51 Most Profitable Pet Niches To start business 2023 [Stats & Trends]

This is the ultimate compilation of the most profitable pet niches to kickstart your new venture, blogs, or YouTube channels. 

This comprehensive list unveils the top-performing and highly profitable domains in the realm of pets. So, Get ready to embark on a journey of success in the pet industry with these handpicked recommendations.

But before going to the list, here are some stats of the pet industry that you should know.

The pet care market is experiencing remarkable growth.

“In 2022, it reached a value of USD 235.32 billion, and this upward trend is set to continue. Projections indicate that by 2030, the market will soar to a staggering USD 368.88 billion, reflecting a robust CAGR of 5.92%. This extraordinary growth is a testament to the deep bond between pets and their owners, who consider them cherished family members.”

These stats make this industry safe for the upcoming 15 years for your online journey of blogging or vlogging. 

The pet niche is one of the best and most profitable evergreen niches because, as i told you earlier, pets are not just a being but they also become our family members so people love to spend on them, providing new food material to new gadgets. 

So I am going to show you the best pet niche ideas in which you can start a blog or other profitable business right now (in 2023).

In Short: If you are searching for pet sub-niches for starting a blog and making money online, then you’ll love this guide.

Let’s get started.

In this blog post, we have broken down 50 pet sub-niches into ten major and most popular pet categories so that our readers can easily relate and learn thoroughly about each niche. 

Before choosing any niche for your blog or YouTube channel, it’s crucial to do proper research and analyze the stats to make a wise decision for choosing your blogging niche. 

After reading this post, I guarantee you will make an informed decision for your business because all the niches mentioned here are well researched and I always try to explain all the necessary points you need to know before diving into this digital world. 

I want you to retain your money and time for useful information online.

Here are our top 10 pet & animal sub-niches with their categories.

We partner with awesome companies that offer products that help our readers achieve their goals! If you purchase through our partner links, we get paid for the referral at no additional cost to you! For more information, visit my disclaimer page.

10 Most Profitable Pet Niche Categories

  • Pet Care and Training
  • Pet Health and Wellness
  • Pet Breeds and Characteristics
  • Pet Lifestyle and Enrichment
  • Pet Adoption and Rescue
  • Pet Technology and Innovation
  • Pet-Related Services and Policies
  • Pet Entertainment and Creativity
  • Pet Nutrition and Diet
  • Pet Education and Resources

So these are the most popular pet niche categories in which you can start your business, blog, or YouTube channel for making money online

What is Pet Blogging?

Pet blogging is a form of online content creation centered around pets and their care. 

As a pet blogger, you can share your experiences, knowledge, and insights on various aspects of pet ownership, from training tips and health advice to heartwarming stories and product recommendations. 

You can create Engaging articles, photos, and videos as a pet blogger and connect with the community of fellow pet lovers, offering valuable information and fostering a sense of camaraderie among animal enthusiasts worldwide. 

Whether it’s about dogs, cats, birds, or any other furry friend, pet blogging celebrates the joys and responsibilities of being a pet parent while promoting responsible and compassionate pet care.

US Pet Market sales revenue has increased yearly in the last decade, growing from $50.96 billion in 2011 to an estimated $123 billion in 2021. This is an increase of well over 100% in the total market size. 

And you might be shocked that that industry still has room for more growth. From pet food to supplements and grooming to playing gadgets, this market is exploding yearly.

This indicates that Pet industry trends are going to be safe for the upcoming 10 to 15 years, and any one who will start a business in the pet niche can definitely take benefits from this industry to make some extra revenue. 

How to choose a niche in the Pet industry?

It’s very easy to choose a niche in the pet industry.You only need to evaluate and satisfy these five key criteria before choosing any niche for your blog. 

Evaluate yourself for these criteria to know which niche is best for your personality. 

1. Expertise in Niche: You must have expertise in a niche, if you lack expertise in that niche then you might face issues in your digital marketing journey. Google considers EEAT as its main ranking signal. So choose a niche according to your expertise. 

2. Revenue Potential of the Niche: Use various tools like Semrush to conduct market research within your area of expertise and check for revenue potential and you can also observe your competitors in that particular niche, how your competitors are making money. 

3. Competition in the Niche: Today all the broad niches are saturated and there is no such niche that falls under 0% competition, so I recommend looking for low-competition niches. 

4. Knowledge: After choosing your niches, it’s time to gain some knowledge before starting a blog or youtube channel. This means learning how you will provide value to your readers or viewers. 

5. Identify your ideal customer category: Determine the ideal consumer group that will engage with your content to help you expand after choosing your niche. This entails identifying your target consumer in that market and developing methods for how to market to them. 

So these are the most important questions or checkpoints that you should ask yourself before choosing any niche from this blog post.

I want you to make informed decisions so that you don’t regret in future and if you are still confused and need assistance then you can contact me.  I will help you with the niche selection to build your blog or business. 

I hope this helps now.

Let’s discuss some of our best Pet niches for starting Start-up Businesses, Blogs, Youtube Channels, etc. 

List of 51 Profitable Pet Blog Niches 

Let’s dissect the pet niche into sub-niches for your convenience and exploration.

#1. Pet Care and Training:

pet care and training
Pet Care and Training

Pet Care and Training is a niche that provides valuable information, tips, and guidance for the care, behavior, and training of various types of pets. 

Your duty is to provide tips and tricks to help people train their pets, it can be a dog or can or bird or fish. any kind of pet that can be trained. 

This niche is mainly focused on training pet owners and enthusiasts who always seek knowledge and guidance to ensure that their pets can live happily.

1. Dog Training Techniques

This sub-niche delves into different dog training techniques, methods, and approaches to help pet owners train their dogs effectively. 

You can help pet owners in obedience training, behavior modification, socialization, and problem-solving. 

2. Cat Behavior and Training

Cat Behavior and Training focuses on understanding the behavior of cats and providing tips and techniques to train and manage their behavior.  

In this niche, you can cover topics like litter box training, addressing common behavior issues like scratching behavior (most common in cats), and introducing your cat to a new environment. 

3. Exotic Pet Care and Information

Exotic Pet Care and Information caters to individuals who own or are interested in learning about caring for exotic pets, such as reptiles, amphibians, rodents, or other unique animals. According to this niche you can provide information on their specific needs, like habitat setup, feeding requirements, and overall care. 

4. Bird Breeds and Care Tips

This sub-niche focuses on different bird species, their characteristics, care requirements, and training.  Here in this niche you can cover topics related to birds and their care and here are some examples that I can suggest you like cage setup, enrichment, and building a bond with pet birds. 

5. Small Mammal Care (e.g., hamsters, guinea pigs)

6. Reptile Species and Husbandry

#2. Pet Health and Wellness:

Pet Health and Wellness is a niche dedicated to providing valuable information and tips for maintaining pets’ health, well-being, and overall wellness.

Here, you can cover various aspects of pet care, including nutrition, grooming, dental care, veterinary care, and other emergency preparedness. 

Here, it would be best to guide pet owners who want to ensure their pets will live healthy and happy lives by employing your listed tips and care points.

Below are some of the Pet health and wellness sub-niches that you can choose for your business.

7. Pet Nutrition and Diet Tips

8. Pet Grooming Techniques and Products

9. Pet Dental Health and Oral Care

10. Veterinary Care and Preventive Medicine

11. Pet First Aid and Emergency Preparedness

#3. Pet Breeds and Characteristics:

Pet Breeds and Characteristics is a niche that focuses on providing information and insights into different pet breeds and their unique traits.

You can cover a wide range of animals, and I recommend you start a blog or YouTube channel publishing posts or videos from their history and then move to current days pets. This is because it’s interesting to know about the history and how their current pets are evolved.

In this niche you can target individuals interested in learning about specific breeds, their evolution, their characteristics, and care requirements.

Below are some Pet Breed sub niches that you can target for your blog and youtube channels. 

12. Dog Breeds and Their Characteristics

13. Cat Breeds and Their Traits

14. Bird Breeds and Care Tips

15. Reptile Species and Husbandry

16. Small Mammal Care (e.g., hamsters, guinea pigs)

#4. Pet Lifestyle and Enrichment:

pet lifestyle
Pet Lifestyle and Enrichment

Pet Lifestyle and Enrichment is a niche dedicated to enhancing pets’ overall well-being and quality of life. 

As its name indicates, in this niche, you can guide your audience to create a pet-friendly lifestyle and enrich their daily experiences. Share your knowledge and information on how to make your pet’s lifestyle healthy, and continue posting such content. 

You can cover pet-friendly travel guides, home decor ideas, pet fashion and accessories, and outdoor adventures with pets. I hope these ideas blow up your mind.

Here are some Pet Lifestyle sub-niche that will help you to start your blog. 

17. Pet-Friendly Travel Guides

18. Pet-Friendly Home Decor Ideas

19. Pet Fashion and Accessories

20. Outdoor Adventures with Pets

21. Pet Fitness and Exercise Routines

#5. Pet Adoption and Rescue:

Pet Adoption and Rescue is a niche that promotes pet adoption, shares rescue stories, and provides valuable information for pet owners who have adopted or are considering adopting a pet. 

In this niche, you can cover various stories, sad stories, and emotional adoption stories of pets. People love to watch these stories; I recommend you start a YouTube channel in this category for better engagement first and then start a blog to send that traffic to product pages

You can also cover pet-friendly events and activities, pet-sitting and boarding services, senior pet care, and therapy animal and emotional support pets. 

Here are Some Pet adoption and rescue sub niches that you can choose for your youtube channels and blogs. 

22. Pet Adoption and Rescue Stories

23. Pet-Friendly Events and Activities

24. Pet-Sitting and Boarding Services

25. Senior Pet Care and Aging Gracefully

26. Therapy Animals and Emotional Support Pets

#6. Pet Technology and Innovation:

Pet Technology and Innovation

Pet Technology and Innovation is a niche that focuses on the latest advancements and innovations in pet-related technology and products.

Here, you should aim to provide information and reviews about pet-related products and gadgets. You can cover pet training tools and equipment, pet rehabilitation and physical therapy, innovative pet product reviews, and recommendations on your blog and YouTube channel. 

You are focusing on the pet owners who love providing techy gadgets to their pets so that both the pet owner and pet can enjoy these gadgets. 

If you are from technical background and love creating content around technical stuff then you can go with technology sub-niches.

Here are some Pet Technology and innovation sub niches that you can target.

27. Pet Technology and Gadgets

28. Pet Training Tools and Equipment

29. Pet Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

30. Pet Product Reviews and Recommendations

31. Pet-Safe Plants and Garden Tips

Pet-Related Services and Policies is a niche that focuses on various services and policies that are relevant to pet owners.

Pet owners are always seeking Pet insurance and financial planning, pet-friendly housing to rentals, pet-friendly workplace policies, and many more. 

You can also cover topics related to pet-setting and boarding services and the pet legal right to advocacy; There is a lot to cover in this niche. 

So, start a blog and YouTube channel providing pet owners with all the information and resources related to these important aspects of pet ownership.

Here are some Pet related policies niches that you can employ for your blog.

32. Pet Insurance and Financial Planning

33. Pet-Friendly Housing and Rentals

34. Pet-Friendly Workplace Policies

35. Pet-Sitting and Boarding Services

36. Pet Legal Rights and Advocacy

#8. Pet Entertainment and Creativity:

Pet Entertainment and Creativity is a niche that focuses on providing entertainment and creative outlets for pets and their owners. 

Here are some pet niche ideas that people will definitely love. You can cover ideas like pet photography tips and tricks, pet art and creative expressions, pet blogs and social media influencers, pet-friendly crafts and DIY toys, animal communication, etc. 

You can focus on individuals who want to explore creative activities and engage with their pets in unique and meaningful ways. 

Here are some Pet Entertainment niches that you can start your blog and Youtube channel. 

37. Pet Photography Tips and Tricks

38. Pet Art and Creative Expressions

39. Pet Blogs and Social Media Influencers

40. Pet-Friendly Crafts and DIY Toys

41. Pet Psychic and Animal Communication

#9. Pet Nutrition and Diet:

Pet Nutrition

Pet Nutrition and Diet is a niche that focuses on providing valuable information and guidance on the nutrition and diet of pets.

As the name indicates, our goal here is to cover all the topics related to pet nutrition and diet, like raw food diets for pets, pet dental health and oral care, pet-friendly restaurants and cafes, and pet-friendly workplace policies. 

Within the pet nutrition niche, you can help pet owners who want to ensure their pet gets a balanced diet, so you can publish content on your blog that can help these pet owners to provide proper nutrition and advise them to make informed decisions about their pet’s diet.

Below are some of the best Pet nutrition sub-niches that can help you to grow your blog and youtube channel in particular one topic. 

42. Pet Nutrition and Diet Tips

43. Raw Food Diets for Pets

44. Pet Dental Health and Oral Care

45. Pet-Friendly Restaurants and Cafes

46. Pet-Friendly Workplace Policies

#10. Pet Education and Resources:

Pet Education and Resources is a niche that focuses on providing educational resources and support for pet owners. 

As a content creator, your duty is to train pet owners so that they can train their pets; in short, you can release pet training courses and workshops. Another example is to start a blog where you can list pet-friendly travel guides, pet education, and training-related content to help pet owners. 

Other examples are pet loss and grief support and pet socialization tips and activities. 

This niche caters to pet owners who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in pet care and seek valuable resources to support various aspects of pet ownership.

Here are some Pet Education niches that are hand-picked evergreen niches that allow you to make money for years. 

47. Pet Training Courses and Workshops

48. Pet-Friendly Travel Guides

49. Pet Education and Training Courses

50. Pet Loss and Grief Support

51. Pet Socialization Tips and Activities

These are, therefore, the top Pet sub-niches inside their respective niche categories, and I hope that this classification will undoubtedly make it easier for you to comprehend the blog article.

Let’s move on to the next section of this blog article, where we try to list all the sub-niches with their monthly search volume as reported by Google tools and SEO tools like SEMRUSH. 

Additional Pet sub-niches

Here are additional pet niches to consider:

Sub-NicheMonthly VolumeCPCCPM
Dog food10,000,000$0.50$10
Cat food7,500,000$0.40$8
Dog treats5,000,000$0.30$6
Cat treats4,000,000$0.25$5
Dog toys3,500,000$0.20$4
Cat toys3,000,000$0.15$3
Pet beds2,500,000$0.10$2
Pet carriers2,000,000$0.08$1.6
Pet grooming1,500,000$0.06$1.2
Pet training1,000,000$0.04$0.8
Pet insurance750,000$0.03$0.6
Pet travel500,000$0.02$0.4
Pet health400,000$0.01$0.2
Pet clothing300,000$0.008$0.16
Pet accessories250,000$0.006$0.12
Bird supplies200,000$0.004$0.08
Fish supplies150,000$0.003$0.06
Reptile supplies100,000$0.002$0.04
Pet sub-niches with stats 2023

Now that this list is completed, let’s discover how to create a blog in the pet niche in 5 easy stages. 

The Figures & stats in the article are collected from Google TrendsGoogle ads, Google Keyword Planner, and other advertisements Dashboards like Semrush, so you can also check on these platforms and start working on these niches.

How to start a Pet niche blog? 

When planning to start a pet blog or YouTube channel, we must first consider a pet niche. Then we can do these 5 actions. 

#Step1: Choose and Analyze Pet sub-niche

Till now, you might have come up with 3 to 4 pet sub-niche ideas from this list, so our next step is to research these 4 to 5 selected pet sub-niches to finish the most profitable with low competition niche. 

For research purposes, we can use tools like Semrush that provide us daily to hourly data about each niche and keyword; this means we can get updated stats about each niche. 

Semrush’s 14-day free trial will help you to perform the essential research for at least six months of content. So utilize their 14-day free trial

Tip: Other best free alternatives are Google and Bing tools, like Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, etc. 

These blogging tools can save a lot of time because they provide you with all the necessary stats in one place so that users can get insightful knowledge. 

Now, checkmark these essential matrices to pass any niche for your blog or YouTube channel. 

In these SEO research tools, check for the following:

  • Traffic
  • Competition
  • Audience Size
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Monetization Opportunities
  • Evergreen Potential
  • Passion and Expertise: Most Important (Google’s EEAT guidelines)

If your selected niche meets all of these requirements, you may consider it profitable, and now we can look for the domain name and hosting, which is our second step of starting a blog. 

You can skip the domain name and hosting step for YouTube because you have to select only a niche and start producing and publishing your content there. 

But I always recommend you create your website because you own your website and do whatever you want. But on YouTube, they can ban or delete your channel anytime if you get any policy violation guideline error from them. 

“Backup of your audience is important.”

#Step2: Register for a Domain name and hosting

Now, let’s book a domain name and web hosting for our blog to host it across the internet. 

There are specific rules when choosing a good domain name that I prefer for new blogs. 

Always look for the following: 

  • Easy to remember domain names. 
  • Easy to pronounce domain names. 
  • It must have the main keyword in the domain name. (For example, I used “Blogger + tech” in my domain name, so my audience knows the blog is about blogging and Marketing stuff .) 
  • Make your domain name under 15 characters; it’s a golden rule that under 15 characters, it is easy to remember and pronounce. 

I hope the above example will help you understand what you should consider for booking a domain name. 

Do proper research for choosing a domain name for your blog because the domain name is the main identity of your brand and can’t be changed after booking the name, so make the decision wisely. 

Now it’s time to look for hostings for our blog. For this tutorial, we focus on WordPress as our CMS, also known as the content management system. 

When searching for hosting companies, you will find various hosting providers. Still, we recommend you choose Cloud hosting providers because they offer you high-performance speed, security, and many features. 

So, Look for a well-known hosting company like Hostgator, Hostinger, or Bluehost since they provide affordable plans.

WordPress.org itself recommends three web hosts for hosting blogs and websites.

Remember that better user experience and higher rankings are correlated with faster speed.

bluehost hosting
BlueHost Deal

For Bloggerteck Family, You can book a free domain name with hosting at $2.75 per month with Bluehost

Bluehost offers customers free CDN, free SSL certificates, and free domain names. So you can check and host your website today.

This means you can now start a blog at $2.75 a month with our discounted price. 

TIP: You can use Nvme Hosting providers to make your website fast.

#Step3: WordPress installation on your host

Our domain name and hosting are now booked, and it’s time to install our CMS or content management system. It manages and organizes all the content, from blog content to images and other files and folders on our website. 

For CMS, I always recommend WordPress as the first position because it is free, open-source, and mainly known for its user-friendly UI and SEO-friendly plugins. 

The other two I can recommend are 

I recommend WordPress as a CMS because it powers over 43% of all websites worldwide, which makes it the most popular of these three well-known CMSs.

It is easy to use like you use a Social media app with the same UI and similar dashboard, where instead of uploading social media content, you upload blog posts. 

WordPress is the most well-known, trustworthy, and SEO-friendly content management system (CMS), so I suggest adopting it for your site. 

In fact, my blog is also hosted on WordPress CMS.

#Step4: Select a good theme for your blog

Now, 80% of the work is done, and it’s time to provide a face to our blog or install a new theme that matches your niche category. In short, we are going to install a website theme.

With the help of WordPress CMS, you can install any theme on your blog with only one click. 

I recommend you select any of these three blog themes for the pet blog because they are fast, responsive, and provide monthly and weekly updates, which helps our blog stay safe from viruses. 

  • Astra: Free/Begins at $49
  • Neve: Free/Begins at $69
  • Kadence: Free / $129 to start

These three are best for Pet niche blogs because they offer plenty of pre-built templates you only need to install now for external customization. Technically, they are quick to load, responsive, and simple to customize. 

Now, after installing the theme on our blog, it’s time to install essential plugins for our blog.

#Step5: Install Essential Plugins

Plugins! Wait, what exactly are plugins? That’s the question that pops into your mind when you hear the word ‘plugin,’ isn’t it?

Similar to how extensions for Google Chrome add functions to our browsers, WordPress plugins provide the functionality to our WordPress websites. 

That’s why we must install these five crucial plugins on our WordPress website to improve our website’s speed, security, and SEO.

  • Security Plugin: To secure your WordPress site.
  • Cache Plugin: To speed up your site.
  • Contact form: Include contact forms on your site. 
  • SEO Plugin: Yoast must be included.

These are the plugins for WordPress that you just must have. You may now start uploading and updating Pet-related information, as I already guided you above in the sub-niches section of the blog post. 

Your blog is now ready, and you can start writing blog content and Publishing consistently to your audience. Because consistency is a key component in both blogging and video vlogging. 

Further Reading: Difference between Vlogger and Youtuber.

Is Pet a Profitable Niche?

Yes, the pet niche is profitable because pet owners are always willing to spend money on pet-related products that can help them live happily, and this makes the pet niche the most profitable for affiliate marketing too. 

Pet products like food, toys, and other accessories are in high demand, and pet owners always buy these types of products for their pets. So You can safely choose a pet niche for your side income. 

Dogs, cats, and fish are the most popular pets among owners with the high profits. Owners love to buy products for their pets, so you can utilize these three pets and choose any sub-niche for these three pets. 

Final Thoughts on Pet Niches

If you are reading till now, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Congratulations on your upcoming success because I guarantee you will make a wise decision to pick a pet sub-niche from this list. And wise decisions always lead to great success.

In Addition to this guide for Pet blogging, I also recommend you go through Google’s EEAT guidelines before publishing content so that you can format your blog posts according to Google’s guidelines. 

Choose your CMS wisely that offers you full access to your SEO optimization because SEO matters greatly in this journey.

WordPress is my personal favorite because of its UI, and it comes with various SEO Features. WordPress is a free and open-source platform, making it the most popular among its competitors. 

To make your blog fast and responsive, I always recommend you host your blog on Fast hosting providers and use Responsive themes.

For Hosting, you can go with WordPress recommendations like BlueHost, DreamHost, and InMotion Hosting for the Hosting of pet websites.

All Three provide Free services like Free domain names, Official or work emails, etc.

Pro tip: Connect your website to CloudFlare CDN, as it hosts your website on different servers to provide speed and acts as a firewall that blocks fake requests from your main server.

These tips can help you grow fast, and I wish you happy blogging and vlogging from now on because I am 100% sure you will start your blog as soon as possible.

So, best of luck, and show your love to this post in the comment section below; I will reply to your comments, and I love to help people by choosing a niche for their blogs. 

It would be best if you didn’t waste your time and efforts in competitive niches like I did in my beginning days. 

So ask me your doubts. I will reply within 24 hours and subscribe to my newsletter, where I reveal profitable websites that are making money in these sub-niches to inspire you.

We partner with awesome companies that offer products that help our readers achieve their goals! If you purchase through our partner links, we get paid for the referral at no additional cost to you! For more information, visit my disclaimer page.

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