How to make money as a youtuber?

This is the most asked question on the Internet today because of This Coronavirus pandemic Many Teenagers or Youngsters Want to start their own Youtube channel. So they are confused about how to Get Views to make money by Youtube. How to make money as a YouTuber is the most asked question about 40,000 people searching this on google search engine.

But many sites are not able to answer your questions properly and in detail. 

The only and Awesome answer to this Question is Youtube Monetization.

In this article We will Discuss about these Few Questions. 

  1. How to make money as a youtuber? Different Ways.
  2. How to gain visitors to your channels.
  3. How to monetize Youtube channel
  4. How to make youtube Videos, free editing tools?
  5. How to get Paid on Youtube.

These are those Questions which are asked by peoples on google and Question Answering Platform Like Quora. In Quora I have seen these questions several times so I decided to make the entire article for you guys to help you in solving your problems regarding youtube. 

Hey, I am Mohit Sharma From Himachal Pradesh, India and I have been working as a blogger since 1 year ago. I am 21 Years old and decided to solve our bloggerteck family problems related to blogging and make money online. So Guys without wasting your time let’s get started.

Here we will discuss about how to make money with youtube in Few of easy ways, 

How to make money as a youtuber 8 Different Ways:

As we all know that youtube is that platform where you enjoy to watch videos like Vlogging, taching, Agricultural videos, gaming videos, entertainment videos, etc. And those videos you are watching these videos are continuously making money. This is who youtubers make money. 

It seems very funny to hear that you are a professional youtuber but if your videos are not ranked then you can lose a lot. Like your precious time.

If you want to earn money from YouTube, then you will have to become skillful because you must know how to make videos and edit them very well for youtube.

Hope you are understanding my points. I will help you as a friend not a blogger. I am sharing my personal experience with you. 

Now, Guys here what you need to know is:

How to get paid on Youtube:

There are many ways to earn money from YouTube, among which whatever I know, I can tell you in full detail.

1. Apply for the youtube partner program to make money as a youtuber:

You can earn money directly from youtube. But youtube has some requirements that your channel must have. If you are able to complete all these requirements of Youtube then you can make money from Different ways. Follow these points to make money as a youtuber.

  • Channel must have 1000 subscribers.
  • You have to link your youtube channel to your adsense account.
  • You have to live in the eligible area.
  • Your youtube channel must cross 4000 valid public watch hours in the period of 12 months. 

These are the conditions you have to complete if you want to earn money in Dollars. 

How to complete these Points? 

Guys as you all know that a large amount of money comes from doing the work that you do from the depth of your heart. This line is why we do not know that we make the mistake that we pick the topic which neither has interest nor knowledge in that topic or niche. 

This rule is applicable in both the platforms vlogging as well as blogging. So guys choose that niche or topic in which you are interested and make unlimited and unique content for long term. This is very helpful to Blogging as well as Youtube earnings.

How to gain 1000 Subscribers fast?
  • If you also want to increase subscribers fastly on your channel, then you have to keep at least 30 videos ready completely before starting the channel. This is because if your channel is new then uploading late videos will not help you to collect subscribers. 
  • Uploading late videos will descend  your youtube career. So as per my Suggestion make at least 30 to 40 videos and upload 1 to 2 videos daily. Your visitor should have to think that your youtube channel is active and you provide fast videos for them.  These are my personal tips.
  • Request your viewers to Subscribe your youtube channel in intro and outro. This will help you to gain subscribers. Requesting your viewers to subscribe to your channel is not embarrassing. Guys don’t feel bad for requesting because as per psychology of Human beings do any work only if they need.
  • So you have to request and form a bond with them so that they must subscribe to your channel.
  • If you remind, then 8 out of 10 of your viewers will definitely subscribe to your channel.
  • You must have heard from many educators before me that you think a new topic and work on it, make new content, but according to me it is all useless.
  • If you are talented, you can also modify the content to get your channel passed through the YouTube monetization policy.
For example:

If you open a channel on technology and review the phone on it, then you have got so much competition in it that you cannot think but if you are talented, then you can also rank on the same topic as shown by the technical guru ji as proven that. 

So do your best and gain knowledge to make upcoming content best and Guys apply these points in your youtube career. 

One advance tip If you are a new youtuber then make videos in your state language to target your initial traffic and subscribers.

Most Important tip:

Social Media: Share your Videos link on all the Social media platforms you are using. You can easily reach 1000 subscribers by this method. Social medias have millions of traffic daily by which you can get views and get Subscribers. 

We have to link your YouTube channel to an AdSense account so that our YouTube channel can earn money from adsense after Youtube monetization. This is the best way to increase our youtube earnings.

If you link your adsense account with youtube after following Youtube monetization policies then you will learn how Adsense is added to youtube and how to make Youtube earnings Double. 

Your youtube channel must cross 4000 valid public watch hours in the period of 12 months.

This is also one rule that your youtube channel has to cross over 4000 watching hours for Monetization. To Do that you can follow the Above Given example this will help you a lot to increase subscribers and views and watch hours. So, Guys go for that. 

Few Article you must read:

2. Connect to Google Adsense:

IF you want to approve your channel to the program then you have to add your channel to Google Adsense, the company advertising system. 

In general, you will be paid based on the number of “impressions” your videos receive; When someone clicks or sees an advertisement.

However, whenever a person watches a video, advertisements are not displayed, so it does not translate directly to money in the bank. In addition, YouTube cuts advertising revenue; It will not disclose that rate.

Once your balance reaches $ 100, you will get paid, so if you have a small channel, you can be paid every few months. So guys Work hard and add your channel to Google Adsense.

3. Check out Youtube Premium:

There are many ways to increase your youtube earnings, and one of the best ways is to add your Video to Youtube premium feature. Which is the site’s ad-free subscription service. 

You can take fees from your visitors according to this figure and take them to watch videos.

Using this feature, all the big youtubers are publishing their video series on YouTube and adding it to the premium feature and earning millions in views and money.

4. Use product placement and videos sponsorships:

If your youtube channel has millions of subscribers then many of the companies are interested to sponsor you to sell their product to shout out of their products. You have heard most of youtubers about any companies products then it means that youtuber got sponsorship from that company.

This is one more good idea to increase your youtube earnings before and after Youtube monetization. By this technique you can earn money without Youtube monetization. 

This process in which you earn money from different companies after selling their product is known as affiliate marketing. 

5. Sell product and services to viewers:

In this technique you have to sell physical products to your audience. This technique is more relevant for garment shopkeepers if they want to sell their clothes. Then, they can take the help of any youtuber to sell their product and that youtuber can also get some commission from that selling. 

This is how this technique works. 

IF you are able to sell physical products then you have to contact any shopkeeper who is comfortable with this service. 

6. Meet up with your channel’s subscribers in the real world. [Meet up with your fans]

If your YouTube channel has grown, you can also do live concerts with your loved ones, which increases your engagement and you can also earn tickets. After you grow your YouTube channel, you are not less than a celebrity, then you get paid for performing live.

 So in this way you can earn money. So guys After your grown channel please make sure to connect with your fans and build more audience. This can help you to increase your fan following. 

This is how you can make money as a youtuber. 

7. Super chats function of Youtube:

This is the most common but effective technique to earn money while doing live streaming on youtube. Some of Youtubers collect money by super chats and some use different payment methods to collect money from viewers.

You all know that youtuber while coming live they only read superchats Because they can’t read the comments below because of high audience but superchat feature can bring viewers chat on the screen directly with their name and massege.

From superchat you can earn in lakhs only in one live stream of an audience of 60000 to 70000 people. 

Most of the Gamer community on Youtube use this feature while playing any games.  


Here I can say that if you follow these steps to make money I am sure that your earning will increase in a few months, you only have to do hard work and continuous work, Guys don’t get disappointed by some failures.

We have to be motivated for something we want in our lives My one of the best motivations is guys Range rover i am working as a blogger and also as a vlogger on youtube.

An this Range rover motivation keeps me motivated for these practices all the time i make wallpaper of this car on my smartphone and on my desktop screen, and this keeps me motivated for this work

If you want to get motivated think of your dream car and make its wallpaper on your android and on your desktop screen this will keep you motivated guys.

Thanks for Visiting my Blog.  These are the step to make money as a youtuber.

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