Woocommerce Vs Shopify-Pricing and shortcodes

Hey guys are you confused of Woocommerce for its pro’s and con’s then you can read this article For the full details of Woocommerce which is an popular platform for making your website e-commerce.

We can say Woocommerce is a paid plugin which helps us to make our website for shopping



This is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed from small to large merchants which are using WordPress. It is designed for small to large merchants which are using WordPress.

This is Perez, Sarah (27 September 2011). This company made this plugin for working in the WordPress site to make it e-commerce site. This Plugin became very popular soon because of its simplicity easy to install and its one click customization.


Quick introduction:

Original Authors.Mike Jolley, James Koster
Initial release2011
Stable release3.8.1[November27, 2019. 5 months ago
Written inPHP
Operating systemUnix-like, Windows

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Woocommerce vs Shopify:

If we do or want to do dropshipping, then which platform should we choose? Woocommerce Vs Shopify.

Both platforms are durable. But it is up to you to choose the platform from these two. Choosing them depends on your investment or your skills.

Here are few Points we discuss by which you can easily choose your usetoo or friendly platform.

1. Cost {Woocommerce vs shopify}

Shopify is more expensive than Woocommerce. We can find easyly on wordpress or in Google

If there is Comparison between Woocommerce and Shopify then Shopify is more expensive service than woocommerce but sopify can help you in some terms for example if you don’t have knowledge of HTML or any other language then Shopify can be customized by only one click but we have to invest money in Shopify for its own different apps or we can call them plugins.

 Shopify have different paid apps which cvan help in your e-commerce website without any skills.

In Woocommerce: it is the part of WordPress. It is the one of the most popular plugin of wordpress which can help you in making of e-commerce website in low cost.

This plugin is also paid but as it is WordPress plugin it can feature us more things which can be helpful for our website.

In both of the platform there are different free themes available but these themes can’t help in Finding proper or best conversion.

So we have to purchase Paid themes to customize our site. Shopify themes are more costlier than Woocommerce.

Here is the Comparison table for both: Shopify is more costly than Woocommerce 

Points of differenceWoocommerceShopify
Trial VersionNo14-day trial (without a credit card)
Sales CommissionsNoFrom 0.5% to 2%
Paid Offers (monthly price)WooCommerce is a free pluginShopify Lite: $9/mo
Basic Shopify: $29/mo
Shopify: $79/mo
Advanced Shopify: $299/mo

SECURITY{SSL} CERTIFICATE:{Woocommerce vs shopify}

Friends, when we create a website or an e-commerce website, it is also mandatory to have security. We have to get a certificate {SSL}.

If we take this certificate, then our site will be secured in Google search engine, which gives our customers trust to enter their details and bank details to continue their shopping.

When people pay on our website, they feel secure. This certificate provides them security.

If we talk about Shopify then we get this SSL certificate by default. But we have to buy SSL certificate in Woocommerce plugin.

In security purpose Shopify provide us SSl certificate for free but In Woocommerce we have to buy it additionaly.

Plugins:{Woocommerce vs shopify}

If we talk about plugins then in woocommerce we can offers various plugins costs annually but in Shopify we have to invest 2 to 17 dollars per month for a single app of Shopify.

So Woocommerce is best for plugins in low cost but we have to customize all the things in our site manually. We have to edit the whole website by different plugins and by HTML.

But in Shopify we can customize our site with one click its apps or pluging directly helps us in proper customization of site.

Technical skills required:{Woocommerce vs shopify}

In Shopify you don’t need technical skills to work in it. It help for all the users which are not related to the technical line or this is good for those who don’t have computer knowledge well. SHOPIFY is better option for them

But if You know about HTML PHP etc or you have knowledge about computers then you can use Woocommerce because it is less costly and by your efforts it can be developed into good e-commerce site.

Maintenance or time Required:{Woocommerce vs shopify}

Shopify works on its own algorithm in which it automatically works on various things for its customization, its speed, its maintenance etc.

But in Woocommerce we have to maintain our site its speed its customization etc which is time taking.

SEO:{Woocommerce vs shopify}

In Woocommerce we can do proper SEO of our page because of WordPress and its plugins like Yoast plugin which help us in proper search engine optimization of our page.

But in Shopify There is no option of proper SEO of our page if we are able to Write our article SEO friendly then Some how we can choose shopify for SEO. But in SEO Woocommerce is best option.

Woocommerce shortcodes

Woocommerce comes with many shotecodes which helps us inserting content in pages or posts.

How to use Shortcodes?

Where to use?

Ans: Shortcodes are used in pages or posts in wordpress. In block editor, there are shortcodes block you can use to paste the shortcode.


If you are using the classic editor, you can paste the shortcode on the page or post.

Page Shortcodes

  1. {Woocommerce_cart} – Cart page
  2. {Woocommerce_checkout} – Checkout page
  3. {Woocommerce_my_account} – My Account page
  4. {Woocommerce_order_tracking} – Order tracking page

In some cases shortcodes are automatically added by onboarding wizard and do not need to customise it manually.

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