11+ Free Online Proofreading Tools For Content writing

Online Proofreading Softwares can make your content error-free and every content writer must use these tools.

Are you querying about the best but free online Proofreading tools or editing tools for blog writing or content writing? 

Here, this is the most comprehensive guide for those who are wondering about the best but free online Proofreading Tools with their pros and cons. 

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In this article, I will show you some techniques to choose the best article checker or proofreading tool for you, at a low price or free.  

Here you will find the real truth of these tools, how they work, with their pros and cons. 

In short: If you want to attract visitors or want to improve your writing skills, you’ll love this article. 

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If you are a blogger or a content writer, then you will know how important your writing skills are in these spaces.

Most of us bloggers and content writers spend most of their time searching for a topic, niches and trying to find a very targeted audience.

But there are only a few who give their time to the main point of ‘proofreading’.

Before going to the list of the best and free online Proofreaders we have to know what is proofreading.

So let’s discuss what is proofreading. 

What is proofreading in content writing?

Proofreading is the final step after completing any article where you manually check your article and look for mistakes made in the article. 

Errors can be like misspellings, grammar mistakes, or punctuation. When you have finished that article, you should proofread your article.

In short

Proofreading is a process in which you have to check your written article once so that mistakes made by you can be rectified.

Why is proofreading important? 

Whether you are a blogger, student, or writer, but if you want your written content to appeal to your target audience, then you need these proofreading tools to check your mistakes.

These make your article more attractive and some of these tools have more other features. Many of you must know that blogging is a very good field where you can earn good online with the help of your blog content.

And to make your content more attractive you have to make it error-free. Your blog content should be error-free so that google helps you to rank on page one. 

Here these tools make work easy for you, we can also call them your writing assistant. This free writing assistant helps you to make your content error-free.

Many of us here are bloggers and the main part of blogging to make quality content without any error. And we also know that Google ranks those sites that have error-free content with consistency in blog updates. 

That’s why blog writing is the main fundamental way for ranking your site on Google’s page one. 

This is the reason why you should use these proofreaders as your writing assistant, which helps you to make your article correct.  

I hope you understand what proofreading and why we should use these free tools to make flawless content.

So now we will discuss these tools which will help you with proofreading. 

Best 7 free online Proofreading Tools For Making Your Content Flawless. 

1. Grammarly

Today, if we talk about any free proofreading tool the first that comes to our mind, is Grammarly.

A well-known proofreading platform that gives us more features at zero price.

This tool helps us to fix our mistakes and provides us various suggestions for that particular mistake. 

This tool not only tells you about mistakes but also gives an explanation of those mistakes. This is the best tool for those who are weak in the English language.

In this, you also get a plagiarism checker that shows the copied content from your written article. It also calculates or can show the word count of your article and also provide more other details. 

In Grammarly, you get the feature to make your content as you want. It can be professional, friendly, and have many other options. 

Pros and cons of Grammarly.


1. Real-time corrections: Its most amazing advantage is that this tool also fixes grammar mistakes in real-time. 

2. Accuracy: This tool is very accurate which helps a lot in making our content error-free.

This tool provides the most accurate results out of the tools available in the market.

3. Its explanations are easily understandable. 

4. Users can use this tool easily because this tool has a very simple interface. 


Grammarly doesn’t have any such cons but the one con of this tool is that it dost provide you all the features in the free version you have to so cost for accessing these awesome features in your device. 

2. Ginger

Do you know that Ginger is a tool which is the most used tool after Grammarly? Ginger software is the software where you can easily check your grammar mistakes and can use this in other requirements also. 

This is one of the best proofreading tools where you can check your sentences and find grammar mistakes easily. 

This tool is not as good as Grammarly but this tool is far better than other free tools which are available as grammar checker tools. 

Tool service offers us two plans one is free and another is premium. 

If you are a blogger and do the work of writing content on your own, then I suggest that you can improve your content by using these two tools together. Grammarly is a good tool but there is some restriction in its free version so you can take help of ginger tools here. 

In Gingers premium version it provides you sentence rephrase, which can help you anytime. 

In ginger’s premium version you can write and translate your content in 60 different languages and it provides you a 100%  money-back guarantee within 7 days.

Some pros and cons of Ginger free online Proofreading Tools 


 1. Helps you in English corrections.

2. It has its chrome extension for a better user experience. 

3. This is lightweight software.

4. It works in Microsoft Office and works in browsers also.  

5. Translate over 60 languages and provide 7 days money-back guarantee. 


1. Its price rates are too high as compare to its competitors 

2. Premium version doesn’t support any premium features apart from languages. 

3. People report that sometimes its system crashes and then you have to restart your system.  

3. Google docs. 

This is a tool that already exists in your Google application.

This tool is a tool of Google itself and gives you excellent features outside, with the help of which you can make your article even more amazing.

Putting Google Docs in this list means that this tool provides you with suggestions for proofreading tools like Grammarly, which also comes with many good features.

One of the best features of google docs is that you don’t need to type from the keyboard if you can speak English or any other language then here you can also make an article by your voice.

The feature name is Voice typing. 

Here you can save your file offline too when there is no internet connection available. This feature is best for those who like to write articles offline or best for those who suffer from internet connection issues. 

This writing check tool is very helpful for everyone and in this tool, you can make your article awesome by using Grammarly extension that will help you to improve your writing.   

In short, this is the best tool for those who are interested in content writing or in copywriting. 

So let’s discuss some pros and cons of google docs free online Proofreading Tools.  


  1. You can access it very easily and this tool is 100% free. 
  2. This tool works under google which means a lot in online careers. 
  3. Provide us a huge opportunity to collaborate with others.
  4. You can share your docs from anywhere to anyone online.  
  5. It provides us suggestions like Grammarly and helps in the better formating of or content. 


There is not such any problem with these tools so you can go with the combo of google docs and Grammarly proofreading tool extension. 

Best combo of free content proofreading tools. 

4. Polish my writing:

‘After the Deadline’ is the tool where you get a good grammar tool or free online Proofreading Tools or editing tool to check your grammar mistakes.

After reading this line one question must arrive in your mind that what does this word ‘after the deadline’ mean?

It is nothing but the second name of the polish my writing tool is ‘After the deadline’, it is well known by this name. 

Apart from this Polish, writing is the tool that helps us to check grammatical errors, spellings, or other mistakes done by us while writing content. 

This is the best language checker that supports these features.

  • Spell checking 
  • Style checking 
  • Grammar check is the best feature of this tool. 

This tool is based on AI [artificial intelligence] and runs under natural language processing technology which helps the tool to detect mistakes done by writers and provide instant suggestions for those mistakes.   

The best part of this tool is that this tool is very easy to use you simply visit the website and then you can directly paste your content and then click the button named “check writing” in few seconds it will show the result and provide relevant suggestions.

This tool also has a wordpress plugin where you can install it directly from wordpress and use it there. 

Now let’s discuss some pros and cons of this tool. 


  1. The best feature of this software is that it is available in many languages also. 
  2. It can be used as a wordpress plugin which is great for bloggers who runs their sites on wordpress
  3. It provides us great experience because the loading speed of the website is pretty good. 


The customer support option is not there so this is the major con. You can’t contact any service if you are facing any problem. But apart from this, you can go with its free version that is very great in working. 

5. Paper Rater

Words that have been misspelled are corrected by the tool and also give appropriate suggestions when you make a mistake. 

This tool has the most excellent ‘contextual spelling checker’ which is the main highlight of the Paper Rater. 

This tool also runs on AI and present a pleasanter experience for content writer and students. 

 In this proofreading tool, there are also many other features like 

  • It can help you in plagiarism checking with its feature where you can use it for free. 
  • Grammar checker
  • Spelling checker
  • Suggestions to make your content more attractive. 
  • Free proofreader 

These are some best features of this tool now we will discuss some pros and cons of this tool. 


It presents many other options like you can choose words as this tool suggest the best attractive words relevant to the particular word. 

This tool can check our content whether it is plagiarised or not. 

It gives us a grade as per our writing skills. 


All evaluations in this tool are not free, you have to pay for some. you have to pay if you want more evaluations and more suggestions to improve your vocabulary. 

6. Language tool

Language tool is the proofreading tool that supports many other languages. French, German, Polish, and more than 20 other languages. 

In this tool, you can detect mistakes that cannot be detected by any other tool such as MS Word.

This proofreading tool is best for flawless content writing. 

Its features are as follows:

  • Contextual spell checking is so quick. 
  • Grammar check
  • Spelling check
  • Your content style check. 
  • Text editor 

These are some features of this tool. 

Now we discuss some pros and cons. 


Plenty of languages are supported in this amazing tool. This is easy to use. 


I have mostly seen that this tool gives very limited options. Where other free tools give good performance with this.

7. Slick write.

If you are a blogger, then this tool gives you Instructions by observing your Grammar Mistakes very easily.

This tool is great so that it takes your professional skills to the next level. If you want your visitors to appreciate your writing skills then this tool will surely help you a lot.

This tool will help you improve your writing skills from beginner to advance.

This platform also works like others and here is the list of some features of this tool. 

  • Fast in grammar check
  • It is a free platform. 

So let’s take a look at its pros and cons. 


This tool is also like the above-mentioned tools so it also contains all these features and best for those who love to write. 


This tool has not that updated user interface. It has a basic interface. 

8. Wordrack

Wordrack is a powerful and valuable proofreading and writing tool for professionals who write articles for professional purposes such as Bloggers, Writers, and Editors.

The creator of this tool is a lawyer and a writing expert named Gary Kinder.

Wordrake is the only automated inline editing software that allows you to edit articles in Microsoft Word and Outlook.

This tool works on several algorithms that provide you with exact suggestions to improve your article.

 After the quick introduction of the Word rack proofreading tool, now take a look at its features. 

Powerful features of wordrack

  1. Inline editing software.
  2. One-click editing option both for Microsoft Word or Outlook 
  3. Corrects your grammar & punctuation mistakes. 
  4. You can use it on both the operating systems Macs and windows. 

Pros and cons of Wordrack


  • You can edit your content in Microsoft Word and Outlook, which is the major pro of this tool.
  • Best support system
  • They have excellent reviews on the official website that make this tool so reliable.
  • Here you can get a seven-day free trial for using this fantastic tool.


 As I told you, this tool is fantastic. The only con of this tool is that you can use it for free only for seven days. I know this tool helps you make your article attractive, but you have to pay for its features.

9. GrammarCheck

Grammar is another top-rated and commonly used tool that helps you find grammatical mistakes in your article.

Here you can directly write or paste your article on their website to check its mistakes.

In this tool, you will get two options one is free to check, and the other is deep check. 

By looking at it, you can guess how this tool looks.

If there are any grammatical mistakes in your article, you can check your report by clicking on a “free check” option.

If there is any underline error in your article, you can click on that error and use its suggested suggestions.

Now discuss some features of GrammarCheck.

Features of GrammarCheck

  1. Free proofreading tool and help in finding grammar mistakes.
  2. User-friendly interface; anyone can use it easily.

Pros and cons of GrammarCheck


  • Free tool 
  • Helps in checking grammar mistakes, provides you great suggestions for free as compared to others.
  • Easy to use; you only have to copy-paste your article there and then click on the free check option. 


There are very limitations in its free version; you can’t use it as a primary proofreading tool because you can’t edit in ms word or any other platform with this tool.

10. Spell check plus 

Spell check plus uses an advanced and user-friendly interface to remove errors in your article.

The primary feature of this tool is that it targets several omissions made by other language learners of English. So this tool is a break for those whose primary language is not English and still need to develop their English writing abilities.

SpellCheck Plus design almost resembles the MS Word interface, but it will catch more grammatical mistakes that MS Word cannot detect; this tool provides you with better suggestions than MS Word.

One of the advanced features of this tool is that this tool also gives you correct suggestions by separating words that are of the same sound.

This tool usually catches all confusing words that other spell checkers ignore or cannot capture.

Apart from this let’s discuss some other features.

Features of spell check plus

  1. The platform is online so that you can access it on any computer or other devices
  2. There is no need to update the tool manually because it updates automatically.

Pros and cons of Spell check plus


  • User-friendly interface
  • One-click checking
  • Excellent suggestions
  • Support is good
  • It is an online tool so that you can use it from anywhere


For better performance from this tool, you have to pay for it, but if you get its paid subscription, there is no worry about your mistakes because it checks all the errors and suggests you the best options.

11. Reverso

Reverso is an online tool that helps you to fix these writing errors.

  • Grammar check
  • Spelling check
  • Dictionary
  • Translation

This tool provides you unique features to make your blog or written content better.

As I mentioned above, this tool helps those who want to translate their entire text into another language. 

Its translation feature is better than other free online tools that why I added this tool to our list. With the help of this tool, you can easily translate your text into these languages.

It supports these languages. French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, Spanish.

Now let’s discuss its features. 

Features of Reverso 

  1. Reverso comes with the most advanced translation feature.
  2. There is also a voice translation to make your speaking skills perfect.
  3. Best for improving oral skills with its speaker pronunciation feature. 

Pros and cons of Reverso.


  • Available for both macs or windows
  • The translation feature is advance


This tool is perfect for all purposes, so there are no such cons of this tool. 

So what are you waiting for?

Try Reverso from here. 

12. Ludwig

Ludwig is a famous sentence search engine that helps 15+ million users to improve their English writing skills.

Ludwig allows you to help write excellently relevant reference samples taken from reliable sources in English. Unlike other proofreading tools suggested on this listing, Ludwig writes you PROPER sentences in English.

How this tool work

As you can see in the above image, if you enter your sentence or phrase, it suggests perfect examples of how other specialists use these phases in their conviction.

This is how Ludwig works.

Features of Ludwig

  1. Sentences with the best context 
  2. Translate in English
  3. They today have over 200+ million sentences
  4. Helps in the paraphrasing of sentences
  5. Allows you to find out missing words in your sentences.

Pros and cons of Ludwig 


  • Fantastic platform for those who are new writers.
  • Helps you to select perfect phrases 
  • The translation is also amazing 
  • Allows you to detect missing words in your text.


This tool is used by 15+ million users worldwide, so there is no chance to find any con.

So don’t wait 

Get your free Ludwig account from here.

 So I hope you get a maximum of information about the best proofreading tools free and now we will discuss some Queries asked by you on Google. 

Let’s solve your enigmas.

editing tools for content writing

Q. Which software is the best software for proofreading? 

Ans: Grammarly is the best software for proofreading if you are searching for a free tool. This free online proofreading tool or editing tool works best with Google docs. I can say it is a perfect combo while making content. 

Q. How can you become a good proofreader?

Ans:  There are several freelancing sites on market today so if you are interested in proofreading jobs then you can go with these freelancing sites.

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. Linkedin  

Q. Which website or tool is best for proofreading or editing?

Ans: If you are a new blogger and searching for the best proofreading editing software then my suggestion is the combo of Grammarly and google docs. 

This combination is best and makes your content more amazing. 

Q. Grammarly is free to use?

Ans: Yes Grammarly is free software with its extension but some features are blocked in the free version of it. So if you want to use all the features of this tool then you have to pay for that.  


I just want to say that with the help of these tools you can make your content more amazing and if you are not using any tool for proofreading, I hardly request you to take the help of these tools.  

If you think that you are good at content writing then you can skip these tools but if you are not that skilled then make sure to use these tools it will help you a lot.   

These tools are free but Grammarly and google docs combine will help you a lot if you are a blogger and want to do good formatting of your blog content so I also use this combo for blog writing and I can say that these tools are best for anyone who loves to write.  

If you want to summarize your content as well then you can check the list of best summarizing tools where you can summarize your long content.

Hope you like this list with some of these tools’ pros and cons because it is important to share the real truth of these tools so I guess you guys are now satisfied and can choose your free proofreader tool. 

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