15+ Best Health Sub Niches 2023 For Blogging & Youtube

Here are the Best Health and Fitness Sub Niches for Blogging in 2023 to start a blog in the Health industry. 

If you want to dive into the health niche, this blog post is for you because we will cover all sub-niches in the health niche so that you don’t need to research further to start your blog or youtube channel.

We will provide you with all the sub-topics you can cover in the health and fitness niche.

But, before we go into our list of fitness sub-niches, you should know that the health niche falls within YMYL niches(Your Money or Your Life), which relate to topics and niches that can directly impact a person’s health or finances.

In short: If you don’t have any expertise in the health or finance niche, then my advice is to go with other evergreen niches because you will face many problems in the future. 

I will tell you about my experience, what I faced while entering YMYL niches and what you should know before entering into health niches. 

First, let’s know what YMYL niches are.

The Figures & stats in the article are collected from Google TrendsGoogle adsGoogle Keyword Planner, and other advertisements Dashboards like Semrush, so you can also check on these platforms and start working on these niches.

What are YMYL niches(Your Money or Your Life)?

Your Money or Your Life content is the kind of information that may have a direct influence on your visitor’s happiness, health, safety, and finances.

In other words, creating a YMYL page with incorrect advice or information may impact people’s lives and livelihoods, implying that the stakes are high for this kind of information.

Google takes this YMYL content seriously since it wants to deliver accurate information to its users. Only specialists with relevant experience may dive into the YMYL niche and create YMYL content for their blogs and YouTube channels.

Here are some YMYL sub-niches that come under the YMYL category. 

Niches fall under the YMYL category.

News and current events: Include concepts such as business, science, politics, and technology, as well as government, law, and civics-related subjects.

Financial Advise: All sub-niches within the financial Niche are classified as YMYl content.

Health And Fitness: All of the sub-niches we’ll be covering fall under the category of YMYL content. Medical advice, drug information, hospitals, crises, etc. These Are some examples from the Health and fitness niche.

People of a specific ethnicity, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, etc.

Now I hope you have basic knowledge of YMYL content and know how to choose a niche for your blog or website. 

Now, let’s move to our health and fitness industry sub-niches list. 

First of all, let’s know what Health and fitness niche is.

What is Health and fitness’s Niche?

A niche is a small but profitable subset of your targeted audience with whom you exchange content on a specific subject. People in the health niche share health-related information online or offline using any means to reach a specific audience and assist them.

11+ Best Health and Fitness Sub Niches


  1. Digestive Health
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Diabetes
  4. Body Building 
  5. Yoga
  6. Skin Care
  7. Dental Care
  8. Hair Loss
  9. ENT Care
  10. Back, Neck, and knee Pain
  11. Baby Care 
  12. Telemedicine


  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety
  3. Sleep Difficulties
  4. Depression

These are some health and fitness sub-niches that you can work with. Creating a website or Youtube channel is the way to share your content if you have expertise in any of these topics. 

1. Digestive Health

You may start a blog in the Gastrointestinal health niche (digestive Niche) and establish a brand in everyday basics such as how much carbohydrates, fats, and protein one needs to live a happy life.

Most human diseases begin in the gut; thus, creating a blog where you can teach your readers about healthy food and solutions to help them improve their gut health is the best way to help people online.

While researching this post, I discovered that in the United States, about 72 percent of people in 2000 reported having at least one of the following gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms a few times a month or more: diarrhea, gas, bloating, stomach pain, frequent bowel movements, and unexplained weight loss.

So, if you have good experience in the digestion niche, you may develop a blog and a YouTube channel.

2. Weight Loss

Yes, I know Weight loss is the first keyword that comes to our mind when we say about health niche, and it is also a profitable niche in health hobbies. 

You can start a weight loss blog in this Niche and a micro-niche site where you can discuss only one topic. This is because there is much competition in the weight loss niche, so starting a micro-niche blog is what I can suggest to my visitors. 

Note: Micro-niche blogging is like niche blogging, but here you cover all the queries which are only related to one sub-topic. In ordinary words, you have to cover a sub-topic within the same topic.

For example: In the health niche, you can start a blog where you cover topics only related to bodyweight exercises to lose weight; another example is to cover topics related to weight loss, diet plans, etc.

Micro-niche topics in the Weight loss niche:

  • Calorie Specific Diets.
  • Ketogenic Diets for weight loss.
  • Weight Loss Supplements and Pills.
  • Low-Carb Diets.
  • Weight loss (Men & women).
  • Blog on Post Pregnancy Weight Loss.

There are various micro-niches in the weight loss category; these are some examples to help you from my side. And I hope it helps you realize what potential areas you might start your internet journey in.

3. Blog on Diabetes

Diabetes is a significant issue in the twenty-first century. Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects how your body converts food into energy. Most of the food you consume is converted into sugar (glucose) by your body and released into your circulation. When your blood sugar rises, your pancreas signals to release insulin.

Diabetes is a major problem that all generations are facing today. So creating a blog where you can cover all the queries people are searching for is the best idea to start your blogging journey.

You can provide all the information about diabetes, its types, diabetes food plans, how to deal, and many other topics in your blog. 

Here are some queries people are searching on google and other search engines every day. 

health niches

Tip: You should go for food niches and get an idea of how to start a business in the food industry.

4. Body Building 

Bodybuilding is also a broad topic like weight loss that can be broken down into various micro niches. There are plenty of topics you can cover in the bodybuilding niche, and you can also create a blog in its micro Niche to lower the competition. 

You will find much competition in BodyBuilding, so it is an excellent approach to lower that competition to thrive in this hobby. 

Some micro-niche ideas in the Bodybuilding niche

  • Training.
  • Running (treadmill or outdoors)
  • Cycling (spin classes)
  • Weight training.
  • Bootcamps.
  • Dance-based classes.
  • Bodyweight training.

These are some prominent BodyBuilding micro-niches in which I can recommend you focus your efforts and develop content.

TIP: Google prefers websites and blogs that cover all topics and queries relevant to a single micro-niche(one Niche). So, begin creating content in one of these micro-niches.

5. Yoga

Yoga is another of the most popular topics in the health Niche. There are more than 368,000 searches per month for the term yoga, and it is also a highly profitable keyword to work on. 

You may start a yoga blog and teach different yoga poses, how to control your mind and body, and so on. Starting a YouTube channel in this Niche is the perfect opportunity to offer video tutorials of each exercise so people can practice them correctly.

In this sector, video tutorials are great, while blog postings are best for instructions. So maintain both platforms for good branding in less time.

A yoga blog can also help you develop a stronger relationship with your current clientele and promote yourself as an expert.

6. Skin Care

Skincare is one more sub-niche in the health category that is so popular in the blogging and youtube industry. 

You may help others enhance their appearance by implementing some new ideas and lessons from your blog.

Skincare is a complicated subject; if you have anything to say about it, a blog is a great place to share your opinions and suggestions.

You may also share your personal experience with how you overcame beauty challenges in the past or how you employed various objects to do so.

The search volume and queries for skincare is the valid reason if you are thinking of starting a skincare or beauty blog.

7. Dental Care

If you are a dentist with years of experience, building a blog on dental niches is the ideal option for you, just like the other niche professionals on our list.

Of course, one crucial aspect of this incentive is financial success—both in drawing more clients and making your practice as profitable as possible.

Blogs are the best source to attract more clients so that you can get paid for what you learned in your life. 

If you are a small clinic and want to get more clients in the dental Niche, then starting a dental blog is the best option. 

And make sure that if you have a dental clinic, then please go online, and your first step would be to register your clinic on Google’s MyBusiness so that people near your location can find you easily. 

Note: You must apply for a MyBusiness account if you are considering starting a blog because this is one of the best practices to boost your business rankings. 

8. Hair Loss

Hair loss is another health sub-niche where you can create a blog. There are many searches regarding how to stop hair loss, diet plans, and what to do to stop hair loss and if you have expertise in this Niche, then creating a blog is the best option for you.

If you are a hair treatment clinic, then a website is a must for your business. Here, you can attract clients online if they think of hair treatment. 

You can also create many topics because of many queries related to hair loss. So don’t waste time; host your website and register a domain name for your business today. 

9. ENT Care (Ear, Nose, Throat)

If you are an ENT specialist, you can create a blog and get online clients for your work to help your finances. 

Blogging is the ideal approach to help people since it allows you to communicate with patients experiencing similar issues, search for how to reduce ear discomfort on Google, and so on.

So you may offer material such as numerous guidelines to care for the ears, nose, and throat so that people can obtain relief from the comfort of their homes.

The search volume for these searches is high, and in my experience, if you create content in this Niche, you will rank higher on Google because there isn’t much information in this Niche on Google.

10. Back, Neck, and knee Pain

Blog on Back, Neck, and knee Pain niche is also the best sub-niche because there are many questions related to back, neck, and knee pain; people are asking long tail questions of google. And these are the best keywords to target in your initial blogging stage.

In this Sub-niche, you will mainly find long tail keywords and queries on google, which help your new blog rank quickly.

So do proper research and make a chart of keywords with high-volume searches; use keyword research tools like Semrush and Ubersuggest because they provide free plans for limited use.

You can get a free trial of Semrush and Ubersuggest for 4 to 5 searches. So use those searches effectively. 

11. Baby Care 

As we all know, Blogging is one of the most common ways to generate money, whether you want to work from home or a clinic.

And establishing a blog is now easier than ever.

While it is simple to set up a blog, developing a successful mom blog is not as simple as sharing your parenting insights online.

So, if you have experience sharing parenting and baby care information online, then this Niche is best for you. Share your personal and professional experience so that you may assist others online.

You can create a blog that offers various tips for moms and dads on pregnancy and birth, breastfeeding, baby care tips, and more.

As per my experience in Blogging, I saw numerous blogs on this Niche, so it’s better here to start a blog in micro-niche in the baby care niche. Either create a blog on baby care, or create a blog on pregnancy, or if you have any other ideas, start working on them.

Some micro-niches in MOM and Baby care blogs

  • Pregnancy.
  • Preparing for a baby.
  • Delivery and labor.
  • Postnatal care.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Infant care.
  • Recommendations for baby accessories

Along with physical health, mental health is also essential, and individuals use Google to search for mental health concerns. So let’s know what you can do in the mental health niche.

Related: You can also go with other lifestyle niches that can help you to start a new business.

12. Mental Health Care

We are all aware that in today’s fast-paced world, we might get dissatisfied, demotivated, and suffer from diseases such as insomnia(sleep disorder).

So you can create a blog where you can tell your audience how to deal with these issues Stress, Anxiety, Sleep Difficulties, and Depression.

What things cause stress, anxiety, and depression? How to deal with them? What exercises should we do? 

These are a few queries searched on google, and this is a broad niche. If you are a Psychiatrist, then starting a blog and youtube channel in the Mental health niche is the best option.

If you are passionate about blogging, then please make sure that you should create content to help people, not to make profits. 

Establish yourself as a brand so visitors will remember you and return to your blog because of your services and content.

So these are the 12 best health sub-niches for blogging and youtube that you can try for your upcoming blog but be sure you need authority and experience in this Niche. 

How to Start Health Blog

After learning about all these health niches, you may wonder how to start a health blog and what steps are required to start a health niche blog.

So let’s create your health blog step-by-step, and please follow each step for better understanding. 

#Step1 Choose a health niche.

After reading the whole list, choosing your sub-niche in the health industry is easy. You can choose any of these health niches and start working on them.

Make sure you have good experience and valid certification in the particular specification because google cross-checks your website while approving an Adsense account. 

This is my experience: if you have good expertise and valid certification on a particular YMYL Niche, they approve your AdSense and help in good rankings. 

So choose your sub-niche in which you can confidently present factual content and have good knowledge. 

#Step2 Register for Domain name and hosting

Now you have selected a health sub-niche for your blog, and your second step is registering a good brand name for your business. 

Make sure to have a brand name that matches your health sub-niche.

For example, if you are choosing a weight loss sub-niche from this list, then let’s take an example of Calorie Specific Diets micro-niche.

For this Niche, you can book a (CalorieSpecificDiets .com) domain for under $8/year on namecheap.com

So get this domain name before anyone purchases this name for their business. 

Now it’s time to host your website on a good server, so choose a good hosting provider for your blog.

Initially, there is no need for cloud hosting for your blog, but after you start getting traffic, you must switch to cloud hosting or NVMe hosting because they provide you 99.99% uptime. 

Faster speed is equal to a good user experience and high rankings.

Bluehost is Providing a Free Domain Name, Free SSL certificate with Free CDN for our users. So you can check and host your website today.

Basically, you can start your blogging journey in the Health niche for $2.75 per month

#Step3 WordPress installation on your host

After choosing the domain name and hosting for your blog, you can follow these steps to install WordPress on your host.

To install WordPress, do the following:

  • Download WordPress to your PC.
  • Upload the WordPress installation to your web hosting account.
  • Include the site’s name.
  • Choose a domain name.
  • To install, click Next.

#Step4 Select a good theme for your blog

After installing WordPress, it’s time to install a theme for your blog. There are several websites where you may buy themes for your website. 

A WordPress theme is a tool that allows you to customize the layout and style of your website. The layout, font, color, and other design components of your site are all customized by themes.

So always use responsive themes like GeneratePress, Thrive Architect, and Elementor.

 #Step5 Publish SEO-friendly articles(content creation)

After setting all the technical stuff, you can publish articles on your blog, so do proper keyword research and publish more and more articles.

Be consistent in the content creation of your blog because google notices the frequency of content creation on your blog.

Google also notices blog updating, so please create less content and update old content frequently. 

#Step6 Monetize Your Health and Wellness Blog

One of the key reasons why everyone wants to be a blogger is well known. Money, of course!

So now I will tell you how you can monetize your blog to make some income in the initial days. 

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Adsense by google
  • Sponsorships
  • Guest posting
  • Email Marketing

So these are some ways to monetize any blog to make some income.

Now let’s discuss FAQs searched on google related to health niches.

Faq’s on health niches of google

Q. Is health a good niche?

Ans:  To be honest, health is a vast market, not a niche. The market is separated into segments, and each segment has several niches. Each Niche has sub-niches, which we refer to as micro or super niches.
All of the sub-niches are discussed in depth in this blog article.

Q. What are the best health niches?

Ans: Here are some of the best health niches to consider if you want to establish your blog or -YouTube channel.
-Digestive Health
-Weight Loss
-Body Building 
-Skin Care
-Dental Care
-Hair Loss
-ENT Care
-Back, Neck, and knee Pain
-Baby Care 

Q. Is the health and fitness niche profitable?

Ans: Yes, you can make money in the health niche. As I previously stated, the health niche falls within YMYL categories; therefore, if you get Adsense clearance from Google, you may make money in this Niche. Affiliate marketing is also an excellent way to monetize your health blog.

How do I find my niche as a health coach?

To become a health coach, you must have the appropriate expertise, qualifications, and information that has been well-studied. Yes, passion is a necessary component, but to become a coach, you must meet these requirements to comply with Google’s YMYL content guidelines.
Many health coaches base their decision on an issue they have personally experienced and remedied or a target audience they are familiar with.

Conclusion on Health niches

I hope this blog post on health niches for Blogging helped you and will guide you in various questions.

This is based on my personal experience, and the advice and actions have been tested and tried by me.

As your buddy, I can only advise you to go with micro-niche blogs because it will be challenging to succeed in 2023 if you pick the health niche as your blog niche. So stick to the health sub-niches stated in the blog post.

So I wish you the best of luck with your blogging journey, and if you liked our blog post, please comment below with your thought on the information I provided.

If I missed some information, please recommend that I will add those points ASAP.

So stay safe and Enjoy Blogging!

We partner with awesome companies that offer products that help our readers achieve their goals! If you purchase through our partner links, we get paid for the referral at no additional cost to you! For more information, visit my disclaimer page.

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  1. This site provides me immense knowledge and information how to be a blogger by writing blogs in website and youtube channel .Thak U a lot.

  2. Hi! I am not a specialised or certified in health market. But I am passionate about natural home remedies and want to blog on natural home remedies (taking it as a micro niche). So my query is will I face any problem while applying for adsense? Do I have to show or submit any certificate or specialisation in this segment??

    • Hi! Google takes the quality of health content seriously, so you’ll need to provide clear, accurate, and well-researched info to be approved for AdSense. You don’t need a cert, but you do need to demonstrate your understanding.

  3. Thanks for such an informative article. Locking down a niche has been the most difficult struggle I’ve had as a freelance writer. One day I figured it out, Health/Wellness, and Aging.

    OK, so that’s not really locking it down, but it’s closer. Which is why I appreciate your article, and the list of micro-niches. Exercise and nutrition have been integral parts of my life since I was 9 years old – about 52 years. So it was a no brainer that I at least start there.

    I started a blog series called, “Exercise For Those Who Hate It But Realize They Need It”, for those who are either too embarassed to join a gym, or are lazy and don’t care to exercise, or old (like me) and continue through their sedentary life neglecting physical activity.

    But I’m not writing these to make money – although I wouldn’t mind it – I seriously want to help people who are struggling.

    I’ve just published Part 3 and wouldn’t mind getting some cash flow, but I don’t even know where to start. I did join Amazon’s Affiliate program when I wrote an article on Bodylastics home gym, but nothing came of that.

    So it’s been seven months as a freelancer and haven’t me a red cent. Can you give me some advice, or perhaps another resourse to check out?

    Thanks so much!


    • Hi Roger,
      Thanks for sharing your journey! It’s great that you’ve found your Health/Wellness and Aging niche. With your extensive 52-year background in exercise and nutrition, it seems like a perfect fit.

      For monetization, consider revisiting your Amazon Affiliate strategy and exploring other affiliate programs related to health products. Also, check out the list of copywriting niches that might offer new perspectives.
      Join the newsletter, where I can send you personalized tips based on your queries that can also help our other newsletter members.

      Keep up the fantastic work on your blog series!
      Mohit Sharma

  4. I am interested to work in the field of health and wellness, micro niche “body detoxification”.So will be happy and gratitude if you suggest to me what are the points to be considered.

  5. I am interested to work in the field of health and wellness, micro niche “body detoxification”.So Iwill be happy and gratitude if you suggest to me what are the points to be considered.

    • Okay, you can go with the expertise you have, leveraging your prior experience. I strongly recommend choosing a sub-niche where you can add new value to your audience. Since you’ve chosen a YMYL niche, it’s important to build E-A-T in your niche.


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