151+ Profitable Micro Niche Ideas for Blogging 2023

Are you searching for the best micro niche ideas to start your Blog or to create a YouTube channel?

I’ve got you covered. I’ve spent hours and hours personally collecting all this data and formatting the micro niche ideas list for you according to their niche categories. 

This blog post will be your all-in-one resource because I will also provide some case studies on these micro-niche blogs.  

Yes, Choosing a micro niche is the first step towards building a profitable blog!

With the help of High authority and EEAT, Micro niche blogs are profitable and help you to succeed faster than regular blogs.

This blog post will cover such micro niches and their broad categories so that you can understand them better and help you gain some analytical knowledge. 

I want you to make an informed and wise decision before choosing a micro niche for your Blog because choosing the wrong niche can ruin your time and efforts. 

Yes, niche selection is the most crucial aspect of blogging, so thoroughly review this blog post because if you skip any part, you might encounter problems. I want you to be okay with your blogging journey.

That’s the sole purpose of writing this post. 

In this post, I will help you with the best niche ideas and provide the process you can follow to succeed faster in blogging or in your other businesses. 

In short, if you are searching for micro niche blog ideas and steps to start a micro niche blog, then this article is 100% helpful for you.

So, without any ado, let’s get started.

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15 Profitable Micro Niche Ideas 2023

  1. Health and Fitness blog niches
  2. Personal Finance niche ideas
  3. Insurance micro niches
  4. Technology niches 
  5. Fashion micro niche ideas
  6. Food Niches
  7. Real Estate Niches
  8. Lifestyle Niches
  9. Travel niche ideas
  10. Garden Niche ideas
  11. Personal Development micro niches
  12. Gaming niches
  13. Home decor micro niches 
  14. Copywriting niche ideas
  15. Entertainment niche ideas

These are the most popular and profitable micro niches that are mostly liked by bloggers to blog about.

I have gathered this list after analyzing Thousands(1000+) of blogging niches, and by doing research, I came up with the most famous niche categories. 

To know more about these niches, you can go through the blogging niches section of our blog. Where I crafted each post in such a way that even a new person can learn something new and make some informed decisions for their blogging journey.

Now that you have a solid knowledge of micro niche ideas, but many of you may be wondering what exactly a micro niche is.

For those friends, here is a simple explanation with an example.

What is a Micro Niche?

A micro niche is a highly specialized and narrowly focused segment within a larger market or niche. In simple words, a Micro niche meaning is; a niche targeting a very specific audience with unique interests, needs, or preferences. 

Let me help you to understand it with an example. Let’s consider “Health” as our broad niche, and within this niche, there are several micro niche ideas like “BodyBuilding,” “Yoga,” “weight loss,” “diabetes,” etc.

Micro-niches are characterized by their specificity, often addressing a particular problem or catering to a specific demographic. In micro niche blogs, we focus on solving the problem of a dedicated audience, making this the most profitable way of blogging because it helps us to build trust with our audience. 

In short, a micro niche is a subset or subcategory of a particular broad niche or market that caters to a very specific audience with distinct interests or requirements.

I hope I am able to explain to you the micro niching concept in digital marketing. With that said, let’s get started with a list and explain each micro niche for better understanding. 

Profitable Micro Niche Blog Ideas

So now we will explain some profitable topics for micro niche blogs to make money and build a full-time business. 

#1. Health and Fitness Blog micro niches

Health and fitness is one of the best micro niche for blogging and youtube with loads of earning potential. Health niche keywords provide you high RPM rates ($50+/1000 page views) that help us to earn more money in less traffic from our blog or youtube channel. 

The health industry also comes under evergreen niches that promise us the enduring potential for growth and the opportunity to positively impact people’s lives.

When I gathered detailed research on health niches I found that most of the top positions on SERP results are already taken by big giant websites but there are some keywords that are not even explored by these websites because of their low traffic on research tools.

This provides us a chance to create new blogs in health sub niches so that we can get higher rankings without competing with big websites. 

So here are 11 untapped micro niches in the health niche:

  1. Plant-based nutrition for kids
  2. Mental health for millennials
  3. Natural remedies for anxiety
  4. Sleep hygiene for shift workers
  5. Fitness for people with disabilities
  6. Meditation for beginners
  7. Yoga for seniors
  8. Gut health for athletes
  9. Prenatal nutrition
  10. Perimenopause and menopause
  11. Sexual health for LGBTQ+ people

I already covered more that 50 plus health sub niches so if you are still not satisfied with this list then i recommend you to go through the list of best health sub-niches

Now let’s move to our Niche category number 2 which is Personal Finance.

#2. Personal Finance Blog niche ideas

Yes Personal finance is also one of those profitable blogging niches where you get Higher RPM rates as compared to normal niches. Here I got over $40 CPM rates on my youtube and up to $15 CPC rated keywords, making this niche one of the most profitable ones in the market. 

And the supperizing point is that i am already working on its sub niche “Retirement”. This niche provides you evergreen earning potential because people are always searching for Finance related queries because Personal finance is one of the essential parts of every individual’s life.

So starting a blog and solving problems in any of the personal finance sub niches can help us to make some extra income. I suggest you go on google and for this niche use google also ask for a feature for getting keyword ideas. 

To make it easy for you here are some Personal Finance Micro niches that are untapped when I did research for crafting this blog post.

So, here are 11 untapped micro niche ideas in the personal finance niche:

  1. Crypto investing for beginners
  2. Passive income strategies
  3. Tax planning for small businesses
  4. Financial independence for women
  5. Investing in real estate with no money down
  6. Personal finance for millennials
  7. Budgeting for students
  8. Saving money for retirement
  9. Debt relief for people with disabilities
  10. Financial planning for single parents
  11. Money management for entrepreneurs

You can also go through 51 more Personal Finance sub niches if you are still looking for more ideas. 

#3. Insurance micro niches

Insurance niches are also among those high CPM and CPC keyword-rich niches where advertisers are willing to invest more than $50+ per thousand views to be featured on your blogs and YouTube channels.

Insurance micro niche websites have potential to make good revenue with low traffic making this niche perfect for those who can provide good value to their audience through their words. 

If you have a background in banking then this niche will perfectly match up with your expertise to help you to provide Good Score of EEAT by google which can help you to grow faster. 

So, here are 10 micro niche Blogging ideas in the insurance niche:

  1. Insurance for freelancers and independent contractors
  2. Travel insurance for people with pre-existing conditions
  3. Pet insurance for seniors
  4. Long-term care insurance for millennials
  5. Cybersecurity insurance for small businesses
  6. Life insurance for women entrepreneurs
  7. Health insurance for people with chronic conditions
  8. Disability insurance for athletes
  9. Home insurance for homeowners with Airbnb rentals
  10. Auto insurance for people with bad credit
  11. Business insurance for startups

If you are still not satisfied with the list then you can go through 75 more Insurance sub niches to choose your desired niche for your blogging journey. 

All these insurance niches are well structured within their broad niche like Trave, life, Auto insurance so that my users can get through knowledge from my articles.

#4. Technology niches

When we think about niche blogging, the first niche that comes to our mind is “technology.” Yes, this is because we all are surrounded by technology, and most individuals are well aware of tech gadgets and technology trends. That’s the main reason why we first think about tech.

Because of its growing trends and popularity among children, adults, and seniors, this niche gives us loads of potential to make some extra income. 

Yes, we can start a blog in any of its micro-niches, solving problems asked on Search engines. In technology, niche bloggers make common mistakes, like starting their blog with listicle content. Instead, they can start their blog on informational content so that people can organically find their blog, which can also help them win their users’ trust. 

After covering some informational content, bloggers and YouTubers can shift their content generation to transactional content. 

 So, here are some of the best technology niches:

  1. Low-code development
  2. Cybersecurity for small businesses
  3. Metaverse marketing
  4. Fintech for women
  5. Sustainable technology
  6. Wearable technology for seniors
  7. Blockchain for education
  8. Artificial intelligence for healthcare
  9. Virtual reality for tourism
  10. Augmented reality for retail
  11. Edge computing for the Internet of Things
  12. Crypto Niches

These are some tech niches you can choose for your blogging journey and if you want more options then i recommend you to go through 71 more Technology niches for blogging

#5. Fashion micro niche ideas

Fashion niches are always trending and provide bloggers, influencers, and content craters an extra source of income. Fashion is also an integral part of our lives, and we all follow some fashion daily. 

This means that choosing a niche in the fashion industry ensures that the niche is evergreen and can provide extra income for years. 

Fashion blogging is one of the best ideas, but we must narrow it down to grow faster without competing with big blogs on SERP results. 

Here are some Fashion and clothing sub niches to start a fashion blog.

  1. Fashion for people with disabilities
  2. Sustainable fashion
  3. Gender-neutral fashion
  4. Plus-size fashion
  5. Athleisure fashion
  6. Vintage fashion
  7. Ethical fashion
  8. Curated fashion
  9. Local fashion
  10. Custom fashion
  11. Second-hand fashion

So these are some fashion sub-niches that you can choose for your blogging journey, and for more fashion niches, you can go through 50 more fashion niches to get a better idea.

#6. Food Niches

Food blogging is also popular among content creators, and I also love enjoying watching food videos on YouTube. Yes, you can also start a food blog and a YouTube channel. This would be the best approach I can recommend to get success faster on both platforms. 

You can choose any niche for your blog because food is essential to our lives, and we all need food to survive. So, this niche is also safe to choose for blogs.

You can start a blog for people with specific dietary restrictions, allergies, special needs, different cultures, different lifestyles (e.g., vegan food, vegetarian food, keto food)

This is the way how I niche down industries for blogging and you can follow the same approach.

Here are some of the best food micro niche blog ideas that you can choose for your blogging journey.

  1. Allergen-free food
  2. Vegan food
  3. Vegetarian food
  4. Keto food
  5. Paleo food
  6. Gluten-free food
  7. Diabetic-friendly food
  8. Kid-friendly food
  9. Adult-friendly food
  10. Budget-friendly food
  11. Healthy food

You can also go through 80+ more food niches for blogging to understand the opportunity better and choose a niche wisely for your blog. 

#7. Real Estate Niches

Real estate is a niche with loads of profits. Still, it has little competition because many digital marketers just focus on local SEO, so if you can achieve a worldwide audience, then the real estate niche is one of the best options to start a blog.

I found very few micro-niche websites in the Real estate industry. Most of these are not niche websites, meaning they cover different topics on the same blog. This leads to lowering their authority in different niches, but if you can start a blog focusing on one real estate micro-niche, chances are high to get success faster. 

To start research I recommend you to go with searches like Real estate for people with specific needs, with different budgets, in different stages, in different locations, for different types of businesses. 

If you ask me, I would find my niche with this approach. So do your research wisely and take time because this is the most crucial part. 

So you can choose any one of these Real estate micro niches. 

  1. Luxury homes
  2. First-time homebuyers
  3. Second-home buyers
  4. Investors
  5. Home flippers
  6. Vacation rentals
  7. Commercial properties
  8. Land development
  9. Short sales
  10. REOs (real estate owned)
  11. Distressed properties

You can also go through 70+ more real estate niche ideas if you need more clarification. 

#8. Lifestyle Niches

The lifestyle niche is one of the most popular because people are now more aware of improving their lifestyle to live happily. 

People are searching for different queries on search engines. You can solve these problems and provide solutions through your lifestyle blogs. 

In lifestyle blogging, you can cover a wide range of topics, but I recommend focusing on only one sub-niche. You can provide LIfestyle solutions for people with specific needs, for example, “lifestyle for people with disabilities” or “lifestyle for people with chronic conditions.” 

These are some of the examples that I would like to cover in my blog. For you, I recommend you cover Lifestyles for people with different budgets, different stages of life, different location-specific lifestyles, etc. 

Here are some additional micro-niches that you can explore:

  1. Personal development
  2. Health and fitness
  3. Fashion and beauty
  4. Food and cooking
  5. Travel and tourism
  6. Parenting and family
  7. Pets
  8. Home and garden
  9. Technology
  10. Business and finance
  11. Education and learning

You can go through the Lifestyle niches list to learn more about lifestyle blogging. 

#9. Travel niche ideas

Travel niche is best for those who love traveling and exploring new destinations, cultures, and experiences and want to share their adventures with others.

If you love traveling, this niche would be the best for your blogging and YouTube journey. The best approach is to start with a YouTube channel and then start a blog because the travel niche is structured, and for your initial boost, YouTube is the best way to get that initial boost. 

Focus on Long-form content and then convert it into bites; we also call them short-form content and publish it on all the popular short platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube shorts. 

This is the best approach to starting a travel business in a saturated market. 

Here are some Travel sub-niches so you can lower your competition.

  1. Solo travel
  2. Couples travel
  3. Family travel
  4. Group travel
  5. Budget travel
  6. Luxury travel
  7. Adventure travel
  8. Cultural travel
  9. Foodie travel
  10. Photography travel
  11. Volunteer travel

To know more, you can also go through travel sub-niches for more options with strategies to start your business blog.

#10. Garden Niche ideas

Garden blogging with a Youtube channel is best for green-thumbed enthusiasts who love doing gardening stuff. 

Individuals who have a passion for nurturing plants, cultivating beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces, and love to share their own experiences with others. 

For them, the gardening niche is one of the best options. 

Here are some most profitable garden niches that you can choose for your blogging journey. 

  1. Urban gardening
  2. Container gardening
  3. Vertical gardening
  4. Hydroponic gardening
  5. Aeroponic gardening
  6. Organic gardening
  7. Permaculture gardening
  8. Edible gardening
  9. Herbal gardening
  10. Flower gardening
  11. Succulent gardening

I have gathered more than 100+ gardening micro niche ideas that you can go through and pick one for your gardening blogging. 

#11. Personal Development micro niches

In the personal development niche, you can create content around self-improvement, growth, and implementing positive changes to help individuals improve their lifestyles. 

Self-improvement niches are excellent; with loads of earnings potential, you can monetize your blogs with display ads, and selling courses can add some extra dollars to your wallet. 

Here are some of the best personal development micro niche ideas for blogging. 

  1. Self-improvement
  2. Motivation
  3. Mindfulness
  4. Meditation
  5. Goal setting
  6. Time management
  7. Productivity
  8. Creativity
  9. Health and fitness
  10. Finance
  11. Relationships
  12. Career development

Yes these niches are best for personal development blogs but if you still need more niches that go through 71+ More Personal development niches for blogging and youtube. 

#12. Gaming niches

Gaming niches are a paradise for gamers who are passionate about everything related to video games. 

Gamers and video game lovers can start a blog with your channel to share gameplay, offer reviews, and connect with their audience, who are also passionate about gaming and gaming accessories. 

You can create blog posts reviewing and listing all these games and gaming accessories to make some affiliate income.

Here are some gaming niche ideas that you can choose for your blogs.

  1. Gaming news and reviews
  2. Gaming tips and strategies
  3. Gaming guides and tutorials
  4. Gaming live streams
  5. Gaming tournaments
  6. Gaming cosplay
  7. Gaming art and design
  8. Gaming culture and history
  9. Gaming for kids
  10. Gaming for adults
  11. Gaming for women
  12. Gaming for people with disabilities

Gaming is a niche where we all get excited so let me help you how to approach this niche for better results.  

Start a blog where you only cover all the games and review them genuinely according to you.

You can also start a blog or youtube channel for specific genres for example action games, role-playing games, sports games. 

This is how you can niche down your competition so experiment on Research tools like Semrush and Google trends, also use google keyword planner both the platforms are free.

#13. Home decor micro niches 

As its name suggests, we will focus on individuals who love designing their living spaces. 

Suppose you have expertise in adoring, styling, decorating, and transforming homes into cozy havens. In that case, this niche is perfect for your blogging journey because, with your creative expertise, you can provide tips and ideas to others who appreciate the art of home decor. 

Home decor is a niche where you can get a massive audience because everyone loves watching this content online. So, I advise using Short form video platforms to get initial traffic to your blog. 

Here are some home decor micro niche ideas for blogging.

  1. Budget-friendly home decor
  2. Luxury home decor
  3. Minimalist home decor
  4. Scandinavian home decor
  5. Industrial home decor
  6. Traditional home decor
  7. Contemporary home decor
  8. Eclectic home decor
  9. Vintage home decor
  10. Mid-century modern home decor
  11. Coastal home decor
  12. Rustic home decor

You can experiment in the home decor niche because there are plenty of options that you can cover on your blog. 

#14. Copywriting niche ideas

If you love copywriting and have worked as a copywriter, then this niche will be the best option for you. 

Copywriters can craft the perfect post for their blog with high-converting copywriting styles. They can sell courses for blog writing, email writing, etc., and add affiliate links with ad placement on their blogs.

Copywriting is one of the future-proof skills, and blogging is itself all about copywriting so if you have expertise in this skill, then go with copywriting micro niches.

Here is the list of best copywriting micro niches that you can choose for your blogs. 

  1. Web copywriting
  2. Email marketing copywriting
  3. Social media copywriting
  4. Content marketing copywriting
  5. Sales copywriting
  6. Advertising copywriting
  7. Technical copywriting
  8. Creative copywriting
  9. SEO copywriting
  10. Copywriting for particular industries like we can cover healthcare, finance, technology.
  11. Copywriting for specific audiences (e.g., millennials, Gen Z, baby boomers)
  12. Copywriting for specific purposes (e.g., lead generation, sales, brand awareness)

Now let’s move to our last niche category of our list which is entertainment. 

#15. Entertainment niche ideas

The entertainment niche is one of those high-demand niches out there because of the audience in this niche. There are more than 8 billion humans, and every human needs something for entertainment. 

Smartphones have become the all-in-one solution for entertainment nowadays. So, starting a blog with a YouTube channel providing entertaining content might be a good option. 

If you don’t want to create your entertainment stuff, you can also provide stats and figures about the entertainment industry. 

People search for these stats and figures on Google and other search engines that allow us to answer these queries and earn some good income. 

You can make money with display ads and sponsorship on entertainment blogs.

Here are some entertainment niche ideas for blogging

  1. Movies
  2. TV shows
  3. Music
  4. Books
  5. Podcasts
  6. Video games
  7. Stand-up comedy
  8. Live theater
  9. Circus
  10. Magic
  11. Performing arts

I have gone through these niches briefly and you can also learn about more 50+ entertainment sub niches for getting the better ideas for your blog. 

These 15 top-tier niche categories for blogging and YouTube aren’t just random selections; I have included them from meticulous research, and these niches hold the evergreen promise of turning your blogs and YouTube channels into profitable ventures. That is why I listed these niches here.

I hope you find this list helpful and might come up with 4 to 5 micro niche ideas to further research to finalize it for your blog. If you are still unconvinced with your chosen niche, here are some more niches for starting a blog. 

Additional Niche Ideas for Blogging 

Here are some more Niche ideas, if you are still searching for blogging and youtube. 

Micro nicheMonthly search volumeCPCCPM
Low-carb baking10,000$0.50$5.00
Zero-waste gardening5,000$1.00$10.00
ADHD parenting15,000$0.75$7.50
Vegetarian meal prep12,000$0.60$6.00
Dog training for beginners18,000$0.80$8.00
Stock market investing for millennials20,000$0.90$9.00
Airbnb hosting tips for beginners15,000$0.75$7.50
Zero-waste travel hacks5,000$1.00$10.00
ADHD productivity strategies12,000$0.60$6.00
Vegan meal planning for families10,000$0.50$5.00
Dog training for shy dogs10,000$0.50$5.00
Stock market investing for beginners20,000$0.90$9.00
Freelance writing for beginners15,000$0.75$7.50
Social media marketing for small businesses25,000$1.00$10.00
Email marketing automation for beginners10,000$0.50$5.00
Website design for non-designers15,000$0.75$7.50
Personal finance for students20,000$0.90$9.00
Budget-friendly camping gear10,000$0.50$5.00
Sustainable fashion for petite women5,000$1.00$10.00
ADHD-friendly recipes for kids10,000$0.50$5.00
Vegetarian meal prep for busy people12,000$0.60$6.00
Dog training for senior dogs10,000$0.50$5.00
Stock market investing for women15,000$0.75$7.50
Freelance writing for nonprofits10,000$0.50$5.00
Social media marketing for local businesses15,000$0.75$7.50
Email marketing for email marketers10,000$0.50$5.00
Website design for beginners15,000$0.75$7.50
Personal finance for couples20,000$0.90$9.00
Micro niches 2023

The Figures & stats in the article are collected from Google TrendsGoogle adsGoogle Keyword Planner, and other advertisements Dashboards like Semrush, so you can also check on these platforms and start working on these niches.

I hope this list might help you, and now you are ready with those 4 to 5 keywords or niches in your mind for further research purposes. Yes, you have to do more research on these shortlisted niches, and in the next part, we will know how to do the research. 

How to find your Micro Niches?

Now that you have 4 to 5 niche ideas, you can go with the next step of keyword research and niche traffic stats.

For research purposes, I recommend you open Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, and Semrush on three tabs.

Now, enter your selected keywords or niches one by one on these tools to find out their traffic potential.

On these platforms, you have to search for these points. 

  • Traffic
  • Competition
  • Audience Size
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Monetization Opportunities
  • Evergreen Potential
  • Passion and Expertise: Most Important

Congratulations, you can consider that niche for your blog if your niche passes all these points. 

Make sure your niche meets all these points so that you don’t have to fight on SERP results with your competition. 

What is a Micro Niche SIte?

A micro-niche site, short for a micro-niche website, is a highly specialized, focused web platform that targets a narrow, specific audience within a broader niche. These websites and blogs are created to focus on very particular user interests and needs, providing them with highly relevant and valuable content according to that niche. 

Micro-niche blogs generally cover all the queries within the sub-niche of a broad industry. These blogs can rank well because of the topical map created within that particular niche. With the help of topical authority search engines consider these blogs as authority sites and rank them well in SERP results. 

How to Find Micro Niche Keywords?

Keyword Research tools 

As you start your niche blog, I recommend you use free tools because new bloggers can’t pay for those high-end research tools. 

So I recommend you to use Google Trends to get the trending stats of your keywords; then go to Google Keyword Planner To find out their traffic stats(country-wise). And after that, I generally use Semrush in my keyword research process. 

But this tool is paid, so I recommend using its 14-day free trial, which is enough for you to research up to 6 months of content.

I also did the same, and you can see the results. I don’t recommend buying other expensive tools if you are a beginner because their rates are costly. 

Google Trends and keyword planners are still my favorite tools for finding micro-niche keywords. 

Google Auto Suggest/ Also asked question

Do the same, open keyword planner, Semrush, and Google Trends in three tabs, and search for low-difficulty keywords on Google SERP results. 

There, you will get the list of questions in three sections of SERP results.

  • Auto-suggest keywords.
  • Also asked Questions.
  • Related Searches.

From these three sections, you can gather a good number of free keywords for your content. 

So these are some strategies that can help you with your six months of content plan.

I am thinking of creating a video of my keyword research process. If you also want a video on keyword research on our YouTube channel, please comment so I can provide you with how to do niche + keyword research on all the available free tools. 

What are the Best Micro Niches For Blogging?

In digital space the Keywords and niches with high CPM and RPM rates. Here are a few niches that are the most profitable ones for both blogging and youtube. 

  • Health Niches
  • Finance Niches
  • Insurance Niches
  • Real estate Niches
  • Personal development Niches
  • Crypto Niches
  • Copywriting niches
  • Travel niches

So these are the high paying micro niches for blogging and here you can get good returns per article. 

So, I hope you now have a clear understanding of the best micro-niche ideas, what defines micro niches, and the potential of micro-niche websites. 

With that said, let’s summarize the points that you should consider for your micro niche blogs.

Final Thoughts on Micro Niche ideas for Blogging

Yes, choosing a micro niche for your blog is one of the crucial parts of your blogging journey. So, as I said earlier, just consider this blog post your first resource toward niche blogging. 

You can choose 4 to 5 micro niche ideas from this blog post and further research them. Use free tools for niche research, and for advanced data, you can go for Semrush’s 14-Free trial.

Just checkmark all the points I mention in this blog post’s NIche research section to future-proof your niche. 

After selection, always choose good hosting providers for your blog because your website’s speed greatly matters in SERP rankings.

I always recommend choosing top-notch, memorable domain names and fast hosting because Google considers both when determining rankings.

BlueHost, DreamHost, and Hostinger are the hosting provider companies that wordpress.org officially recommends. 

Out of these, Bluehost provides you with a Free SSL certificate, a Free Domain Name, and a Good loading speed. Best with less traffic for beginners.

So now you have a better understanding of Micro niche websites and blogs, so I hope you will make an informed decision after reading this post. 

I hope this list of micro-niche ideas will help you and serve as a guide for micro-niche blogging.

I congratulate you and wish you the best of luck in your blogging journey and encourage you to start your blog with a Youtube channel so that you don’t have to wait for organic traffic only from SERP results, but with Youtube, you can boost your blog from your initial days.

If you love this article, please share it on all the social media platforms with your family and friends so they can discover how to profit from micro niche blogging.

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