How Video Marketing Can Help You Win More Clients

Your business might have the most difficulty in marketing. Investments (money, time, and energy) will be needed to get the job done. Making videos might seem overwhelming when you have so many other marketing efforts. The good news is that it does not have to be this way.

I started to think about several video marketing channels as soon as I wrote about this subject. Occasionally, I was compelled to buy a product or service after watching a video.

  • Was there anything in common between those videos?
  • Video types that perform well?
  • Knowing your customer personas: individualize.
  • Is it true that almost 80% of your clients’ traffic comes from videos?

The next step is to create videos tailored specifically to the personas that make up your customer base.

You need to remember one thing!

“If you attempt to sell your product to everyone, then you will not get anyone.”

Try to imagine yourself as the client. Put yourself in their shoes: think about their goals, hopes, fears, and needs, and channel those emotions into the video. Understand what your potential audience wants and needs clearly.

Additionally, you may want to ask yourself:

  • What is the location of the audience? 
  • What are the video platforms most popular with your target audience?
  • How would they like to be contacted? Emotionally, informatively, or both?
  • What problems do they have?
  • Would you be able to help them solve their problem? If so, how?

Make sure that you include all of these elements in your video. Be more than just a sales pitch. Explain how your product can help customers. Create a short video showcasing your service as a solution using the slideshow feature. 

Videos customized for your audience perform well!

Vlogs for video marketing

It is inexpensive to create a vlog, and the marketing potential is tremendous. It is a win-win situation.

Video blogs don’t require much preparation, and they are not time-consuming to create. Start filming as soon as you get a good camera and choose your subject.

A vlog performs best when it talks to the audience as their friends, not like brand ambassadors. They dislike seeing someone wearing a brand-name shirt and promoting a product in a scripted way. Your portfolio should be presented through a slideshow video to communicate and convert clients.

Don’t talk about general issues. Instead, focus on those that affect your business. Viewers will gain insight into your company’s day-to-day activities by seeing behind the scenes. Provide solutions to issues facing your target market without selling them anything. You can enjoy the increased client influx by making your videos as natural as possible.

The best way to win more clients is to post videos that don’t have a hard sell rather than promote.

Freelancing is a dream come true for many. They are their boss; they choose their hours, and they get to choose the projects they take on. However, freelancers also have to advertise themselves to find and land clients. This marketing can be a challenge because freelancing is not as widely recognized as it should be. Video blogging could help you with that challenge.

Video blogging or vlogging is where you make videos about your work or passion, and then you upload them to the internet so that people can see them and potentially contact you for your services.

Vlogging has many benefits for freelancers:

1) It makes you more visible as a freelancer in a world where there are thousands of others who do what you do—and often better than you do!

2) It helps potential clients understand who you are, what you stand for, and what makes your services unique.

3) It allows potential clients to know you personally before hiring you. 

4) It helps build your brand, which will increase the chances of repeat business from happy clients who tell others about your services.

5) It helps develop trust between clients and yourself—something that

Interviews Videos for video marketing

You can leverage the audience of other industry experts by conducting interviews with them. It’s as simple as finding someone who works in an industry similar to your own and catching up; you can send the video to their followers.

You create connections with a person by interviewing them, and that person becomes associated with your product/service. As you begin to associate your brand with the experts of the specific niche, you gain more credibility.

Maintain a conversational tone during the interview. Avoid being too scripted in the process.

To reach the clients right away, unscripted video interviews work great!


The type of video performed well to secure new clients and is targeted and low-cost. A webinar doesn’t require a script or complicated technical skills. Value is the most important thing. Delivering value to your clients is what webinars are all about.

You can attract many clients with a weekly or monthly webinar. Q&A sessions can cover any topic you choose, or you can focus on a particular feature of your product that enables your clients to solve specific problems.

Drive your audience through the rest of the funnel by promoting your webinar on social media (with paid promotion).

A Q & A Webinar gets your clients more engaged than other types because it gets them actively involved.

Your product should not be promoted in every answer. Your goal should be to deliver value. When you do this, you show potential customers that you are sincere.

Takeaways for video marketing

Webinars are a great way to connect personally with prospects.

Having established your video goal, you can now plan out which types of videos you will make. Next, do you know what to do?

Make sure the world knows what you have to offer!

How can video content be distributed most effectively?

Let’s take a deeper look!

In my opinion, there are two categories of channels that are worth watching:

  • Marketing videos through organic channels
  • Channels that market videos for a fee
  • Marketing channels using organic video
  • Channels within your organization

It must be possible for you to have an email list, correct? Share your freshly made video with them. It’s a common saying that marketing begins at home.

How can you get started if you’re a new company without an email list?

To promote your video content, you can also use other channels.

Post Videos on Social media

Make use of multiple platforms. Many platforms help you boost your quality video content, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

YouTube is an essential resource in this regard!

Publish videos on your channels, tag video descriptions with relevant keywords, and tag your videos with keywords related to your target demographic. This helps to attract new clients and leads. 


A video is a powerful tool for winning more business as a freelancer, and it’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked. When done correctly, video can convey and highlight your skills, expertise, and abilities in a way that text or static images simply can’t. Furthermore, the video also offers an opportunity to build trust with your prospective client by allowing them to learn about you and your work in a very personal and straightforward way. So consider adding video to your next pitch!

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