CleverSpinner Review. Does it work? Pros and Cons.

Are you looking for a good and efficient spinner to take some uniqueness in your articles and style? Then Clever spinner is your answer. Yes, you are listening right Cleverspinner is a good tool to spin articles. I hope, This Cleverspinner review will definitely help you. 

Are you thinking about buying it? If so, then you must see this review of CleverSpinner once. After reading this article, there will be no question in your mind related to CleverSpinner. So please read the article carefully.

In this article, we will get to know each of the advantages and disadvantages of Cleverspinner, how this spinner works, and will also explain some of its features.

Here you can know whether the cleaver spinner was right for you or not. 

A complete CleverSpinner review With pros and cons. 

Before proceeding further, let me tell you something about the cleaver spinner.

What is Cleverspinner? 

Clever spinner is an article rewriter and a spinner that offers you many good features. It works on Artificial Intelligence which helps in revising the article like a human being. The cleaver spinner can spin words, phrases, as well as sentences well. 

If you do not have a computer with a good processor, you can also use it online. It is a web-based platform that performs well in its categories. It takes about 10 to 15 seconds to rewrite your article. 

Its AI is so advanced that it makes your article very unique accuracy. 

Clever spinner Best for price. 

Clever spinner is best for its price it provides us that features by which our articles become unique and attractive. 

Features and Settings:

It has a very simple interface which makes it very attractive. Its manageable interface made it very smooth to operate.  

It is very easy to use. Here all you have to do is put your written article in the content box and press spin the article that makes it a very synonymous and attractive sentence. The rewritten article you saw has changed with many new attractive synonyms and sentences.

The default setting of this tool also works well but if you want more good and attractive articles, you can also set it according to you. 

  •  Spinning quality you get in Clever Spinner. 

Clever Spinner has 8 options to rewrite your article. Options like most unique to more readable. Here you get many options, with the help of which we can convert the articles according to our purpose and it always works well. Best for blogging purposes.

I have noticed that when you set option[Awesome] then this tool converts your article to most unique and readable too. 

 Here is the list of all the options you get in this tool:

  1. The best
  2. Awesome
  3. Even better
  4. Very good
  5. Good
  6. Quite good
  7. Acceptable
  8. The most unique
  • Options you get in terms of Synonyms. 

With the help of this tool, we can put many synonyms in our articles, which makes our article a new look and make it even more attractive. Here you also get some more options to add synonyms in your article. You can set your option according to your article. 

  1. Default 
  2. More
  3. Even more
  4. More synonyms. 

In this CleverSpinner review you will get basic knowledge by which you can easily work with this tool. Clever spinner is best tool in this price range.

  • The spinning of sentences.

Here you get the option to spin whole the sentence. Where you can turn on this option and turnoff according to you.  You can spin whole the sentence on a single click. 

  • You will get the setting to force Copyscape. 

If you want to pass your article with a uniqueness test, then you can use this option very easily, On this setting, you get the option to replace even more words and synonyms. It combines the quality levels of your written article and if possible, it spins and rewrites that article to make it more unique that helps the article to pass the plagiarism test. 

Even in this setting, you get a lot of options that help to spin the article.

This option rotates articles according to their AI and converts them into quality articles or unique articles.

The 4 options we get in Clever spinner force Copyscape:

  1. Minimal 
  2. Light 
  3. Medium
  4. Hard

Where you get the best quality article by light option and unique article by hard option.  

Editor setting

Here you also find the editor setting that is beneficial for writers who want to add synonyms to their articles according to their minds. With the help of this option, we can add synonyms according to our article and we can do this whole process manually. 

This gives a much amazing option for those writers who want to adjust their articles manually. If you are not satisfied with the article spun by the cleaver spinner, then with the help of this editor option you can add synonyms to your article according to your mind. 

In this spinner, you get many options and settings for adding and removing synonyms that are not found in any other Spinning tool in the market today. Because today automatic spinner is one that every writer uses and gets satisfied. But if you are not happy with the automatic article of the spinner, then you can add sentences and synonyms to it according to you.

My experience is very amazing in this setting. The editor option provides you 2 to 3 best synonyms related to a word. You can manually adjust sentences and phrases. With the help of the option, you can make your article even more unique and attractive to read. 

How to use Clever spinner. 

When you reach their home page you get the option to see their video demonstration that can help you to use this spinner properly. In this article hope you know all the features and settings which we can use to make your article unique. 

The video is of 40 to 50 seconds by which you get a complete demo of this tool. 

So let us also know what the clever spinner tool on paper claims.

Clever spinner claims. 

  • Tools claim that they always choose the right synonym.
  • Convert sentences, words, and phrases. 
  • For this reason, the article which comes in the result after spinning, the article is readable and unique.
  • Article spun by the tool also passes Copyscape or plagiarized test.
  • It can convert a 500-word article to unique article within a few seconds. 
  • The claims that it comes with intelligent software that never let you down. 
  • It is easy to use and you just have to copy-paste your article and press the click button to rewrite your article.

Clever Spinner pros.  

  • It spins the article very brilliantly.
  • They offer you 30 days money-back guarantee if you find it unuseful. 
  •  3 days of a free trial. 
  • No need to download any software.
  • You can directly browse Clever spinner on your browser. 
  • Make your article plagiarised free. 
  • You can skin articles in bulk. 
  • Easy and simple interface. 
  • Can spin the article in seconds. Fast and efficient. 
  • You can edit manually by yourself according to you. 

Clever Spinner Cons. 

  • You can spin up to 3.5 million words per month only. 
  • A fast internet connection is required because of its browser operating system. 
  • They only convert synonyms. 
  • In some cases, you have to spin words manually. 

Customer Service of Clever spinner tool. 

They offer you very good customer services. And it is not just a matter of saying, they try to get the solution to your problems as soon as possible. However, they even say that they will solve your problem within 24 hours. They respond very often, due to which they have won the trust of their audience. 

If you write an article in simple words then you have to try to make your article more unique and attractive. 

Their customer support is also pretty good so you can get solutions if you contact their customer support. The response quickly to solve your problem. 

You can also visit:

Now we will discuss some examples in this CleverSpinner Review that help us know how this tool works.

Some examples or work done by this spinner. 

Original content.

I am new to the blogging world and I want the best article spinner for my blogging field.  

Rewrite content. 

I am new[late/fresh/brand-new/recently] to the blogging world[Experience/life/environment/atmosphere] and I want the best[Most beneficial/most useful] article spinner for my blogging field. 

Here you can get an idea of how this spinner works and provide you unique and attractive keywords to make your article awesome. You get the best synonyms to add to your article. There is no need to find more synonyms to make your article awesome.  

Q. Is Clever spinner works well?

Yes, this spinner is best then another spinner. They provide you good service as well as good functioning for your work.  

Q. Is Clever spinner is free?

Yes, you can try it free for only 3 days, and then you have to pay for this tool. 

Q. Is this the best paragraphing tool? 

Yes, it is best for paragraphing too and also comes in the top 5 paragraphing tools till now. I come 2 to 3rd number in paragraphing tool ranking. 

Q. Does it comes with various writing options?

Yaa, you get various writing options by which you can adjust your article’s synonyms and phrases manually.  


A clever spinner is a spinner that I have used to date and never had to face any problem. Here you will not find any such flaws that can stop using your spinner. 

It provides good service at its low price. You have an option where you can take your money within a month if you don’t like it. 

Examining the performance of this tool, I can say that this tool is really beneficial for you if you want to make your article more engaging and unique.

Hey. guys, I hope this Cleverspinner review helps you to solve your queries. If this cleverspinner review really helps you then share it with your blogger friends to let them know about its features.

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