15+ Best Clothing affiliate programs 2023 with Features Pros & cons

Are you querying about the most profitable clothing affiliate programs for 2023 by which you can easily promote products online and earn commission? 

From here, you can directly join these clothing affiliate programs to grow your affiliate commission.

The most beneficial part is,

Here you will learn about some High Commission affiliate programs best for fashion bloggers, along with some of their featuressome golden tips, and the pros and cons of the particular program.

If you are searching for clothing or fashion affiliate programs to double your revenue, then you can easily do so by following some great strategies. 

Suppose you want to become a good affiliate marketer. In that case, you must know the Features, Pros and cons, and the Cookie duration of each clothing or fashion affiliate program.

In short, 

In this article, you will learn about the offers and commissions given by some clothing companies and their affiliate programs.

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What is a Fashion Affiliate?

A Fashion Affiliate program is a platform by a company that offers any individual or influencer the to promote their fashion or clothing products that helps them to scale their business. They provide you with special links known as “affiliate links,” which you will use to advertise their items on your blog (and other marketing channels).

Why join fashion or Clothing affiliate programs?

These programs are searched by those bloggers whose blog is based on the fashion niches and who want to earn a good commission by promoting these fashion products through their blogs and youtube channels. 

If you run a fashion blog, you may earn $500 to $1,000 each day if you work hard and use some amazing methods.

But I know that some of you will be new to affiliate marketing as well.

Affiliate marketing is not difficult if you have the mindset of promoting things. The most important thing is that your mentality should be business-oriented.

In affiliate marketing, you have to promote other products, and if you have made a legitimate sale, you will get a commission for selling that product.

It all comes down to affiliate marketing. It is simple to earn commissions through affiliate marketing.

I hope you understand; up to this point, you have learned how to make money using affiliate programs.

So let’s start with our list of clothing affiliate programs.

In this clothing affiliate program list, you will know their features, commission, duration period, their pros and cons. 

If you join these clothing affiliate programs, then you will also be told what the benefits of joining these programs are.

A quick overview of the most profitable Clothing affiliate programs with commission rates.

 Name of programsCommissionCookie duration
1Rewardstyle5-15%30 days.  
2Eddie Bauer5% 
3 Shopstyle    CollectivePPC 
4Nordstrom2 to 20%14 days. 
5Goat Fashion8%30 days 
6Lane Bryant4%14days 
7Pretty little thing10%30 days 
8TJMaxx4%30 days 
9ModCloth5%30 days   
10Browns Fashion7%30 days 
11Dresslily16%60 days
12DSW12%14 days
13Jane8%15 days
14Etsy4%30 days
15Zaful30%60 days

9+ Best Clothing affiliate programs for bloggers. 

  1. Rewardstyle
  2. Eddie Bauer
  3. Shopstyle Collective
  4. Nordstrom
  5. Goat Fashion
  6. Lane Bryant
  7. Pretty little thing
  8. TJMaxx
  9. ModCloth
  10. Browns Fashion
  11. Dresslily
  12. DSW
  13. Jane
  14. Etsy
  15. Zaful

Some of you may know these affiliate programs, but there are also some bloggers who are new to these fashion affiliate programs and can also earn a commission with their skills.

So let’s be well aware of these affiliate programs now. As I have told you earlier that in this article we will pay special attention to their pros and cons so that you will not face any problems in the future.

So let’s start with our first clothing affiliate program.

1. Rewardstyle – Best Clothing Affiliate program

Rewardstyle clothing program
Rewardstyle clothing program

The Rewardstyle Fashion Affiliate Program is one of the top programs that has been discovered by an influencer, a great marketing platform where bloggers like you get high commissions if they make valid sales.

The purpose of this platform is to meet the needs of good and finite content creators according to different categories. 

This platform is best for those who want to make money by promoting their products as a blogger or influencers. 

Most new bloggers think that the Reward Style Fashion Affiliate Program is the right platform for them to make money, but I suggest that you do not depend on this platform only you should also go with other fashion affiliate programs.

But if you want to join this affiliate program then you must pass their parameters.

  • They check your history: To know your interest. 
  • Aim of you to join their program. 
  • They also ask your level of audience and followers if you are a blogger or an influencer.
  • They also ask about your goals and your objectives. 

If you pass their parameters then you can easily promote their products on your blog or any social media platform.  

And then you get the chance to make money from this platform. 

Features of Rewardstyle

  • Commission:- 5-15%
  • Duration of cookies:- 30 days.

Now take a look at the rewardStyle pros and cons.

Pros & cons of Rewardstyle


  1. This program only approves selected bloggers and influencers if you pass their criteria.
  2. There are thousands of advertisers which are paying you to place their ads on your site. 
  3. The interface is easy to use anyone can easily use it without any technical knowledge
  4. This platform has become one of the best clothing affiliate websites for bloggers and influencers to make money and some influencers are also making money by only from Instagram. 
  5. They select limited bloggers in their program so you will get low competition here.


  1.  If you apply for approval then your result may take a few months.
  2. You have to pass their parameters to get approved by them. 
  3. All the commissions you earn here are hidden from you, meaning that you cannot see live reports of your sales.
  4. Here the best commission is given to the best and high-earning publisher.
  5. If you do not perform well on this platform, you may be removed from that stage.

2. Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer fashion affiliate program
Eddie Bauer affiliate program

If you join the Eddie Bauer Affiliate Program, then you have a good chance to increase your monthly revenue here.

If you can get a good amount of traffic to their site and if your visitors make any purchase through your link then here you will be paid a 5% commission.

About Eddie Bauer

A brand founded in 1920 that provides superior quality raiment, accessories, and gear for men, women, and teenagers to complement the modern lifestyle.

This affiliate marketing company also offers good brand products which means more competition and more money so if you want to earn more money then you have to compete with your competitors.

They have a big name in their field and they are known for their commissions because this company is performing so well in today’s market that good commissions are easily made.

Features of Eddie Bauer

  • 5% commission per sale 
  • Affiliate exclusive offers are available on the platform.
  • They will regularly update you with their newsletters. 

After this, we should also know about the pros and cons.

Pros & cons of Eddie Bauer 


  1. Here you get product knowledge-based selling 
  2. Here you will work with a good team.
  3. They offer you good customer service.
  4. On this platform, you get a chance to make money with a certain percentage.

These are some pros and now take a look at its cons.


  1. Here you will not get so much increase in commission.
  2. Their system is very outdated and social activity is limited. 
  3. Sometimes you are assigned the same task over and over again
  4. There is no set time. 

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3. Shopstyle Collective One of my Personal Clothing Affiliate Program

Shopstyle clothing affiliate program
Shopstyle affiliate program

About Shopstyle

Shopstyle is like a search engine, where shoppers search for fashion, clothing, and other products.

Shopstyle Collective is an affiliate program where if you are a blogger or social media influencer, then they pay you based on an affiliate marketer if you boost their sales and at the same time provide you with a good commission that helps you to increase your revenue.

But together let me tell you that if you want to consider these affiliate programs as a secondary medium to earn money, you should not go with one program, but if possible, join 20-30 affiliate programs and increase your revenue.

Before diving into this program, it is very important to know some of its things.

Here you can earn a good commission very easily if you can make good sales with your affiliate link.

This organization claims to have provided you with a good user experience and also gets the facility to check your analytics here.

This fashion affiliate program provides you with the best payouts.

Here you also get a chance to earn money through the PPC model, Meaning the: Pay Per Click method.

Where you are paid according to the clicks on your link.

Which is a good thing for those bloggers who bring clicks but do not convert to sales addresses.

Here you get its commission and cookies information after sign-up their program.

Now let’s discuss some of its pros and cons. 

Pros & cons of Shopstyle


  1. Those who are new and are deriving low traffic to their blog or website can also join this affiliate program.
  2. If there is limited traffic on your blog, then you can also place your affiliate links on different platforms or social media platforms.
  3.  They also pay you as per the PPC model.
  4.  They provide you with a dashboard with analytics. 
  5. Here you get beneficial tools with the help of which you can do good sales.


  1. In them, you will have some difficulty in setting widgets with themes.
  2. Not good customer support. 
  3. You will get PPC here, but the commission you get is meager. 

These are some of its pros and cons. 

Let’s move to our next fashion affiliate program. 

4. Nordstrom – Fashion Affiliate program

The goal of the Nordstrom affiliate program is that it should form a good and mutual partnership with its publishers so that they can meet the goal they have decided to meet.

This company is looking for bloggers and influencers who have good audiences in their fields.

This is a very good clothing affiliate program for top bloggers and influencers, because here you also get a commission of up to 5%, with the help of which you can increase your monthly revenue very easily.

If you join the Nordstrom clothing affiliate program then you get a chance to promote exclusive offers, products that are in high demand, fashion products, etc., and make money by easily promoting them for qualified sales.

About Nordstrom

The company has been in operation since 1991 and is providing very good services to its customers. 

They have a good name in the fashion and clothing sector and the company is concerned with clothing and fashion which provides shoes, and clothes for men and women, and children.

In these programs, you can also promote the products with their creative banners and links which helps you in more conversions of sales. 

In this affiliate program, you have to see or read 2 agreements one for the affiliate program and one for the Rakuten platform. 

 Rakuten platform is for tracking your sales and this helps you to analyze your stats live.

Features of Nordstrom

  • Commission rates are between 2 to 20%.
  • The cookie’s duration is pretty low for 14 days.
  • Banners and links are creative.
  • User-friendly interface.    

These are some features which are good to see. So now take a look at its pros and cons. 

Pros & cons of Nordstrom


  1. It is one of the world’s largest fashion retailers.
  2. Here you get to see different types of products, which you can easily sell.
  3. Demand for their products is also high in the market.
  4. The affiliate program is perfect for fashion bloggers and influencers. 
  5. The commission is good. For a few products.
  6. Customer support is also good. 


  1. Most of the products are with low commission rates. 
  2. Here they approve those bloggers and influencers who have a high audience.
  3. 14 days cookie duration is low.

5. Goat Fashion Affiliate program 

The goat provides fashionable clothes for women.

Here you get to see designer clothes, you can also earn money by promoting these designer clothes through your affiliate link.

Jane Lewis made their stage debut in 2001, her idea being to create a stage where you could buy designer clothes for normal hard-working mothers and some other women who dream of wearing designer clothes.

And after creating this platform, why it made a huge impact in the fashion market, now these designer clothes are easily bought by women nowadays.

And along with that this platform also provides you a chance to make money as an affiliate.

You get an opportunity to promote their products and make some affiliate commission if you make qualified sales. 

On this platform, you will get an 8% commission per sale. 

Features of Goat Fashion

  • Niche type: Fashion 
  • Commission: 8% 
  • Cookie duration: 30 days 

These are some features you get when you join a Goat affiliate program. Now take a look at the Goat affiliate program’s pros and cons.

Pros & cons of Goat Fashion


  1. Their designs are beautiful, and you can use them for daily use or even at home.
  2. His commission rate is a bit good.
  3. Here you will find a good cookie period, which means a lot for an affiliate.


  1. Some issues may occur if you are an international affiliate. 

6. Lane Bryant Affiliate program  

Lane Bryant clothing affiliate program
lane Bryant affiliate program

Lane Bryant affiliate program is the best platform for those who want to make a commission through a referral link or creative banner.

In the Lane Bryant affiliate program, if you make a qualified sale through your affiliate link, they will give you a 4% commission per sale.

Whenever a customer is redirected to their site from the link of your site or blog and buys some product, you get some commission here.

You can easily sign up for their marketing platform which helps track the links or sales you have made and the platform name is Rakuten Marketing.

You can signup for free and use this affiliate program easily if you are approved.

If you have received approval from them then all the information is automatically sent to your email.

About Lane Bryant

A woman founded the platform, and Lane Bryant Inc. was founded in 1904 by Lena Himmelstein Bryant Malsin.

Here you will find fashionable clothes for women and men aged 25 to 45.

They are female-led plus-size retailers that provide you with any size of clothing to improve women’s lifestyles. 

Let’s discuss some features of the Lane Bryant affiliate program. 

Features of Lane Bryant

  • Commission: 4% rates 
  • Free to join
  • Best for tracking your sales.
  • Cookie duration: 14

Now take a look at Lane Bryant’s affiliate program’s pros and cons. 

Pros & cons of Lane Bryant


  1. Good commission rates.
  2. You have the option to promote their products with creative banners. 
  3. Best for converting more leads.
  4. The demand for their products is very high.
  5. You can easily track your sales here with the help of Rakuten Marketing.


  1. The cookie duration is not so good.
  2. Hard to take approval if you do have not enough traffic on your blog.

7. Pretty little thing Affiliate program

Very small, Pretty little thing company is a UK-based company that was started in 2012.

They started selling only small accessories first and also started to make online retailers as partners. 

And by 2015, she started her clothing line, due to which the platform is doing well in the field of clothing and fashion today.

As an affiliate, you can promote their products and make an 8% commission and sometimes 5% commission if the customer is an existing customer.

This brand is enjoying its business right now and you can also become a part of this team if you are interested in making money with a successful brand. 

The customer support you get here is excellent. 

Features of Pretty little thing

  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days 
  • Promoting method: Banners and links 

Pros & cons of Pretty little thing


  1. Here you will get 10% of pretty good commission rates.
  2. Cookie duration is also good.
  3. You can promote products by their affiliate links or with banners too. 
  4. Here you will find that you can promote new or upcoming fashion clothes which are generally on-trend.
  5. You can easily use the platform and track the details of sales done by you every day.


There are no such cons of this affiliate program. Some normal issues like business got slow due to covid19, like that.

8. TJMaxx Affiliate program

TJMaxx clothing Affiliate Program gives you a lot of expertise and also gives you a 4% commission per cell.

You might be thinking that the commission of 4% is very low and right, but the traffic on your blog will be very high due to your products because their products are in great demand in the market.

Demand in the market for their products is why they give you your favorite branded clothes at 60% off any retail price, due to which there is a lot of value in their market.

  And if you join this program, then you also get a lot of traffic if you do SEO of your blog well.

About TJMaxx 

 This Clothing affiliate program says that people should get their favorite branded clothes at least 60% off.

How do they get you branded clothes at such low prices?

They can do this because they take the goods in bulk from the direct manufacturer and sell it at low prices, you get a good price and they also make good money.

So it becomes the biggest factor, you can join this affiliate program because here you can earn good revenue.

Take a look at TJMaxx affiliate program features.

Features of TJMaxx

  • Commission: 4%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days 
  • Promoting method: By promoting links 
  • EPC: $ 19.30

Pros & cons of TJMaxx


  1. 30 days cookie duration is good.
  2. They are in high demand.
  3. User-friendly interface.
  4. Good customer support.


In this Clothing affiliate program, you will get Low commission rates, which is the only con I see in this affiliate program.  

9. ModCloth Affiliate program

ModCloth Clothing affiliate program is an online retail store or company that is popular for its clothing and decoration products.

And if you are willing to join the ModCloth affiliate program then you have to apply for their affiliate program and you can easily promote their products after getting approval within 48 hours.

You can promote mod clothes very easily on your blog or website, here you can also promote their products by links banners ads text, etc.

They provide you 5% of the commission for your qualified sales. 

They will explain to you their commission structures and their rules via email.

This whole process is free and gives you a good chance to earn money from a referral program.

Here you have to place ads or banners on your blog or website; if your visitors click on that link then he/she will be redirected to Modcloth’s official site.

Features of ModCloth

  • Commission: 5%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days 
  • Promoting method: By promoting links, banners, and ad text. 

Pros & cons of ModCloth


  1. Their affiliate program provides you a normal commission because it also sells decor products so you get more types of products to promote.  
  2. If you apply for their affiliate program then they will reply to you within 48hors and send all the information to your email.  
  3. The cookie duration is also pretty good. 
  4. Customer support is good.
  5. User-friendly interface which helps you to make your sales easier. 


  1. The commission rate is not that good.

10. Browns Fashion Affiliate Program

You can join the Browse Fashion affiliate program for free, but before that, you have to get approval from them.

If you seek approval, you can become  Brown Ambassador.

This Clothing affiliate program says that its commission rates are very competitive.

If you make a sale here, you will get its commission after 30 days and if your sold product is returned in these 30 days, you will not get any commission for it.

Their customer support is excellent. They have a team of their own which helps you a lot in increasing sales and if you face any problem then they help you in solving that problem.

You can also promote their products by placing a banner on your blog or website. 

Features of Browns Fashion

  • Commission: 7%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days 
  • Promoting method: By links and banners.

Pros & cons of Browns Fashion


  1. Commission rates are good.
  2. Here you get a helpful team that helps you with many problems. 
  3. You will get consistent updates regarding other products and offers.


The only con in this affiliate program is that if your sales are returned within 30 days, you will not get paid. 

Hope you like this list and if you have any fashion or clothing blogs then go for these affiliate programs because I also used them and make up to $9,000 in the last 3 months.

I have done proper SEO and the main thing is that this niche is an evergreen blogging niche

11. Dresslily Affiliate Program

Dresslily is another popular clothing company that offers fashion clothes and products for men and women.

You also find these items in their product line, swimwear, plus size clothing, accessories, and household items.

Dresslily offers its affiliate program for 3 categories: one for agencies, for influencers, and last for individuals which makes it easy to find the best options that perfectly fit each category.

Like the rest of the affiliate programs, where you get an affiliate link that you promote through your blog and website.

Let’s elaborate on what offer you will get if you promote their products as

  1. Agency: If you join them as an agency owner you will get these options They provide product data feeds, banners, coupons, videos, etc. 
  2. For influencers: Here for influencers, you will only get coupons option to promote 
  3. For individuals: there is no such option.

Features of Dresslily

  • Commission: 16%
  • Cookie duration: 60 days

Pros and cons of Dresslily


  1. They provide you with coupons, videos, banners, etc. 
  2. The cookie duration is amazing.
  3. Commission rates are also good.
  4. The support system is amazing.


The only con of this affiliate network is that they don’t provide promoting options to an individual like agencies or influencers. 

12. DSW Affiliate Program

DSW affiliate program also offers you the option of earning very good commission rates.

DSW company is well known for its shoe collection. This company is also known as Designer Shoe Warehouse(DSW).

Here you get to see a lot of Variety of shoes, which include sneakers for men and women and kids, along with sports shoes, formal and many others.

The DSW affiliate program is hosted on the Flexofer platform where you get to see large pool offers which are also updated regularly, and some offers help you to target specific audiences.

There are over 500+ stores of DSW in the entire United States and offer 500+ brands of products at effective prices.

Features of DSW

  • Commission: 12%
  • Cookies duration: 14 days
  • 500+ brands products

Pros and cons of DSW


  1. Commission rates are good
  2. Hosted on flex offer which provides you great tools.
  3. Trending and a large variety of shoes.
  4. More brands mean more conversion.


  1. The cookie duration is very low.
  2. If you do not have a blog then they will not approve your request. 

13. Jane Affiliate program

Jane is one of the top popular fashion affiliate programs where you get to see a wide variety of products such as sportswear, shoes, jewelry, accessories, household items, and children’s / children’s items.

It is more popular in the market due to its high-end products because in fashion its products come from the top brands and their products are always trending.

Get to know the affiliate network, it is hosted on the Sherashell platform and promoters of their product here have more opportunities to increase their commission.

All you have to do is participate in their competition and other events and on winning you are paid a good commission for the reward.

Now let’s discuss some features

Features of Jane

  • Commission: 8%
  • Cookie duration: 15 days
  • Payment way: Wire
  • Countries: Global

Pros and cons


  1. Good commission rate + you can increase your commission rate further.
  2. A large demand for their products leads to good conversion.
  3. The affiliate platform is hosted on ShareASale, which provides you with analytics.


  1.  Navigation is a little difficult for new affiliates.
  2. Some products are cheap on other platforms like amazon.

14. Etsy

Who doesn’t know about Etsy?

Etsy is a very popular website where you get to see the best creative products. If you are a creative-minded person, you can also sell your product here.

It is a very popular platform for buying and selling creative products.

This website is made for those sellers where this manufacturer can create their store and sell their creations and handmade things online.

Their fashion products range from custom-designed T-shirts to shoes and even jewelry.

This affiliate platform is also hosted on the ShareASale platform where you can easily sign up for free and their user interface is also amazing.

Features of Etsy

  • Commission: 4% 
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment schedule: Monthly
  • Payment Threshold: $20

Pros and cons of Etsy


  1. Creative products are there to promote.
  2. The large variety of products fits most of the niches.
  3. Your commission is safe due to Awin management.
  4. 30 cookie duration is amazing.


  1. 4% commission is not so good.
  2. You have to pay $5 to Awin, not to Etsy. 

15. Zaful Affiliate Program

Zaful is an awesome platform that provides you with 3 categories based on an affiliate marketer.

You can join their program as an agency, influencer, and individual. As you become an affiliate to that platform you get many options to promote their products like some amazing coupons, etc.

Agencies are provided with amazing banners, videos, and coupon codes, whereas influencers are provided with only coupons but individual promoters can not get these offers to promote.

You can earn a good commission rate here of 30% by promoting Zaful products on your blog or any other traffic sources to get sales.

Features of Zaful

  • Commission rates: 30%
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Average order value: $70

Pros & cons of Zaful


  1. Free to join everyone.
  2. Amazing commission rates.
  3. The large number of products to promote or sell.
  4. Numbers of Promotion methods are available.
  5. A support system is also amazing.


There are no major cons to this network. Commission rates are good because some products’ prices are cheap, so you can’t make that much commission from those products.

Faq’s on Clothing affiliate programs

How Do I Become A Fashion Affiliate?

To become a fashion affiliate, sign up as an affiliate using your email address in your preferred programs from the list above.

If you are approved, you will be given trackable links or the entire dashboard, where you may track your commissions and sales daily.

You will receive the affiliate link there, and if you advertise that link on your blog or social media, and the firm makes a successful sale as a result of that link, you will receive a commission on that transaction. This is how you may get started as a fashion affiliate marketer.

How do I promote my fashion affiliate programs?

You may market your Fashion Or Clothing affiliate link on your blog, YouTube channel, or other platforms where you can receive targeted purchases.
All social media sites are beneficial, but in 2022, Facebook and Instagram, combined with Tiktok, will be the most effective venues for promoting these Fashion items.

What is the best fashion App?

Here are some popular apps used by fashion influencers.
2. Depop
3. Drest
4. END.
5. Etsy
6. Farfetch
7. Pinterest

Conclusion for choosing the Best clothing affiliate programs.

If you promote the clothing affiliate programs given in this article and if you have a good knowledge of SEO, then you can easily earn up to $ 10,000.

I also started in January month of this year, started a fashion blog, and did my on-page and off-page SEO for 5 months.

Then in August, good sales started coming to me, and I reached $ 9000 in December.

If I can earn, why don’t you?

So if there are some questions coming to your mind, then you can comment on your questions.

And if you have joined Fashion Affiliate Programs and want more updates, you can also contact me.

Make sure that working smart is not difficult, and you must use smart strategies in blogging and vlogging.

And go for these types of affiliate programs like clothing affiliate programs, Gaming affiliate programs, blogging affiliate programs, etc., because these programs will work for a long period.

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