5+ Best Article Rewriter & Article Spinner tools [2022]

Hand-picked Article Rewriter & Article Spinner tools are there in this list with all the major aspects of these tools that you should know before using them. 

In today’s post, you’ll learn:

  • About the top article spinners.
  • How they work. How to use them wisely.
  • Features of each article spinner in this list.
  • Price, Pros and Cons.

And a summary of each tool so you can get to know them better.

This review took more than a year to complete in order to gain information (experience) regarding these Article Rewriter and spinning tools, so it may help you decide which paraphrase tools are best for your needs. 

The Best part is?

You can acquire outstanding and productive results for your uses if you understand all of these aspects of these tools. 

(This post includes About, Step by step guide, Features, Pros and cons Section of each tool mentioned in the list of best article rewriters.)

This means that everything an Entrepreneur, Journalist, Teacher, or Student needs to use these technologies is right here.

And if you want to know all the aspects of spinner tools and do they work is the question in your mind then this article can help you to find out your queries. 

So without any ado let’s dive into the article. But wait before knowing about these tools we have to know what spun content is?

Table of Contents

Overview Of Best Article Rewriter & Article Spinner Tools

SoftwareFree Trial/planDiscounts & BonusesPricing
Spin Rewriter5 days free trial60% discount & 6 bonuses$77/year or $47/month
Clever spinner3 days free trial11% discount with coupon “CSP11”Single plan at $9.90/month
QuillbotFree planUp to 32% discountStarts at $39.95/year
Word AI3 days free trial42% discount on an annual planStarts at 299/year
The Best SpinnerNo free trial2 exclusive bonusesStarts at $67/year
Spinner chief 6Free plan57% discount & 1 bonusStarts at $48/year
Quick overview table for best spinners

What is spun content?

The spun content is a text or article that has been rewritten with AI software that swaps certain words with synonyms that are most closely related.

Content spinning is a technique in which any AI software transforms and rewrites an existing article into a new one that no other robot (such as a Google crawler) can identify.

You can get 100s of new articles from the existing ones within a single click, which helps in generating more and more content also known as automation of content. 

What are the Best Article Rewriter & Article Spinner tools?

Many of us don’t have enough time to go through the entire list so for those here is a quick summary of the listed software. 

  • Spin Rewriter: 60% off in annual plan
  • Clever spinner: 
  • Quillbot:
  • Word AI: 
  • The Best Spinner:
  • Spinner chief 6:

Quick overview of these Best Spinning or Paraphrasing Tools

This quick overview is for those who want quick information on these spinning and article tools for saving time. Here is the list. 

List of Paid & Free Article Rewriter tools & Article spinner tools

In this list, I’ve highlighted the tools that I’ve used in the past and can suggest to you. Along with tools, the pros and drawbacks of each tool listed in this list will tell you what I encountered while using them.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at each of these paraphrase or article rewriting tools one by one.

Let’s start with our first tool which is,

1. Spin Rewriter – Top Article Rewriter

About Spin Rewriter

Spin rewriter debuted its platform in September 2011, and it is functioning well and is being updated from time to time. This tool is now being used by over 182,000+ people (2022 update) to spin their material.

Aaron Sustar and his colleagues created the software in 2011, and it has now been upgraded to the 11th generation, indicating that it is now incredibly up to date.

This tool allows you to leverage the greatest technology, ENL Semantic Spinning, spinning technology, to spin your articles utilizing this fantastic technology right inside your chosen article distribution platform.

How to use Spin Rewriter?

Spin Rewriter is simple to use, and it only takes 3 to 4 steps to spin your content which makes it one of the best article rewriter & article spinner tools. The steps listed below can help you achieve good outcomes with minimal effort.

Step1:Because of its simplistic interface, you must copy and paste the target content into Spin Rewriter’s editor box.

Step2: Choose the “one-click rewrite” option, and the software will begin spinning content for you.

Step3: Select the format and the number of content pieces you require for your project, all from original content.

Step4: You will now notice an export option from which you can quickly download your desired content format.

These are a few easy steps that you may follow to achieve fantastic outcomes with no effort. Now, let’s move to its features.

Features that distinguish ‘Spin Rewriter’ as the best article rewriter software

  • As previously said, Spin Rewriter employs ENL spinning technology, which stands for Emulated Natural Language spinning technology, which allows us to produce new content from old without losing the meaning of the text. 

This is the only example with which I can assist you in better understanding it.

  • There are a lot of software like ‘Spin Rewriter,’ however, this one can produce up to 1000 unique pieces of content from a given piece of content with only one click.
  • You may also spin many articles at once using this tool. At any given time, you can spin up to ten articles. 

Simply copy-paste your articles or submit a zip file containing 10 articles, and your chosen content will be spun at a specific time. 

Bulk article spinning is another name for this.

  • It also allows you to compare the spun article to the original one, thanks to the greatest visuals after spinning. In simple words, half of your screen contains original content and another half will contain spun articles for comparison. 
  • The best part of this software is that you can also add images with its stock gallery there is no worry of copyright. 
  • Because this is a web-based software, you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. You may use it on phones, laptops, desktops, or any other device with a web browser.
  • This article rewriter allows you to utilize up to five different syntax styles to spin your text to fit your needs. You may also add your syntax style to this spinning tool if you want something more distinctive.
  • Apart from the spinning capabilities, you will also receive some additional features that will help you in creating high-quality content by checking the grammar, spellings, words, and characters in your content.
  • The major aspect of this software that I appreciate is that it also runs a blog or has a variety of video lessons that will help you achieve even better results and you can use it to its full potential.

Now move to its Pricing

Pricing of Spin Rewriter

Now you might be wondering how much you’ll have to spend to use this spinner tool. Don’t worry guys, you have to pay minimum charges for these amazing features of the Spin Rewriter tool and you will have the option of monthly, yearly, and lifetime plans.

And the best thing I like about these plans is that there is no restriction on spinning the content apart from the time duration. 

That is to say, whichever plan you pick for these three, you will have access to all of the features listed above, and this is a good deal.

So this is where you may double-check your advantageous plan.

Monthly — The cost of utilizing Spin Rewriter is $47 per month.

Yearly – This package costs $77 per year (5 days free trial) and includes six great extras.

Lifetime — For $497, you can get access to Spin Rewriter for the rest of your life.

I hope you’ve made up your mind about your strategy thus far, and if you’re still undecided, please let me know! Then we’ll go through some of the benefits and drawbacks that I discovered when utilizing the spinner tool.

Pros and cons of using Spin Rewriter 


  • This is the finest article spinner I’ve ever used.
  • Its ENL spinning technique is incredible, and it extracts the most valuable material from the target article.
  • Provides you with high-quality spun articles.
  • It offers you an API.
  • The best part is that it provides you with a stock footage gallery that you can use for any purpose. 
  • Offer you plants of amazing bonuses.
  • If you’re a blogger, they also provide a high-quality WordPress plugin that gets updated regularly. (Because updates are the most important aspect to consider before utilizing any software.)

These are some of the Pros that I like. Now let’s move to its cons


This tool has no disadvantages, however, the thing I dislike about it is that it is too expensive for its lifetime plan.

2. Clever spinner: The Best Article Spinner

When it comes to being in the top 5 of our list, The Clever Spinner tool is one of my favorite low-cost and high-quality spinning tools. 

About Clever Spinner

Its AI is excellent, and I’ve been using it since 2019, and its AI technology has earned it the title of best article rewriter & article spinner tools to date.  

The software rewrites any text, phrase, or paragraph using artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) technology.

Clever Spinner tool uses advanced AI technology that makes this tool provide you amazing performance. This means if you want to spin any line or paragraph you will get amazing results with a variety of options.

I have written a review of this tool, and its incredible features have helped it return to this list of the top spinning tools. 

You can read the CleverSpinner review to have a better knowledge of this product, as I have addressed all of the main points that an entrepreneur should be aware of before utilizing any tool online. 

How to use CleverSpinner?

It has a simple user interface with a lot of great possibilities for customization. So, without further ado, let’s go through some stages, and you can also watch the video below to learn how to utilize CleverSpinner effectively.

Step 1: Create an account on the CleverSpinner platform.

Step 2: To spin it, copy and paste your word into the text box.

Step 3: You can alter the settings to suit your needs, or you can go with the defaults.

Step4: The spinning content provides you with a variety of alternatives for the finest synonyms for your statement, allowing you to manually modify words or phrases to suit your demands.

Step5: The final content for your work may now be seen at the bottom of this page.

This is how you can use these tools effectively.

Features of CleverSpinner that makes it the Best Article Rewriter 

  • CleverSpinner is a tool that uses Native Artificial Intelligence to analyze the meaning of a statement before spinning it, allowing it to create the best-spun sentence without altering the sentence’s core context.
  • This software promises to be able to pass Copyscape’s duplicate content test with its spun articles.
  • If you create articles on your own (like I do), this tool can assist you to add additional synonyms to your phrases, making any statement more appealing.
  • This is the ideal tool for new bloggers who have no idea how to write great content in the beginning.
  • The best part is that this tool is web-based, and it has a fast response time. If you use this tool to spin small paragraphs, you can get fast results.
  • This program does not need to be installed on your computers.

These are some of the best features of this software that I enjoy, and now let’s look at its cost, which is far too cheap for the results you obtain.

Pricing of CleverSpinner

You can get a 3-day free trial to see how this tool works, and if you like it, you can purchase its monthly plan for $9.90 per month.

You will also receive a 30-day money-back guarantee, but my recommendation is to test its 3-day free plan and if you like it, then make your decision, because other great tools may meet your requirements.

So stay tuned for the rest of this post, and before we go on to our next tool, let’s go over some of the pros and cons I discovered while utilizing this one.

Pros and cons of CleverSpinner


  • Simple to use (user-friendly interface). 
  • You get amazing supportive opinions if you have any doubts (Support).
  • Its Native Artificial Intelligence and NLP technology are amazing. 
  • Value for money features or I can say more features for its price.
  • Provide you to manually change any part of your paragraph. 


There are some major cons of these tools that I experienced while using this tool.

  • Very limited free trial days.
  • This tool best works for short paragraphs
  • There is no WordPress Plugin for this tool. 

3. Quillbot: Free Article Spinner

This is software that you may use to create blog posts as well as YouTube channels scripts. Quillbot, in my own experience, produces amazing spun articles.

Quillbot is also one of the free best article Rewriter & article spinner tools on market today.

I’m writing this because if your first language isn’t English, or if you know English but struggle to produce appealing lines for your blogs or YouTube scripts, this tool may assist you in creating wonderful phrases by adding or changing your sentences.

About Quillbot

Quillbolt is a tool created in 2017 by three computer science students called Rahul Gupta, Anil Jason, and Dave Silin, and it has now been upgraded to perform amazing work for you guys in 2022.

They fixed all of the issues till now, and they just released an update in August that adds some new capabilities to the tool.

They now have a large staff that is always upgrading and refining this software, and I enjoy it since it delivers excellent rewrite articles, which is not something you would expect from a free article spinner service.

And to use the full efficiency of this tool you can go with its premium plan because there are a variety of options that can help you to generate good articles from the target article. 

How to use Quillbot?

This paraphrasing tool is just too easy to use, and there is no need to register to use the free version. However, the free plan has certain limits, so if you just want to spin 400 characters at a time, you can utilize it.

If you wish to increase the restriction from 400 to 700 characters, you must log in with your email address.


If you want to access all of its features without any restrictions, you may subscribe to one of its premium plans, which will offer you a superior version of your target articles.

So without any ado, let’s learn how to use the Quillbot Paraphrasing tool. 

How to use Quillbot spinning software wisely

Step 1: Go to Google and search for Quillbot, or go straight to this URL ( ).

Step 2: On your screen, you will see two sections: one where you must copy, paste, or upload your doc file, and the other where you will receive your results.

Step 3: Once you’ve finished uploading, just click the ‘Rephrase’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Wait a few moments.

Step 4: Select your preferred term and, by clicking on it, rewrite the produced content to make it more appealing (Add synonyms manually).


You may export the article and copy and paste it wherever you want after you’re satisfied.

This is how you can use it more efficiently.  

Now discuss some of the features that you get While using this online spinner. 

Features that make Quillbot the best Article Rewriter & Spinner Tool 

  • Quililbot’s interface is so simple that even a new user can figure out how to utilize it. This means that you must copy and paste your text into the editor box or upload your document. 

Then, on the right-hand box, click the paraphrase button to receive a spun article.

  • You will find software extensions for Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, and Google Docs here, which will allow you to access this software immediately.
  • Quillbot article spinner has 7 modes that help you to spin articles effectively according to your requirement (Article Quality). 

Here you can see those modes: Standard, Fluency, Creative, Creative+, Formal, Shorten, and Expand.

  • QuillBot rewrites articles using AI and features an AI-powered thesaurus to help you find the perfect synonym.
  • You can also access its summarizing tool for getting a better summary of your long text article. 

  Summarizing tools can help you to get rid of long sentences to read. 

  • Freeze Mode: It helps you to freeze a word or text that you don’t want to spin during the process. 
  • Quillbot also offers free Grammar check, online summarizer, and Citation generation tools in addition to the Spinning functionality.
  • There is also a Statistics feature in this tool where you can get all the basic scores like word count, sentence readability, etc that help you to improve your sentence live on the platform. 
  • Compare Mode: The finest aspect of this tool, in my opinion, is that you can compare your phrase to all seven modes at the same time and choose the mode that produces the best spinning sentence out of all seven.

These are some features that I experienced and like about this tool and I can recommend you to utilize these features for getting better results in blogging or making youtube scripts or any purpose. 

If you like this tool then you must check its pricing to its premium plans.

Tip: If you are a blogger and want to succeed then you must use these blogging tools for your blog.

Pricing of Quillbot

Quillbot Paraphrasing tool is free to use for a lifetime but with certain restrictions like limited characters and usage to limited modded. And if you want to access all its features then you have to buy its premium plans. 

Here are its premium plans that you can purchase according to your requirements. 

quillbot pricing
Quillbot pricing


Here you can use this tool with a 400 character limitation for only 2 modes. 


You have to pay $7.95/month to access all its features.


USD 4.99 per month and total billing will be $29.95 for 6 months.

Annually plan:

Last but not least, the yearly plan costs $3.33 each month.

Now let’s discuss some of the Pros and cons that I experienced.

Pros and cons of Quilbot online spinning tool.


  • Its free plan also provides you with amazing articles.
  • Jam-packed with different modes.
  • User-friendly interface, no need to log in, sign up to use its free plan.
  • For perfect word substitutions, it uses its cloud thesaurus.
  • Add ons or extensions are available.
  • Import or export your documents.
  • Grammar check, summarizing tools, as tools are also available on the same platform for free. 
  • Cheap plans 
  • 3 day 100% money-back guarantee. 


Maximum of the amazing features are there in paid plans so if the free plan you can only access 400 characters at a time. 

These are some points that you should know before using this Paraphrasing Tool. Now without any ado let’s move to our next tool which is.

4. Word AI Premium Article Rewriter and Spinning software. 

After Quillbot, Word AI is the tool I suggest for article rewriting and spinning.

If you want amazing spun content at a reasonable price, Word AI is an excellent article rewriter and spinning solution.

About Word AI Premium

Word AI was developed by Alex Cardinell in December 2011. They have been updating this tool continuously, and now they have successfully upgraded it to its fourth version. The Word AI team says the tool is now 150 times faster and more effective than previous versions.

Word AI, like all of the other spinning tools on our list, uses artificial intelligence to read the word and then rewrite and offer the best synonyms for that word or phrase so that the spun article appears to be written by a human.

I used this tool and saw that the team behind this tool recently updated their platform and now it is so user-friendly and you will get an amazing experience while using this tool. 

Along with features they also make changes in its pricing that we will discuss after how to use this tool and by knowing its advanced features. 

So without wasting your time let’s discuss how to use this tool.

How to use Word AI article spinning tool efficiently 

Step 1: Create a new account by selecting “Try It Free!” from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: You will now be asked to select a plan for utilizing this tool.

Step 3: Now that you’ve purchased it, you’ll be able to view its excellent interface, which is both basic and full of useful functions.

Step4: Now simply copy and paste your material into the editor box, then click the ‘Rewrite’ option at the bottom of your screen.

Step5: Once that’s done, you can simply copy and paste your spun piece into a new document.

Here you can see its video tutorial on how to use it if you don’t understand with a written tutorial. 

Now without further ado let’s discuss the Features of Word AI that make this tool to be part of our article rewriters tools list. 

Features of Word Ai Content Spinner

  • WordAi’s user advances Artificial intelligence that helps this tool to understand each word, paraphrase, sentence, and then rewrites in a manner that it looks like it is written by a human. 
  • Because each word might have multiple meanings in different contexts, the AI in the Word AI spinning tool recognizes the meaning and notion before spinning the content.
  • Html and many different languages are also supported by this tool so that you can spin other language’s texts, articles, etc. 
  • Bulk Spinning feature: If you want to spin several articles at a time then this tool offers you Bulk Spinning Features that help you to get faster results. 
  • It allows you to spin 1000 articles at once, which is a significant improvement over its competitors, who only allow you to spin 10 articles at a time.
  • If you’re a blogger, this function will come in handy. This tool has been upgraded to a new version that automatically adds LSI keywords to your post, making it SEO-friendly for any search engine.
  • They provide an API for this tool that allows you to link it to your Article Forge account and automate the article production process, allowing you to produce better and quicker content.

Now, let’s discuss its Pricing:

Pricing Word AI Premium

Along with these amazing features, you will get responsible plans in this tool that is value for money for using these amazing features. 

There are 3 types of plans they offer currently to use their platform freely. monthly, yearly and custom plans for enterprise, for that you have to contact the support team but monthly and yearly plans come in a good range.

Both its Monthly and yearly plans provide you access to all its features the difference is only the period. If you want to use this tool for a short period then you can go with its monthly plan, and if you want to use this tool for a long period then you can buy its yearly plan.

Let’s take a look at the pricing

Monthly: $49.95/month

Yearly: $299/year

Custom Plan: If you need to spin a lot of articles and increase the number of users for accessing tools for your company, then you may contact their sales staff to determine the final pricing. 

Now let’s discuss some of the pros and cons that I experienced while using this tool.

Pros and cons of WordAI


  • Best article spinner or rewriter tool jam-packed with amazing features.
  • Old and the have a good name in this field
  • Their customer reviews are amazing.
  • Its AI is best for content spinning and identifying the meaning of the text before spinning it the best feature. 
  • You can interconnect WordAI with your Article forge account for automating your content generation process.
  • It supports different languages(4 languages).
  • API is also provided.
  • When you are stuck somewhere while using this tool, the best in customer assistance generally responds within a day.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.


  • They only provide 3 days free plan.
  • They provide amazing features but are a little more expensive than their competitors. 

That is the reason why this tool is in the top best article rewriter & article spinner tools of 2022.

This is how you can use this tool with its full potential and if you feel that this tool can help you to solve your problems then you can purchase it from here. 

Now, let’s move to our 5th Article rewriter and spinner tool of our list.

5. The Best Spinner: The Best article rewriter!

Now let’s take a look at The Best Spinner tool v4. 

About The best Spinner v4

You may probably assume from the name that this software has been upgraded to its fourth version, which means that all faults and flaws have been repaired, and new capabilities have been introduced to help you automate your article generating process with this spinning tool.

This software is available for download, so you can get The Best Spinner for your Mac, Windows, or tablet.

You’ll also receive 130,000 seed articles, which you may utilize for your work and spin with this tool to make them more unique.

I saw their stats and found that there are more than 100,000 active users of the TBS tool and I saw more than 40 reviews personally after this process, I personally used this tool.

As of now today there are no drawbacks of this tool but in the cons section, I will cover some of the points that I don’t like about this tool. Apart from those, you will find that this tool is amazing for automating the spinning of articles. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) utilizes synonyms in your writing, as well as rewrites and paraphrases it in a better way to make it more meaningful and original.

 Now take a look at how you can use The Best Spinner’s powerful features effectively. I’m sorry I have to start with the cost, but we’re talking about how it works, according to the table of contents. (See the table below for pricing)

How to use The Best Spinner?

Step1: You have to download this software to your devices. For that, you have to buy their plans.

Step2: you have to install it on your devices. 

Step3: Its user interface is also so simple, and you have to follow the same procedure to get results.

This means you have to copy or paste your desired article and the main point is there is no need of finding articles online because there are 130,000 seed articles in each niche where you can spin those according to your needs.

Hope you understand its functioning and know how you can work on it. 

Now, let’s know its features because this tool is full of features. 

Features of The Best Spinner

  • The best spinner supports more than 14 languages to spin articles in any language without any other tool. 
  • This is the only spinner that supports a text-to-speech function also that helps your text to convert into voice-overs and you can export those files in mp3 formats. 
  • As its competitors also provide you the comparison option here you can also get that option where you can compare seed articles with the spun articles. 
  • Ai can generate up to 100 articles with a single click of its seed article. 
  • They provide you free seed articles for every topic or niche you want so there is no need to search for articles online. 
  • Its AI rewrites your article after checking the context of your sentences, then finding the exact synonyms for a particular word, and then rewrites the whole line, so you can’t find any plagiarism in the spun content. 
  • Other notable features of The Best Spinner 4 include infinite nested spinning, an English thesaurus built-in, Copyscape API connection, and much more.
  • The user interface is amazing with lightning speed where you get 100 versions of one seed article.
  • There is a feature by which you can directly upload your spun articles to your wordpress site if you have done with on page-SEO of that article. 
  • They always provide extra features and plans on their site you can check those offers right here

Check Extra bonuses Here!

This tool provides us with these amazing features. Now let’s look at some of its advantages and disadvantages to assist you to have a better understanding of this tool.

Pros and cons of The Best Spinning Tool


  • No extra browsing fee; you can use it after installation without the internet.
  • User-friendly interface. 
  • You get amazing quality spun articles.
  • You can translate any article into 15 languages supported by the software.
  • Can convert the article to speech means it comes with a text-to-speech feature.
  • Provides you 130,000 PLR articles in every niche.
  • Supports nesting spinning. 


  • There is no free trial you have to buy it but yes there is a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t like this tool. 
  • I found that if you don’t know how to utilize any function then support is not too fast. 
  • There are no monthly plans to use this tool. Only yearly! 

These are some of the pros and cons that I noticed in this tool so if you are ready to use this tool then you can get it from here. 

Now let’s move to our next tool which is,

6. SpinnerChief 6: The best article spinner software

Out of all of these Best Article Rewriter & Article Spinner tools, SpinnerChief 6 comes in sixth place on our list of the best tools to use in 2022.

This software also uses AI to produce high-quality articles, thus this is the tool I tested for two months, and the stats I discovered while using it are listed below.

So, without further ado, let’s have a quick look at this tool.

About SpinnerChief 6

Because it employs Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Analysis techniques to comprehend the text, the content created by SpinnerChief 6 is readable by people and Google alike.

This means it examines the context of the text before spinning that sentence to generate the ideal sentence and synonyms for the sentence’s target article.

The best offer is that anyone can use this tool online and also offline, for example, if you want to install this tool then you can install or you can also access this tool on any web browser like chrome, firefox, etc. 

How to use SpinnerChief 6.

You can use it for free with certain restrictions and paid with amazing features. The thing you have to do is to go to the official website and register for an account. 

Use this link to their official website: Spinnerchief 6

Now you can see at the rich bottom corner, there are two options that you can choose if you want to install, you can choose “Download Free Desktop version”, and if you want to use it on the browser then click on “Register free web version”.

Next, you will see the same interface as other tools where you have to put your article in the editor box and click spin article so you can check this tutorial if you want. 

So without wasting your time let’s discuss some of its features. 

Features of SpinnerChief 6 Spinning tool

  • For better paraphrasing of the articles this tool uses these technologies: Statistical Replacement technology, Part-Of-Speech analysis, Emulated Natural Language, A.I. technology.

And if you’ve made it this far through the essay, you’ll note that this is the only tool that employs this many technologies.

  • This tool supports over 20 languages, which means you can spin articles in any language that the technology supports.
  • It can be used in both cases. If you want to install it, you can go for that, and if you want to use its web version then you can go with its web version. All the features you get will be the same. 
  • In addition to Windows PCs, the SpinnerChief 6 Web version is compatible with Android, iPad, and MacBook. With a single purchase, you may utilize both versions (Desktop and Web version).
  • Bulk Article spinning: This tool supports bulk article spinning means if you want to spin articles in bulk at the same time then this tool will work well for you and find/generate the best-spun article as an outcome. 
  • Grammatical mistakes are also corrected by the tool along with the spinning process.
  • This tool’s technologies allow you to create amazing articles without spinning the primary keywords or phrases in your post.

These are some of the characteristics that I appreciate about this tool, and as an SEO expert, I really like the last one since it prevents your primary term from being paraphrased by the spinning tool.

Pricing of SpinnerChief 6

Below is the list of its pricing:

  • Free version: Basic article spinning is available for free in the free version.
  • Elite version: A one-time charge of $175 for the Elite Version.
  • Ultimate version: one-time charge of $271/annual fee of $92.
  • Team version: $547 one-time fee/$244 per year for the team version.

Now take a look at some of its pros and cons.

Pros and cons of SpinnerChief 6


  • You can use this tool online as well as offline. 
  • Comes with more advanced technologies.
  • Support 20 Global languages. 
  •  Bulk spinning
  • Along with spinning your sentences also get a grammar check.
  • Spintax is supported in a variety of formats.
  • Offers a plan that is completely free for the rest of your life.
  • Pricing is not that high in this tool. 


  • If you use its free plan, you will not have access to all of its features.
  • I’ve found that the spun phrases are occasionally of poor quality.
  • Customer service isn’t great.

These are some tools I recommend you try, and if you do, please let me know which ones you choose from the list in the Comments Section.

But before using these tools the question may arise in your mind is article rewriting legal?

Here is the answer.

Is article Rewriting or content spinning legal?

Yes article rewriting is legal and you can write or publish spun articles on your blog or website but if you don’t want to get penalized by google then I can’t recommend you to use these tools.

Yes, it’s not easy to detect plagiarism in spun articles if you spun your articles by these tools but the percentage of plagiarism in articles or on your website may lead to deletion of your articles.

This means Google may delete or penalize your blog or website if you violate its policies. 

So my personal recommendation as a blogger is to use these tools for sentence level. If you want to spin a small part of an article then this is good practice to use these tools but if you publish the entire spun article on your blog then Google may punish you for that.

Making your blog post on your own by collecting information for 10 to 20 different sites and compressing that information in one blog post is the best practice of making a blog post in 2022. 

And if you are making a review article then please give that software a trial then recommend it to your visitors. For example, this post took over 1 year of testing these tools then after, I came and write my experience for you guys. 

Frequently Questions Asked Related to Article Spinners & Rewriters

What is an Article, Rewriter Tool?

An article rewriter tool or software is an AI-based technology that replaces words, phrases, or entire paragraphs with new ones by adding synonyms, checking grammar, or reconstructing the entire sentence without affecting the context.

Which is the best article spinner tool?

There are a variety of article spinner tools accessible on the internet, but these are the ones that work best in all situations.

  • Spin Rewriter: 60% off in annual plan
  • Clever spinner: The best Spinner on budget.
  • Quillbot: Provide article spinning with excellent features. 
  • Word AI: Comes with the best technology as an article rewriter. 
  • The Best Spinner: Spinner with a library of PLR articles.
  • Spinner chief 6: Online-Offline Article rewriter. 

You can also use proofreading tools after using these tools. Best practice for checking errors. Because today we have to be perfect so you should use proofreading tools for your content production process.

How to rewrite an article for free?

Quillbot is the tool where you can rewrite any article for free but you have to spin that article in segments. Yes, this is a little bit time taking but if you want to spin your written content, then this tool is best. 

Sometimes we write a sentence or paragraph but don’t have enough knowledge of copywriting or adding attractive words in the content. This is the case you can paste your written content and the results you get may surprise you. Because this tool doesn’t change the context of your sentence. 

What is Spinning in Article Writing?

Article spinning is a strategy for creating unique material or articles by paraphrasing earlier text either manually or through artificial intelligence (AI).

This is done by some article rewriter & article spinner tools that work on artificial intelligence.

How do you know if an article is spinning?

There are some tools that can help you if you want to know the article is spun or not. But if you want to crosscheck manually then you can search the topic on google and search by using double quotation marks.
This helps you to find out the original article or website from where the spun article is created.

Conclusion! For Best Article Rewriter & Article Spinner tools of 2022

Hope these article rewriter & article spinner tools can help you to automate your content generation process and this article may help you to solve your dilemma. 

Now, I believe you have a solid understanding of These article spinners, including what they are, how they work, and how they may benefit you?

Now after these comprehensive details the question must come to your mind that,

“Is it good practice to use article rewriters?”

Yes, you can utilize these tools to assist you to improve the attractiveness of your phrases.

There are over more than 100,000 active users of each tool mentioned in this list and after using and addressing their reviews I shortlisted this list. 

So if I missed some other tools that you like or use for rewriting then don’t forget to mention those tools in the comment section.

This will help other entrepreneurs to get help with these AI technologies. 

So don’t hesitate to comment 🙂

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