How to increase Traffic on the Website in 2022

Traffic is the first need of every blogger. Whoever comes into the world of blogging can only benefit by good blog traffic. And every blogger’s first requirement is to increase traffic. And the most asked question of each and every new blogger is How to increase traffic on the website.

For your Kind information, I wanna tell you that Traffic is directly proportional to your online conversion. It means if you are working for digital marketing, Affiliate marketing, or Youtube or You have your own online business then traffic means a lot to you. 

And friends have told you that you can easily bring traffic to your blog, but you have to follow some steps.

If you follow these steps well, then your blog which can rank on the first page of Google along with traffic.

Why to Increase Traffic on Website? 

It is very important to generate good or instant organic as well as social media traffic on the website or blog, because you want to generate some revenue from the blog or website. If there is good traffic on your site daily, monthly and yearly then you can earn money in rupees as well a in dollars very easily.

Traffic increases your online business, which increases your sales. If you want to earn money by Google adsense then your blog or website must have a good amount of traffic only then you can generate a good amount of money but if your blog or website does not have such good traffic then you can go with affiliate marketing and other products sales.

These are some simple reasons why your blog or website should have a good amount of traffic. Here you will learn how to increase traffic on website:

Increase traffic on website.

An easy way to easily bring traffic to the blog and website is to write articles on less competitive keywords. 

The easiest way to bring organic and social traffic to a blog and website is to write articles on less competitive keywords.

If your keyword competition is low in any of paid tool you use, then please guys go foe that keyword, this increases your chances of getting ranked on Google and if you get ranked on Google then you will automatically get a lot of traffic on your site.

So guys make sure to work, or make an unique article on that keyword which has more search volume with lower in SEO difficulty. 

So friends, if you are also struggling to get traffic to your blog or website, then I will try to discuss these simple steps briefly, so that you can get traffic very easily.

Let’s start our Discussion.

How to increase traffic on your Website.

These are the best ways to increase organic and social traffic on website.

  1. Less Competitive Keywords
  2. Create Awesome And Quality Articles
  3. Proper optimization
  4. Speed of your site 
  5. Link building 

Here we will briefly discuss these points. These are the main points to get traffic to any blog or website. 

1. Less Competitive keywords:

bloggerteck to increase traffic on website

With less competitive keywords score on SEO tools like Ahref and Ubersuggest, your article will be able to rank easily on the search engine.

these both are my personal favourite and i use them for keyword research

Therefore, you must have heard from most of your bloggers that your blog will be ranked on keywords only.

Choose a keyword that has a high search volume like 1000 to 2000 visitors per month but has less than 5 search engine difficulty score on paid tools.

Even if the search volume of your keyword is 1000 visitors per month, you can still work on it and make a unique article, but make sure it’s SEO difficulty should be less than 5 if your blog is new. 

A good less competitive keyword helps a lot in ranking your blog. Choosing a good keyword for your content is a very good thing for search engine optimization.

Friends, finding a keyword that meets all these requirements is a difficult task that normally takes 2 to 3 hours if I speak from my experience.

What I Do to Search LOW SEO difficulty keywords:

Guys you dont believe i Use all the paid tools for free.  I Generally use these paid tools. You can also use them for free but only 3 to 5 times a day. If you are able to search keywords in these 5 chances then you can go with these keyword research tools. 

  1. Ahref
  2. Ubersuggest
  3. Semrush
  4. Keyword keg
  5. Google keyword planner

These are paid tools but if you are able to find keywords free from them you only get 4 to 5 chances a day. Only Google keyword planner is free for as much as you can use it.

Here is how to use Google keyword planner for free lifetime.

I will tell you with my experience how to use them

  • First you have to open these five on your desktop screen
  • Then you have to search your selected keyword in all these.
  • All these will work on their respective algorithms and display a huge list of keywords for you.
  • Just you have to think a little here and pick that keyword which you see that this keyword is displaying in all these tools.
  • Here you have to pay attention to 2 requirements of that keyword.

1 Keyword Difficulty

2. Search volume

If you find a keyword here that fulfills both these requirements, you can start working on it.

This is how to use these tools for free.

For the paid version you can use semrush. This tool will provide you all the queries related to any niche blogging.

2. Create Awesome And Quality Articles:

Writing an awesome and quality article is also very important in ranking your blog on Google. I have taken one of your keyword selections, so now you have to write a quality contest that you have to write in your words

Microsoft office to  increase traffic on website.
Mocrosoft office

While writing your article, keep in mind that your article should not be plagiarized at all.

Your article should contain all the things that help your article in search engine optimization.

In the world if you want success in blogging you have to provide your visitors with quality content that they will use to come on your blog in future. 

So guys Create your own content and make it unique. 

Make sure to write articles in depth and should have around 2500 to 3000 words, by this method you can easily add more related keywords to your article and this method will really help you to rank you on google.

We have to make our article more informative and it should be relevant to all the readers and audience.

Try to explain everything in brief and if able provide an example for the audience it will help them to understand. What you are saying? 

This is my personal Method.

If you are new then work on long tail keywords. They help you to rank faster and help you to increase traffic to your blog. 

3.Proper optimization:

Optimization is the key factor which helps your blog to rank on Google.Many of websites and blog owners make this mistake and they mostly ignore this point. 

But guys you have to optimize your blog properly, Here i will tell you these points which you should do before and after publishing your blog post.

  1. On page SEO
  2. Off page SEO
  3. Mata tags 
  4. Image optimization
  5. Infographics and blog banners
  6. Grammar and spelling check
  7. Use of best responsive themes.  

You have to optimize your blog according to these points. May this list help you to optimize your site because I have seen many bloggers who optimise their site poorly and sometimes they over optimize their site which leads to low ranking of their site in the search engine. 

On page SEO should be done properly because you have to place all the keywords in your article which helps your article to rank on search engines. Placement of words heading, Subheadings comes in On page SEO.

Off page SEO is also important so guys work on it.

Always provide an attractive meta tag to your viewers or audience that can help you to bring traffic to your blog.

Proper image optimization can help you to increase your website speed. And use of infographics can make your blog professional or attractive.

And at last use Microsoft office or google Docs feature to make your article without any mistake og grammar or spelling mistake.

These are some points that help us how to increase traffic on website for free. 

4.Speed of your site:

Friends, according to me,speed is the factor that affects more than anything. If your site speed is good then visitors will love to come back to your site because of its friendly interface and its speed but if your site is slow then visitors as well as google will start ignoring your blog. 

how to increase traffic on wbsite
Speed test

That is harmful to your blog.  The less time your website takes to load, the better it was at loading traffic to your site.

The loading time of your site should be short, this will mean that your site will load fast and the visitor who opens your site will be able to visit your site faster. 

As i told you above to write an awesome article, this will help your visitor to subscribe to your blog and may join your email list too. 

So guys make sure to speed up your site. You can speed up your site by proper optimization of images and buying best hosting.

Hosting plays an important role in speed of your site So guys buy the best hosting if you want huge traffic to your blog, because huge traffic needs the best hosting. 

This is how to increase traffic to websites with the help of SEO.

Link building is the main point if you want huge traffic or increase your blog’s traffic. Backlinks are the best way to increase traffic to your website. Making good backlinks leads to huge traffic. Apply for guest posts to higher level bloggers and it helps you to increase traffic, Domain authority, Page authority of your website. 

Make Anchor text backlinks to your site. These are the best backlinks that help you to rank and if you rank automatically traffic will increase. This is the fastest method by which your blog can get massive traffic within a few months. 

We understand it with examples.

You have heard that a particular blog post takes 6 to7 months to get organic traffic automatically but if you do the practice of link building then it will help you to increase traffic to your website.

More the backlink you generate, you get chances to rank faster on google.  

 Google gives more preference to those blogs that make good site backlinks.

The more backlinks you have on your website or blog, the more your chances of increasing authority of your blog or website.

Building relationships with other bloggers in your niche not only helps you build links, but it also helps you to know more, earn more and share more.

So guys always go with backlinking. 

These points will help you learn how we can increase organic traffic on website. 

How to improve traffic on website?  

To Improve traffic on website you have to make articles reader friendly so that your article could be understood by all the audience of yours. 

Your article must have videos and images that help to improve your blog traffic. Make sure to capture your visitors e-mail. 

Build a great email list by which you can send notification to your subscribers in future. 

These points will help you to improve your traffic on website.

How to increase traffic on a website through social media?

You can bring a huge amount of traffic from social media too.

You just have to support all your posts on regular social media using a right strategy and do it everyday.

By doing this, your blog will get more and more shares and if shared, then there can be a lot of traffic on your site.


In the article above, I have shared some of the best ways to systematically increase traffic to your website and blogs. You can use these strategies to attract people to your website. 

You have to follow all the strategies given in this article, which will help in giving all the traffic to your blog. If you do not understand anything or have some more Questions than you can comment by going to the comment section below.

I will definitely reply to you.

Stay tuned with our blog, make sure to subscribe and join our email list to become Bloggerteck family member. 

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