How do you make money from Clickbank [2021]

Hello, Maximum affiliate marketers among you may know the Clickbank affiliate program, but you will not have the idea of how to earn money from Clickbank. 

Most new bloggers join an affiliate program and choose a product that is very scrubby, and try to sell the product.

But they do not know that you should not only look at the product sales commission but should also focus on many more points and select a product that is easily sold and you get a good commission.

In short select evergreen products which will help you to get sales for years.

Somehow, they bring traffic to their blog affiliate link but they are not able to sell anything. Most of the new bloggers make this mistake and later say that this affiliate program is not right.

If this is happening to you too, then you need to pay attention to these points.

So let’s know how this works.

We also thought of making money from click bank in 2015 and to date 2021 we have earned 220,659 dollars from this platform. You can make ClickBank a secondary earning platform that will monetize your blog.

When we found that the revenue generated by ClickBank has increased, we paid more attention to this platform.

And optimize the process even more so that we can earn more from ClickBank. After paying more attention to Clickbank and optimizing this process, you would not believe that there was much profit in our earnings.

So, in this article, you got all the knowledgeable tips that will change the experience of your click bank sales. And help you a lot in your earnings. Here you will see what we do in this period to make money from Clickbank. 

Here you will learn some points that helps you to make money with ClickBank.

  • What is Clickbank?
  • What is its affiliate program?
  • Clickbank helps for 2 categories. 
  • How to use the affiliate program of Clickbank to make thousands of dollars?
  • How to choose the perfect and attractive product to promote.
  • 100% guaranteed tips by which you can promote your affiliate products.
  • How we can promote Clickbank to get benefits by referral program. 
  • How we promote Clickbank products if you don’t have a website.

In this article, you will discuss these points, so that you understand Clickbank better, and if you fully understand the concept of Clickbank, you can earn your own with it.

What is Clickbank?

All of us consider it to be just a simple affiliate program, but it is a huge marketplace where you can make money from the manufacturer of the product to the affiliate marketer.

ClickBank is an affiliate program that offers product creators and affiliate marketers the opportunity to earn money without any paperwork and agreement. 

What is ClickBank’s affiliate program? 

Clickbank affiliate program.
ClickBank Affiliate Program

In Click Bank’s Affiliate Program, you will get nothing but an affiliate link of each product which you can promote through your blog or landing page. Here you will find products according to your blog niche, which you can promote.

You can sign up for ClickBank’s affiliate program for free and generate thousands of product affiliate links and if you bring traffic or sales to the products then you can get an opportunity to earn money. 

On this platform, you can see your earnings in real-time. This platform allows you to sign up free and by your hard work, you are free to earn money here.

Hope you all now understand which concept Clickbank works and if you want to get access to this affiliate program and want to sign up free then you can visit ClickBank’s affiliate program here.

How to make money form ClickBank 

Making Money with ClickBank is too easy. There are several ways by which you can earn money from ClickBank. 

Below we will discuss them in detail but for a fast overview here are the ways to make good earnings from ClickBank fast and free. 

For sellers: If you have a product or want to launch a product then ClickBank is the best platform to promote your products for a commission to your product promoters. This means you have to share your profit with affiliate marketers for the free promotion of your product.

There is no need for paid promotion for sellers because affiliate marketers do this job for your product for 20 to 30 percent of commission.

For Affiliate Marketers: If you have a website or blog then ClickBank can be your best Marketplace to make money. You can promote various plans according to your blog categories, by making reviews, listing these products. 

You will get affiliate links that will help you to get analytics of your traffic to ClickBank products and you can also see earnings on ClickBank. 

How does ClickBank work?

ClickBank functions as an online marketplace where product sellers/producers post their items with conditions to sell, and Affiliate Marketers promote and sell those products, generating money for both sides.

This is how a product’s producer and marketer generate money.

Working with Clickbank is fantastic because if you have a lot of monthly visits to your YouTube channel or blog, you can add affiliate links to your description to advertise their goods and earn a lot of money.

Most of the marketing is done on ClickBank because this is a trustworthy and good platform to make money as a Clickbank affiliate. 

So, whether you’re a blogger or have a YouTube channel, I believe you may make money with Clickbank because the goods are evergreen.

Clickbank helps for 2 categories.

Clickbank is a platform from which sellers, as well as affiliate marketers, can make money it. Here you will find 2 types of people, one who makes the product and sell the other product. 

Benefits for the seller:

If you are the owner of a product, then you can put your e-commerce product in ClickBank without any doubt, after which Clickbank takes responsibility to send the information related to that product to you. Your product sales, clicks, and all. 

If you are a product manufacturer, then you will have to charge 49 dollars for account activation for the first time. This activation will make you a seller on Clickbank. According to us, this charge is true for any new product vendor. 

Here if you are a product manufacturer then this platform takes some commission from your sales. So my recommendation is to go for these platforms which charge 0% commission from your sales. 

You can go with Thinkific or Teachable. These programs don’t take a commission from your sales. 

TIPs: You can go with Health and fitness niche because most people or the audience buys these health-related products. 

Benefit for affiliate marketers:  

This is an amazing platform if you want to work here as an affiliate marketer. Here you get a chance to make money if you sell the product through your affiliate links. This is my personal favorite method to make money from Clickbank.

For affiliate marketers, there are category-wise products that you get the option to choose products according to your blog niches. 

Here you can also promote other niches products from your landing pages. You will get 10 to 15 categories here that you can promote products according to you. 

Here you get a 50 to 75% commission for a sale. This platform is best for affiliate marketers. In this affiliate program, you can sign up for free and start making money instantly. There is no affiliate program approval issue on this site, you can directly generate your affiliate product link and start promoting it instantly. 

Apart from this, it also has some Advantages and Disadvantages which you need to know.

Some Pros and Cons of Clickbank: 

I love the click bank platform and according to me, this platform is great for affiliate marketers who are new to this affiliate marketing field. You do not have any need to join any other affiliate program, you can earn a good profit on this platform only. 

In this platform you do not need any approval, here you get 90% of products that give you affiliate links without any approval and you can promote those links instantly after generating them. 

Here you will find a list of some pros and cons.


  1. They provide you a high commission. Up to 75% 
  2. You are free to sell your product to a maximum of countries. 
  3. They provide some recurring offers, to improve your earnings.
  4. You can sign up and start promoting products instantly.
  5. Selling products is very easy.
  6. You can select products according to your blog niche. 


  1. There are lots of unuseful products with pages. 
  2. Competition is very high in some popular products.
  3. There are only a few affiliates that provide banners of their site. 
  4. These are very high costs of e-commerce platforms. 

How do you make money from the Clickbank affiliate program?

If you have heard about this affiliate program before, then you must have tried to know how this Clickbank affiliate program works and what strategies we need to follow to earn well. But some of these strategies work and some do not.

These strategies do not tell you that you can generate limited sales by following these strategies. Because the new affiliate marketer does not know which product he is promoting.

If you cover our points and apply them, then you will not face any problem in preselling.

You have to give people a valid region that this product is right for them. They should feel like ‘yes man we need this product; If you convince your purchaser through your blog and affiliate funnel, then your sales will be increased by 3 to 5 times.

So, friends, let me tell you about the regular ways in which people earn money from click bank, but here you will be told a rule on how your earnings will be more than the rest.

This Affiliate program is also very helpful for women who want to start their businesses. They can become an affiliate here and promote products freely.

1. Peoples promote products by direct linking and adding banners: 

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways. Place affiliate links or affiliate banners on the article of your blog or place an affiliate banner on the sidebar of the blog. 

Here people have the same strategy to put affiliate banners on affiliate product-related articles.

People do this trick because they put an affiliate product banner related to the traffic that is coming to their blog, they make a few sales from the same article. But this is not considered a good way of affiliate marketing.

By this method, your earning per click will reduce because the product is not recommended by the author. 

2. Reviews; Affiliate product reviews.

Many of us do this to sell an affiliate product, we make a full review article for that product and add affiliate links and banners to that article. These articles are also called review articles/blogs. 

This is also a wonderful trick to sell your sales as the author here recommends the product to the buyer and the author’s review article helps the buyer understand the product by which you provide value to the buyer. 

This method is effective because the people who come to your page here are targeted and here they come to buy that product and here there are maximum chances that they can buy your product. You can go with this method if you are promoting your affiliate product. 

If your article is liked by your visitors, then they will buy your affiliate product as well.

But here you have to do a proper SEO of your review blog but still, you will not get that much traffic on your selected keywords, and here you will get more competition. 

Because in this way you will get thousands of affiliate marketing people who will prevent your blog from ranking on Google.

With this method, you can earn only and only from paid traffic. So my recommendation is to make the blog review on that product which has low difficulty. That can rank faster. 

3. Adding links within content:

In content linking you recommend through your blog article that this product is right, you can buy it from here. You provide a link in your blog article text. Sometimes video content also recommends buyers but the product and if you can build trust with your visitors then you can earn decent revenue. 

Its biggest disadvantage is that with this method we are not able to convert the reader to the extent that due to which the affiliate revenue does not become good.

How to choose the perfect and attractive product to promote.

One of the best ways to make money through Clickbank is to join its affiliate program and receive commissions from your product after selling it. You can promote your products through landing pages, blog articles, and funnels.

Just like you all know how important SEO and keyword research are for ranking on Google, similarly choosing a good product and promoting it is also an important task. 

No matter how much traffic you take on your sales page, if there is no sale from that sales page, then all your hard work can be wasted.

So if you want to choose a product in the click bank from which Visitor purchases some products on your site or your affiliate page, you can follow these strategies.

Firstly you have to know about ClickBank’s merits system: 

  • Starting dollar per sale: Average amount of money marketer makes in a sale. 
  • The average percentage per sale: Commission is taken by affiliate per sale.
  • Gravity: Number of marketers that sold a particular product in the last 12 weeks. 
  • Average rebill Money has taken by the affiliate as a commission. 
  • The average percentage per rebill: the percentage of rebilling that is paid to the affiliate marketer 

Perfect products which we can promote to get more sales: 

  1. Always choose low-cost products for your starting affiliate program.
  2. Always promote those products which have quality content in their pages like videos or images. You can check your affiliate product site and then after reading it thoroughly you can promote it if you find it good.
  3. You have to find those products that have good reviews online. 
  4. Always go for that product that has gravity above 25 to 30. 

Ways by which you can promote your affiliate products.

You can promote your affiliate product on various platforms. If you are new to the blogging field then you can make money from ClickBank by promoting its products from your blog. Or you can go with landing pages. Which are also free on some platforms. Here is the list where you can promote your affiliate products. 

1.Blogging and Landing pages: With the help of search engine optimization and your quality content, you can bring more traffic to your blog and if there is an affiliate link in your blog then you can convert visitors to sales but you have to provide quality content. 

Blogs are one of the best ways to promote your product. You can use blogs in many tactics like you can make a separate blog on affiliate marketing, affiliate product reviews, etc.

Blogging and Youtube are the ways by which you can make money with ClickBank without any investment.

2. Facebook: You can promote your blog page or landing page on Facebook. There are millions of traffic by which you can promote your blog in which you have linked your affiliate products.

Don’t try to share these links on Facebook directly. If you did this then you can also be banned by the affiliate program.

Make sure to embed your links on your blogs and make separate articles on your affiliate products and then you can promote that blog article on Facebook. 

By Facebook, you can derive millions of traffic to your blog as well s your affiliate product too. 

3. Facebook Ads. You can run ads on Facebook to promote your product. For this, you have to make an attractive affiliate product landing page and promote it with Facebook ads. 

4. Google ads. You can run Google ads to promote your affiliate product. Here you can follow the same procedure as Facebook ads and get traffic to your affiliate link. 

5. Blog distribution networks.  These are those networks that help you to bring traffic to your blog like Tobola. You can also take help from these platforms. 

6. E-mail marketing. Email marketing is one of the best ways that maximum bloggers mention you many times. Here you can collect e-mails from your visitors and then send them your affiliate link directly. Many of you know how email marketing works.

These are Some ways that can help you to make money from Clickbank.

How to get benefits by referral program of Clickbank. 

Friends, if you work under the click bank referral program, then you got 10 dollars per referral.

They say that it is right to suggest Clickbank but only a few people join click bank, whenever you feel that people want to join click bank, then you can refer them so that you can get a referral of 10 Will to get the dollar

But the conditions are that whoever does a complete activation with your referral link then you will get 10 dollars.

You can join their referral program by sign in here

This is also the best way to earn money from Clickbank. You can get full information from their official site. 

This is a great offer to make money then you also go for this referral program.   

Here you are getting a chance to earn earnings from referral programs including affiliates.

How we promote Clickbank products if you don’t have a website.

If you want to promote your affiliate products, but do not have your website. You can then use these mediums to promote your affiliate links or products.

 You can make your page or landing page related to your affiliate product. and by Digital media buying, you can promote your product easily. 

Influence marketing and content marketing are the ways that you can promote your affiliate links and products. 

1. Advertisements/ Digital media buying.  

Most affiliate marketers run Facebook ads and Google ads to promote their products. This is an expensive method but you can generate more revenue than your investments.

2. Influence marketing.

Influence marketing is also one of the best methods. If you are on YouTube or any other active media platform and you have a lot of subscribers and followers, then you can also recommend them directly. 

3. Content marketing:

This is not a good method for promoting your products. In this method, you have to place links on content, forums, and comment section on a website. I don’t recommend you to go for this method. 

This method is very scammy. I highly recommend you go with the above methods.

Q. How to make money from click bank fast?

If you want to make one from Clickbank fast then you can go with the ways mention above to promote your affiliate products. 

  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads.
  • Other networks. 

Q. How long does the money come on click bank?

If you perfectly generate some sales then money will be transferred to your account in 1 to 2 working days. And after that, you can transfer the amount to your bank account. 

Q. Is ClickBank a good platform?

Yes, click bank is a trusted platform or you can say that it is an online marketplace where you can earn by becoming an affiliate marketer. 

If you want to join Clickbank, please join its affiliate program. Because here you get a chance to make good offers and good sales, due to which you earn well.

If you want to join as a seller then my recommendation is to go with these platforms they are best for sellers. 

  • Thinkific
  • Teachable

I hope you get full knowledge from this article about how do you make money from Clickbank.

I also hope this article how do you make money from Clickbank helped you a lot. If you like this article then you can share it with your friends because earning with friends is also an amazing experience. 

How to promote your ClickBank products?

You can go with social media or other sharing platforms where you can share your landing page to capture emails and build your email list. The easiest way to send affiliate links to people.


So overall it got the result that we can generate very good revenue from ClickBank.

If you do affiliate marketing or want to do, then you can go with Clickbank.

And if you are a product seller, then you join another program Because here Clickbank takes some commission from your sales.

If you are a seller, then we have told you about those programs in the article. You can go with them if you get a direct payout of your product without any commission deduction.

If you follow the points and strategies mentioned here correctly, then you can earn $300 to 400 a day very comfortably.

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