What is a blog? Can blogging makes money

Hey guys, if you want to know something about blogging and learn what is a blog, lots of blogging tips and tricks, or you have some questions related to blogging, then you are in the right place.

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What is blogging?

Blogging is a medium through which we can spread our ideas worldwide, in that I can speak to my experience that blogging is a medium of what we think or have experienced in our life till date on a page and spreading it across the world is called blogging.

What is Blog?

Definition of blog:

A blog is a web page that is regularly updated by an individual or a group of people. In a blog, a particular person has to publish some articles and have to update them regularly. It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual subject.

Purpose of making a blog:

An important purpose of creating a blog is to share your views on several topics on worldwide platforms. Purpose of making a website varies. It depends person to person in which type of blog he or she wants to make.

Some types of blogs:


  • Personal Blog. The personal blog does not focus on a specific topic or audience. In this blog we can share our lifetime stories to our audience. This story can be happy sad adventurous and depends upon you.
  • Personal Brand Blog. This blog focuses on Blogger as a brand. Identity used to build credibility for a blogger as a thought-leader, speaker, and teacher within a specific niche. Often used for coaching, guidance, personal development, spirituality, and more. They can provide various contents like e-books some downloadable files for their audience.
  • Corporate Blog. In this blog all the focus is on increasing its own business or taking traffic on site. This blog completes the requirement of the audience to add additional traffic which keeps the volume of traffic on the blogger’s site good.
  • Personal Services Blog. These websites discuss the topics surrounding the services offered. These are great for local services like lawn care, babysitting, house sitting, dog walking, junk removal, etc.
  • Niche Blog. When blogging is done on one particular topic it can be only Food, Fashion, or anything else. To make this successful, you can catch a topic in which you have mastered. Give tips and tricks or provide all the information to your audience.
  • Affiliate Blog. In these types of blogs, we have to promote some ads of companies or any product in our blog. In this type of blogging, we have to publish an article related to the product that we want to sell with our affiliate link. Amazon Affiliate marketing is the best example of this.
  • Artist’s Blog. In this, any artist has an online medium to spread his or her talent to the world.

Blog structure:

Blogs have changed over time and different features have been added to today’s blogs. But, most blogs include some standard features and structure. Here you get the special standards that identify a good blog.

1. Our blog page must have a header menu and navigation bar.

2. Our page must contain Slide bar or side bar in which recent post or your social profile options are necessary.

3. Main content area with obvious or latest blog posts.

4. These three pages should be necessary for the footer: Privacy policy, Contact Us, About us page. {must require}

Seeing the example above, you must have understood that how should our blog be.

What is blogging?

Blogging is a medium through which we can spread our ideas worldwide, in that we can speak to our experience that blogging is a medium of what we think or have experienced in our life till date on a page and spreading it across the world is called blogging.

Definition of blogging:

Blogging is a medium through which we publish a concept in a blog and address it in the entire world. Blogging means that any one in the world who is able to write or publish some thoughts of his to the world and be regularly update his blogs.

Blogging is famous for many advantages

  1. It became a mainstream source of information
  2. By blogging we can give various Information for free to our visitors.
  3. By blogging, companies keep clients and customers up to date.
  4. Visitors can contact you through your blogs.
  5. We can earn money through blogging.

Who is blogger?

A blogger is a person who has been running his blog from the beginning. Bloggers have to keep their blog up to date.

A blogger is a fellow who shares some of the topics of his life with you such as some art, web design, how to do blogging, talk about some technology, and more.

Like a writer shares his story in a post.

Definition of blogger:

A blogger is someone who runs and controls a blog. He or she shares his or her opinion on different topics for a target audience.

What are many people Blogging today?

If we want to see a career in blogging today, then choose the topic in which you have the most interest. You can choose different types of blog niches and how to get successful we will teach you that. Just select your favourite topic, write an article on it and publish it.

Yes, bloggers are getting paid If you master blogging you can earn money that you have not expected. In blogging, there is hard work too but after the hard work, you will master blogging and you will get paid by different companies and You can earn by Google Ad-sense.

Want to Start blog on Your own?

Start a blog in few steps:

  1. First of all, we have to think of one thing in our mind that on which topic we can write 50 articles comfortably.
  2. After this we have to start writing those articles, there should be at least 1000 words in one article.
  3. After this, if you want to create a site for free, then Blogger.com is a great growing platform.
  4. Apart from Blogger, WordPress is also a blogging platform but this platform is paid. {Confused between blogger v/s wordpress}
  5. Out of these two, you have to choose a platform and post 1 article per day.

Some tips to rank your article on the first page of google by which we can make money by attracting visitors to our site.

These are few steps by which we can blog perfectly and earn money in short period of time.


All we have to say is that if you take the time to write articles, then you must start blogging and I swear these are many Opportunity to make money.

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