13+ Best Youtube Automation Niches For 2024 [stats]

Do you want to start an automation channel but feel overwhelmed by the number of YouTube automation niches and their level of competition?

Don’t worry!

Here, you’ll find the best YouTube automation niches to start your channel in 2024 that can help you generate long-term profits in your YouTube journey.

This blog post will definitely help you because we will cover some profitable YouTube automation niche ideas so that you don’t need to research further to start your YouTube channel.

The Best Part?

All these niches come under Evergreen niches, which means you can make good profits for several years. 

Along with the list of niches, I will also help you with the Best monetization techniques for each YouTube automation channel niche so that you don’t rely on ad revenue only.

In short, If you want to start a YouTube automation business with higher profits, then you’ll love this guide. 

Let’s get started.

Best Youtube Automation Niches of 2024

These are some of the profitable YouTube automation ideas you can choose for your YouTube automaton business. 

  • Health and Fitness
  • Technology
  • Food Niches
  • Real Estate Niches
  • How to make money online
  • Travel
  • Software tutorials
  • Business and luxury
  • Personal Finance 
  • Interesting facts
  • Cars and other vehicles
  • Happiness
  • Cryptocurrency

These niches are popular on YouTube for faceless channels because, in these niches, you can easily automate your video creation process without shooting videos by yourself.

This means From Script writing to video editing, you can use AI tools to automate the process; that is the reason we call these niches YouTube automation niches. 

Let’s understand what Youtube automation is.

What is YouTube automation?

YouTube automation is the process of starting a YouTube channel, uploading videos, and earning ad revenue from those videos without showing your face.

Simply put, You can create an entire YouTube business without showing your face and earn money with ads and other monetization ways with those faceless videos.

There are loads of faceless channels on YouTube making an absolute killing with this formula.

To create faceless videos, you can use AI tools or Online Video creation tools to edit videos and the second option is to hire professionals on freelance websites. 

YouTube automation is a five-step process,

  1. Niche selection
  2. Content ideas
  3. Scriptwriting 
  4. Voice over
  5. Video editing

With these steps, you can create an engaging video that can perform well on YouTube. You can do it by yourself or can hire a team to do so.

Now that you know what YouTube automation is, let’s move to the next section of the blog post, where we explain each niche with the information that a new digital enthusiast should know about these niches. 

We will explain niche potential, what approach to get success along with some Sub-niche ideas to lower down the competition. 

Now before going to comprehensively explain each youtube niche let’s first know why you should do proper research for finding a good niche and why it’s important. 

How to find Profitable Youtube automation niches?

Niche research is the most… I am repeatedly saying. Niche research is the most important part because the main fear is that you can face competition and waste your most precious time.

Although on YouTube, competition doesn’t matter, it’s crucial to do research for engagement with the audience. 

Another reason for doing research is that most of the Profitable YouTube niches fall under YMYL content guidelines, which means you can’t make content in those niches if you don’t have the expertise or professional experience. 

Health, Wealth  and fitness are the examples of YMYL niches.

So go through Google’s YMYl content guidelines and choose your YouTube automation niche. 

The third reason to do Niche research is to find out Revenue potential. You can check that by visiting your competitor’s YouTube channels, analyzing their view count, and Using SocialBlade to estimate their monthly income potential. 

To check your Niche potential, you can check to mark these points.

-Traffic: Check your competitor’s Subscriber count and Monthly views. The safe number is above 100k+ views per month. 

-Audience Size: Use Social Blade to check the increasing number of subscribers daily and monthly. How many subscribers does your competition get daily?

-Keyword Difficulty: Use tools like Vidiq that can provide you with data about trending and profitable keywords. Make a long-term list of these keywords within your niche.

-Monetization Opportunities: Check your competitor’s Video descriptions, the About page of your YouTube channel, how they monetize their channel, and try to mimic their style. 

-Evergreen Potential: We must choose evergreen niches to make money through YouTube automation for years. Choose topics that can be seen for years.

-Passion and Expertise: Most Important (Google’s EEAT guidelines)

So note these points and check mark each point if your niche meets these requirements.

I hope you are ready to choose the right niche for your business. So, let’s start going through the best YouTube automation niche ideas. 

List of Youtube Automation niches & Sub-niches

Here is the breakdown of the YouTube Niches for starting a youtube channel on autopilot.

#1. Health and Fitness

Health and fitness niches are some of the most profitable for YouTube automation because people who are concerned with their help love to watch the whole video, leading to better engagement with users. 

Today, everyone has a specific goal for their fitness journey; some want to “lose weight,” and some want to “gain weight,” so demand for these topics is higher and will be consistent for years. 

So, you can guide these health enthusiasts to maintain their health and fitness through your YouTube automation channel. The Health and Fitness niche proves promising, boasting competitive CPM and RPM rates.

As I said earlier, people love to watch and get knowledge from these videos, which helps in better engagement, so advisers love to pay more in these niches. 

Here are some Health and fitness youtube automation channel ideas.

1. Workout Routines and Exercises

2. Healthy Diet and Nutrition Tips

3. Mental Health and Self-Care Practices

4. Yoga and Meditation Guides

5. Fitness Equipment Reviews

#2. Technology

Technology niches
Technology niches

Technology niches come under evergreen niches because we use Tech products every day and every second. The Technology niche on YouTube is a dynamic realm where innovation meets the digital screen.

In the tech-driven world, individuals are always seeking new gadgets and software and want to go with the latest trends in gadgets. So, you can start a YouTube channel where you can list and review these products for your audience. 

The CPM and RPM in the tech industry are high because advertisers try to sell their products through ads, and this makes the tech niche profitable because you can get good RPM in these niches. 

Affiliate marketing and sponsorships are also good ways of monetizing your YouTube content. 

Here are some tech sub-niches that you can choose for your youtube channel to lower the competition. 

6. Gadget Reviews and Demos

7. Tech News and Updates

8. Software and App Reviews

9. How-to Tech Guides

10. Tech Product Comparisons

#3. Food niches

Food niches are also trendy on YouTube, and people love to watch these videos on YouTube and other platforms. 

With gastronomy’s universal appeal, this niche has become a virtual haven for individuals seeking recipes, cooking tutorials, and epicurean adventures.

You can start a recipe vlog where you don’t need to show your face. With your phone camera, record the food cooking process and give some exciting voice-overs while preparing. This way, you can start a faceless YouTube channel in the food niche. 

Food and cooking niches also have good CPM and RPM rates, which help us to earn good revenue. You can also do sponsorships and affiliate marketing through your food niche YouTube channel.

Street Food vlogging is one of the trending food niche ideas in 2024. These vloggers only record street food-making videos and make over $10k to $ 20k monthly. 

Here are some sub-niches under the food niche.

11. Healthy and Specialized Diet

12. Meal Solutions and kits

13. Cuisine based Food

14. Beverages

15. Desserts

#4. Real Estate Niches

Real Estate niches are also Good for YouTube automation because they don’t need your face and can be done with stock footage and pleasing voiceovers. You can cover all topics, from tips and tricks to getting suitable apartments, homes, etc. 

If you can do videography, you can add videos of the property on sale and post those videos with engaging voiceovers on YouTube. This niche is best for real estate agents and brokers who visit different places to buy and sell. 

So, if you are in this career, create faceless videos, add your voiceovers mentioning the property’s information, and upload them to YouTube. The CPM here is More than $30, so if you can make these videos, this niche is for you. 

Here are some profitable Real estate niches.

16. Property Types. 

17. Types of buyers. 

18. Types of sellers. 

19. Situational. 

20. Real Estate-owned. 

21. Rental Properties.

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#5. How to make money online

How to make money online is one of the most profitable niches on YouTube right now, with over $30 to $60 CPM Rates. You can start a make-money-online channel with only your creativity and knowledge.

If you have made money online with any digital platform, you can train others to do so by providing tutorials on achieving these goals.

Making money with Esty and making money with Clickbank are some hot topics under the make money online niche. 

If you have made money on famous digital mediums like blogging, social media marketing, etsy, and affiliate marketing, this niche would be great for you.

Here are some, make money online sub-niches to lower your competition.

22. Affiliate Marketing Strategies

23. Freelancing Tips and Platforms

24. E-commerce and Dropshipping Insights

25. Passive Income Streams

26. Online Business Case Studies

#6. Travel Niches

Travel niches are also profitable on YouTube to work on. If you love traveling the world, there is no extra work to do but documentation(recording) of your journeys. 

You can also create a faceless YouTube channel where you can provide information related to traveling, hiking, tracking, and other fun stuff related to the travel niche. 

This means you can provide tips like the Best places to visit in a particular country, what to do there, the best hostels to stay, the best food to eat, the best fun activities to do, etc. 

Here are some sub-niches under the travel niche that you can choose for your youtube channel. 

27. Travel Destinations and Guides

28. Travel Hacks and Tips

29. Solo Travel Experiences

30. Budget Travel Ideas

31. Cultural and Adventure Travel

You can be a vlogger and youtube at the same time for travel niches for more profits.

#7. Software Tutorials

Software Tutorials, as the name suggests, if you have some experience with any software, then you can create a YouTube channel providing screen recordings with engaging voiceovers to your audience about software and how to use it effectively. 

There are loads of software tutorial YouTube channel examples. Still, I advise making a playlist and adding a video tutorial chapter-wise of 7 to 15 minutes so that people will engage better. They can get good navigation instead of uploading 5 to 10-hour videos.

If you want to add 10-hour videos, then make sure to add timestamps in the description so that your audience can navigate easily to chapters. 

Here are some of the best Software tutorials sub niches for youtube automation business.

32. Coding and Programming Tutorials

33. Graphic Design Software Walkthroughs

34. Video Editing Software Demos

35. Productivity Tool Guides

36. Web Development Tutorials

This is the best way to upload Software tutorial videos and to get the list of all the Youtube channels in all these niches, you can download the list for free. You will get Niche/category-wise YouTube automation channels concerning their niche in this list.

#8. Business and Luxury

Business and Luxury niches
Business and Luxury niches

The business and luxury niche is one of the most popular niches with high engagement rates compared to others. Business and luxury topics get more attention, and people love to watch these videos.

People love to watch how people in business and royal people live and where they stay and use their money. You can start a YouTube channel listing all the luxury items from clothing to housing and automobiles to private jets and yachts. 

Telling stories about how a particular person gets rich, his daily routine, how he earned this much wealth, etc. 

These topics get more attention and engagement, and if you can make a listicle on these topics, this niche would be the best option for you. 

Here are some of the best Business and Luxury niches 

37. Entrepreneurship Advice and Stories

38. Luxury Lifestyle Showcases

39. Business Strategy Insights

40. Leadership and Management Tips

41. Corporate Culture and Success Stories

#9. Personal Finance

Personal finance is also Profitable regarding CPM and RPM rates above $50+ per thousand views. But these niches come under YMYL content guidelines by Google, so you need professional expertise to create content on YouTube.

YMYl niches can directly affect someone’s life and livelihood, so the risk is high if you give improper advice to your audience.

But if you are a Professional in Personal finance with long experience and expertise, this niche is one of the most profitable, with CPM rates above $50. 

Here are some of the best sub-niches under personal finance. 

42. Budgeting and Money Management Tips

43. Investment Strategies and Insights

44. Saving and Retirement Planning

45. Credit Score Improvement Tips

46. Financial Planning for Beginners

#10. Cryptocurrency niches

Crypto niches are one of the trending topics nowadays, Everyone is learning and employing this technology to their business. Blockchain technology is one of the major upcoming trending topics for almost 10 years.

Blockchain technology is an advanced database mechanism that allows transparent information sharing within a business network. A blockchain database stores data in blocks linked together in a chain. Businesses seek Blockchain engineers and professionals who can work with blockchain technology. 

So starting a youtube channel today would be a good idea covering Its basics and you can also explain different cryptocurrencies, can provide crypto investment tips and blockchain technology insights. 

You can also start a youtube channel all about crypto news and updates. These are some examples that you can choose for your crypto youtube channel.

Here are some crypto  niches that you can choose for your Youtube channel. 

47. Cryptocurrency Basics and Explainers

48. Crypto Investment Strategies

49. Blockchain Technology Insights

50. Cryptocurrency News and Updates

51. Navigating Crypto Exchanges

So these are some of the best automation niches and sub niches that are best to start a youtube channel in 2024. These are safe to choose, can provide long term profits and all the niches are evergreen.

Now that we have successfully explained about each niche, we have a good understanding of how to work in these niches for more engagement. 

If you are not sure, what niche would be best or feeling confused then here are some more youtube automation ideas that you can choose. 

TIP: If you want to start you Tiktok Business then you can go with Tiktok account ideas for better Future.

Additional Youtube sub niches

Here are additional Youtube automation niches to consider for youtube automation business:

NicheSub-NicheMonthly VolumeCPCCPM
Gaming nichesVideo Game Streaming and Content10,000,000$0.50$10
Business and EntrepreneurshipMaking Money Online5,000,000$0.30$6
EducationOnline Courses4,000,000$0.25$5
Health and WellnessWeight Loss3,000,000$0.20$4
Fashion nichesMakeup Tutorials2,000,000$0.10$2
Travel and ExplorationTravel Vlogging1,500,000$0.07$1.4
Food and CookingRecipe Videos1,000,000$0.05$1
ComedySketch Comedy500,000$0.03$0.6
MusicMusic Production300,000$0.02$0.4
TechnologyTech Reviews250,000$0.01$0.2
News and PoliticsPolitical Commentary200,000$0.01$0.2
SportsSports Highlights150,000$0.007$0.14
AnimalsPet Videos100,000$0.005$0.1
Art and DesignGraphic Design Tutorials50,000$0.003$0.06
Youtube Automation niches stats 2024

The Figures & stats in the article are collected from Google TrendsGoogle adsGoogle Keyword Planner, and other advertisements Dashboards like Semrush, so you can also check on these platforms and start working on these niches.

Now here we go, these are some of the remaining sub-niches that can be a good option to start in 2024.

After the completion of our niche list now let’s solve some doubts asked on search engines about youtube automation business. 

Is Youtube automation a good idea?

Yes, Youtube automation is suitable for those who fear facing a camera when shooting YouTube videos by themselves. Youtube automation is also best for those who want to expand their business and want to build their brand on the platform. 

They can hire a team of professionals, from scriptwriters to thumbnail designers, and can establish their brand on the YouTube platform.

Along with the name you can also make money through Ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and other different YouTube monetization ways

Is Youtube automation illegal?

No YouTube automation is totally legal, but you have to provide some value to users, something new rather than using only stock footage. This means you can’t directly copy and paste clips from other YouTube channels and get monetization approval from Google. You can add value, like something new that is not on youtube. 

For footage, if possible, shoot from your phone and add voiceovers to your videos. In this way, you can generate passive income from YouTube without any issues from Google or YouTube.

Go through the YouTube Partner program guide by Google to get a clear idea. The points to note: only provide new and informative videos. 

In short: YouTube automation is legal and is a full business model.

Frequently asked question from Google on Youtube automation

Is YouTube automation Profitable?

Yes, YouTube automation is profitable only if you can provide value to your viewers. By providing value, I mean that in YouTube automation, you don’t need to show your face, but to engage with the audience, you have to provide them real value so they don’t get bored watching your videos. If you can achieve high engagement with faceless videos, you can make millions of dollars through your YouTube automation.

How do I Monetize my YouTube automation?

You can use Google’s video ads to monetize your YouTube automation channels. In addition, I recommend you pursue affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and services you can offer to your future customers.

Final thoughts on Youtube Automation niches

Yes, YouTube automation is an excellent way to establish your brand on YouTube if you hate recording videos and voice-overs by yourself or are too busy with other businesses that you can’t create YouTube videos. 

YouTube automation requires six steps:

  • Niches selection
  • Content ideas
  • Scriptwriting
  • Voice overs
  • Video editing 
  • Thumbnail designing 

By following these steps, you can set up your YouTube automation business, and you only have to manage the SEO part of your YouTube channel to get a higher ranking in results.

And if you want to automate that part also, then for SEO, you can take the help of Vidiq software that will manage all the on-page SEO stuff of your videos. You can even generate trending content ideas and get youtube scripts with this automation tool. 

So Vidiq is One of the best tools for the Youtube automation business that I can recommend to you.

Now, you are ready to launch your YouTube channel, and I know you are now well-informed to make wise decisions for your YouTube channel niche.

Don’t go with YMYL content because they are hard to monetize if you don’t have professional expertise in these niches. 

Yes, it’s possible to get monetization in YMYL niches, too, but it requires some extra effort. 

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