consideration that you should not overlook. 


Security is one of the key things that you should never neglect before going to the online world. There are hackers out there that want to hack your websites and then demand money in exchange for answers to your blog’s vulnerability.

I saw some hackers demand money or something else if your blog has any vulnerability. 

So make sure to check this comparison because this can save your blog from hackers.

Security of your blog in Blogger 

You don’t have to be concerned about security on Blogger because Google manages the site, and you’ll be familiar with Google’s security level. Only if the Blogger platform goes down, then only your blog will face downtime, but normally you don’t have to worry about security on Blogger. 

You don’t have to worry about managing your server’s resources, protecting your site, or generating backups if you use Blogger.

Security on WordPress

On WordPress, you can face some security issues. You have to maintain your site because you hosted your blog yourself so it’s your responsibility to secure your blog.

You may use certain security plugins to assist safeguard your website, and these plugins can also help you create daily backups.

Various security plugins can help you to secure your blog but as per my experience maximum successful bloggers leave their site with security plugins for their initial stage but when they start earning they take the help of security experts to secure their site. 

And my suggestion is to go with security plugins at first and when you feel you are earning good you can secure your blog with these security experts. 

Hope you understand and let’s know who is our winner.

Who is our winner?

The winner is Blogger

Now let’s move to our next aspect which is Support. 

Support – Blogger vs WordPress 

While running a blog, you may face many difficulties; nevertheless, if you receive prompt and helpful responses to these concerns, that platform is the best in terms of support.

Check before choosing one of these platforms! 

Support you get in Blogger 

Blogger’s help system is quite limited. I noticed that there are relatively few conversation forms in Blogger, and it’s true that the number of bloggers that use Blogspot is small. As a result, if you operate your site on Blogger, you will have limited resources.

You may learn how to access Blogger’s help page here.

Support page on Blogger
The support page on Blogger

As you are aware now that google is a free platform and available for everyone so Google can’t provide you one-to-one support to manage your blog.

Support you get in WordPress

You can observe or check its activity on WordPress without subscribing to a premium plan, and get an idea of its community, as something is going on on its community page. 

There are several community forums for each theme and plugins to solve your problems. If you are facing a problem in setting up your blog then you may take live support from your hosting provider.

I took the help of the hosting provider support when I was new and can’t find the answer to my query. Then I contacted hosting to provide live support and they helped me to set up my blog which you can see is performing well. 

Aside from, YouTube has hundreds of videos and comprehensive guide tutorials that may help you solve any problem with your WordPress blog.

So, my advice is to choose a WordPress site since it has a large support system and a large community of experienced and new bloggers that can answer your difficulties in a matter of minutes.

Who is our Winner?

The winner is WordPress!


When selecting between blogger and WordPress, it’s important to consider the future of both platforms. Should we use Blogspot, WordPress, or something else entirely? 

So in this aspect, we will know what will be the future of these platforms. 

Future of Blogging on Blogger

I don’t think it’s a secure option to host your blog on Blogspot because Google owns all the rights of Blogspot and if Google wants to shut it down then no one can stop them to do this, and you also can’t complain anywhere about this.

You may lose your blog in the future so it’s not safe to go with Blogger, But yaa this whole case is for example. There has never been a problem on Blogspot that has forced them to shut down their platform.

So Guys don’t worry because you can go and learn the basics of blogging on Blogger. 

Now, let’s know what is the Future of WordPress. 

Future of Blogging on WordPress

If you are searching for a blogging platform that helps you to earn for years and years then you can go with WordPress. The platform is open-source and available free on its site

It only depends on you, to shut down your blog. Here you have to pay for hosting and domain, and if you are paying consistently then no one can down your blog.

You are the owner of your blog in WordPress, so you don’t have to worry about it being shut down or being banned like any other social media account.

WordPress is also considered as the most Popular or used CMS(Content Management System).

There are thousands of businesses and organizations which only depend on it. So WordPress is considered the most used and reliable CMS for the upcoming future or at least upcoming years. 

Who is our winner?


Portable – Blogger vs WordPress

The purpose of this article is to provide you with the information you need to decide between Blogger and WordPress as your preferred platform. However, we all make mistakes from time to time, which might lead to major issues.

In this situation, the issue I’m referring to is not being able to move or migrate your blog from one platform to another.

This is why the portability option comes. So let’s know if you are able to migrate from one platform to another. 

Portability in Blogger

When I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress I felt that this is a complex process, and if you have good organic rankings on any search engine then this migration may impact your SEO which leads to outranking of your content during this migration process. 

It may take more days or months to get your SEO ranking back, so it’s a risky process of Portability in blogger. 

Portability In WordPress

If you are on WordPress then there is no need to change anything except Hosting. But if you want to change your domain name then you can easily do that, you can easily change hosting, or if you want to work on New CMS then you can go with other blogging platforms without any risk.

However, I noticed that if you change your domain name, you must 301 redirect your blog from the old site to the new one. And, as I discovered on one of my blogs, it takes months to entirely move your data, and during that time you risk losing your rankings.

So my advice is to stay on your domain name and if you want to change hosting then you can easily do that without any risk. 

Who is our winner?


Pricing – WordPress vs Blogger

What does it cost to set up a blog? What are the monthly costs of hosting plans or domain names?

The cost of your services varies depending on the package you choose and the company that delivers services. So, let’s talk about the cost and the services that come with premium programs.

Cost of making a blog on Blogger

Blogger allows you to create a blog for free, with no need to purchase hosting, a domain name, themes, or other necessary resources. Your blog is hosted by Google, which also provides you with a free domain name ( and a variety of blogger themes.

You can also make your Blog name more professional by buying a domain name which generally costs you $15 for one year. If you want to buy then you can buy it from here from 

Cost of Making a blog on WordPress provides you free software but to run your website you need good hosting or you can go with Future proof NVMe hosting and a domain name for your blog.

There are several hosting providers but the best hosting for a new blogger is Bluehost. This is because you can buy their hosting plan for just $2.45/month, and you will get amazing services along with that. Free domain name with SSL Certificate.

This is the only cost you have to pay to start your WordPress blog and if you want more services then you can go with Paid themes to make your site more attractive, you can add more plugins to add new features to your blog, etc. 

I hope you may have a good understanding of these two platforms. And if you read the entire article thoroughly then you can succeed easily without facing any problems while creating your blog. 

Who is our winner between blogger and WordPress?

WordPress is the winner in all cases. In terms of SEO and more functionality, WordPress provides you full access across your website that help you to make as many changes as you want to get success.


                 WORDPRESS                       BLOGGER
SIMPLICITY:Beginner-friendly with a learning curveJust a few clicks until your first post
TEMPLATES:Tens of thousands of extensionVery limited options, can’t customize templates in detail
CONTENT MANAGEMENTRevision, autosave, custom HTML…Much simpler document editor
SUPPORT:Community, pay for supportSupport forum, basic documentation
PORTABILITY:Quick export and import content, switch hosts and platformsIt’s hard to switch from blogger to another platform
OWNERSHIP AND CONTROLYou own the blog, complete controlGoogle owns it, limited control
Comparison table

So let’s move to the conclusion.

Conclusion – WordPress Vs Blogger Which one is better?

WordPress and Blogger are the Platforms that are Popular in 2023 for their services and it depends on what platform is best for you.

I mean that if you want to share your thoughts, or stories with the public then you can go with Blogger. But if you want to make money and want to make your blog Professional then WordPress will be the best option.

If you aim to make an online store, Affiliate marketing blog, or membership website then WordPress will be the best option for you guys.

Hope this comparison between Blogger and WordPress helped & solved your queries, and their Pros and cons helped you to understand the comparison better.

If I missed out on some key points then please tell me in the comment section!

I will add that key point ASAP, for a better understanding for our future bloggers.

Don’t hesitate to comment your thoughts, and if you like the post then please share. 

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